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Best Spots in Disney to Grab Coffee

To the joy of so many parents, the coffee situation at Walt Disney World has improved by leaps and bounds. For a place that does so many things right, it’s hard to believe that once upon a time it was hard to find a good cup of coffee, and even harder to find a calm place to sit and enjoy that coffee. Now though, you actually have a few places to grab a cup of coffee at Disney, and it is even possible to choose from among the best options.

These are among the best spots in Disney World for grabbing a coffee to help you get through a busy day.


There are now several Starbucks restaurants in the parks, as the chain was recently added to the lineup of recognizable brands to join Disney. The new location at Main Street Bakery is by far the most popular and most used, with lines forming at the start of the day and never really getting short until closing time. The Epcot location, right under Spaceship Earth is another fan favorite and has a futuristic feel to match the theme of the park and nearby rides. You can expect to find all of your Starbucks favorites here, from drinks to snacks to sandwiches.

Joffrey’s Kiosks

Joffrey’s is the main coffee option at Disney, and there are fast serving kiosks all over the parks where you can grab a great cup of coffee. This option doesn’t necessarily give you a place to sit and enjoy your coffee, but most of them are located near plazas and open areas that are filled with benches and seating. Locations that are attached to resorts or specific sections of the parks create special blends that feature the flavors that go with each destination. The blends found at Tusker House and FLying Fish Cafe are among the favorites around.

Kona Cafe

The Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort is one of the best places to grab a pot of coffee with your breakfast. Not only can you grab a delicious house blend, but you can sit and relax with your coffee every morning, just like you do at home. Coffee comes in a pressed pot too, so it really gives the freshly ground beans time to give off their best flavor.

Trattoria al Forno

You should expect to find great coffee at an Italian themed establishment, and you will get just that on the Boardwalk at Trattoria al Forno. This spot has pressed pots filled with their signature style brew that guests have been raving about since the restaurant opened. Pots are shared, and while it is a full service restaurant, you are more than welcome to head in solely for the pleasure of enjoying a great cup of coffee.


Boma is one of the popular Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurants, so it’s not often a place folks go to grab great coffee, but they do serve the special house blend of Kenyan coffee. Early morning and late evenings, after the rush of meal times are best for grabbing a pot of pressed coffee, especially when you do not have a meal reservation.

Where do you grab coffee when you are at Disney World?

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  125 Responses to “Best Spots in Disney to Grab Coffee”

  1. As soon as I saw the title I thought the Main Street Bakery and Starbucks totally! Great list and definitely agree with you on this 😉

  2. We do have lots of choices in Main Street.. sincerely hope I can go back there soon 🙂

  3. Coffee is a must in the mornings. My sister just got back from Disney. Emerson got a Make a Wish trip, so they went there. They had a great time.

  4. This is great! When we went I was totally craving coffee and had no idea where I could grab one. Mama needs coffee!

  5. Coffee! You speak my language! ha this is great, if we ever go there I know right where to go for a good cup! Thanks for sharing

  6. I see a lot of posts about where to dine in Disney, but not where to have coffee. I love coffee and I love that you featured the best spots here.

  7. I need to know and learn everything that I can about where to get the best deals at Disney. This is some very useful information for planning a vacation.

  8. A good cup of coffee does wonders to perk up the day 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. I’ll have to remember these for the next time we go. I don’t drink it, but Jason does and will appreciate knowing where to stop for a good cup of joe!

  10. well there is the Dream right there… someone send me to Disney to determine where the best cup of coffee can be found! Could life get any better!? 🙂

  11. I love a good coffee so thanks for this post. I’ve never been to Disney and haven’t yet planned to but I can’t wait to go. It’ll be so much fun even though I am an adult now, and grabbing a coffee will be sorted thanks to you!

  12. I have only been to Disney once but definitely plan on going back and this is good to know. Thanks

  13. I’m so glad to hear that Disney has finally heard the cry of parents desperate for a decent cup of java! I’ll be thrilled when they finally add Dunkin’ Donuts to their list of vendors! lol

  14. We hit every single on of those spots on our trip!
    Starbucks was the only reason we made it to midnight. I have to admit..I was hoping for a “Tim Horton’s ” at the Canadian Pavilion in Epcot. Gotta have my double double!

  15. Finding the right coffee shop wherever we travel is important. Whether for a day out or a longer trip its important to know where I will be able to stop off for a good cup of caffeine. I have to admit that I prefer one-off offee shops rather than chains but I also appreicate that in a place like Disney it is likely to be overrun with them!

  16. I’m going to look for the Kona cafe the next time we go. I think that sounds better than tusing he little pot in the hotel room, which is usually how I do it.

  17. I have not been to Disney World since I was a kids, so I have never actually paid attention to coffee. NOW on the other hand I totally would! I had no idea that there were so many coffee shops there.

