Jan 182014

You may remember last month that I told you about our new addition, Milo.  We adopted Milo from a family who couldn’t keep him any longer, so we weren’t sure how long it would take him to get comfortable with us and living in our house.   I figured that I would give you an update on how his transition was going.

Well, it couldn’t be going any better.  Ok, that’s it.

Just kidding.  Did you think you were getting off without seeing a bunch of pictures of him?  No way, Jose.

Milo is totally a lap dog.  He loves to hang out with us up on the couch while we’re watching tv or on our laptops.



I noticed right off the bat that he doesn’t care much for getting wet out in the rain, so I took care of that and bought him his own rain coat.


And, even though he’s a light-weight at only nine pounds, with his stylish new winter coat, he is a polar vortex survivor.


Even though Milo is two years old, this was his first Christmas with us & he got lots of goodies.  This candy can striped squishy bone was his favorite, though.


And last, but certainly not least, here is Milo sporting his super cool new Star Wars sweater:


I was so happy that it only took him about a day to get comfortable in his new home with all of us. With two little boys in the house, things can get loud and chaotic around her, but he fits in with us perfectly.

  80 Responses to “An Update on Milo”

  1. He is so stinkin’ cute!

  2. He is absolutely adorable and love that sweater!! 🙂

  3. Alora just said “Awwwww mom I miss Nathan but I really miss that dog I haven’t met….” I am pretty sure we will be down soon <3 Miss you guys!!!

  4. he has a really cute face!!! the boys are lucky to have a dog. we always had cats except for a very brief stint with a dog that was too much for my mother to deal with. i always wanted to have a dog for real!

  5. Such a cute furbaby! I love the fur coat on him! So many styles!

  6. Such a great transition. Love all of his new clothes.

  7. seems like Milo is loving his cute rain coat! 🙂 He is adorable and definitely a keeper 🙂

  8. Aww to all the fashion looks, what a styler!! I love them all but a Star Wars sweater REALLY rocks. 🙂

  9. awww! Hes perfect!! I’m so glad he is fitting in! I was wondering a few days ago how it was all going.. Hes a cutie!

  10. Awww…he is so cute! I love the raincoat!

  11. I’m just dying over that raincoat! I could totally see myself coordinating coats with a cute puppy. 🙂

  12. What a cute little furbaby you have. I adore the adorable sweater and coat. 🙂 I’m glad to hear Milo is loving his new home. 🙂

  13. He’s so precious!! So glad to hear that things are going well!

  14. Milo is certainly a pampered pup! He is very lucky to have found a home with you!

  15. OMG Milo is adorable and has more stylish clothes than me! So happy to see he’s adjusted just fine 🙂

  16. That is so great that he has your family as a family now. I dislike when people get pets, but don’t spend time with them. I have students with pets. They are at school, and many of them work to. Pets need good attention. It looks like your family is a perfect fit!

  17. Awwww, he’s clearly a family member with full rights at this point. I’m glad you all are enjoying him so much!

  18. what an adorable pup! And I am loving his winter attire…such a fashionable pooch.

  19. Awww furbabies are so fun especially when they take up so quickly. Glad he acclimated so quickly.

  20. What a little cutie pie!! How wonderful that he has a happy new home he enjoys. 🙂

  21. He is adorable! That’s so great that you’ve given him such a good home!

  22. He’s so cute! I love all of his adorable clothes!

  23. Milo is a good looking dog. I love his raincoat

  24. Wow he looks sooooo cute 🙂 Love all his pictures..I love his sweater

  25. What a cute little thing! I LOVE the star wars sweater!

  26. My Daughter dresses her little dog up all the time. I was at Walmart one day and she had me buying Christmas sweaters for her little dog. Milo is adoreable…. such a sweet face.

  27. He is lovely and certainly he has a sense of style. Love him and the clothes.

  28. I love that dog Milo! He is so cute and adorable! I could hug him to pieces. The last time I had a dog was when I was working in Taiwan. I had a german shep mix and I named him Joog. Like Milo, he loves hanging around with me and gets in bed (my bed) half an hour before me. I wish I could have another dog now. I just need to convince my landlady to agree to it.

  29. So sweet. I remembered our dog, her name is Daisy.. but my mom hated pets especially dogs that she was given away to a different home 🙁

  30. Milo is so cute; those big googley eyes are just so hypnotic, how could you say no to a dog like that?

  31. I love that sweater. Such a cute model for it too!

  32. Milo is super cute and I’m glad to hear the transition went smoothly! BTW, that Star Wars sweater is awesome!

  33. What a cute dog! And I’m so glad to hear you adopted him. He deserves a good home. And some cute outfits, lol

  34. What an adorable little guy!! Love his little sweater. 🙂

  35. Poor puppy with the funny looking coats 😛

  36. okay… the one with the fur? HYSTERICAL!! 🙂 Glad he’s doing well.

