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Yesterday, I told you all about our adventures on Wickenden Street in Providence.  Wickenden Street has numerous independent shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants that are popular among local artists, professors and students.  Among the shops on Wickenden Street are a few antique stores.  Chris and I get a kick out of antiquing sometimes, so we stopped into one of them while we were down there.

As soon as we got into the store, I walked right into this little beauty.


I have no idea what anyone would do with that hideous thing, but frankly, she kind of creeped me out, so I moved on quickly and didn’t look back.

As I walked a little ways into the room, I saw that they had this old version of The Poky Little Puppy for sale.


“Roly-poly, pell-mell, tumble-bumble”

I digress.

Seeing that book for sale got me to thinking. Thinking that man, I must be getting old!  I had that book when I was a kid & it was probably one of the first printings of it.  As a matter of fact , it was probably that exact book sitting on the self – you know, the one that my mother donated to Good Will back in the 80’s.

I started feeling bad for myself  about being old and that’s when I saw this pile of dishes:


Not only did my mother have this exact same set while I was growing up – she still does AND she still uses it.

I was totally forlorn and at that point, I told Chris I wanted to leave – but on my way out of the store, this caught my eye:


Yes, it is a vintage potty seat. Ew. Just ew.

I think I’m going to be staying out of antique stores for a while because apparently I, too, am antique.  Sigh.

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  93 Responses to “Antique Store Finds”

  1. OMG – that potty seat is creepy!!! I think I had a first run of that book too – didn’t realize I was so old!

  2. I have to agree the potty seat is “Not Good” I have found some really unique items at antique shops. But usually I am like you – I walk around – see many different items and decide nope not for me.

  3. Potty seat – just plain weird. But yes, I shared the feeling about being old when looking at what people consider antiques.

  4. It is crazy what’s considered to be an antique now a days. I think I had that book, too. It’s probably sellable for a small fortune on eBay now.

  5. Fun post! That potty seat belongs in an outhouse! lol. I went through a phase where that’s what I used to love to do…tried to make some money at, but let’s just say, didn’t know the “product” enough. But yeah, now that I am older, I would be familiar with lots of stuff that would now be considered antique.

  6. That mermaid is weird

  7. We had those dishes too, lolol!

  8. loved that book as a kid!

  9. Definitely gross on the potty seat at the end, but I totally had that book and am with you on feeling a bit old this morning now!

  10. I had that book too. My mom had those dishes. I purged a load of kids’ books out of here a few weeks ago. An then I got to thinking I won’t have any ‘antiques’ to pass on to potential grandkids. Kind of sad…..but maybe that’s a good thing?

  11. That mermaid? is super creepy! Her face is just ugh! And thanks, now I feel old as hell — I still have MY childhood Pokey Puppy Book! And how do they get off asking $12 for it? Didn’t everyone’s mom have that set of dishes, lol!

  12. My mom had those dishes, too, and I have a new set of Correll ware that I use every day! It doesn’t break or chip, but it also doesn’t hold up as well as the old stuff from the 50s and 60s!! I’ve never heard of that book, and I do have an ex-husband who would love that mermaid!! But, gee, that potty seat is pretty scary! Imagine being strapped into that!!

  13. Hahaha! I love antique stores, but I always end up feeling old. Of course it doesn’t help when you walk out and are listening to the radio, and realize that the music you listened to in high school, is now playing on the “oldies” stations. My first thought about the mermaid though, “I know someone who would love that!”.

  14. I’ve been in a few antique stores and have bought very little. Everything is just too antique for my liking. I loved that book!!

  15. Hey antiques are wanted and usually beautiful so be happy with being an antique. Got to look on the bright side 😉

  16. Oh stop. You are informed not another antique! By the way those I would not consider antiques but junk! Well maybe except for the potty but then again I am not sure who would want that at all

  17. I had that book, too! Now I’m feeling old.

    Nothing is more gross than an antique potty seat. Why, oh why, would someone want that?

  18. That is a funny experience you had. I was really afraid at the beginning you were going to say you bought that hideous statue and now had her proudly displayed in your front window. I have to say, though, I kind of like the potty…if it wasn’t wood…

  19. Hilarious post, Robin! Hahahahahaha, you crack me up. That shiny mermaid was weird, true but the table she was on is AWESOME! Go back and get it for me! No, just kidding, but I do love it. And that book, ohmyguersh, I had that book as a kid. Dang! I did. Thanks for the compliment on the earrings and no they are not a bit heavy. They look tight in that photo, huh? I posted it anyway. The post part feels just like any other post earring and the hanging part is very light. {fake metals}. Have a tremendous weekend and I love your new profile pic here on your blog. ♥

  20. Haha I have to admit I love antique stores I don’t really buy anything, but I love seeing the odd and curious things they sell. x

  21. Oh come on would’t she be a great focal point in the middle of your living room .. lol

  22. I have to admit the potty chair scared me just a little teeny tiny.
    The seat belt to hold the child on is quite comical..
    Can not imagine training my daughter like that!!