  18. So many options! I haven’t been there since I was really little, but we hope to go in the next few years. Can’t wait to check out all of the coffee shops

  19. I don’t usually get coffee at Disney but I do get tea. I love getting a pot of English tea at the Grand Floridian.

  20. My sister just went to Disney World with her family. I have NEVER been before! I can’t wait to go and take my girls!

  21. Dang it! Now I want to go back… lol!!
    They have the best coffee 🙂 I should have gotten a signed mug while I was there.
    Bad move on my part!

  22. It has been a long time since I was at Disney. Good to know for our next visit.

  23. This is a very important post LOL I normally grab some Joffrey’s coffee when I’m there!

  24. Finding a coffee and a quiet spot to collect our thought is so important. In the chaos of Disney this is mandatory!!! I’ve not been to Disney in years but we are getting ready to take the Grandchildren so I am very grateful for this post!

  25. I adore Italian coffe,so Trattoria al Forno would be perfect for me! Love Disney 🙂 Thanks for sharing such interesting post!

  26. No doubt about it, my favorite place to buy coffee is Starbucks and now that they are in ALL of the theme parks & at Disney Springs I’m beyond thrilled!

  27. Have never been to Disney, but so desperately want to go! Sounds great 🙂 xx

  28. I am so happy that they have added Starbucks. I love the coffee at Kona Cafe.

  29. Main Street and Starbucks are my first choices. We were just at Magic Kingdom in December, cant wait to go back.

  30. The coffee would go great with the french pastries they have there. I never had a cup of coffee at Disney.

  31. What a great guide and fun post to research! I love Disney.

  32. I have heard great things about Kona at Disney! I would definitely head there for some coffee if I were at Disney. Well, that or Starbucks.

  33. Great list! I loved the coffee at Kona Cafe. That is one of my favorite breakfast places as well.

  34. We were just there and I didn’t grab a single cup off the resort. Great list though!

  35. Saving this for our trip in May. Thanks. 🙂

  36. OMB a St. Arbucks in Disney, am Planning a re-attack of the Disney world roller coasters yay. With a great coffee hit, I can handle the shakes 🙂

  37. You are a true Disney pro when you know the best spots to grab coffee there! Great information!

  38. I’d love to check out all of these places. I love that they have a variety of special blends and some quick places to stop for a cup.

  39. You need a sequel for best places to have coffee at DisneyLAND. I’m headed there next week. Sharing for my readers. 🙂

  40. I’ve never been to Disney and would you believe I’ve never tried coffee before? I know, I know! I’m awful but maybe someday I can do both of these!

  41. Yeah, I remember being in WDW quite some time ago and believe you are correct about the lacking of coffee situation there.
    It is good to know Starbucks et al have come onto the scene!
    I will have to chat this up a bit with my brother-in-law; he is going there in April.

  42. What a great list! Coffee is a must for me and my husband. I will have to keep this in mind when we go to Disney.

  43. It’s great that they’ve added more Starbucks locations. Thanks for providing this list to grab a coffee. I can’t be without my coffee.

  44. I am waiting for the best spot to grab tea…LOL…not a coffee drinker

  45. These sound like great spots! I hit Joffrey’s Kiosks a couple of times when we were there. 🙂

  46. I love coffee so much that I would be happy to visit each and every one of these spots! The stronger the better for me.

    • Totally agree with you Marcie. I like my coffee strong, because that’s just what we are looking for when we go for coffee. Its the caffeine kick to keep us up on our toes.

  47. I have yet to get to Disney but I will definitely keep this post in mind for my first visit!

  48. This post was made for me! As a Florida resident Disney is in my blood and I am convinced I have coffee in my bloodstream! I have heard Kona is great for a lot of things!

  49. So many coffee shops! I’ve never been to disney but it must be a massive place

  50. I would need a lot of coffee to make it through a day of walking around Disney. 🙂

  51. We love Disney World but I have never purchased coffee from any of their locations. I only like iced coffee, I will have to keep an eye open next time we are there to see if they offer it.

  52. Nice to know there are nearby coffeeshops in the happiest place of earth!! 🙂

  53. I always make a bee line for the Starbucks at Epcot. Great to know I can also do it at the Magic Kingdom!

  54. My first choice would be Trattoria al Forno. I love their coffee! Starbucks would be a second choice because of the many options they offer.

  55. This is sooooo good to know! I am all about the coffee! Can’t wait to go to Disney to drink a cup!

  56. I’ve never tried these places except for Starbucks. I would definitely try them when I go to Disney! Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee, right?

  57. I’m always on the hunt for the best coffee spots wherever I go! Love the idea to post about this!! Starbucks gives me a headache so I’ll save this list for later!

  58. The places you mentioned are definitely great choices. Disney is not anymore short of awesome coffee shops. Thanks for sharing!

  59. I am happy to hear there are several Starbucks restaurants at Disney. It would definitely help the parents to keep up with the kids.

  60. Definitely good to know! Coffee is how I get through my day and I would need lots of it at Disney!

  61. It’s hard for me to imagine that coffee was hard to come by at Disney. Glad they get it together.

  62. We usually just grab it at Starbucks. Its all I drink.

  63. Isn’t it awesome that they had these places? when we went last year i had wondered of they would have anyplace so i was so relieved! 😉

  64. I love all of the Disney tips! I am not a coffee drinker, but I will keep these places in mind for other snacks and food!

