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As a teenager at the prestigious Bradley School, Ani FaNelli endured a shocking, public humiliation that left her desperate to reinvent herself. Now, with a glamorous job, expensive wardrobe, and handsome blue blood fiancé, she’s this close to living the perfect life she’s worked so hard to achieve.

But Ani has a secret.

There’s something else buried in her past that still haunts her, something private and painful that threatens to bubble to the surface and destroy everything.

With a singular voice and twists you won’t see coming, Luckiest Girl Alive explores the unbearable pressure that so many women feel to “have it all” and introduces a heroine whose sharp edges and cutthroat ambition have been protecting a scandalous truth, and a heart that’s bigger than it first appears.

The question remains: will breaking her silence destroy all that she has worked for—or, will it at long last, set Ani free?

Fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will thrill at “the perfect page-turner to start your summer” (People, Book of the Week): Luckiest Girl Alive—described by Reese Witherspoon as “one of those reads you just can’t put down!”

Loved Gone Girl? We promise [Luckiest Girl Alive is] just as addictive.”
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Since Gone Girl rocked most our worlds a few years ago, we are running into what I call Gone Girl Syndrome, this is where magazine or book review sites will state this book is the next Gone Girl. Sorry, but nothing will be Gone Girl; whether you loved it or hated it. I wish we could get out from this Gone Girl umbrella already.

This book was a fast paced thriller and while it was a page turner, it just did not deliver in the end. The writing through good was a bit all over the place. At times I felt like she was taking the best parts of Gillian Flynn and mixing it with scandalous Young Adult Fiction. The Protagonist was very unlikable even for me after the big event or reveal. The big event or events (I like to think of it as two event as maybe one would not have happened without the other). It never gained any sympathy from me and she did not learn any lesson from either event. Basically I kept waiting for the shocking plot twist after a terribly dragged out story. When I finished the book, I really thought I missed something important. I went back and reread the last few chapters but I did not miss anything, this book just did not deliver.  

*Please note, this was not a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any  way!

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My name is Nikole, I live in East Bridgewater, MA. I will be writing about all things books. You may call me your little librarian (seriously I am 4’9” and work in a Public Library so the name makes sense). I am the mother of two wildly entertaining boys, they lack the reading gene but there is time. The only thing I love more than my family are BOOKS!!!I love reading them, I love talking about them and perhaps hoarding them a little. I have read great books, I have read terrible books and I have read completely delicious trash (please look for my review of Holly Madison’s Down the Rabbit Hole). I hope at times to include some insight to what it is like to work in a Public Library, trust me it is not what you picture at all, more to come on that. “ Books are a uniquely portable magic “ ~ Stephen King

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  1. I actually have this on reserved list through the library and am waiting to get a copy, so I appreciate the review here as I heard similar to Gone Girl, as well, but didn’t here the downside. So truly thank you for sharing more about this book here.

  2. That’s too bad that this book was a disappointment. Check out Margaret Atwood’s The Heart Goes Last. I am listening to that one on audio book (in the car). Love it. Can’t wait to hear what happens next!

  3. My daughter just finished one similar to this one and loved it. Will have to mention yours to her.

  4. From your review I doubt I will read this book. Although I do love thrillers this sounds like it didn’t quite make the cut. Of course everyone has differing opinions on what is good or bad–so there is a chance I might just download it and see for myself.

  5. OHHH adding to my list!
    I’m so sorry I missed you. It looks like I may go back mid October. I’ll email you and let you know when I know for sure!
    My husb is so made he mapped it and knew how close it is and wants a T-shirt. I told him I have no car .. lol

  6. I should put this on my library check out list. It sounds like a good read.

  7. I’m glad you said something about the comparison to other books. It’s very disappointing when the new book doesn’t live up to expectations.

  8. This looks like a great read. I do have a confession, I’ve yet to see or read Gone Girl. lol I really want to though! It’s at the top of my list…with this one right behind it! Now to find time to sit down and indulge!

  9. I thought this would be a great book! I’ll have to remove it from my list!

  10. I guess I am in a different reading genre because I have not heard of this book. I do like reading book reviews as I will buy books suggested on blogs that introduce me to new authors.. This one won’t make it on my list now since reading your review.

