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beach scavenger hunt printable

If you know me in real life, you probably already know that I love the beach. LOVE it. It’s one of my two happy places (the other one is Disney). I always try to make the most of summers here in New England and spend as much time as possible at the beach. I live right off of Cape Cod, but I’m normally found down at First Beach in Newport.  Frankly I don’t get the appeal of the cape and don’t go over the bridge all that often during the summer because it’s too crowded. I get a season parking pass for First Beach year after year and you can usually find me down there several times a week between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

My family got in our first beach day of the year over Memorial Day weekend and we seriously could not have been happier.


Sadly, the boys don’t love the beach as much as their mom does, so often times they get bored after a few hours.

boys at beach

But this year I thought of a way to cure their boredom. I made this awesome Beach Scavenger Hunt to bring with us and the boys love it. A few of the things are not so easy to find at our particular beach (starfish and lighthouses), but that just makes it even more challenging and forces them to think outside of the box a little bit.

Check it out:

beach scavenger hunt printable image

My kids had a blast doing this scavenger hunt while we were at the beach and they are already asking for me to make sure I have a copy for them to try it again this weekend when we go back.  I think your kids will love it, too.

You can download your copy right here.

So tell me, do you love the beach?

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  115 Responses to “Beach Scavenger Hunt {Free Printable}”

  1. Smart thinking!! That’s win-win because you get to stay longer too without complaint. I like it! 🙂

  2. What a great way to keep the kids interested and want to stay longer! I miss doing things like this with my kids and my kids where “kids” long before cool printables like this. Wish you were around “back then” lol

  3. Brilliant idea! I hope this keeps them content on the beach for a longer time so that Mom (you) can enjoy! I love the beach too, but last time I was in the water at Port Canaveral I turned around and saw a 4′ shark between me and the beach…in 3 feet of water! I am a little hesitant to go in the water now. I see you love Disney! I live in Celebration, just down the road from Disney World! Have you gotten to do a Disney cruise? Castaway Cay is the best beach ever! Even your boys would have plenty to do there!

  4. Yes, I absolutely love the beach – love water, can’t get enough! How smart to come up with a great distraction for the kids!!

  5. What a fun idea for kids of all ages. My daughter is four, and I can imagine she would love the beach scavenger hunt when we visit in August! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  6. I love the beach too and this is a great way to keep the grandkids entertained when we all come together for our annual family beach vacation. The kids will love this!

  7. This is so convenient! I love that you don’t have to hide anything or do much preparing, and every time you go to the beach, it is completely different! This was a great thought!

  8. A scavenger hunt makes a trip to the beach really fun. Thanks for sharing the printable!

  9. That is such an awesome idea. It’s a great way to get the kids to use their eyes and be on the look out for small details! I love the beach too! =D Great photos and love the printable!

  10. Looks like you guys had a great time! You are a lovely mom and your kids are cute

  11. My happy place is Disney, too! But we will be headed to the beach, and this activity is a great idea for my 5 year old and his cousins.

    • We haven’t been to Disney in forever. We go to the beach every single year though! We have already been this year.

  12. Such a great idea.I love the beach but my kids can get bored so quickly.This will give them something else to do so I can enjoy the sun longer:)

  13. I don’t have any problems getting the kids to enjoy the beach. My problem is getting them to leave lol. I can’t wait to hold my own beach scavenger hunt, I think it will make our outing more exciting.

  14. That’s so much fun! I’m bookmarking this for our next beach trip. We actually just got back from the beach, and this would have been perfect.

  15. What a fun beach game! Keeps the kids busy so you can enjoy the beach, very smart.

  16. Very creative, this is something I would definitely take part in. Sounds fun

  17. That’s the cutest idea ever. I will definitely share it with friends and neighbors headed to the beach!

  18. Oh man I miss the beach SO much! I grew up in Florida but a few years ago we moved to Iowa and now my kids are missing out growing up by the beach! This is a fun idea to laminate and take with younger kids to the beach!! Thanks for the freebie!