  65. The starbucks in Disney is unlike ANY other starbucks ever. The food is yummy and it is beautiful

  66. My friend Christine goes to Disney every year and she loves coffee. I have to share this with her – thanks for the insider info 😉

  67. Oooh! This is probably my favorite Disney post! My hubby and I will need this when we take the girls!

  68. This is a great resource for those that love coffee and Disney World. I don’t drink coffee and but I know it will come in handy for many.

  69. This is important information for us caffeine-addicted moms! Thanks!

  70. I can’t do a full Disney day without caffeine! Need to save these spots for my next visit.

  71. I don’t drink coffee and I have never visited any kind of Disney Theme Park. If I were a coffee drinker this list would be a great reference, sharing with my java loving friends who are parents! 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  72. This list is essential to a great day at Disney. Tips I’ll never forget 🙂

  73. Oh yeah, Starbucks and Kona Cafe got in the list! I can never go through Disney without grabbing a cup of coffee!

  74. Love all about Disney! So looking forward to visit one of the places you mentioned above

  75. My day start with a cup of coffee. I never been in Disney but i wanted to go there if i have a chance.

  76. We gave up drinking coffee but yesterday, I was tempted to have a cuop at the open house and man, I did not sleep last night!

  77. My great day always starts with a cup of coffee. Never been in Disney but someday, I will go there with my fam.

  78. This is a good recomendation for coffee lovers. Never been in Disney World, hope one day I could go there.

  79. Hope to visit one day soon so this is great information. 🙂

  80. Great list! Will keep them in mind when the time comes for me to visit Disney World.

  81. Thanks for the coffee list. Even in Disney World, a girl’s gotta have her coffee fix!

  82. I really love Disney! Especially the Starbucks there.

  83. Regardless of where I am Starbucks is always my #1 choice but these sound like great coffee shops! I have never been to Disney.

  84. You just made Disney a more appealing vacation destination by saying they have coffee! And more than one place at that! I’m sure to keep up with all the festivities, you would need a cup or two if you’re like me! ~ MS

  85. Coffee makes every moment better! Can’t wait to give this spots a trt

  86. Really good to know thank you for sharing I’ll keep it mind

  87. I have always wanted to go to Walt Disney World. My husband would be happy to go now that they have a Starbucks there.

  88. As I drink my coffee now, I can appreciate this list! Someday I will head to Disney!

  89. I don’t know if I’ve ever had coffee at Disney, but I like that they have some popular brands.

  90. Wow. Some good lists here. I am in very much love with Starbucks

  91. I have never been to Disney. But when I go, I’ll remember this post. Thank you!

  92. We’re doing our first Disney trip in April. This will come in handy. But more importantly… where can you get a cocktail 🙂

  93. Haha I’m not a coffee drinker but it’s good to know anyway! Hope to go to Disney soon <3

  94. Disney land and coffee go hand in hand in my opinion. Need the extra stamina to keep up with the kids. Thanks for sharing.

  95. Every time I’ve gone as an adult, it’s been in weather that I consider too hot to drink coffee. I’m weird, I know. 😉 This is helpful though for when we finally get there in the winter!

  96. I would love to go to Disney World. Disneyland has some great options as well especially Mainstreet bakery.

  97. I can’t wait to go! I will be sure to grab coffee from all of these places.

  98. I would love to go to Disney World. My friend is there right now and I’m so jealous.

  99. That is something that my mom and I always used to talk about – in fact when we would take our trips down we would often bring our coffee pot (we drove). The last time I was there was in 2009, and I still struggled with the coffee situation! I am glad it has improved!

  100. I’ve never been to Disney but I will remember this for when I finally go!!!

  101. Noting that Epcot location! Headed there with the family for Valentine’s Day weekend!

  102. I feel like coffee is even more needed at disney than an average day. If the kids can get a sugar buzz, we should be able to get caffeine!

  103. I am one of those crazy coffee lover & I always need it when I need some thing to relax on a hectic day. Starbucks is where I had a cup of coffee last time, may be should try the other shops as well.

  104. Thanks for this! I know a few times we had a hard time finding good spots. My mother will love you for this.

  105. I’m just a little addicted to coffee so this is perfect for when we finally do a disney trip!

  106. Ooh we are heading to Disney in a couple of months for my birthday – nice to know I can get my caffeine hit 🙂

  107. Thanks for this list. This makes me want to go to disney! 🙂

  108. I’d never even considered the coffee situation. Makes sense though. You need all you can to keep up with the kids at Disney!

  109. I don’t drink coffee but I bet I can get a great hot chocolate there! Love Disney! Can’t wait to go back!

  110. Now this is my kind of list of places to see!

  111. You really can learn something new every day. I never thouht about a need to get a cup of coffee at Disney, but it does make sense that people would want a good cup of coffee while at Disney!