  37. Awww what a cute doggie 😉 Love the star wars sweater 🙂

  38. Milo is adorable. He’s lucky to have your family. Love the Star Wars sweater!

  39. Oh Milo, reminds me of our Max, We gave him away even though we love his sweetness because our two big dogs were bullying him.

  40. Awww it was nice of you to update us on Milo. He does look like he’s adjusted perfectly with your family. There is nothing better than having a pet, especially one you love and one that loves you.

  41. I want to take Milo and give him a warm hug. He’s a cutie!

  42. thanks for sharing. i am part of some groups that are animal lovers and they judge and HATE on people who have to find another loving home for their pet. they seriously make me reconsider even discussing the topic. while i realize animals who are pets are family members, sometimes animals need to be rehomed and it is for the better. sheesh. Milo looks happy and well-adjusted with you all, so no harm done!

  43. aw so cute love the cute little doggies outfits

  44. Cute little puppy in outfits!! I love his Star Wars sweater the most… okay and the furry hood on the coat!
    He weighs less than Cookie, one of my cats, who is 11.2lbs!

  45. Looking good Milo! Glad he’s comfortable with his new home now 🙂

  46. aw, he’s adorable. so good that he settled in just perfectly. and that Star Wars doggie sweater – fabulous.

  47. I just adore Milo! His sweaters are so cute! I wish they made sweaters that large for my dogs. My male dog likes to dress up when we can find clothes that fit, which isn’t often. Glad he adjusting well!

  48. Milo looks like he is such an happy dog. Glad is he doing well in his new home! You all must be happy to have him around!

  49. My sister didn’t let me move the cursor just to stare at your dog! It’s so cute.

  50. He’s so adorable!! What kind of dog is he?!

  51. I think Milo is so cute! He reminds me of my dog who I wanted to call Milo, but them she was a girl lol!!

  52. That Star Wars sweater is awesome! I need one of those for my little pug Chloe. She is about the same size and I have to say one of the best things about having a tiny pup is getting to dress them. Hes a sweety 🙂

  53. Awwww so cute! I love the sweater!

  54. Oh I love him! He is simply adorable. Looks like a great fit for your family. I love the fact that he isn’t too big yet too small either. The coloring is beautiful too!

  55. Milo is so cute! That’s one thing I always liked about cats more than dogs – the cuddling and sitting on my lap. But an adorable, tiny dog on my lap would be awesome! I didn’t realize some dogs liked that.

  56. What a cutie pie. I love his rain coat!

  57. OMG how cute is he! Adorable! Love the rain jacket and winter coat!

  58. HAHA polar vortex survivor. I am so glad you gave him a forever home! I wish I could adopt a LOT of dogs!!

  59. It is nice that yoru family was able to findd a new member that seems to enjoy you as much as you seem to enjoy him.

  60. He is just too cute! So glad he is fitting in and surviving the cold weather!

  61. Milo is adorable! What a wonderful thing your family did 🙂

  62. Awwww, thats great. Glad the transition is going well.

  63. milo is one handsome little canine!! love the sweater!

  64. I’ve never seen a doggie rain coat! How cute. I bet your family adores the dog!

  65. Milo is adorable! He looks like he’s adjusting nicely. I love his outfits, he’s quite a fashion trendsetter for a dog!

  66. That little Milo is SO freaking cute! So glad that he’s working out so well for your family.

  67. He is just too cute … and fashionable 🙂

  68. I’m glad to see Milo is fitting in. He is a little character like the rest of the family 🙂

  69. Aww, love that raincoat! It’s great that he settled in so nicely in your home.

  70. What a little sweetheart. Oh I just want to hug the little one.

  71. His own rain coat, coat, and sweater?! He’s living in style!! I wish they made things like that for our dog, who by the way is a Great Dane and can’t fit in ANYTHING they sell at the pet stores 🙁

  72. Oh yay! I’m so glad he’s happy and comfortable and adjusted so well to being in your home. Love the rain jacket on him, so cute!

  73. I’m glad he settled in so quickly.That had to make everything easier for you guys.

  74. The dog rain coat is just so stinking cute! Glad he’s settled into his new home!

  75. Glad it’s going good for you. He looks like a happy “spoiled” doggy!!….and that’s a good thing.

  76. Awe what a spoiled puppy. My dog was the same way 🙂

  77. Totally love the raincoat. How adorable is that?!

  78. Aww, Milo is very adorable and super stylish! So glad he’s become a family member, life is just not the same without a good furry friend, or two!

  79. Awwww, he is utterly adorable!

  80. He is so adorable! Love his winter coat!