Sep 122018

Do your feet hurt? Mine sure do. I don’t talk about this a lot, but I have plantar fasciitis. In a nutshell, it’s an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes and guys, it HURTS.  When people ask me what it feels like, this is my standard answer:  Imagine a pebble inside the heel of your foot and then step down really hard on it. Plantar fasciitis is legit and while it simmers down sometimes, when I have flare ups, I can barely walk.

And I do NOT have time for this nonsense.  Thankfully I discovered Wiivv custom fit insoles and sandals!  I got a pair of sandals and insoles that were made just for me.  Wiivvs provide the natural arch support your feet were designed to have. Their custom insoles distribute pressure and loading across the entire foot, reduce ankle rotation and keep you aligned from the ground up.

Wiivv custom insoles distribute pressure and loading across the entire foot, reduce ankle rotation and keep you aligned from the ground up!

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Sep 042018

What’s worse after a long day of traveling than standing in a long line at the airport waiting to pick up your rental car? I always dread coming off of a long flight to have to search for the rental car counter and then wait forever for the long process to be over with- nevermind all the upsells they try to push on me once I am there. Having just gone through the rental car process in July when I was in Charleston (longggg lines and tons of paperwork), I said to my husband that there HAS to be a better way to get a rental car. Well, it turns out that there is and it’s called Silvercar.

Streamline your car rental process by renting an Audi from Silvercar. Done via an app on your smartphone, avoid the lines, paperwork and hassles!

With Silvercar there are no lines and no paperwork. Yes, you read that right – no lines or paperwork!! Everything is done on their app and right now Silvercar is available in 24 cities across the US.  I had a chance to try out renting a car through Silvercar when I was in Orlando last week and let me tell you, it’s a game changer when it comes to renting a car. Continue reading »

Aug 212018

After receiving feedback from fans of the original 5-section MasterPan, its creator are launching the smaller, yet still versatile 2- and 3-section MasterPan this summer through a Kickstarter campaign. These skillets allow users to prepare full meals with the use of a single pan, like a full breakfast of eggs, pancakes and sausage, burgers with bacon for lunch, and grilled chicken and veggies for dinner. Cooking with the MasterPan can also help with preparing the right amounts of food, helping to control portion sizes and minimize food waste (both of which are issues in my house).

We make brinner (breakfast for dinner) often in our house because it’s one of the few meals we all can agree on. Can I just tell you how convenient it is to be able to make everything in one pan (I have used both the 2-section and 3-section pan depending on what’s on the menu). Continue reading »

Jun 182018

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love anything that’s personalized with my kids names on it. Anything. I have all sorts of things with the boy’s names on them already – baby blankets, Christmas ornaments, plaques and a ton more that I can’t even think of right now. I just love it when something is not only beautiful, but has special meaning to it, too.

One thing has always been missing, though. A really nice piece of “mom” jewelry. You know what I’m talking about, the kind with your kids names engraved in it. I’ve been looking for that perfect piece of “mom” jewelry for years, but never really found anything that I thought would hold up to the high standards I had in my mind. Until recently.

Get your beautiful and affordable "mom" jewelry at Centime! Ordering is easy and their vast selection of pieces and options will win you over.

I came across a website called Centime and I immediately fell in love. Centime is a small company started by two moms who totally get it when it comes to “mom” jewelry. Like me, they didn’t want a generic piece of jewelry that you can get just about anywhere – they wanted high quality hand crafted jewelry, so they decided to start making it themselves. And that’s how Centime was born. Continue reading »

May 152018

Spring has finally sprung here in New England and that means that everyone is getting themselves outside as much as possible. Seriously, we only have a few months of warm weather here, so we all have to make the most of it. One of the things that makes me happy in particular once the weather gets nice is cooking out.

Cooking and sharing a meal outside with my family makes my heart happy. But this year we are trying something a little bit different. Griddling outdoors (in addition to grilling of course). Outdoor griddling goes beyond the “same old, same old.” Anything that can be cooked on a typical grill can be cooked on a griddle – along with thousands of other foods.

How do I bring my family together over an outdoor griddle you ask?  The answer is my new Blackstone 28” Griddle!

