Apr 042016

NewAir water dispenser review

Keeping hydrated is important and my doctor requested that I drink at least 10-12 glasses of water a day. Also you good people who work out regularly, know how important keeping hydrated is. If you are like me, you don’t like drinking from the tap. And all those water bottles aren’t good for the environment. Not to mention having lots of them in my car or the grandkids bedrooms!

I was looking into a solution, when I was given the opportunity from Masshole Mommy to review a new water dispenser from the NewAir Company. I checked out their website at http://www.newair.com.

After looking at several models I, decided on model WAT40 in black. This model is also available in white. I picked the black to match my other appliances. What else drew me to this unit was that the size was perfect and it would fit at the end of my cabinets and blend in well. But what really got me excited was the fact that the water bottle was hidden in the base of the unit. The NewAir WAT40 is a great convenient way to get all the fresh clean water you want. As I said the biggest selling point for me was that the large water bottle is hidden away in the base of the unit. All you do in open the cabinet in the front, remove the cap from the bottle and put in the pump nozzle, push it down to the bottom of the bottle, slide the bottle into the unit and close the door. It is that easy! No spills or lifting heavy bottles. The water is then pumped into stainless steel tanks. Being stainless steel, the tanks are 100% BPA free. Continue reading »

Sep 162015

ellie 1

The other day, I was turning over the page of my kitchen calendar ( yes, I still have a paper calendar on my wall!) and I noticed that Grandparents Day was listed as a holiday. It got me wondering on why someone thought we needed such a day. After all grandparents are still  parents and we already had Mother’s and Father’s Day. To be honest, I really thought Grandparents Day was a product of “that ” card company as a marketing tool to sell cards and gifts at their stores. A quick Google search informed me that I wrong. It was actually started in 1970 by Marian McQuade of WV. She started the campaign after she noticed lonely grandparents in nursing homes. Her movement had a grass roots appeal and in 1978 President Jimmy Carter declared the first Sunday after Labor Day as Grandparents Day. Continue reading »