Oct 102017
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I grew up in a big Italian family, so I am used to eating goooood. As a child, Sunday dinners were an all day eating fest filled with homemade recipes that came straight from my great-grandmother in Italy. Sometimes we went out for Italian, though, and back then to get good Italian food we had to go all the way into the North End of Boston.  Not that it wasn’t worth the trip into the city – because it was, but sometime in the late 80’s or maybe even the early 90’s, Bertucci’s opened a restaurant in the next town over from where we lived and suddenly we could get great Italian food without having to drive all the way into the city. Score.

Bertucci’s recently announced their new Specialitá Del Giorno menu, focused on everyday value and featuring the return of Kids-Eat-Free-Wednesdays.

In case you’re not familiar, Bertucci’s is a scratch-kitchen Italian restaurant and pizzeria known for artisanal authentic Italian brick oven pizzas, handcrafted pasta and their signature scratch-made dough that they use for their pizzas, calzones and those famous fresh rolls. Mmmmm……

Bertucci’s recently announced their new Specialitá Del Giorno menu, focused on everyday value and featuring the return of Kids-Eat-Free-Wednesdays.

Bertucci’s serves as a gathering place for friends and families, offering everyday value for lunch and dinner in the spirit of “La dolce vita,” the good life, which captures Bertucci’s Italian spirit of celebrating life’s moments over delicious foods and wine.

Bertucci’s recently announced the launch of their new Specialitá Del Giorno [Special of the Day] menu, focused on everyday value and featuring the return of Kids-Eat-Free-Wednesdays. Kids Eat Free offers guests 12 years and under a FREE Kids’ Meal with the purchase of every adult entrée of $10.99 or more. It rounds out the daily specials trio, including Pasta Pairs Monday, Two for Tuesday Pizzas, and Kids Eat Free Wednesdays.

Bertucci’s recently announced their new Specialitá Del Giorno menu, focused on everyday value and featuring the return of Kids-Eat-Free-Wednesdays.

Specialitá Del Giorno includes:

  • Mondays: Pasta Pair Mondays. Buy one Chicken Parma, Chicken Piccata or any Pasta Classics dinner today and get one FREE Rigatoni & Polpette (meatballs) Lunch to carry out for tomorrow.  Dine-in for dinner only after 4pm.
  • Tuesdays: Two for Tuesday Pizza. Buy any Large Pizza and take home a FREE Large Cheese Pizza.  Dine-in or Carryout for dinner only after 4pm.  One FREE pizza per party.

Bertucci’s recently announced their new Specialitá Del Giorno menu, focused on everyday value and featuring the return of Kids-Eat-Free-Wednesdays.

  • Wednesdays: Kids Eat Free Wednesday.  Get one FREE Kids’ Meal with any adult entrée purchase of $10.99 or more.  Dine-in only for lunch or dinner.

Bertucci’s recently announced their new Specialitá Del Giorno menu, focused on everyday value and featuring the return of Kids-Eat-Free-Wednesdays.

To learn more about Bertucci’s revitalized menu and seasonal specials, visit Bertuccis.com.  To learn more about Specialitá Del Giorno, visit Bertuccis.com/DailyCraves. Follow Bertucci’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat @Bertuccis, or subscribe to their YouTube Channel @EatBertuccis.com.

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  55 Responses to “Bertucci’s is Bringing Kids Eat Free Wednesdays Back!”

  1. How I wish we have a branch near home! It would be so nice to go there and just enjoy the food. I’m sure it’s going to make me feel nostalgic. I also grew up eating home cooked Italian food. It’s the BEST!

  2. That food looks amazing! The pizza is cooked exactly the way we love ours. I wish we had one in our area. You guys up in New England have all the really good stuff!

  3. I miss Italian since I had to go gluten-free but I popped over to their page and saw that they are trying to provide some gluten-sensitive options! Very impressive and everything looks delicious.

  4. I love Italian food! I am so happy to hear this, we will have to start planning a trip to Bertucci’s! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great promo for those limiting their spending budget per month! Love Bertucci’s!

  6. BEST tip this week for me! We have a Bertuccis near us and this works for after soccer and football practice. THANKS for sharing the info.

    Thrifting Diva

  7. What a great promo for families! It’s so expensive with kids but you totally need some family time out too.
    Katja xxx

  8. The food looks amazing and you can’t beat the kids eat free deal. I will keep them in mind if I am ever in the area.

  9. I love Italian food and we eat it with some frequency! I also have young kids and can appreciate a promotion where kids eat free as otherwise it gets expensive fast!

  10. I love any place that offers such a night. With three kids and the love of being able to take them out on occasion, eating free no matter what day of the week ROCKS. I haven’t ever been to a Bertuccis before, will have to try to venture there!

  11. We have a big family, so I love when there were kids eat free days at the restaurants. Definitely encouraged us to eat out more and try new restaurants. Too bad there aren’t deals for kids over 12 🙂

  12. These all look simply amazing and delicious. We have something similar near us and their calzones are just to die for!