Outdoor griddling goes beyond the “same old, same old.” Anything that can be cooked on a typical grill can be cooked on a griddle - along with thousands of other foods.

As you can see, it is shipped in a box, so some assembly is required.  It took my hubby, Christian, less than 20 minutes to put it together.  You will need a propane tank to fire this baby up and one battery for the igniter, neither of which are included.  We just pulled the propane tank off of our grill. Continue reading »

Dec 112017

When I am out and about with my kids, I love to take family selfies. You know, so I can document where we were or what we were doing.  I have two issues with taking family selfies, though.  The main issue is that I am short and therefore have short arms, making it almost impossible for me to fit four people into the frame when I hold my phone out. Someone almost inevitably gets cut out of cut off – usually my little man because he’s much shorter than the rest of us.  My next issue is my husband.  He’s much taller than I am and since his arms are longer and he could actually fit all four of us into the picture, I have had him try time and time again to get a good picture of the four of us.  The thing is – he can’t. I don’t know what it is, but every single photo he takes comes out blurry. Every time.

So between those two things, it’s rare that I get a good photo of the four of us. You’re probably thinking “well, why don’t you just use a selfie stick??” and the answer is I could, but too many places have them banned now so it’s not even worth trying anymore.  And it makes me sad that we can’t get a good family photo (unless we accost someone walking by to take one of us), or at least it did until I found out about the Pi SOLO.

Pi SOLO is the world’s first immersive lifestyle camera for your smartphone! It's wide angle lens is perfect for selfies, group photos and panoramic shots.

Pi SOLO is the world’s first immersive lifestyle camera for your smartphone!  Just launched in the US. Pi SOLO ( is a camera for augmented reality combining social media and photography. Now you can fit everything in one frame without worrying about carrying around extra equipment. A super wide-angle lens also allows users to easily fit in everyone for a group selfie or capture full backgrounds without having to use a selfie stick. Continue reading »

Oct 162017

My husband calls me the “princess and the pea” when we travel because I am very picky about where I sleep. Falling asleep doesn’t come easy for me and I need certain things to happen in order for me to fall asleep in a timely manor. Things like no noise except for the noise of my fan (one little bird chirping outside my window can cause me to lay there awake all night long), no light (the windows in my bedroom are blocked like a meth lab) and I need my blankets tucked in a certain way.  I know, I know….

On top of all that, if my mattress is either too soft or too firm – forget about it. I won’t be able to sleep there.  The mattress I’ve had for the last 12 or so years was definitely on its last legs and while I knew it was time for a replacement, I was obviously hesitant because I am so particular about my sleeping arrangements. So when I got an email from Tomorrow Sleep about trying out one of their Hybrid Mattresses, I was both nervous and excited. I talked it over with my husband and we decided that since our current mattress was in such bad shape, that we’d go for it and ordered a medium soft queen mattress (medium firm was also an option, but I was afraid it would be too firm for me, so I went with the soft).

Tomorrow Sleep Mattresses are a balance of comfort & support, designed with premium temperature regulating memory foam and a gently stabilizing coil system.

Tomorrow Sleep is passionate about improving their customer’s sleep and building a system of products to help them along the way. I was pretty excited when I read that on their website because I’m admittedly picky. Continue reading »

Sep 292017

My hubby and I love to snack on chips & salsa when we’re Netflix binging or catching up on some DVR.  It’s our first go-to snack and we love it because it’s quick and easy. The thing is, it can be tough to find really good fresh salsa in the grocery store. And by really tough, I mean basically impossible. Until now.  I recently had a chance to try some salsa from Nola’s Fresh Foods and I’m hooked!

Nola's Fresh Foods salsa is an authentic Mexican salsa. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, no sugar and no oils & they're Vegan and Gluten Free.

