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Stay at home mom, Stepmom and Girl Scout Leader with a passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Feb 072017

Many people look at stay at home moms as having the easy life. Nothing to do all day. Sitting around the house all day. Well I am here to tell you that is not the case. Here is just a small example of the day in the life of a stay at home mom.

6:00 AM Alarm goes off to start the day. From now until 6:30 it is my time. NO kids, no husband (works midnights). I turn on the coffee pot and here comes the cat. Meowing. And meowing. Now standing on his hind legs to be picked up. So I bend down pick him up and it is now mommy and Nemo time. I might add this is the kitten I syringe fed from 3 days old so I am his mommy.

6:30 AM Time to get the girls up. Now some parents go in the room, lights still off and gently wake their sleeping babies. Not this momma. My girls are terrible to get out of bed, so on with the lights and I go to get clothes from the closet as they holler at me and get out of bed 🙂 Breakfast for them and the little brother if he comes Continue reading »

Nov 022016

Hello!!  As some of you may remember my daughter is on the dance competition team this year.  Yay!!!!   One of the things that makes life easier is a dance duffel bag with a clothes rack, so this dance mom started shopping.  And then had a heart attack at the prices!!!  There is basically one main company that makes these and this momma is not paying $150 or more for a bag!!!

So what’s a momma to do when buying does not work?  I make my own with the help of my dad 🙂


This is the almost finished project.  I still need to paint the pvc pipe.  Notice our cat Sassy checking it out lol.

So the first thing I did was order a rolling duffel bag.  I ordered a 26 inch duffel bag.

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Sep 282016

We have been back to school for just over a month now and we have had 2 of our last ever milestones in our house!!!!! The youngest is in underwear!!!!! No more pull ups!!!! Yay!!!!! Everyone happy potty dance!!!!!! And then this past week we had our last “first” field trip. Does that make sense? Our youngest had his first ever field trip and bus ride. So with no more kids, that is a final “first” chapter in our house!!!

Our Pre K took a field trip to one of the local apple orchards here in Illinois. We went to Broom’s Apple Orchard! I have been to this apple orchard many, many times and love it every time we go!


I have a picture of all my kids with this sign!!! Love this family tradition when we go there. Now the day before we went to the orchard we had a downpour of rain so we did not venture into the corn maze or pumpkin patch. It was just a smidge muddy.

But while we were there, they gave a tour of the building and saw where they sort apples and store them in the BIG fridge. Continue reading »

Sep 062016

Hello!!!!! It is September. What does that mean?? Fall is approaching, pumpkin spice everything, back to school and HELLO ALLERGIES. I do not know about you guys in Massachusetts, but in Illinois when September hits look out allergies!!!! And Literally on Sept. 1 my sons nose was turned on like a faucet.

So what does this all natural momma do. Break out her all natural remedies.


How many people love this vapor bath stuff, whatever brand it may be that you use. Well I am one of those mommas, but since I am now and essential oil momma, I make it myself!!!!! Continue reading »

Aug 312016

So recently I started to work at the local county animal shelter to help pay for the cost of my daughters ballet. Now to start we are basically a no kill shelter. The only way we put an animal down is if it is too sick to help or too injured to help. I have been at the shelter a month and my eyes have been opened to the life of a shelter animal.

It’s not all happy times. It isn’t just coming down feeding and loving on the animals. There is a lot more to it. I would say that 98% of the stories that I have are no where near like a Homeward Bound story. Animal runs, animal finds way back home or returned to the owner. I have seen maybe 4 dogs get claimed that have sat at the shelter a few days. The rest nobody comes forward for.

Yes we have our fun and cuties.

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Jul 122016

So a year and a half ago my world was turned upside down. My dad had been sick for a week or so and after not eating for a week he decided he would go to the doctor. Our family doctor thought it was an ulcer. So he went for a cat scan and started some medicine. That Friday afternoon I got the news that they saw something on his pancreas. A tumor of some kind. They scheduled him for another test on the following Monday.

Monday comes, he gets the second scan and we wait. The results put our family into shock. A cancerous tumor on the head of his pancreas. It was pushing on everything and was causing lots of problems.

The next week we had an appointment with a specialist who said that yes it looks like cancer and we need to do a Whipple procedure….. A what????? I have been in the radiology field taking x-rays and an EMT and had never heard of this…..

brandi whipple

In quick and generic terms. They would remove the gallbladder, the head of the pancreas where the tumor was located, attache the small bowl the the pancreas, and re route the stomach some. Basically re route the digestion plumbing. We were scheduled for the following week. So in 3 weeks time we went from an ulcer to a major surgery they put as being worse than an open heart procedure.

Being an only daughter this scared the hell out of me. Luckily my aunt and uncle cut vacation short and rushed home to be with us. Continue reading »

Jul 052016

Cinnamon Rolls the easy way

We all have been there. You open the fridge door and there are those delicious little packs of cinnamon rolls staring at you. But it is 95 degrees with 90% humidity and you really do NOT want to turn the oven on. Oh but those cinnamon rolls look soooo goooood….. Well I have your solution…..

Grab your waffle maker!!!!!!!

cinnamon rolls waffle iron

Pre heat the waffle iron. Once heated put on your cinnamon rolls and press the lid close. Give it a good push close to smash them down a little. Continue reading »

Jun 292016

Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift

So we would all love to be able to get our children’s teachers a gift at the end of the year, but lets face it when you have more than one child or more than one teacher it gets expensive. And if your like me you want your gift to mean something not just a flower or another keepsake to collect dust on a shelf. I found the cutest idea for a gift for my daughters teacher this year and cost me right at $10!!!!!!!


Our theme….. “Orange you glad it’s summer” Continue reading »

Jun 072016

So lets talk laundry detergent… I don’t know about your house, but in ours we ALL have sensitive skin. Trying to find a laundry detergent that all of our skin agreed with was very painful to say the least. It can not have any scents or dyes added to it. No parabens or sulfates…. It is a headache to stand in an aisle and read label after label so I decided to make my own.

DIY Laundry Detergent

I started my research and asked some friends locally who made their own and what they liked. Right away I knew I did not want to mess with the liquid form. Seemed like a lot more work than I wanted to do. So powder it was. Now which of the thousands of recipes did I want to try.

My first recipe contained the Fels Naptha soap in it (picture below). With that recipe you had to shred the bar of soap into your laundry detergent….. So I grabbed the cheese grader…. And lost half of my knuckles I swear. This is a very tough hard bar of soap. But success, between me and my hubby we got 2 of them shredded. Mixed up the recipe and fail. The fels naptha did not dissolve in the water. Instead it stuck to the clothing and I had to run an extra rinse to get it all out. NOPE!! Back to the drawing board. Continue reading »

May 312016

Hello Masshole Mommy fans!!!!! My name is Brandi and I am a new blogger that will be submitting some things from time to time. I wanted to give you an introduction to myself so you could get to know me and my crazy life 🙂

Brandi Family

This is my crazy family!! I am a stay at home mom to the 3 beautiful kids you see above. Ronnie is my husband of 4 years this July. He is in the Military. Next is Hailey my step daughter she is 10, next is Colton, our son, who is 3, and last is Bailey, my daughter from a precious marriage, she is 7. We also have 2 dogs, a cat, a fish, and 6 snails…. Yes you read that correct 6 snails… My sons favorite movie at the time….. Turbo… So while gardening he found “Turbos.” He collected them in a cup and set on my counter. Mommy thought they were just empty shells, next thing I knew we had snails on the counter. So what does any good mommy do for their boy… Get a tank, dirt, food and raise snails. Continue reading »