  19. My kids love going to the beach but they can sometimes get bored of building castles and getting in the water. This is another great activity to add into the mix!

  20. This is great!!! We are definitely adding this to our Summer Bucket list! I am doing a post about it today and will provide a link for others. 🙂

  21. Thanks for the idea! Definitely something your kids would enjoy. I’m sharing this post with my cousin. She’s taking her daughters to the beach next week. They enjoy scavenger hunts and doing it in a beach setting is something new for them to try.

  22. I like the beach but don’t love it…. I have red hair which means I turn into a lobster if I am there too long. It doesn’t stop me from visiting one when we vacation though and scavenger hunt sounds like a great idea to pass the time.

  23. Oh how I envy you dahling.
    As an island girl, I can’t believe I don’t live close to a beach!!

    Enjoy for me too .

    This would be such a fun hunt to have with my kids!
    Love !

  24. What a great activity to bring to the beach to occupy the lull that always seems to happen. This would definitely get the kids involved.

  25. As s South Florida native who later moved to San Diego, CA I am now without a beach the first time in my life (we moved to the south last year to be near my husband’s kids). The saltwater is like part of my blood. I can understand your love for it. Love the scavenger hunt. Will have to bring this with us when I am able to get the hubs and the girls down to Miami!

  26. I am so happy my girls love the beach as much as we do. We try to go every weekend in the summer, and sometimes during the week too. The scavenger hunt is a cute idea for littles though 🙂

  27. Ha! this is such a clever idea for the kids! it keeps their mind occupied instead of being glued to their phones. You’re such a good mom, always bringing great ideas for the family.

  28. What a fun idea! We are headed out to the gulf in a few weeks for vacation and I will definitely be bringing this along for the kids!

  29. What a fun idea. Our beaches here in Jacksonville are super popular so I bet we could do this.

  30. My kids used to LOVE scavenger hunts when they were little. How fun is this one? Thanks for the free printable.

  31. What a fun idea! We haven’t tried the beach with my kiddos before – it is a ways away, and the lake or pool always win out, but this summer my older two have both requested a trip to the lake, so we are going to try it. This will be a lot of fun to add to our trip!

  32. Love the Cape and I have gone there fore about 10 years straight! I used to live in Quincy, so I was all about the Cape and even now living in Cleveland still go back! Fun scavenger hunt!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  33. This would be so much fun. It’s nice that you were able to take a trip to the beach. I plan to do the same!

  34. This looks like a great way to keep the kids involved while at the beach! Great boredom buster!

  35. I love this idea! I wish we could go to the beach more but here its like the arctic if you try to swim in it! So its like a big tease to take our kiddos lol…. but I want to do this, maybe before the end of summer!

  36. What a great idea! I can never get my boys out of the water, but I bet they would still enjoy this game.

  37. This looks like a great way to keep your sons entertained at the beach, love it!

  38. Although love the water and the sand, I’m not really a beach girl. I spend the whole time worrying if I’m going to get a sunburn, which happens when with sunscreen 🙁 I love your idea of a scavenger hunt, especially if you have kids who always claim they are bored.

  39. This is an adorable way to have fun at the beach, looks like you guys had fun with it!

  40. I am so using this printable when we head to the ocean this summer! WE go so much, this would make it entertaining!

  41. This is such a fun idea! Scavenger hunts were a favorite of mine when I was a kid.

  42. I love love love the beach, For a whole different chillaxing time. Grab a book, grab a towel or beach bed and read a good book while soaking up that Vit D. Dive in the sea to cool off, and lark about with the kids…Boom. This Beach scavenger hunt sounds fun too though!

  43. Great idea! Its funny how as adults we love nothing more than to do nothing and kids…well they HAVE to be doing something 24/7.