Nola’s Fresh Foods salsa is an authentic, bold, fresh and all-natural Mexican salsa. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to any other salsas you’ve tried before. It’s a perfect snack or addition to your favorite meals (think taco Tuesday). Nola’s Salsas have no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, no sugar and no oils. They are Vegan and Gluten Free, so everyone can enjoy the best salsa ever. At Nola’s, they are committed to providing you with the best product on the market using only the freshest, all natural ingredients available. Nola’s Salsas are always fresh and flavorful. Continue reading »

Sep 182017

Like me, you’ve probably seen the tv commercials for DNA kits.  They seem to be all the rage these days and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to try one.  All four of my grandparents were the first generation born in the US. Based on what they told me over the years, I thought I had a good handle on what I was made up of, but you never know right? I recently did have a chance to take a DNA kit thanks to MyHeritage and not only was it super easy to get my results, I was a little surprised by the results I got back.

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Their platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories for generations to come. Their powerful technology does the searching for you, so you can get new information about your family history very easily – any time you want it.

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Their DNA kits are easy to use and informative.

MyHeritage has a huge international records database so all you have to do is search a name to learn more about your ancestors. Their exclusive content and accurate results will help you uncover more than you ever imagined about your roots. Continue reading »

Aug 012017

We are all busy, right?  I’m a mom of two tweens (one is almost a teen) and some days I feel like I am going non-stop.  That’s probably because I am and I’m sure you have days like that, too. But just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we don’t want to eat well.  I care about my health and the foods I put into my families bodies, but a lot of the time I am too busy to prepare meals the way I would like and eat the way we should. Thank goodness I found out about Kettlebell Kitchen!  They do the hard work for me!

Kettlebell Kitchen: Healthy Meal Solutions for Busy Lives

What is Kettlebell Kitchen?

Kettlebell Kitchen is a new meal delivery service that offers a variety of fully-prepared, delicious meal plans catered to your dietary needs. Whether you are a professional athlete that requires the perfect balance of nutrients an on-the-go executive that wants a quick, healthy meal without sacrificing taste, or a busy mom like me who wants to eat healthy – Kettlebell Kitchen has you covered. Continue reading »

Mar 202017

In case you hadn’t noticed, experience gifts seem to be all the rage these days. In case you don’t know what an experience gift is, it’s just what it sounds like – it’s an experience. Think things like taking a flying lesson, white water rafting or even taking a cooking lesson. When it comes down to getting gifts for that hard to buy for person in your life, an experience is definitely the way to go.  I always say that life is about making new memories and an experience gift is a great way to do that.

Cloud 9 Living offers a whole range of experience gifts starting at just $50! Pick something you’ve always wanted to do or give someone a gift they’ll never forget! From stock car racing to couples massages to zip lining, Cloud 9 Living offers 2,000 Experiences in 51 Cities.

As many of you already know, I lost my mom last month and now that all the hubbub is starting to wind down, I thought it would be fun to grab my dad and sister for a fun adventure.  After the last six weeks, we all really needed it. And yes, I do have a brother, too, but he has a new baby at home, so I figured he could go next time. You know, when he’s able to get a good nights sleep and can enjoy it a little more. Continue reading »

Dec 102016

Cirque Dreams Holidaze is playing at the Citi Shubert Theatre in Boston through December 11!  There are only six performances of Holidaze in Boston before they move on to their next destination and this is not a show you want to miss if you’re in town. I saw their first Boston performance last night and was completely blown away.

Cirque Dreams Holidaze is a cirque show, Broadway musical, holiday spectacular and family show all in one.

Broadway director Neil Goldberg re-imagines the holiday season with over 300 costumes, 20 acts and 30 performers from 12 countries showcasing an endless variety of imaginative, heart-pounding and gravity- defying feats you have to see to believe. There were gingerbread men flipping in the air, toy soldiers marching on thin wires along with snowmen, icemen and penguins, balancing, jumping and spinning in disbelief. The show celebrates the most wonderful time of the year with singers, choreography and exciting production numbers. Performers and costumed ornament characters twirl, bounce and soar thru the air to original music and seasonal favorites brought to life within a stage setting of gigantic gifts, colossal candy canes and 30-foot towering trees & soldiers creating a larger than life wonderland of amazement. Continue reading »

Nov 282016

Teaching your Children to Help Out Around the House


Does it seem like your house is never clean, despite wasting your day away picking up? Chances are you have kids! Children tend to be messy, both when playing and even eating. It can be frustrating as a parent to be responsible for all this mess, especially if your children are getting older. Instead of following those kiddos around, constantly picking up their messes, try getting them involved in the cleaning process instead. Here are some great tips you can use to help teach your child to help out around the house.

