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Back to School Morning Routine Hacks

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Guys, it’s happening – back to school that is.  The kids are going to be out there waiting for the bus before we know it and trust me, I know how chaotic school mornings can be.  It’s important to find ways to cut back on the chaos and make everyone’s lives a little easier and I believe I’ve found the secrets to a smooth morning.

1. Lay out clothes the night before.
Picking out clothes seems like something that shouldn’t take more than five minutes in the morning, however, when you’re in a hurry it can take forever. If you take five minutes the night before and lay out yours & the kids clothes, you will eliminate having to worry about it in the morning.

2. Set the alarm for a few minutes early.
Try getting the family to wake up at least 10-15 minutes earlier than normal on school mornings. Kids can be slow getting around because they are struggling to get used to a routine, so getting up a few minutes earlier will give them a little more time to wake up and get going. This might mean sending the kids to bed a few minutes earlier as well.

3. Shower the night before.
This one stems from the fact that I grew up in a one bathroom household and we literally had scheduled bathroom times. We have two bathrooms in our house, but I have my boys shower at night and that eliminates a whole thing off of our morning to-do list.  It saves us a good 30 minutes.

4. Keep breakfast stress free!
Breakfast is also one of those trouble makers on school mornings. It’s time to kick the chaos to the curb with the help of easy breakfast ideas. That’s where Jimmy Dean comes in and makes it possible for me to serve a good, hearty breakfast to my boys before they head out to school.


Jimmy Dean truly helps me streamline my morning routine and get everyone out the door on time.  I love that I can get lots of varieties of Jimmy Dean at Stop & Shop, which makes it very convenient for me.


Jimmy Dean helps families get a great start to their morning with a variety of tasty and satisfying breakfast offerings that are ready to enjoy in just minutes!


Seriously, you can feed your family a  savory, sensible meal that is microwavable and ready in less than two minutes!


Breakfast bowls are portable, single servings for families on the go, which makes them perfect for my husband who has to catch the train into Boston every day at 5:20 am!  Having to catch the train that early, who has time for breakfast?  Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls make it possible for my husband to have a substantial, delicious breakfast on the go!


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Have you tried Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls? What’s your favorite?

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  1. I sure could have used those back when I worked–by the time I drove there (1 1/2 hours later)-I was starving. It would have been great to pop one of these into the microwave at the office instead of the fast food I used to get out of desperation. These bowls were not available back then!

  2. This is great for back to school. We started today. I don’t start teaching until tomorrow though. The boys start back next Wednesday.

  3. We are so not morning people in my house!! Even though we don’t have kids going to school these would be perfect for my husbands breakfast, they look really good!!

  4. Amen to showering the night before. It relieves so much stress for me when the kids do that or I do.

  5. I haven’t tried the breakfast bowls yet, but I love the old school sausage biscuits! 🙂 I’m still in denial that school starts back next week…. That means I can’t sleep in until 8 anymore. Boo! haha

  6. I am all about night before prep. All last week we were making sure clothes were ready and backpacks were by the door. Now I need groceries for this week!

  7. I have tried the breakfast bowls. They are delicious! My husband would have one every morning, if he could.

  8. Oh my goodness these are lifesavers for busy mornings. Breakfast is so important and sometimes we skip it because we don’t have time. I will go and purchase this tomorrow. =)

  9. Try to transition to earlier bedtimes/wake-times gradually. A week or two before school begins, start to shift to your morning school schedule. Use an alarm to wake up, shift the bedtime each day to rise 15 minutes earlier and have the kids get ready like they would on school mornings.

  10. My son loves Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls and he needs a big breakfast to get him going. I’m stocking up on quick and easy breakfasts and these will be in my freezer.

  11. I sure don’t miss those hectic mornings! These are all awesome tips that will help you all get along quickly in the morning, though! Good luck!!

  12. I love Jimmy Deans Breakfast bowls and my favorite is the bacon. It makes my mornings run smoothly.

  13. These are great tips. I cant believe summer is almost over already.

  14. A stress free breakfast definitely makes all the difference in the world. I do overnight oats and it saves me loads of time in the morning

  15. I am so not ready for back to school!! These would be a great way to start the day, I know breakfast can be stressful in my house sometimes.