  44. A former Southern California girl here who totally loves the beach and visit one as often as possible. I really like the beach scavenger hunt idea and am glad it kept the boys entertained for a bit longer than you thought possible.

  45. What an awesome activity for the beach! I’d like to do this as an adult! haha

  46. I live on the beach! I mean literally. I live in a condo on the beach. So we are on the sand often. Will totally take the printout next time we head downstairs!

  47. I love the beach but don’t live anywhere near one. I would love to be able to sit out near the water every day.

  48. What a fun game. I bet your boys had a fun time playing this. I lvoe family time at the beach.

  49. We are definitely planning at least one beach trip this summer, and the kids will be going again with their grandparents as well. I am not sure how many lighthouses we can expect to find in Southern California, but a scavenger hunt sounds fun!

  50. This would be so much fun to do. Unfortunately, we don’t live anywhere near a beach.

  51. Our family spends at least a week at the beach every year. A scavenger hunt is a great idea. Especially for kids that are driven by competition. Great idea!

  52. What an absolutely fantastic idea! I honestly would have never thought to put together a beach scavenger hunt. I have only been to the beach maybe once or twice in my life and I’ve been DYING to go back the past year or so. Seriously, the beach, ocean, and warm weather call to me!

  53. This is such a fun idea. I think I will print it out for the little boys who live next door.

  54. Such a fun idea! Inexpensive and fun for all!

  55. We spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer. Scavenger hunts are a great idea for something different and to add some adventure to the day.

  56. I love the beach and think this scavenger hunt is awesome! I love to make scavenger hunts for my kids! It definitely helps them to pay more attention to what’s around them!

  57. LOVE the beach! I’m totally spoiled, living in Florida, because we’re at the beach almost all year long! I wonder if I could tear my kids away from the sand long enough to try this scavenger hunt?

  58. I love the beach. I wish I lived closer to a really ocean beach.

  59. Oh my goodness, I love this! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait for my toddler to do this next time we visit the beach.

  60. Awesome activity for kids! That will keep them busy so we can relax a bit

  61. Such an awesome idea! I think this could change to be fun for all ages too! Love it!

  62. I love going to the beach with the kids. It’s not just the weather but the sandcastle building and sea shell finding that makes it a day out.

  63. This is such a fun printable! I am going to print it out and put it in our vacation folder for our beach trip next month!

  64. I printed this out! How fun! Can’t wait for my kids to try it.

  65. We have the opposite in our family. The kids love the beach, and I just tolerate it. I need this scavenger hunt for myself!

  66. Doing a scavenger hunt at the beach is a classic! And it’s really fun to do with the kids especially when it’s their first time! I love that printable, it’s so adorable and it’s really easy to understand.

  67. A beach should be a great place to do a scavenger hunt. It’s scenic plus you can really explore a lot with a scavenger hunt.

  68. I really enjoy hanging out at the beach. When I need some really quiet time I usually either do it at evening or rent a private spot or pool. The sound of water moving is really relaxing.

  69. This is a very nice idea. I love going to the beach but sometimes my little one is easily got bored so we ended up sleeping in the hotel room.

  70. I like the printable, I am having a hard time finding a lighthouse in the beach. Or maybe, I am in the wrong place.

  71. Memorial day is a great time to spend with the family. I like your scavenger hunt printable, this will make a beach outing more fun.

  72. What a fun way to spend a day at the beach. Filing this one away for our beach trip later this summer!

  73. The beach scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun! I love the printable and its perfect for Memorial day too.

  74. I’m with you. I absolutely love the beach myself. If I could, I’d be there everyday.

  75. Wow this looks like a fun game at the beach. Perfect for family bonding!

  76. What a fun idea! We spend every fall at the beach and I will have to save this for then.

  77. A scavenger hunt makes a trip to the beach a lot more fun than just the regular routine! Great idea!

  78. I’ve never thought about having a scavenger hunt at the beach but it makes total sense. It’s a great way to get the whole family to enjoy some fun outdoors together.