One Toy Rule

Start with the one toy rule. Not sure how this rule works? Basically, each child gets to start with one toy to play with. It can be any toy in the house, but that’s the only toy they’re allowed to have out. Once they’re done playing with their toy, they need to put it away before they can grab something else to play with. This will help keep your house clean and toy-free so that there’s not an overwhelming mess by 9 am. Continue reading »

Nov 272016


If you are a regular around here you already know that my youngest son was finally diagnosed with ADD earlier this year. It was a very long process and it truly felt like an uphill battle for a long time, but once we got confirmation of what we already knew – his dad and I fought hard to make sure he got all the help he needed.

We worked with the school and were happy that he qualified for an IEP (Individual Education Plan). Part of the plan was placing him in an inclusion classroom for this current school year. His teacher is ah-mazing and he’s got a wonderful teacher’s aide in the classroom for half of his day. He’s been working really, really hard and is making some huge progress this year thanks to the help of his teachers.  Obviously this makes my heart very happy.

Back in September at the school open house night, I met his teacher for the first time (although we had already emailed back and forth several times by then) and I asked her if she used parent volunteers in her classroom.  Surprisingly not all teachers do, but she was thrilled that I asked and I started volunteering a few mornings a week in her 3rd grade classroom the following week. I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to be involved like this.  I am loving getting to know all the kids in the class and seeing what my son is up to during his school day, too.

The kids in my son’s classroom are awesome. They are seriously an awesome bunch of kids, so I want to bring them (and the two teachers) a treat.  These Santa Hat Cupcakes are perfect, right? I used a cake mix to make the cupcakes, so they were easy to whip up and come on – they are adorable, right?

Here’s what you need: Continue reading »

Nov 162016


Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I always have a bracelet on.  I seriously never leave the house without one (or a stack of them) around my wrist.  So imagine my excitement when I got an email from Rachel, the owner of Mama’s Linkz Jewelry asking if I wanted to check out one of her bracelets.

Uh, YES!


Rachel creates jewelry specifically designed to remind us of the connections we share with those who give us strength, comfort and meaning in our lives. It’s through this simple reminder that this jewelry line taps into a powerful energy of healing, comfort and peace in which a loved one can connect with you anywhere in the world. On her site she has bracelets that are perfect for mothers, daughters, grandmother, aunts, fathers, sons….as you can see, she has something for everyone. Continue reading »

Oct 032016


I’m sure I can’t possibly be alone when I say that I love shoes. By shoes I of course mean boots, flip flops, sandals, flats, heels, the whole nine yards. I know not all women are into shoes but I am definitely part of the stereotype and I’m a proud shoe lover! There’s nothing I like more than making sure my tootsies are warm, cozy, and comfortable as we head into the fall and winter months. I like my boots to be stylish but also effective at providing comfort…let’s face it, I’m all about comfort!


The Naot Gazania is an awesome boot. They’re a low, lace up, calf height boot. They have a zipper and laces which is awesome for me. I like that I can adjust them for the perfect fit but then easily put them on and remove them with the zipper. Another really great feature of these boots is the sole. It has about a million layers of comforty goodness…okay not a million but there are a bunch! The Gazania boot has a cork and latex footbed which is great for breathability and moisture absorption; the whole insole is then wrapped in suede and overtime your footprint is molded right in there. Nothing better than feeling like your shoe is meant only for your own foot. It’s like heaven in there! Continue reading »

Aug 082016

Small Disclosure

When I was a kid in school my two least favorite subjects were math and science.  I hated math because I am just not good at it (to this day I still stink at it) and I remember being bored in science class.  Now that I am an adult, I wish I had listened more in science because a lot of that knowledge is relevant in my adult life, but hey – I thought I knew it all back then and wouldn’t have listened to my future self anyways.