  11. Since I loved Gone Girl, I feel sure I’ll love this too! I do like a page turner!

  12. Bummed to hear it didn’t deliver, BUT still worth it to check out! I’ll head to our local library and add it to the ones on my waitlist! Thanks for the suggestion and honest review!

  13. I love book reviews! Thanks for this one! I was not a fan of Gone Girl (I attempted to listen to it on CD after attempting to read it). So maybe I will like this book, LOL! I pinned it just the same, on my book board!

  14. I like that this book is a thriller. It is sure to keep the reader in suspense from page to page.

  15. This sounds absolutely fascinating! Add it to my to read list!

  16. Sounds like a great read! I will have to see if it’s available in my library’s digital downloads so I can put it on my eReader!

  17. That sounds like an amazing book! I can’t wait to check it out.

  18. Well, it won’t get my vote for book club this month then. If I had some spare time, I may give it a shot just to see.

  19. The synopsis really sounded interesting and up my alley. However, the review leaves me wondering if it was just hyped up?

    • I thought the same thing. I try to find reviewers that consistently have a similar opinion to my own when it comes to things like books, music, and movies.

  20. I love reading books and it sounds like a great book to read!! I will read this book on coming weekend!!

  21. I really like to read these types of books!

  22. I have read Gone Girl and I think I am going to like this book. I will look for this.

  23. Uggg what’s the SECRET??? I must know! I have to say I was NOT a fan of Gone Girl so many things irritated me about it – but hey that’s good too right? If they can’t get a positive reaction a negative one that gets you talking about it is just as good! Regardless you have peeked my interest in this book! If only I had time to read it!

  24. This looks like an interesting read. I wonder what her secret is? You got me all excited with this book. I have to find myself a copy.

  25. This looks like a book that I would actually enjoy reading. I’ll have to add this to my reading list!

  26. I haven’t hear of this book yet but it absolutely sounds like a really good book!

  27. The book teaser sounds really interesting, but it’s sad to hear that you didn’t enjoy the book. I think I haven’t read any Jessica Knoll books but might give them a chance.

  28. Sounds like this is a great book to read. I like the suspense that you have mentioned in the book. Anything suspenseful is right up my alley.

  29. This sounds like a great book and something I would enjoy. I will add it to my must read list.

  30. Sounds interesting suspense is what I enjoy reading have to add to my must read list.

  31. OMG….having to go back and re read to see if something is is missed? Clearly the author missed it with this book. Thanks for the review. I’ll be honest. I think I’ll skip this book.

  32. dang, it sucks to get all the way through a book to have a not so good ending! so sorry!!

  33. Thanks for such a great review. I would have definitely read it since it was compared to Gone Girl but not so much now.

  34. I hate when a book doesn’t deliver like you are hoping. It’s frustrating.

  35. I absolutely loved Gone Girl and Girl on the Train! I thought for a moment that I had found a similar read. Thanks for your honest review!

  36. Gone Girl is definitely a hard one to beat! So many should stop trying. SMH
    But I am just about to start Girl on a Train… and I will probably read this one too, just because Books!!! But I won’t go in expecting too much.

  37. I love Gone Girl ! One of my favorite movies, great cast and interesting story. I have to check out this book.

  38. Sounds like a book my daughter would love. She liked Gone Girl a lot.

  39. This sounds like a fun read! It’s a shame the ending doesn’t have the payoff you were hoping for!

  40. Never heard of this book, but thanks for the honest review.

  41. This book Keeps you on the edge of your seat!

  42. You feel about Gone Girl how I felt about vampires 5 years ago. Enough already! lol This does sound like a book I’d enjoy!

  43. This sounds like a very interesting book. I’ve been looking for some new books to read. I just got back in to reading not that long ago. I’ll be checking for this book.

  44. Now that really sounds interesting! I will have to put it on my reading list! Can’t wait!

  45. Oh boo! Sorry that you weren’t quite happy with this story. It looked promising! Perhaps I will add this to my library list instead of my “must buy” list.

