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Over February vacation,  we had a warm day, so I decided to take the boys to Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA.  Battleship Cove is a is a nonprofit maritime museum and war memorial that houses a collection of military vessels of local, national and international importance.



My oldest actually slept over on the USS Massachusetts with his Cub Scouts pack a couple of years ago, my my little man has never been to Battleship Cove, so I wanted him to have a chance to explore the massive battleships, too.


As soon as we walked in, there were several helicopters displayed:



In a building adjacent to the battleships, were were several PT Boats on display & we went in there before we boarded the battleships.

As designed, the PT boat’s primary mission was for advanced base operations in foreign countries, and to defend coastal waters from capital ships, but additional missions were assumed throughout the course of World War II.



Inside the building PT Boats were, there was also a collection of photos, insignia, personal articles, and other memorabilia.

Then it was time to see the first battleship – The USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr:



From the early 1960s until her decommissioning in 1973, Kennedy again performed innumerable duties, including her role as a recovery vessel during the Gemini space program.

This is the largest ship in the Battleship Cove fleet – the USS Massachusetts:


Battleship Massachusetts went into action on November 8, 1942 as part of Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa. While cruising off the city of Casablanca, Morocco, the Battleship engaged in a gun duel with the unfinished French battleship Jean Bart, moored at a Casablanca pier. In this battle,Massachusetts fired the first American 16″ projectile in anger of World War II. Five hits from Big Mamie silenced the enemy battleship, and other 16″ shells from Battleship Massachusetts helped sink two destroyers, two merchant ships, a floating dry-dock, and heavily damaged buildings and docks in Casablanca. The ship’s battle flag, holed by a shell from the Jean Bart, is on display in the Battleship.

Here is the USS Lionfish, a Second World War-era attack submarine:


A Balao-class submarine, USS Lionfish was laid down on 15 December 1942, launched on 7 November 1943, and commissioned on 1 November 1944. Her first captain was Lt. Cdr. Edward D. Spruance, son of the famous World War II admiral, Raymond Spruance.

This T-28 Trojan trainer plane is also on display at Battleship Cove.  This aircraft served as a US trainer, and also served in the VNAF South Vietnam Air Force, reflecting immigrants in the Commonwealth who had served in the Vietnamese armed forces.



The boys and I spend all day at Battleship Cove and I think we could have stayed longer had we had the opportunity to that day.

I took an absurd amount of pictures when we were there, so instead of putting 50 photos all into one post, I am going to be doing three more posts about our time on board the USS Massachusetts, the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. and the USS Lionfish.

Battleship Cove is located at 5 Water Street in Fall River, MA and here’s how much it will cost ya if you want to go:

Adults – $17.00
Seniors & AAA – $15.00
Children aged 6-12 – $10.50
Children under 6 FREE
Active military with ID – $8.50
US Military Veterans with ID – $15.00 Military in uniform FREE

There is so much to see at Battleship Cove, so I would plan on spending a good couple of hours, if not the whole day there.

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  58. So cool! What an awesome “playground” for boys!
    I bet your boys would love our fully functioning bomb shelter that is just down the road from where we live. It is actually where the Canadian government would go in the event of war/invasion/disaster – whatever. And it does public tours, and you can rent it out for private parties like birthdays. I even know people who have used it for their wedding reception!
    We had a birthday party there once, and they do this whole Spy Game Adventure for the kids and they get to run around the place and be Agents and find the bad guy. Awesome.
    It’s called The Diefenbunker.

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