  23. I kind of like the mermaid. I would take it 😛 The potty seat is funny, they put a harness on it, lol.

  24. love antique shopping but the potty seat cover is a little scary

  25. Ha. That potty seat amuses and disgusts me!

  26. Those are some neat finds! The Poky Puppy was one of my favorite books while growing up.

  27. Lol at your reaction of the potty. I low a few people that like antiquing. I wonder what weird/cool things I would find.

  28. oh you looked at the wrong area my friend. I love antique jewelry you should have checked out the rings I own those same dish sets I got them at goodwill when we moved into my apartment they are sturdy and stand up to my step kids and 6 year old who are always dropping things lol
    maybe this one was not the right one lol

  29. Wait, wait. Does that potty chair have a seat belt thingy on it?! I can’t decide whether that’s awesome, or just plain wrong…

  30. I love antique shops, but the potty seat is just weird!

  31. I love finding old things in antique shops myself! I admit though that I wouldn’t want that statue or the potty LOL

  32. My mom had that set too!! I think my sister has it now. It was cheap and durable. So funny!! Also, I think that store sells vintage too because no way those are antique. Not 100 years old!!!

  33. I can totally appreciate how you feel! Going into vintage stores are certainly a trip down memory lane.

  34. Oh my goodness! That book and those dishes bring back a lot of memories for me too! My mother has the same exact set of dishes too. We used them when I was a kid and she still uses them today. Funny! Yes the potty seat is kind of gross and the statue thing is creepy looking. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to an antique store. Maybe I should stay away from them.

    Have a great weekend!

  35. My mom has those same dishes!!!! She’s had them for like 30 years! lol. I’m not a big antique store person either…

  36. You are definitely not an antique. I prefer to think of myself as “in the know.” lol

  37. That is awesome – my parents still have that same dish set, too! I wonder if they would take offense if I told them it can be found in an antique shop…

  38. I can remember the first time I saw a toy I grew up with in an antique store – one I still own. I laughed and said that is not old and the owner said – yes it is they were out many years ago and are hard to find. I felt so old after that moment. I still love going to antique stores though.

  39. Isn’t it funny how old antique stores make you feel? 20 years wasn’t that long ago! We have a ’64 Ford Fairlane in our garage and it’s considered an antique and it’s 3 years older than me!

  40. OH my… I remember those potty seats! That is all I got say on that! lol

  41. I love going to antique stores. You found such interesting items!

  42. I had that book too and it probably only cost 50cents at the time as opposed to the $10 that small, short children’s books cost now. The potty seat is definitely an awesome end to a creepy shopping experience!

  43. Haha! There’s always something interesting to find at antique stores.

  44. Wow! Who’s gonna buy that potty seat? That’s kinda gross. Lol. I love antiquing

  45. These are great finds! I used to love the poky puppy book. My grandmother had it at her house when I was growing up!

  46. First, my mom had those dishes also. Second can some tell me the need for the strap and duck on the potty seat? Weird .

  47. lol Funny! I love antique stores! Makes me want to take a trip to one sometimes soon!

  48. why? why with the ducky head…..right.there?! why?
    Oh my gosh, I would have bought the pokey puppy though! I remember that book.
    my mom and I go to antique stores, I love finding vinyl records. see, am hipster antiquer – LOL

  49. Ha ha ha – I think everyone’s mother or grandmother had a set of those corning ware dishes. I know my mom did, I think though hers might have been the pistachio green color.

  50. I had that VERY copy of the Poky Little Puppy! Well, maybe not THAT particular copy, but I remember it so well. I agree with others, the toilet seat is way creepy.

  51. I had those dishes growing up too! So funny to see them in an antique store. I think I took that set to college and eventually sold them in a garage sale. Amazing how “old” I have become!

  52. the mermaid makes me laugh! my dad had bumpers for the boat that were just like that (they were a joke but he was too practical to waste them)

  53. I love antiquing, you never know what you will find. Must say that potty is creepy.

  54. Why does that toilet seat have a belt for it? I’m intrigued to wonder who buckled their child in. Hey son, hop on here and take a seat. Don’t move now, gotta buckle you up for awhile. hahahaha

    sorry,.. I like cool finds like that actaully . Everything has a story, I’m totally trying to figure that seat out. OH maybe that was used to go around the back? Or no, hook on the seat itself so it doesn’t slid off. That’s a better thought than the buckling the child in eh? ha

  55. The Poky Little Puppy is one of our favorites. The only thing I really hate about antique stores is the prices. It’s usually a lot easier to buy privately on eBay or Amazon.

  56. I always watch shows about people who rummage through antique stores and the treasures that they end up finding there.