  46. This book looks like a good read. I will have to check it out.

  47. looks to be an interesting read . . . I have not heard of this book and never read gone girl . . . I’m more into text books right now . . as a home educating momma, I need to read more for pleasure

  48. You had me smiling with that big BUT for the plot twist. Of course a BUT lol. Too bad the end doesn’t deliver. Thanks for your honest review

  49. That looks like a great book! I love books with plot twists! I can’t wait to read it!

  50. The description had intrigued my interest but I will take your word that the book is a let down. Thanks for the honest review that will save me from wasting hours reading this book that could be spent on a better book.

  51. I hate getting though a good book only to be disappointed by the ending. I feel like I wasted my time.

  52. This sounds like such a page turner. I wish I had more time to myself to sit down and read a book just to escape the stress of daily life.

  53. I am a little off the Gone Girl train. Glad for your honest review of this one. I may try to read in the future. We will see.

  54. There’s nothing worst than getting disappointed with a promising book! It’s so frustrating! But it happens a lot!
    Try to read this one: You Against Me by Jenny Downham 😉

  55. I can not stand books that are entertaining and thrilling throughout but really lack closure or substance in the end. I appreciate your sincere review and honestly felt the same way about Gone Girl.

  56. I have not read this one, but it looks so good! Now, I just need to find the time to read it!

  57. See, I think by comparing a book to Gone Girl, they are just setting it up for disappointment. How can it compare?

  58. Sounds like a really good book! I loved Gone Girl, so I will definitely give this one a try!

  59. I have a friend who just finished Girl on the Train and she raved about it so maybe she would like this one too. I will have to mention it to her. I will mention that there might be a few issues but she will probably read it anyway.

  60. “Luckiest Girl Alive” sounds like an excellent book to read. I’ll add it to my list for my next visit to Reno. I really am glad they have a Barnes & Noble there. Amazon’s great, but I hate to wait.

  61. This looks like a worthwhile read. I would recommend it to my friends and family. I know my niece would love this too.

  62. I love to read and this seems like it will be an amazing book!! Thanks for the great review!!

  63. Nothing worse than getting to the end and feeling like you missed something! Great review!

  64. Thanks I could always use a good book suggestion. I like thrillers so I will check this out.

  65. I totally appreciate your honesty with this review. Makes a huge difference in my decision making when I hear a personal experience.

  66. I really like thrillers, but based on your thoughts I don’t think I’ll be adding it to my list. Bummer that it didn’t deliver like you had hoped.

  67. Great review! What a let down that it it did not deliver at the end.

  68. I always like to get recommendations for new books… this one looks like a good suspenseful read! Can’t wait to see how it ends!

  69. Well shoot. I was intrigued by this one. I may just have to forgive it a little and give it a shot anyway.

  70. I heard Gone Girl was a good movie. This reminds me I need to see that and maybe check this book out too! I love thrillers!

  71. Sorry, this is not my type of book although you did a great review.

  72. Sounds like a good read! I will have to add it to the list!

  73. This sounds like the kind of book i like to read. I just finished my book and need a new one. I will have to check this one out.

  74. Sounds intense and thrilling. I have a feeling it will be one that we hear a lot of rave reviews about.

  75. I loved Gone Girl, the movie! I need to pick up a book and read more often. I think if it’s a fast read and thrilling, it’s for me. Thanks!

  76. Thanks for your honest review…I really like it when someone tells it like it is.

  77. Thanks for your honest review. It’s hard for another book to live up to a book so well loved.

  78. It looks like an amazing book. I would definitely add this on my reading list.

  79. I am always on the look out for books to add to my need to read list. Will add this one and by the time I get to it I will maybe have a chance on the list for it at the library.

  80. This is definitely interesting. I love mysteries! I bet it would be difficult to put this one down.

  81. Visited your site again today to show it to my niece. She loves reading books like this and she’s now bugging her mom to get her a copy.

  82. I haven’t read it yet, this is interesting. I love the way how you review it.

  83. I love the sound of this book, I definitely think I should give it a read. I have heard great things about gone girl and girl on the train as well. Maybe I should read them first. Thanks for sharing.

  84. I like a fast paced thriller. I would definitely give it a try. Thanks for the new (to me) book intro!

  85. Sounds like a great book! I added to must check it out least! Thanks!

  86. I’m so behind! I nevWe saw Gone Girl. I need to read and see it adapt. This book sounds like a great read too!

  87. I have enver heard of this one but it looks interesting. I need to check it out a little more though because I have been looking for a good book.