  79. Super fun idea. A scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids occupied. Hope yu are enjoying your summer!

  80. My kids and I love the beach. I just wish they had a decent one close to where we are. The one in our town is not good for swimming. I love this idea of a scavenger hunt. I do these every year around our house with my girls. They love it!

  81. Nice printable, this is very creative. I have answers now whenever we got bored on the beach.

  82. This is such a fun idea. We are landlocked in Atlanta but we will be heading to the beach a few times this summer so this is perfect to print and take with us.

  83. I understand your love about the beach! This is also my happiest place in the world! Any beach actually.
    Your printout is very creative!

  84. I would love to print this! I love your idea, it keeps us occupied in dull moments at the beach.

  85. That is super cute. Just downloaded it. I feel like no matter how much stuff I bring to the beach, my daughter gets bored. I mean, we do tend to stay all day so it’ll be nice to save this for when she gets whiney. Lol.

  86. It has been a couple years since I’ve been to the beach, but I love this idea. Thank you for sharing!

  87. The beach and Disney happen to be my two happy places as well. I’ll definitely be printing this and sharing it with my little cousins. We spend a lot of time in Myrtle Beach, so this is perfect!

  88. I love, love, love beach and lucky for me my kids are always up to a beach adventure! Thank you for the printable. I will download it right now.

  89. What cute idea!! My kids love the beach and they will love this!!

  90. I love the beach but don’t get there as often as I would like to go. A scavenger hunt sounds like a great way to keep the kids occupied while you soak up some sun. My daughter would have liked a sandcastle building activity as that was always her favorite thing to do at the beach.

  91. My girls would absolutely love this! I’m saving this for our beach trip this July!

  92. I do love the beach and luckily, so do my kids. It is fun to watch them play!

  93. What fun!! Makes me really wish that we had a beach in our area to do this!

  94. My Kids love things like this. I get them to collect different coloured stones and shells (then they come back with us for decorative things. It’s not classed as Child labor is it? 🙂

  95. What a fun idea! My niece and nephew are on summer vacation now, I think a trip to the beach is in order 🙂

  96. I’m not a big beach person myself but my Kiddies love it so I think this may actually help ME out a bit this summer! Thanks so much for sharing… I can’t wait to share it with the family!

  97. I absolutely love the beach and this is a great way to keep the kids entertained! Thanks for sharing the printable!

  98. This is a fun idea. I could even see tweaking it a bit to make it a fun adult scavenger hunt.

  99. You and I would get along great! Two of my fav places are the beach and disney too! We’re off to the beach the weekend after next, though for triathlon training. This seems a great idea for keeping kids occupied!

  100. Well at least you won’t keep hearing I’m bored. Good job!

  101. What an awesome idea! I want to make a version for our camping trips!

  102. girl you are hilarious! Of course I LOVE the beach – fixin to head to one (hopefully) next month as we are soooooo ready! This game is too cute & would be perfect to take with us

  103. What a lovely printable it definitely would keep the boredom out of anyone.

  104. Great idea! I really love the idea of a beach scavenger hunt! So fun 🙂

  105. I so wish we lived near the beach again. This would be so fun.

  106. Fun fun fun! I have always loved the beach but after kids I love it even more. They see the world so differently and such activities make it even more special!

  107. We don’t have a beach near us, but we plan on going to a river that has beach sand. I still could do this.

  108. What a lovely adventure! Thank you for sharing. I totally enjoyed the read. Also the printable is awesome. xx

  109. I use to love beach scavenger hunt when I was younger…What a lovely adventure. xx

  110. I love love the beach too but I’ve never tried a beach scavenger hunt. THis is a great way to keep kids interested and its fun.

  111. This is such a fun idea! And one you could cater to your particular vacation!

  112. Kids these days get bored with just about everything. So I would not feel bad about them loving the beach