Sep 022013

After months and months of planning and stress, last Saturday was finally the day of my sister’s bridal shower.  It was held at The Fireside Grille in Middleboro, MA and I am so happy to say that everything went off without a hitch.

I have to give credit to one of the other bridesmaids for the idea, but we ended up going with a 20’s flapper theme.  Because the restaurant had a minimum requirement for a private room and so many of the groom’s family lives out of state & were unable to make it, the shower ended up being a Jack & Jill, so there were some men in attendance that day, too.

Here is the cake:


I made it myself.  KIDDING.  I ordered it from Just Desserts in Bridgewater, MA and they did an AMAZING job.  I couldn’t have been happier when I walked into the bakery that morning to pick it up and it was sitting on the counter waiting for me.

I spent months gathering up decorations including candy cigarettes, feather boas, and long strands of pearls.


The restaurant was really nice, too. They had it all set up & ready for us when we got there.


My handsome husband helped set everything up & due to a last minute snafu, the gruesome twosome ended up making an appearance at the shower.   I have to say that I was really worried because they’re known for being a little wild on occasion, but they were as good as gold that day.


Finally, at noon, the bride & groom arrived.


Once they got there, I had some festive accessories for them and here they are all decked out.


And here I am with my sister, the bride:


After everyone got in & settled, they put out the food, which was buffet style.  We had stuffed shells, chicken tenders, salad, a deli platter, cheese & crackers and an assortment of fruits.


After everyone ate, it was time for to open the gifts – and man were there a lot of them!


They ended up with so many great gifts and I certainly hope that after the wedding, they host a nice dinner party with all the good stuff they got.


I’m just glad that the event was a success and I’m even happier that it’s over.

  26 Responses to “Bridal Shower”

  1. What an awesome bridal shower. I love the theme you picked…very creative. Great pictures too! Congrats. to your sister and fiance!

  2. Fantastic dress very hawt

  3. So glad it went off without a hitch and that cake truly looked amazing!!

  4. How fun! Love that cake – and your dress!

  5. I LOVE the theme!!!! And where the heck did you find candy cigarettes?!?! I didn’t know they still sold those!

  6. What a fun idea! The cake did turn out wonderful. It’s nice when everything turns out well.

  7. Hahahha you had me for a minute. I actually thought maybe you did make that cake. It turned our lovely.

  8. What a great bridal shower! I love your dress, very cute 🙂

  9. I love the theme .. I’m addicted to the Flapper era!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  10. Would you believe I actually MISS having to throw this kind of stuff? My friend is having her eighth baby (between them, a yours, mine and ours thing) and she laughed when I said I had dibs on the shower. She said she thinks she’s used up her lifetime allotment of showers. I told her “hell no. We’ll call it a sprinkle and it will be awesome!”

  11. Looks like a fabulous event! Weddings in the family are exciting. My sister is serious with a man but can’t get married just yet.

  12. The cake came out great! And I love your dress!

  13. I love the theme. And that cake rocks!!! I hope your sister has a beautiful wedding. 🙂

  14. Ahhh it looks like so much fun, you did a GREAT job.

    Love the cake they did a fab job on it!

    Oh yes my boys at a bridal shower would make me cringe … lol

  15. Hurrah, I’m glad it was a success also!!! Everything looks great, and that dress you’re wearing is fab. (and so are your sons’ matching shirts!).

  16. I love the flapper theme! I am surprised to hear they still make candy cigarettes. I haven’t seen those in ages! And good golly miss molly! Look at all those gifts!

  17. Looks like a wonderful bridal party and a huge success. Congrats to them!

  18. Boys wild? LOL I’m glad it all worked out. So great of Chris to help you out.

  19. A friend of mine is getting married next month and is kinda going with a 20s theme.

  20. You should do event planning in your spare time – what a fun theme! It looks beautiful and like such a success!

  21. Great theme and the restaurant does look very nice! Your dress is too cute, glad it went well!

  22. Your dress is awesome! I also love the overall theme, and that cake is beautiful. 🙂

  23. beautiful shower — will you come do mine? HA! (love the dress — so MOD!)

  24. What a great theme. Good work on pulling it all off. Want to come plan mine?

  25. Love the theme! And, I love your dress! Looks like fun!

  26. Wowzers, that’s a lot of gifts! I’m totally diggin’ your dress. Looks like it was a nice event.