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Looking for things to do in New England during the winter time? Here is a list of great destinations to visit during the cold months.

It’s the winter season and you’re probably looking for some fun places to be and things to do out in New England. It’s hard to find some ideas for things to do in the winter time because of how harsh the New England winters can be, and all you want to do is hibernate indoors sometimes. But no matter how long you want to spend outside this season, here are some great winter destinations in New England in case you feel like exploring this snowy time.

Explore some art – New Haven Connecticut
Yale in New Haven Connecticut sounds boring to explore for a snowy day. But a tour of the location can be absolutely stunning and a great pastime! The Yale Center for British Art and Yale University Art Gallery have stunning art to see while you’re exploring. These are considered some of the finest art museums in all of New England, you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like that.

Into Skiing? Visit Maine’s Sunday River Resort
Maine’s Sunday River Resort located in Newry, Maine is not only a great hotel but a great destination for skiers. There are over 600 acres of space to ski and explore, across 8 different mountains. Whether you just want to ski for fun and see the view, spend time in the hotel, or ski hardcore on one of the tough trails; Sunday River will have what you’re looking for this winter.

Plenty of things to see here! Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts is well known for its summer activities and locations like the New England Aquarium (somewhere you could also visit in the winter!), but it’s also beautiful in this season. Boston has an amazing Museum of Fine Art, plenty of shops, beautiful statues and buildings, and plenty more. You can plan a whole day of being in Boston and still not see all the beauty!

Just want to sightsee? Visit the Jackson area villages in New Hampshire
The prettiest areas to see in New Hampshire in the winter are the small villages near Jackson, New Hampshire like Jackson, Bartlett, Glen, and more. These adorable little towns feature beautiful location in the White Mountains and quaint old buildings.

Rhode Island-bound? See the Newport Winter Festival in February
Newport, Rhode Island is a beautiful destination in all seasons, but it is absolutely captivating in the snow. If you want some great activities and things to see, try to make it to the Newport Winter Festival in early February featuring ice carvings, activities, music, food, and plenty more! I’ll be there for the annual chili cook-off!

The list of things to see in lovely New England could go on for ages, but these are ideas for each state for anyone’s winter tastes. Hopefully, you can visit some of these great destinations and have a lovely day, weekend, or a few hours of exploration despite the cold!

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  28 Responses to “Best Winter Destinations in New England”

  1. One of these days we want to head East and visit New England. Some great places to see and visit

  2. I’d love to take a winter road trip all through New England and see all these spots. I love that area when the snow is falling.

  3. I really need to make my way over to the New England states. I have not been to any of them. I do love to ski and I’ve heard that skiing in the New England area is outstanding.

  4. Thanks for sharing this list of places to visit. It’s so easy to forget about all that New England has to offer in the winter months.

  5. Exploring six different skiing mountains sounds absolutely divine and something I would want to do if I were to visit New England. I wish I could see the photos of this.

  6. These are some great tips for visiting the New England area in the winter months. I have only ever visited Boston in the summer and it is so beautiful

  7. What great ideas. I would love to go to Boston. I was there years ago, and I had so much fun. I’m a huge fan of history, so walking around there was amazing.

  8. I love that area and can’t wait to take my kids back. I’ll know where to go!

  9. We were actually spend our holiday in up State New York, some may think it is silly because it is winter time. To be honest I do enjoy it couple of days in winter wonderland is quite a fun.

  10. Winters can be tough around here. I’m not too far from you in Upstate NY, and I feel like it is hard to stay busy during the winter months, or at least I feel like we are in a winter slump. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  11. I visited Boston several years ago and had a wonderful time. There are so many awesome places in New England to check out for vacations!

  12. New Hampshire sounds like it would be relaxing and beautiful with their small villages and likely historical buildings. That would really be a nice way to spend a few days!

  13. We were actually talking about going to Boston for our 30th anniversary this year! There’s so much history.

  14. I would like to hit some of these spots in winters to come. These are some awesome locations.

  15. We love going to aquariums and hitting the slopes. I love that your aquarium has penguins too. So fun!

  16. I want to go to the Newport Winter Festival! I am already over this cold and gloomy weather here!

  17. Exploring in the Jackson area of New Hampshire sounds like it would be really nice. Trying one of the skiing spots would be cool too.

  18. Groupon is also a good place to find inexpensive yet fun things to do around your area. I also like the winter.

  19. I’d love to go up north in the winter. I saw you at Mystic Pizza on Instagram stories, and I’m dead. I want to come visit!

  20. Every places looks really nice to visit but one thing that I really want to do on this winter season is skiing and I am sure it will bring a lot of fun for the whole gang.

  21. I could spend pretty much every vacation in the Northeast. I have family there and I just love it every time I visit.

  22. I’ve always wanted to go to New England in the winter. I love it in the fall and summer. Winter activities are so fun!

  23. I’m used to much warmer winters than the winters in New England. However, the ideas you give for things to do in the winter there look like fun.

  24. New England is always my choice when it comes to winter trips. I’d love visiting there all over again!

  25. Thanks for this art5icle, I have been looking for some things to do for my son’s 12th birthday. All of these sound perfect.

  26. England is one of the places I really want to visit. The listed activities are interesting and fun!

  27. I’ve always wanted to visit the New England area. They sound like some great attractions and places I need to see

  28. I have been telling my husband I want to go to New England for years now! Rhode Island is on our bucket list!