  16. I’m fairly lucky. My daughter gets up better than I do in the mornings! She gets herself up earlier and showered and sometimes fed if she’s hungry. I tell her to eat, but, since I leave before her in the mornings, I can’t guarantee she does!

  17. Every morning we consume muesli and a glass of juice. Oftentimes, we have sandwiches in breakfast; just to give it a change. It is really nice to see that you are ready for back to school.

  18. Perfect! We’ve been needing some mornings like this around here… and help for the school schedule!

  19. I can’t believe that we are talking about back to school! WOW how time is flying!! This breakfast would be great on those busy morning!

  20. I love these tips! ALWAYS set the kids’ alarms early. That way by the time you drag them out of bed, they’re still a few minutes early. Muahahahahahahhaaaaaa.

  21. Wow looks like a great option for breakfast, I love this so much. I don’t have kids but I may just have to start eating these on rushed mornings for myself!

  22. I always have my boys shower the night before and it helps. It also helps that they eat breakfast at school.

  23. I always had my kids bathe or shower the night before. It’s so much easier than trying to fight for the bathroom in the morning.

  24. These cereal boxes look awesome! I remember how busy school mornings can be, thankfully, we homeschool now! Great tips, btw!

  25. oh my god I can’t believe its that time again. I’m dreading it. These are some great tips though.

  26. Now that is a great idea for breakfast. It is not filled with sugar and has a ton of protein in it.

  27. I love Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls. I can’t believe school is starting soon. These are great tips to ensure a smooth morning!

  28. Those Jimmy Dean Breakfast bowls are SO good. Definitely a quick and easy breakfast that both my daughter and I can enjoy before she heads off to school in the morning!

  29. Hahah so many great tips! These would’ve saved me so much time if I had known them in my school days

  30. These are all great tips to start the day hassle free. My kids always seem to prefer a hot, hearty breakfast.

  31. That bacon breakfast bowl looks absolutely delicious! I agree with this list – especially with showering the night before. It’s such a time saver!

  32. I find myself having to have a morning routine, if not I would be seriously late. I like the fact that you can take Jimmey Dean’s to go and that they are great for eating on the job!

  33. These are all such good ideas! I love that Jimmy Dean is making breakfast food now!

  34. These are great tips. I am not sure how stress free I can get it, but with some of these ideas I never thought of it might just help out.

  35. It’s easier if you’re prepared the night before because all you need to do in the morning is just prepare yourself and eat some breakfast. I agree with the tips that you have here, they are tried and tested!

  36. I haven’t tried these bowls, I’m more a green smoothie or Lara Bar girl in the morning. But I think they would be a great breakfast option to help sends kids off to school ready to start the day.

  37. My husband eats the Jimmy Deans breakfast bowls all of the time. I am not a fan of eggs but he says they are delish!

  38. Now that my daughter will be in full day school, I know all the prep I am going to have to do the night before. I also know she is going to need a nice breakfast to be able to make it lunch. She is quite the snacker!

  39. These would definitely help school mornings go a lot smoother! They look tasty too!

  40. Very awesome tips here. i also love these delicious breakfast bowls. they are quick and yummy.

  41. I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone by. No one here to go ‘back to school’ but it is time to restock my office supplies, thanks for the reminder.

  42. Some great tips. We start earlier this year as we have middle schoolers…. so I need all the help I can get.

  43. I’m both excited and dreading back to school! lol I don’t think we have Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls. Would make breakfast one less thing to worry about.

  44. These tips are great! Back to school morning routine is always hard for us.

  45. I have not tried these before. My kids are currently obsessed with having pancakes in the morning.

  46. My boy stays in his dormitory during school days. The first thing I reminded him to do is to shower before sleeping so he won’t need to line up in the morning.

  47. OOOH I had an early dinner and now this Jimmy Dean bowl looks so good. I like the idea of getting up a bit earlier – that makes a huge difference. The ten minutes extra means less stress for sure.

