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As a former Jordan’s Furniture employee, I can personally attest to the fact that they truly enjoy keeping their customers happy.  The owners, Barry & Eliot had a vision of making visiting the stores more than just furniture shopping – they wanted to make it an experience for the whole family. Now that Barry has retired from the family business, Eliot has kept the family fun aspect of the stores going strong.  I worked at the Avon, MA store, which is the home of MOM (the Motion Odyssey Movie Ride), Enchanted Ice (an indoor skating rink) and the Boston classic, The Enchanted Village.  Families come out in droves for those attractions, but if you are a local you know that each store boasts at least one fun family attraction. In the Reading store, they have the BeanStalk™ Adventure Ropes Course and I was able to head there to check it out with my family last weekend.


Disclosure: My family received complimentary tickets for the course in order to provide an honest review of our experience.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

The BeanStalk™ Adventure Ropes Course is a 32-foot tall, 2 level ropes course (12 feet or 24 feet up) complete with 30 exciting activities including zig-zag beams, cargo nets, angled rope ladders, crisscross walks and more. Participants choose their own path through the elements and go at their own pace. No two obstacles are the same! The ropes course is also equipped with a Sky Rail zip line connection measuring 69′ long. which costs $2 more to ride.


My boys have done rope courses before, so they already knew to empty their pockets before the employees helped them put their safety harnesses on, but for those of you who have never done a course like this – you do need to empty your pockets so nothing falls out on the people on levels below you.  And no, cameras are not allowed on the course, either.


Once you are harnessed up, you are good to go. The harness is attached to a rope above you and as you move around, you have to push and/or pull your own rope to the next obstacle.  You will need to be able to work your rope around other people on the platforms if someone needs to get by you in either direction. Since you can go in any direction you want on the course, you are bound to run into someone coming the other way at some point.


My husband and I didn’t do the course this time, so only the boys went.  It takes a lot of balance to move your way through some of the sections of the course, and quite frankly I am balance challenged so I thought it was best to stay on the ground and take pictures.  Both of guys got a great workout on the course and slept really well that night.  In addition to needing great balance, it takes a good amount of upper body strength to move your way through the course.  My guys were sweaty when they were finished on the course.


Admission Prices:

BeanStalk Adventure Ropes Course (with Zip Line) – $12.50
BeanStalk Adventure Ropes Course (without Zip Line) – $10.50
*Must be at least 48″ tall or 42″ if accompanied by a chaperone.

Don’t worry if you have little ones under 48″ because there is BeanSprout™, a specially designed course for children ages 2-7. BeanSprout Adventure Ropes Course is $6.25 per person and kids must be less than 48″ tall to do the course.


There is a 30 minute time limit for the course and even though they both complained that 30 minutes wasn’t going to be enough time – they were both very tired and ready to exit the course by the time they hit the 30 minute mark.



The BeanStalk™ Adventure Ropes Course is located inside Jordan’s Furniture Reading.  The store address is 50 Walkers Brook Dr, Reading, MA 01867 and you can click here for store hours or call 781.942.9816 for more information.

The BeanStalk™ Adventure Ropes Course is an awesome way to have some fun with the family. My two boys, ages 8 & 11 loved every minute of it.

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