Jan 132014

At our condo on Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, there is an outdoor hot tub by the pool area.  If you’re keeping track, we were up there recently (November) and it’s pretty chilly up there this time of year.  Not to mention that I just posted about the boys sledding on the mountain the other day……

So needless to say, it was cold and the thought of going into the outdoor hot tub in frigid temperatures was not appealing to me in the least – but the boys on the other hand. Well, they couldn’t wait to get in to it.

Yes, that IS snow you see all around the hot tub.


But if going into the outdoor hot tub in the freezing cold weather, they thought it would be funny to roll around in the snow.



Chris couldn’t get back into the hot tub fast enough.


The little guy kept getting out to get pieces of ice to bring inside the hot tub – to cool it off.


For the longest time, my nine year old wanted nothing to do with going outside, so he watched them from the pool area.


Eventually, he gave in and went outside to join in the “fun”.


He even got in on the snow thing.


They both kept getting ice and bringing it into the hot tub because they said it was too hot in there & they wanted to try to make it cooler.



And in case you’re thinking to yourself “hey, are those skiers in the back ground?” – yes, that is how cold it was up there.


I think they’re nuts and no, I didn’t join them.  I did go outside to take pictures, but that was it.

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  1. Looks like they had a blast despite the cold. It would be a hard sell for me, especially with the heated “indoor” pool just inside! Love that they put snow/ice into the hot tub to cool it down. 🙂

  2. I would have been with you on this and just taken some pictures, but there would have been no way in hell that you have gotten me out there in that hot tub surrounded by snow and the cold air!

  3. I don’t think I would have even gone outside to take the pics–maybe through the window!! How could they stand walking barefoot in the snow–and was Chris doing a push up there? Thank heavens for Dad (s)-they are generally the ones who will do the crazy things with kids!!

  4. I was rolling in the snow with them it was invigorating to roll in snow then jump into hot tub

  5. Those are so e brave men you have there! You could never have gotten me to do that lol!

  6. I’ve never had the urge to go in a hot tub – never appealed to me (still doesn’t!). Our house had a hot tub on the back deck when we bought it – I couldn’t get rid of it quick enough. My boys would probably act just like yours given the chance though – snow AND bathing suits would be an irresistible combo!!

  7. I’d have donned a parka to take the pictures and ran back inside to be warm and watch through the window. 🙂

  8. i’ve done that before as an adult! my family thought i was crazy! it was too much fun, like these guys had!

  9. I wouldn’t have been able to do that either! LOL.

  10. OMG what fun! I love hot tubs outside in the winter!

  11. Actually there is something really cool about sitting in a hot tub surrounded by ice and snow. I have done it once while at a resort and I loved it.

  12. OMGosh love it. When I was a kid my bestie and I would love to sit in my parents hot tub when the snow would come down.

  13. Ok Robin, you are the only smart one in the bunch! lol

    They have a thing here on New Years Day = to run into the Great Salt Lake in the freezing temps and swim in the cold water. MyGersh, they have GOT to be crazy!

    Remember in my post I have on boots and a warm coat. I’m not running around a hot tub and gathering up frozen snow… hahahahaha.

  14. this is kinda like a polar bear dive, though it is missing the sauna and icy water 🙂

  15. my sister has a hot tub and goes in it year round – Even when there’s snow – I did one time and didn’t enjoy it either because by the time you get back in the house – your soaking wet & freezing – lol

    Looks like the guys were all enjoying it though 🙂

  16. Oh my goodness! I would have been inside with you!

  17. Nice! I would enjoy that hot tub.

  18. Your boys are crazy! I am shivering just looking at them standing there in the snow, bare bodies and all lol. The idea of the hot tub in the snow doesn’t bother me. It’s sitting in all that hot water, then the shock of getting out and getting hit with the cold air is what I wouldn’t be able to get passed!

  19. That looks like so much fun! At least they didn’t let the weather stop them from enjoying themselves. 🙂

  20. nope so not happening if there is snow i have to have at least three layers of clothing on

  21. It’s something about the male persuasion. They love the idea of being in the snow and a hot tub at the same time. This does nothing for me. At. all.

  22. No just no.. while I would have loved the hot tub for it making my back feel better I can do that in a heated pool just as well.

  23. I hope nobody catches a cold! Brr!

  24. I’ve used the outdoor hot tubs at the ski lodges back home. They are fun when you’re young, but I think I’m too much of a wimp now 🙂

  25. I don’t blame you one bit! I would have been taking pictures too and wouldn’t have gone in the tub for nothing!

  26. I think that’s my favorite hot tub weather!

  27. Nothing like a hot tub in the cold snow!

  28. They are braver than me! There’s no way I would be out in the snow and ice to get into a hot tub!

  29. Actually I and friends were in a hot tub in Kansas at friends house In Jan and it did feel really good and it was so cold Ice was forming on the out side edges .but when you got our you were still warm from the water but you also run fact to get in side of the house..

  30. They look like they are having fun. 🙂 I never did this, but my Dad used to do it when I was a kid. Not with a hot tub though. Just with the hot bath waiting for him.

  31. I love how they kept bringing ice into the hot tub to try to cool it down haha.

  32. brrrr…I am freezing just by looking at the pics..btw that looks so much fun!

  33. That looks like so much fun! I remember doing this when I was a kid. One of my friends had a hot tub and we would always go hot tubbing in the winter. It was always a lot of fun.

  34. Oh wow I would have been so very scared to do that in fear of getting sick! I’m glad that they had such a great time!

  35. I bet a hot tub is 10 times more enjoyable when you’re enjoying it amidst cold and snow! I never could have put my bare skin against all that snow though. Yikes!