  48. Great morning hacks! Will need to try these bowls for busy mornings.

  49. The last JD Turkey Sausage bowl is my fave! I buy it when I can!

  50. Back to school time stresses me out lol. I get used to the kids around everyday that the thought of them going to school again is sad but that is part of life.

  51. We have started to get the kids into a better routine. It is crazy how fast this summer went and that it is almost back to school time. Love these tips!

  52. I can use all the help I can get in the mornings. Thanks so much for sharing!

  53. I prepare early for school, especially since I have three kids to attend to. One is now going off to college but that doesn’t make it any easier for the school prep part! I think you have awesome suggestions! It’s good to have everything ready come the morning!

  54. I think we all need small tips to make the morning go smoothly. This likely helps!

  55. Those are all some wonderful tips. I always have my girls start to go to bed earlier when it gets closer to school. I also love these breakfast bowls. They’re my favorite!

  56. I can not believe the first day of school is almost here. I will have to pick up some Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls for those busy mornings. We try to get as much done the night before as we can.

  57. I can’t believe it is time to go back to school already! These look like good options when we are running out the door.

  58. I have not tried Jimmy Deans breakfast bowls, but they look delicious. The turkey sausage bowl looks like it will be a hit with the entire family.

  59. These kids have to wake up so dang early! I love anything that makes my morning routine a little easier too. Great tips!

  60. This is so great! I always need tips for making mornings easier.

  61. It’s hard to believe school is already begun. Nobody at home here left to go, but I have a teacher daughter and 4 grands going. This looks like something we would like though and I’ll be on the lookout for it–especially the turkey sausage.

  62. Having a back to school morning routine makes such a difference! And when my kids start their day off with an awesome breakfast, I feel like a rock star mom!

  63. I have one who needs a shower to wake up. The other is good to take one the night before, so it works out. 🙂

  64. Ooooo I bet my daughter would love these Jimmy Dean breakfast options!!! I will have to buy a few.

  65. These are such great tips! It can be so much easier to have things ready the night before!

  66. I’ll be keeping this in mind for when we go back to school. It’s almost time.

  67. It is really helpful when you prepare the things ahead. I remember when my sister was back in school, those were hard days.

  68. I like these hacks, I haven’t tried #2. I am so excited for school days!

  69. I think this is such good advice. I don’t have kids, but I know if I’m going to be busy the next day, I try to gather all the things I need and what I want the night before, so I don’t waste any time getting ready!

  70. We do a lot of these tips already. I think showering the night before is a huge help for my kids.

  71. Every once in a while I’ll purchase a Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl and pop it in the microwave for something to eat at work. They’re pretty tasty.

  72. #3 tip is pretty good. Works well for kids and they simply love it!

  73. Nice hacks. It is the time of the year when mommy is busy on preparing for school.

  74. Those Jimmy Dean Breakfast look great, I don’t think they are stocked in the UK but I am sure there must be something similar. What a great routine.

  75. It looks very tasty and sounds like it is easy to prepare too. Goodluck to all mommies who are busy preparing for school.

  76. I always lay out the clothes the night before. I already graduates college, but I think its crucial to do it to dave time in the mornings. Plus, I am not a morning person so it gives me more sleep time.

  77. Great post! These hacks will be really useful with the back to school season approaching, thanks!

  78. The moment I saw those Jimmy Dean boxes, I knew I was gonna love this. This sounds perfect for a busy mom ready for an easy and yummy recipe for the the whole family would love!

  79. You are so great mother who knows how to schedule the back-to-school routine! Unfortunately, one of my sons (a young one) has a bad habit to snooze his alarm every morning. He wants to sleep a little more before 6:45am. Sometimes, he skips his breakfast since he doesn’t feel hungry :-/

  80. I haven’t tried these breakfast products! Look delicious, perfect for busy morning

  81. These are smart, sensible, easy to follow rules for those stress free mornings. Those are rules I have lived by. Thanks for sharing this product

  82. I sure do love any food that comes in a bowl. So efficient!

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