Jun 242014
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Remember when I told you about our visit to the La Jolla tidepools when we were in California in April?  Well, while we were still in San Diego, my brother in law told us about another tide pool in the area that might be worth a visit and he was definitely right.  They were called the  Cabrillo tidepools and they are located on Point Loma in San Diego, which was even a little closer to our hotel than the tidepools in La Jolla.  Score.

In case you are unfamiliar, during periods of low tide, pools form along this shore in rocky depressions and you can see a  myriad of sea creatures in them.

The Cabrillo tidepools were definitley different than the ones in La Jolla simply because of the fact that there were lots and lots of cliffs there, so we really needed to keep an eye on the kiddos until we were able to make our way down to the bottom of the cliffs.  They weren’t like Roadrunner cliffs, but they were steep enough that if you fell off, you would most definitley be injured.

Not to mention that  there are no hand rails at all and the rocks/cliff can get slippery, especially when wet – so we were very careful.








My nine year old left the La Jolla tidepools a few days earlier feeling a bit disappointed that he never caught a crab.  It wasn’t that we didn’t see any there because we saw lots, but they were just too fast for him to catch.  Not at the Cabrillo tidepools, though.  Almost as soon as we got there, a big old crab started walking right towards him and he scooped him right up into his bucket (and let him go a few minutes later, of course).

cabrillo crab

The Cabrillo tidepools are located at 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr in San Diego, CA.  If you live in that area and plan on going, make sure you check the tide chart before you go because you’ll want to go at low tide so you can make the most of it.

Tip: Prepare to pay $5 (cash) per vehicle to get in. Parking is good for 7 days so you can go back as many times as you want for the week.

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  1. And technically once you hit the water you are in Mexico according to verizon

  2. Definitely looked fun, but glad you were careful and safe, too 😉

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  4. Looks like so much fun. I love that area.

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  7. great deal on parking!! i wouldn’t expect to find that! tidepools are so fun to explore

  8. It sure looks as a place that we would enjoy very much, it seems as you all did have an awesome time. Parking for $5 for 7 days that is awesome!!!
    Have a lovely rest of the week!!

  9. Now this is the type of place I would love to visit. I have an environmental sci degree and seeing all the marine life at low tide in tidal pools would be right up my alley. Walking down slippery rocks however———-

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  18. There’s a spot in New Brunswick called Hope Wells where the tide really goes out far and it’s cool to get out and walk around.

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  20. What a nice place. I love that you can find something that pleases everyone when your at the water. I especially liked the little cave they found. Made a great photo. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  22. Wow! This place is fabulous. Looks like you had a great time.


  23. What a fun day! I would have a field day taking pictures there.

  24. I have always been so fascinated by tide pools. It’s amazing what you can find in them. Always something new and different. I haven’t taken my boys to see some yet. But I definitely will soon. 🙂

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  28. my kids would have so much fun playing there! And my one daughter is expert at catching anything. frogs, tadpoles…she can even catch minnows in a sand bucket. She’s like a “creature whisperer”: it’s crazy. But I love activities like this where you can teach your kids about Nature/the World; how to enjoy it, how to respect it, how to leave it as you found it.

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    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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