Apr 292014
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UPDATE:  Boomer’s has closed it’s doors as of summer 2014!


My boys love going to indoor play places and one that we are frequent visitors at is called Boomer’s Playland in Carver, MA. It’s only about ten minutes from my house and the boys have a flippin’ blast every time we go there.

The main attraction at Boomer’s is their interactive Mega-Climber filled with tubes, nets, windows, mats, slides.





My boys like the climbing structure a lot, but they love the bouncy house:

boomers-playland-bouncy house

There is also a section called Buccaneer bay with a pirate ship and some houses, etc:


Boomer’s has a game section/arcade, but the tokens cost extra, so we usually don’t play.


For those of you with little ones under the age of two, there is a Toddler Town with it’s own ball pit and children’s toys.

Oh, and did I mention that there is  parents lounge with these awesome massage chairs (free of charge).   There is a big window so you can see the kids from in there and there is also WiFi if you want to bring your laptop.

It only costs $10 per child at Boomer’s and you can stay there for an hour -or all day for one price.

Boomer’s Playland is located at 160 North Main Street (Route 58) in Carver, MA!

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  84 Responses to “Boomer’s Playland in Carver, MA”

  1. I love the massage chairs and they have a big screen tv for the adults to watch.

  2. Where was this place when my kids were little? They didn’t have anything like this back in the day!

  3. That place looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  4. That looks like a fun place for the kids and to keep them occupied for a while, good exercise too 😉

  5. The first one looks a bit like out indoor Burger King playground believe it or not, but now massage chairs there sadly, otherwise I might want to live there!! 🙂

  6. We did something like that in 2002 with my now three big kids when we were in Virginia. I love the States when it comes to parks and play areas. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Massage chairs sounds like fun too!

  7. I’ve heard of it but never been. Pretty sure my youngest would love it. 🙂

    That’s cool that they have WIFI and massage chairs.

  8. We had a place very similar to that around here, but it closed. It was the location bc the place was awesome!

  9. We used to go to one like that in Nashua, NH

    The kids love it, I for some reason could never wait to get out of there – lol

    maybe now they have wifi – the lounge chairs sound great too 🙂

    Hope they had fun !

  10. Wow… I can imagine that this place is like heaven for little ones…
    Great photos…

  11. This has to be an awesome place, esp in the hot summer. We have a similar place in SA but not as cool as this! I love the pay a fee and play all day!

  12. Love that there is a lounge for parents but I would likely be right in there with the kids trying out all the slides and climbing apparatuses. Looks like so much fun!

  13. That looks like so much fun!

  14. ok we need something like that in Utah. I would take my kids there everyday! so fun!

  15. Wow I so want a place like. A lounge for parents that rocks!

  16. Looks like fun for the kids and massage chairs would make it pretty great for mums too.

  17. That looks like a really fun place! I know my kids would love it.

  18. this looks very much like the one near Grandma’s house. I think it may be the real reason the kids love going to grandma’s house. But, since there is also a cafe area with Free Wifi — it works for me and grandma too.

  19. That looks like a real nice place to spend an afternoon for all ages.

  20. Hari OM
    What a fabulous place to play and relax… YAM xx

  21. My boys would love this place!! James is a tall 12 year old, I wonder if there is a height or age limit? Did you see any other bigger kids? 😉

  22. That looks like tons of fun and the massage chairs are a genius idea.

  23. I would be “that mom” crawling after my 3 year old to make sure she was actually coming down so we could go home at the end of the night. My kids love these kinds of places!!

  24. That would be fun! I want to play. 🙂

  25. Looks like a great place for the kids! Mine would have loved Buccaneer Bay, they were all about pirates.

  26. As a child, it was my dream to get in one of those Mega-climbers. Your kids have it so great with all the fun adventures you take them on!

  27. Is there an age limit on the equipment? I want to play in Buccaneer bay! ;D

  28. Holy cow that looks like a really fun place for the kids!!

  29. We used to have a place kind of like this in our Mall. I think it closed up but the kids loved it.

  30. Oh wow! They’ve got something like this too? So much fun! I love finding spots like this so I could take my little boy!

  31. I really wanna go play!!! That looks like a really fun place.

  32. I love the pirate ship area. It looks like a fun place for kids.

  33. My kids would love that place 🙂 Looks like fun!

  34. We love Boomers, looks like ours in Florida is much different than yours. Ours doesn’t have a bounce house – fun!

  35. This looks like so much fun! We recently went away to an all inclusive getaway and he kids wanted to stay in the climbing mazes forever. Love how you enjoy your boys.

