May 152014

She’s a figure skater, an activist, an entrepreneur and a busy mom.  She is Kristi Yamaguchi and she recently paired up wit Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese to share some of the ways in which she balances life.  Alpine Lace and Kristi held an event in Boston recently so that Kristi could talk a little bit about how she establishes a balance between work, family and play – and guess who was invited?  That’s right, moi!

The event was  held up on the rooftop deck of the Taj Boston hotel.  As soon as I arrived, Kristi was sharing three of her top life ingredients – the things that she needs for a happy, healthy life.

Family, Fun and Career.

alpine lace life ingredients kristi yamaguchi hers

I got to share mine, too:

alpine lace life ingredients kristi yamaguchi

I know that there is a glare on the board, but it says: Cupcakes, The beach and Disney World.

Yamaguchi became a household name in 1992 when she took the gold at the Albertville Olympics. She was named to the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1998, the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1999 and was inducted into the USOC Olympic Hall of Fame in 2005. Yamaguchi also founded the Always Dream Foundation, wrote two New York Times bestselling children’s books: Dream Big, Little Pig! and It’s a Big World, Little Pig! and created a line of active wear called Tsu.ya.

Kristi spoke to us about the importance of eating healthy, but one thing she said that resonated with me the most was that she encourages everyone to schedule 30 minutes of “me-time” every day to do something you love.   Whether it’s going for a walk, catching up on sleep or even tweeting – it’s important to take some time out for yourself.

As part of the event, we were given the chance to learn the rumba from two professional dancers -Liliana Jimenez and Jorge Valdez, who were both amazing.

alpine lace life ingredients kristi yamaguchi rumba

I figured that since I am a regular in Zumba class that I’d be able to get the Rumba down with no problem.  Let’s just say that it definitely wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, but I managed.  Liliana and Jorge were excellent teachers.


We also got a chance to spend some at a pairing station as part of this event.  Guests got to try some different varieties of Alpine Lace® cheese and pair their cheese with things like crackers, jams, veggies, dips and even chocolate.

Here are Kristi’s pairings:

alpine lace life ingredients kristi yamaguchi cheese pairings

Alpine Lace® put out an amazing spread.  I ended up going with some  Swiss Cheese (my favorite), crackers, baba ganoush and some cucumber slices.   Before you ask, I went back for seconds. And thirds.
alpine lace pairings

Alpine Lace® Swiss Cheese is made with wholesome ingredients, like reduced-fat milk, so it’s better for you.

Alpine Lace® Swiss Cheese is a good source of protein, which helps maintain lean muscle, and a good source of calcium, which helps build strong bones. It is available at the deli counter, where shoppers can ask for it to be sliced fresh to exactly the thickness they want.

The Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese family of products also includes American, Muenster, Provolone and Cheddar.

Overall, it was a really fun night.  I got to meet a few of the folks from Alpine Lace, hang out with some other Boston bloggers and I have to say that Kristi is even lovelier in person than you can even imagine.  She is very laid back, down to earth and easy to talk to.

alpine lace life ingredients kristi yamaguchi bloggers

alpine lace life ingredients kristi yamaguchi blogger group

It was so great to be able to be part of this event and I can’t thank Alpine Lace enough for the invite.

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  1. woow…that looks like 100% fun indeed..I love the dancing part..yaay to Zumba :)….I’d like to try Alpine Lace as well, now that we’re living in New York. TFS Robyn…

  2. Was she as nice in real life as she seems on tv? She is beautiful and you look great, too! How fun was the rumba?

  3. It was great to see you at this event Robin. You guys are naturals at the Rumba! What wonderful opportunity to meet Kristi – she is super nice and her advice about 30 minutes of me-time is spot on! Glad to be there too and hope to see you at future events. 🙂

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    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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