  88. What a great review! I hadn’t ever heard of this book before, but I really loved Gone Girl so I will have to check this one out. I need a good book to read right now.

  89. I’ve never heard of either book but I kept picturing a girl that was a combo of Cordelia from Buffy and Veronica Mars. At least, until you said that the character was unlikable.

  90. I have such a hard time getting into books. This one sounds really interesting though and I do love a good thriller!

  91. I appreciate your honest review. I’m a Gone Girl fan too and been seeing this book around.

  92. It is a shame that the book was a letdown. It really sounded like they could be good.

  93. This book sounds interesting. I like that your review was 100% honest. Since I do love thrillers I will probably give this book a try.

  94. Love finding new books. Thank your for this great review. I will put it on my list.

  95. This sounds like a nice end of Summer Read .. I like Books that keep you engaged throughout. Based on the description and what you said .. it’s sad that it’s a letdown

  96. I read quite a bit. It’s my big hobby. I still don’t get what the big deal was with Gone Girl. This book sounds fun though. Going to have to add it to my list.

  97. When I read that they were comparing her to Gillian Flynn, I had high hopes. It seems that’s the thing to do lately. I’ve read a few books that they claimed the author was the next Gillian Flynn. It’s too bad this one didn’t turn out at the end. I hate it when books don’t have good endings.

  98. I’m always looking for new reads! I’ll definitely check this one out.

  99. I love to read. I could read all day and night and never get sick of it! I have to admit I never read Gone Girl maybe I need to put that on my list.

  100. I loved Gone Girl! It seems that I’ve seen quite a few new books being compared to that in hopes of pushing sales. It seems that in this case it was a huge let down. Maybe, if they wouldn’t build you up for such a high standard it would have gone over better…?

  101. I loved Gone Girl! Doesn’t sound like this one compared

  102. Dang, I’m sorry it was kind of a let down after such a build up!

  103. Sounds like a good book for people who like reading a good thriller. I am more of a Romance novel reader myself.

  104. I hadnt heard of this but now I’m so intrigued – what’s her secret?!

  105. This books sounds interesting. I might check it out and other peoples review.

  106. Sounds like an interesting read. I hate when the ending of a book is a disappointment.

  107. Looks great! If it’s anything like Gone Girl and Girl on the Train I’m all in. Thanks for the recommendation!

  108. The cover caught my attention, but after your review I might not even bother reading it. I still need to read Gone Girl. I wish I had the time to read 4 books a month… I tried but then it became another source of anxiety. So now I do 1 or 2 and they are usually business related. I miss my fiction!

  109. This sounded like my kind of book at first. I do like a good page turner though. I didn’t read Gone Girl so I don’t understand the reference.

  110. I’ve seen this book around a lot. Not sure its for me anymore now. If I come across it I might give it a read, but not going to go out of my way to buy it.

  111. I’m disappointed to hear this book did not deliver in the end. It sounded like a book I would like to pick up but knowing the end is not what it should be I will probably pass.

  112. I’m a sucker for these stories where someone’s secret past comes out in the present!!

  113. Sounds like another great book to add to my reading list! I really need to start making reading a priority again!

  114. Stinks that you didn’t enjoy it but glad you shared! Like you mentioned, it may not be for everyone but someone might actually like it. LOL

  115. The books sounds very disappointing. Which is something I really hate. I don’t like spending time reading a book that doesn’t deliver. Also I think it is selfish for other readers to even compare other books to Gone Girl. Gone Girl can not be duplicated and nothing will ever come close. The best thing for any author to do is do something creative that hasn’t been done. Instead of trying to match Gone Girl or whatever else is out there. I like that your opinion was very honest

  116. This sounds like an interesting book based upon your comments and a few others here. However, I rarely have time to read book for sheer entertainment! Maybe in the future! Thanks for the info!

  117. I hardly have time to read a book cover to cover. When I do I savor the moment because it is rare. I need my reading material to be great.

  118. with so many books out is something for everyone.

  119. sooo thrilling…I love that genre and looks like a great one to read..