  36. free massage chairs for the parents sound like a great idea!

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  37. We have a Boomers near us, and my kids loved going there when they were little. So much fun!

  38. That’s a great idea. I’ve only seen the playlands in McDonald’s.

  39. Wow, looks like so much fun! I am always excited to see the places you check out since they are generally fairly local.

  40. It would be straight to the arcade for me, I still can’t resist video games! (Big Kid at heart!) 🙂

  41. Man! Why didn’t they have stuff like that when I was a kid . . . or even something that cool while I was still raising my little ones.


  42. Wow, that place really looks awesome! I would love to take my kids.

  43. Massage chairs?? I’m in. How long is the drive from South Carolina? 🙂

  44. We love places like this for our family and it wears our kids out too!!

  45. Forget the kids, I would have a good time there myself!

  46. My son is on my lap while I am reading this entry and he wants us to ge there =P #WW

  47. Tha tlooks like a ton of fun. We always love places like that

  48. WHOA! That climbing area is HUGE!! My kids would LOVE that, what a fun place!

  49. A great safe place for children to play and get tired out 🙂 It would be fun for birthday parties I am sure

  50. Nothing is funner than a play land to bounce about it. Are we ever really too old for them???

  51. What a great place for the kids to have fun & you to get some downtime. I love the free massage chairs!!!

  52. We love places like that especially my little one, so much fun and activities for rainy or snowy day. The only thing I always want to have free tokens for games.

  53. This place looks like a BLAST!! My children would love it and it sounds like us adults would love it too!

  54. Oh my goosh…my kids would love the climbing area!

  55. That area you can climb in looks SO fun!! The mcdonalds by my house has one of those (a quite big one, surprisingly) and it used to be so much fun to go to.

  56. We don’t have a kiddie play place with massage chairs and wi-fi. 🙁 Now I’m sad.

  57. You always take your kids to play at the funnest places! We don’t have anything like this around here.

  58. Free massage chairs? That blows all the places here out of the water.

  59. This looks like so much fun! My kids love places like this, a great way to burn some energy and beat the heat this summer!

  60. Oh my goodness, if we had play places like that; I would take my boys at least once a month! That place is awesome! Amber E.

  61. How perfect! A playplace for kids with a relaxation spot for the parents. Someone was using their brain when they thought that place up!

  62. We have something very similar to this here, it’s called Family Fun Center…but no lovely massage chairs 🙁

  63. That looks like loads of fun! I wish they had something like that in Phoenix 🙂

  64. My boys love indoor playgrounds like this one. We went to Legoland for Easter and they had one so the boys spent hours playing inside of it.

  65. Forget the parents lounge – please tell me that we can play too. I would absolutely love to crawl through there with my kids. Maybe after I am all tuckered out the massage chairs would be nice.

  66. Aww this looks so cute! I bet y’all had so much fun!

  67. Oh boy! My son would love that place!! I could handkerchiefs the parents lounge. That’s a smart idea!

  68. This is the exact place I need to take my boys! I am sure they would get a lot of energy out there.

  69. We have something similar to that where I live but they let adults into it also. Is it sad to say that I have more fun than the kids? What 40-something-year-old doesn’t love running through tunnels and going down fun slides! Does yours allow adults, too?

  70. This looks so fun!!! We have a Boomers near us too!

  71. My girl’s would be in Heaven at that place. It looks like so much fun!

  72. That looks like such a fun place to go!

  73. Okay that is an awesome place. I would love to play there myself LOL

  74. This looks like such a fun place! My son would love the bouncy house.

  75. This looks like so much fun! We have something similar like this where we live. We don’t have all the stuff like the games along with climbing and bouncing. Looks like the boys had a great time.

  76. Dude, that looks like McD’s play area times a gazillion! Looks so fun 😀

  77. My son would spend HOURS in there. Looks like so much fun!

  78. This looks like a lot of fun! Sometimes when my daughter was little, she would go into one of these playlands and I would have a tough time getting her out, lol.

  79. What a fun place! Can I come next time?! Pleeeeez?

  80. My son would have a blast at a place like this!

  81. This looks like a blast! My nephew would be running all over the place and so would I!

  82. Wow that place is cool! There is a place near here that just has the bouncing stuff. My son gets bored with it faster than my daughter, they need to add some variety.