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Here are a variety of genius car cleaning hacks that will not only save you time, but get your car sparkling like it is brand new.

Below you will find a variety of genius car cleaning hacks that will save you time and get your car sparkling like it is brand new. We travel quite a bit and over time trash can build up, toys get cluttered on the floor and it can be a mess. So when I head out to do my cleaning I implement these tips and get my car sparkling like new. 

Cup Holders| I buy silicone cupcake liners and use them to place inside my cup holders. Then when I am cleaning I easily grab it remove it, wash and put back in. It helps keep my cup holders from getting gross inside. 

Compressed Air in Can| You can buy compressed air in a can that is great for cleaning your keyboards and such. But you can also use it to spray into your vents to help spray out any dust and dirt that has collected. This is great on vents that are not removable. 

Essential Oils| Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a cotton ball and lay on your floor. This will act as an air freshener and help remove any lingering odors in your car. 

Toothbrush| Use a toothbrush to work into textured areas on your car. This will help pull out any dirt and grime that has sunk into the textures. 

Sponge Brush| Grab a sponge paintbrush and get it a little damp and use that to reach those tiny crevices that you can’t reach on your own. You can just use water or your favorite cleaner. 

Magic Eraser| If you have any scuff or stubborn marks on your dash, upholstery, or anywhere else, use a magic eraser. Now if you are using on leather, rub gently or you could hurt the leather. 

Cereal Container Trash Can| Take a cereal container that has a lid and places a trash bag inside. Then you can easily open and close it to toss in the trash. This is great for if it tips over, you won’t have trash all over your floor! 

Remove Bugs| To get rid of splattered bugs, use your cooking spray. Just spray on and let it sit for a minute and then work it off with a sponge. It will help remove those dried up bugs. 

Headlights| Grab some toothpaste and use it to wash your headlights with. It will help freshen them up, remove any film or debris, and let your lights shine brighter. 

Windshield Wipers| Take some rubbing alcohol and put it on a soft cloth. Use this to wipe down the blades of your windshield wipers. Sometimes over time, it can get gunky and not clean your windshield the best, but by wiping it down you can really clean your blades and extend the life of your wipers. 

Pet Hair| Wet down a glove or use a squeegee to wipe away pet hair from your seats. Both methods work great and it can be a lifesaver from spending a ton of time getting all that hair. 

Q-Tips| Another great way to reach small areas is a q-tip. Use this for your steering wheel, along with door frames and more to remove any dirt. 

Vaseline| In the winter you can rub a little vaseline on the door frame rubber, to help prevent it from freezing over. 

Vacuum| When you go to vacuum by air vents, use a small brush and have the vacuum close to the vent and sweep the dust right into the nozzle with your brush. It will help make the car not feel as dusty. 

Odors| Sprinkle baking soda onto your floors before you vacuum to draw out any odors that might be lingering. This is great if say you ate on the go and last nights hamburger and pickles is sticking around. 

What are your best car cleaning hacks?

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  37 Responses to “Car Cleaning Hacks”

  1. These are great tips. I always take it to the car wash or my husband cleans it.

  2. Wow I like all of these tricks to cleaning our car. Have to be honest when it get to bad I just take it in and let someone do the cleaning.

  3. I’ll be keeping these in mind for sure. My car looks pretty scary right now and needs to be cleaned. I do love that Magic Eraser–I use it to clean so many things!

  4. Sorry, my hack is ….let someone else do it!!! HA!! Seriously, but I do like your toothbrush idea and your Q-tip idea. I’ll get my son working on that!!! HNY!!

  5. Nice tips! For me my best car cleaning hacks are Windshield Helper it takes care of the grime in seconds.

  6. The silicone liners hack is genius Robin! I drive a basic older car and my cups are always sliding around so I’m doing that for sure!

  7. Oh gosh I love this list so much. I would never have though to use silicone cupcake liners for my cup holders. I am totally doing the essential oils cotton ball thing! I need to get my car detailed. I still have tree pieces in it from 2016 christmas tree!!