  36. In Europe it is very popular to get in an ice cold tub and then in a hot tub! I am like you and will go for the hot tub minus the cold! Great photos!

  37. I can remember being in Bar Harbor one year, climbing these steps to the top a a stone hill, at the top was a hot tub… and it was snowing. Yep… I went in the hot tub and it was so cool

  38. They are absolutely crazy – there is no way I would do that. Hot tubs are great when the weather is better but snow and getting out to play – no way.

  39. The important part is that they had a good time. I would have taken some photos but stayed warm too.

  40. Haha! They are creative aren’t they? I would never be in a hot tub in snow, it just looks strange to have them both there LOL.

  41. I would of had to have joined in – I’m not sure I would like the bit between getting from the inside to the tub but once in I would love it 🙂 x

  42. Robin you keep missing out on all the fun. Time to stop taking photos and join in. So how cool did it get with all that ice? Maybe that should have been their science experiment. 🙂

  43. Must not have been cold that day! omg lol they look like they are at the beach or something lol

  44. There is a one really nice place in Ecuador, called Papallacta. It’s at over 4000 meters (no idea in feet) and it’s really cold there, not yet ice cold but cold. And there are hot springs where you can go bath. It’s amazing the feeling you get from hot to cold and there are also normal springs, if you really want to be cold. I love that feeling.

  45. There’s something about the snow around it which makes it seem more special and fun. I’m glad Chris is just a big kid with the boys!

  46. OMG! No way! I am totally with your decision on this. They were having a great time for sure

  47. Such a fun time for your boys, Your husband is like my husband, he is the big kid around here as well hehehe.

  48. I have memories as a teenager of being in Park City in a hot tub in the snow. I never laid in the snow but it was great fun! Love seeing all the great memories your family is making.

  49. Eek! They say that’s really good for you though.

  50. That reminds me of the time we took our boys to Lake Arrowhead in the winter and they went into the hot tub. They kept wanting to put snow in it also. Tons of fun and good memories.

  51. Gotta say, looks like they had a blast! I remember doing that when I was little too!

  52. Whew that looks cold and hot I would neveer wanna get out of the hot tub because I like my heat.

  53. WOW! It looks freezing outside but so warm in that big hot tub. I probably would have been adventurous enough to jump in but wouldn’t have wanted to get out lol

  54. Brave boys I see! I could never do that so I am right there with you! I would be to worried about getting a cold from the hot and cold temps at once!

  55. Ah that would feel amazing right now. I bet it was fun for them, looks like they enjoyed

  56. ROFL I wouldn’t have gone in either! Though there is some country, maybe Finland? where they go in the sauna and then jump in the snow afterwards, so I guess they aren’t too crazy! LOL!

  57. LOVE going out in icy hot tubs!! so nice, so warm… so fun!

  58. No way could you get me in a hot tub with snow beside it! We did use an outdoor hot tub in Gatlinburg once – but it was still about 45 degrees outside and no snow or ice on the ground.

  59. Yup, I would have been staying inside. No way you were going to get me in a hot tub by going out into the cold first. LOL!

  60. That’s so funny. You can see where they are red from the heat of the water and need to cool off in the snow!

  61. Your boys look like they have so much fun! I would love a nice hot tub dip right now.. but I don’t think i’d like the tub to be outside.

  62. I always wondered what it would be like to have a hot tub outside when it snowed and iced. It looks like it would be a blast! I think that’s how I want my stuff a heated pool that’s inside so during the summer the room can have AC, and a hot tub outside during the winter lol.

  63. Brr, I can not do that at all, I’d get hypothermia once I get out of the hot tub 😛

  64. No no no!! lol. You would not catch me out there even if the hot tub was well…hot. They look like they were having a blast though!

  65. A few years ago, we went to the beach for Christmas. The hotel we stayed at had a pool that was half indoor and half outdoor. My daughter and I kept swimming to the outside part. It was heated so it felt nice, as long as you stayed mostly underwater. 🙂

    It was really exhilarating! We had the luxury of getting out of the pool inside the hotel, though.

  66. I am always so intrigued by hot tubs outside in the snow!! I know I would probably be like your boys and test it out!!

  67. My dad used to live in Buffalo, NY and they frequently went into their neighbor’s hot tub in winter. They always wore warm hats. 😉 I would have been on the sidelines taking pictures and definitely NOT partaking in these shenanigans!

  68. Oh man… this sounds kind of neat, but I would never want to get out!!! Oh my gosh and he’s laying on the snow?? Ouch!

  69. I wouldn’t be joining them, either! I think it would feel good in there, but getting out would be rough!

  70. I could so see my three men doing this as well. One differnce is we wouldn’t have had any pics of it because I would’ve been in there to! Love it!!!

  71. Now that’s doin’ it like the Swedes

  72. Wow, they are super brave! That’s just crazy!

  73. I’ve only been in an outdoor hot tub in the middle of winter once … very interesting experience.

  74. What a cool memory to make. I think that’s neat they did it with their dad.

  75. I am not sure I would have joined them either, but it sure does look like they are having a blast.

  76. Haha what a blast. Love that dad joined in the fun. I probably would have joined although I would have been fully dressed right up until the point that I got in. Even a short walk is too far.

  77. They are CRAZY! ‘d be snuggled up with a book and hot tea INSIDE.

  78. Oh they are brave. I was just at a resort in Lake Tahoe in June when it was kind of warm and I was freezing when I got out. I can’t imagine getting out where there is snow. BRR!

  79. So how many of them were sick the next day?