Anyhow, now I’m the mom and both of my boys love science and math.  They especially like science and because of that, we do lots of science experiments in our house.  It makes my heart happy that they are learning and don’t even know it.  Because my boys love doing science experiments so much, when MEL Science asked me to check out some of their chemistry sets I just couldn’t refuse.  Especially since the kids are on summer vacation and I want to make sure I keep their brains active while they’re away from school.


MEL Science is changing science education through a subscription service of nearly 100 interactive chemistry sets chocked full of experiments per year with free mobile apps for iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets. Even cooler, MEL Science kits are VR-based, and the kit’s complementary Google Cardboard device integrates perfectly with VR to emphasize 3D graphics, macro photos, and videos that allow both kids, parents, and science buffs to view molecules up-close. Here’s a YouTube video of the MEL Science chemistry kit in action. Continue reading »

Jul 252016

My husband, Christian, and I are self-proclaimed foodies.  And by that I mean that we like to eat.  Scratch that….we love to eat.

Christian and I had a chance a day off from the kids recently and around 1 pm, we both looked at each other and realized we hadn’t eaten lunch – which explained the rumbles coming from our tummies.  We were in the area, so we decided to have lunch at the new (ish) Bonefish Grill located at University Station in Westwood, MA. This is only our second time dining at the Bonefish Grill and since the last time we went was for brunch, we decided to go for lunch this time so that we could try out their new seasonal summer menu.

Bonefish Grill1

The wood-grilled fresh fish experts at Bonefish Grill launched their new seasonal menu last month and it features delights like fresh, hand-cut simply grilled Wild Salmon, Rockfish with Citrus Aioli + Shrimp topping and Dayboat Scallops — sushi grade George’s Bank scallops on a bed of creamy corn risotto topped with crispy bacon, lemon butter drizzle and green beans. Continue reading »

Jun 292016

Small Disclosure

I’ve struggled with weight all my life. Sometimes I am down, sometimes I am up and other times I am way up.  I am in one of those way up phases at the current moment, but I am hoping to change that soon. The thing about me is that I like to eat and I truly enjoy food. Especially comfort foods.  Noms.

When it comes to cutting back, though, the real trick is not cutting out the things you love, it’s eating less of them and with the help of The Perfect Portion Cookbook I am learning to do just that.  The Perfect Portion Cookbook includes 150 Guilt-Free Comfort Food Recipes using Happy Days’ TV star and director Anson Williams 100-Calorie Counting System to Stay Fit and Healthy.


This cookbook was inspired by Happy Days TV star and director Anson Williams’ own challenge to remain healthy, fit and energetic at the age of 65. It is a first-of-its kind, food-loving guide that tackles the timeless question of how much to eat with a simple idea of a 100-calorie counting system applied to the best-loved American comfort foods. Co-writers Bob Warden, a New York Times best-selling cookbook author and Mona Dolgov, a top nutritionist have made over 150 guilt-free recipes from mac & cheese to lasagna that are clearly shown in simple 100-calorie portion servings. Now you can eat what you want in the portion that is right for you. Continue reading »

May 022016

Bra shopping.  Ladies, what comes to mind when I say those words?  A feeling of dread? You’re definitely not alone.  Bra shopping is the worst, right? That’s what I used to think, too, but not anymore. Stay tuned because I am going to tell you how bra shopping can actually be fun. Yes, FUN!

So, here’s what typically happens when I go bra shopping:

1. Walk into Target.
2. Grab a bra in my size (or what ever the size of the last bra I bought was) and buy it without trying it on – because, well, who has time for that?
3. Try it on and spend the next month being uncomfortable until I wash it about 25-30 times and it stretches out and actually fits me half way decently.

Seriously, though. I am a mom and who has time for bra shopping? As long as I have a bra, I am happy. If if doesn’t fit perfectly, so be it – at least I am wearing one, right?


**I was provided complimentary product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**


I recently discovered Peach and they are on a mission to change bra shopping forever. Peach is on a mission to inspire every woman to feel beautiful and confident in her own skin. They are here to help you fill your top two drawers with bras that actually fit and high quality panties.  The best part is they make it easy and I can’t wait to tell you all about how it works. Continue reading »