  8. Great idea for magic eraser! I never thought to use one of those.

  9. These are all some of the same things that I use when cleaning our car…except the cupcake liners…I tried it, but our cup holders are a bit too large.

  10. I seriously need to grab a cereal box as a trashcan!!

  11. I need to clean my car badly. It has gained some wait from dirt!

  12. I’ve got to try a magic eraser the next time I clean my car! I pretty much live in my car, so she’s going to need a good once-over. These are great tips!

  13. OMG cupcake liners!!!! GENIUS HACK! Girl you just saved me a ton of time cleaning my car. Gonna go place those right now!

  14. My car needs to be cleaned so badly. I can’t wait to get my vehicle cleaned out thoroughly.

  15. I needed that Vaseline trick. I actually broke a frozen car door handle a while back. I wish I had known this then.

  16. These are awesome tips! My cup holders get so gross, the silicone liners is a fab idea!!

  17. So many different tips! I never knew about silicone cupcake holders, for your cup holders… mind blown!

  18. I don’t really have any car cleaning hacks to share, we do some of the things above. I wish I knew of a sure fire way to remove tree sap.

  19. Thank you for these tips. Sometimes we get lazy to clean our car in the winter because we just don’t want to go out of the house. I will heed your advice about using rubbing alcohol to clean the windshield wipers and putting vaseline on the door frame rubber.

  20. I have enjoyed reading these tips. Two things I am taking home and doing to clean my car this weekend: the toothpaste tip as well as the cereal box trash can. I have fights with my kids about them thinking the car is a dustbin lol. This will saves us from future fights now!

  21. Always looking for ways to improve our car cleaning. these are some useful hacks.I am surely going to use a couple of them right away including the use of toothpaste for cleaning the headlamps.

  22. I love the tips mentioned here with the pet hair and essential oils. I always have a hard time removing hair. This seems like a great solution. And who doesn’t love the scent of essential oils?

  23. I will try the baking soda technique. I never thought of that but it makes sense. These are great and useful tips for all of us.

  24. A compressed air can is a great tool to get all those nooks & crannies clean in no time. These are smart tips for sprucing up the car!

  25. Wow, such great tips indeed! I use baking soda and some tips are just new to me. Might copy this and try these tips on my own too.

  26. My husband is all about the toothpaste on your headlights. It really makes a difference. My car is in desperate need of some deep cleaning after all our Winter road trips so I will definitely put these tips to good use.

  27. you have the best list of hacks! I always have the hardest time keeping my cup holders clean.

  28. I totally hate cleaning my car lol , like to the point I will pay someone to do it for me. I need to be better about just doing it myself though. We have a dog, and her hair is always all over my interior so the pet hair hack is super helpful!

  29. These are great hacks, I currently need to clean my cupholder but it isn’t removable. I’m going to get silicone cupcake liners tomorrow so I don’t have this issue any longer. This is so freaking simple yet smart. No more stuck pennies.

  30. The only way my car will ever really be clean is if I buy a new one and never let my children in it. It is a disaster!

  31. The silicone cupcake trays are such a good idea to put in your cup holders. I totally need to try that.

  32. OMG, this was literally so timely as I have to clean our car this weekend. I love that you added so many points and I’m going to save n print this for use.

  33. I love your cereal trash can idea. I’ve never though about adding essential oils. I can see how that would keep it smelling fresh and clean though.

  34. Haha…my best cleaning hack is no passengers! Just kidding! But I am pretty OC in my car. I do not have a problem telling my passengers I do not want any open drink or food. Sorry, my car my rules. 🙂

  35. This couldn’t have come at a better time! I have been complaining about not being able to get into small areas of my car to clean them and it’s been driving me crazy. The cupcake holders to keep the cup area clean is GENIUS! I am also trying the cotton balls with essential oil trick. Thanks for these tips!

  36. I just got my car washed but there were still a few bug marks. That magic eraser would probably come handy now.

  37. I love all these tips, especially the essential oils one.