  13. What a great promo for families! Having 5 kids, it costs a small fortune to even eat out at fast food chains so this would make family dinners more affordable.

  14. this place looks so good and love a kids eat free night, but I will have to check if there is one close to me. thanks for the tip

  15. Mmm, I just love Italian food. I always love when kids can eat free. I’ll have to see if we have a Bertuccis nearby!

  16. Can I bee a kid again? i’d go with my boyfriend and eat for free ahah! Such a great bargain! The pizza looks so good!

  17. Great post! Very good information from a mom for other moms, love the idea of a review that also helps people save money!

  18. What a great deal! When kids eat free, adults go out more 😉 Glad Bertuccis is having this again.

  19. Oh my goodness I want to try it all but especially that pizza it looks delicious – if only I could reach through the screen and take a bite.

  20. Can I just bring some random kid with me to enjoy some free food lol jk but that pizza does look delish

  21. My family loves Italian food so we would love Bertuccis. When the kids were little we loved the words “kids eat free.”

  22. I totally wish that I had a Bertucci’s in my neck of the woods! I am all about any place that offers “kids eat free” nights!

  23. I think I have a Bertucci’s not too far away! I love it, the food is delicious and makes me feel like I’m in Italy. That’s awesome that they do kids eat free night, much more affordable for families!

  24. Ahh YES! Italien cuisine! Delicious and a mystery to me how Italien women manage to have such trim figures despite all that yummy eating…

  25. I could eat Italian food every single day. That pizza looked so dang good! Now I am starving for one.

  26. That’s a very good deal for families! I love Italian food and it would be so nice to enjoy what they have to offer here while the kids eat for free! So cool!

  27. Wow I wish I lived closer because all that scratch-made Italian food looks absolutely amazing. I know my kids (and my wallet) would love it on Wednesday nights!

  28. This sounds amazing, and I am all about free! It looks like they have some delicious foods, and it would be great to get a free meal for the kiddo. I will have to see if there is one near me.

  29. This looks really good! And this is really a great news!!

  30. Now I want pizza 🙁 That’s a great news and the place look amazing.

  31. I have never heard of this restaurant before but that is so awesome that kids eat free on Wednesdays! Plus those rolls look amazing!

  32. The food looks so good and yummy! It’s good that they’re bringing back the kids eat for free! That’s a good deal.

  33. We live for Pizza around here and that pizza looks SOOOO good! I love any place where kids eat for free!

  34. You had me at handcrafted pasta and scratch-made dough! Sounds like a great place for the entire family and the kid’s eat free on Wednesday’s offer is a great deal!

  35. I just love when restaurants do kids free nights! It makes it so much easier for families to go out to dinner!

  36. That’s really good news! I think it’s awesome that they’re offering different deals throughout the week as well. I’m sure the food is amazing here!

  37. i miss bertucci’s! they had one near my sister in law’s college and we went there when we visited her. 🙂

  38. Oh man, that pizza looks amazing. I could really use a slice of it right now.

  39. I love, adore, cling longingly to, calzones. I haven’t had one for so long! Those look amazing. What a great place to have to go to!

  40. Craving some homemade Italian food. It’s nice to have a local place you can go to when you don’t feel like cooking but want something the whole family will like.

  41. Kids Eat Free days are about the only time we go out to eat. With a family of 6, we shave off spending every chance we get

  42. We don’t have a Bertucci’s near us in California, but it looks and sounds like an amazing restaurant. I would definitely try it out if we did.

  43. Oh, my goodness. Now I’m craving Italian food. That pizza looks absolutely amazing. And what great specials. That’ll keep you coming back for sure!

  44. I’m italian too! This restaurant seems great, love the menu, and the food looks delicious!

  45. Kids eat free sounds good to me! Bertucci’s is one of the few places the entire family loves. I mean, the rolls – c’mon, we all could just live off the rolls happily.

  46. Omg pizza is my favourite and this looks amazing. I used to go Italian restaurants really often I wish to have one of this one around!!

  47. This looks like a great Italian restaurant! My husband’s family is Italian and they are all about the food too!

  48. I love going to restaurants for my family where I can save money on my kids’ meals. It’s a great way to enjoy eating out without breaking the bank.

  49. Whenever am with amore, we always chose a restaurant that provides homey ambiance and italian restaurant is our perfect choice. I love their foods and always satifying.

  50. What a fantastic idea for so many parents! I think it’s great that they are creating such a fab kid free environment and who doesn’t love free food

  51. I haven’t been in this restaurant but everything looks so good. The promo even makes it better. Wish there’s one near us.

  52. how awesome is that! I always loved the Kids Eat Free places, when my children where little. Everything helps when you are a parent! Blessings!

  53. It really looks good and such a great place to bring my kids and I’m sure they would love to go there

  54. eat free Wednesdays! this is amazing. the food looks so yum! I wish more places did this, because I can imagine how hard it can be at times to go out and find kid friendly places.

  55. I’m sure you had a fun experience with kids! This is suc a fun idea for them. I’ll make sure to bring my kids soon.