  57. I remember that book when I was younger. It was a little golden book but I don’t remember mine looking like that. Mine had the gold trim at the edges. 🙂 As for that potty seat, totally “ewwwww” like Madison would say lol

  58. Other than the book, the other items looked creepy and overused!

  59. I love looking through thrift shops and antique stores. It brings back so many memories and I see things all the time that my parent’s use to own. The toilet seat is cute, LOL.

  60. That mermaid chick scared me 🙂

  61. Sheesh Robin! I was waiting for you to say you recognized the potty too! 😆 We are all getting old and maybe that’s why I haven’t been antiquing lately… Such is life, eh? 🙂

  62. Haha wow the vintage potty seat is awesome! I’ve never seen one like that before! I also had The Poky Little Puppy book when I was a kid. I believe it was my sisters first though.

  63. I had the golden books. <3 You're not old though. 🙂 We're far from it. I find it fun to look at stuff from our childhood although I never really considered them antiques. hmm

  64. I love shopping thrift stores, you can always find really unique things. I agree — gross on the potty chair!!

  65. Totally laughing at the old potty seat! I found it funny to have a duck head there 😛

  66. Whoa, that’s a crazy potty seat! And, yes, my Mom has those dishes, too. I probably would have bought them for her so she’d have a full set again! LOL

  67. The only reason I go in antique stores is to see if they have any of my grandmother’s dish set. I’ve collected a few more pieces of it that way 🙂 But that potty seat is just…ew.

  68. I love antique stores! I have to say that I don’t think I ever saw a potty like this! LOL!

  69. That potty seat is DEFINITELY more creepy than that statue thing you saw walking in! You definitely can find some interesting things at antique stores, that’s for sure!

  70. I could spend hours in antique stores! My mom always collected antiques and I’ve inherited her love for them. The mermaid thing is weird, but I actually think the potty seat is sort of cute. No, I wouldn’t but it haha! But I do think it’s weirdly, cute.

  71. LOL, this is why I avoid antique stores… It’s for fear of finding antique potty seats and losing my lunch. #wwwdotgrossdotcom

  72. I had a chance to visit a HUGE antique mall in Illinois a few weeks ago but didn’t because for some reason I thought it would have been too creepy. Now you’re making me regret that I didn’t stop in. 🙁

  73. Really? An antique potty seat? Weird they would be trying to sell it, but I am sure some crazy nut job will buy it eventually.

    I had that book too. A whole $12? I might have bought it just for the nostalgic factor.

  74. Bahaha!! That potty seat is quite interesting, to say the least. lol Also, seeing those other items makes me feel old too. My mom has those same dishes and still uses them (she has them in both that mustard yellow and in pea green), so it’s insane to hear that your does as well.

  75. I would have totally bought that bronze mermaid – well, if it was affordable, anyway. What a statement piece for a living room! LOL!

  76. I wish I could find a 1st edition print of Poky Little Puppy, that and Baby Dear were my favorite Groiler books growing up! 🙂

  77. I remember that book too!

  78. I had that same book too! In fact, I still do! (Maybe I’m a pack rat!) I love going to antique stores. -April

  79. So much history at antique stores. I love walking thru them and thinking back to when a piece was actually used for the first time. I have some antiques in my house.

  80. I LOVED the Poky Little Puppy when I was growing up! As for antique stores, I absolutely love them and go every chance I get. I also have an obsession with buttons and vintage buttons are especially fun. One of my local antique stores sells them by the scoop and it’s like Christmas every time I go there! 🙂

  81. Interesting finds, I have this book still from when I was a kids and yes I agree the potty seat ew! Creepy!

  82. Let’s forget the ugly statue. What would anyone do with a vintage potty seat?! That has a duck on it? I thought it might be an antique pool float, maybe?

  83. i love shopping at antique stores. of course i have no idea how to discern junk from antique but if i like it i buy it

  84. a potty seat? i’m not sure anyone should ever consider that charming! LOL

  85. My computer was running slow and I thought you were going to say you loved the mermaid. Phew 🙂 I love awesome finds you can come up with at the antique store, thanks for sharing your trip!

  86. That potty seat is totally creepy. I have to agree with that!

  87. Okay, I commented above and will tweet this. Loved the humor in this post

  88. I am sad now too. I too had The Pokey Little Puppy book as a child. I guess we can be old together. That’s okay I think we are a couple of pretty cool old chicks.

  89. I love antique shops! I am usually amazed by the clothing – how SMALL it is, especially the shoes.

  90. I love antiques, but what does one do with an antique potty :/

  91. I love antique stores. My problem is I want to buy it all! And awww the Pokey Little Puppy, that was one of my childhood favorites!

  92. I love going to antique stores (I’m a big fan of antiques), and I’d love to have that “hideous” mermaid! I love mermaids. 🙂