Jan 312017

I’ve always been a planner kind of gal. In high school, my planner was filled with notes of my day and homework as well my schedule. I was a busy kid – basketball, work, a boyfriend, friends.

So imagine my surprise when in my late 20s, I found planners to be a thing again. And what a thing they are!

My best friend introduced me to Erin Condren. She’s one of the biggest names in the planner life and offers wedding planners, teacher’s planners, address books, and 3 styles of her Life Planner (horizontal, hourly, vertical).

Personally, I’m an hourly kind of girl but I use it like a vertical (I need the lines or else my handwriting goes sideways) and while I’m trying to find my planner peace, I’d like to share how I’m using my planner.

Stickers (and washi) are some of the most popular ways to use/decorate a planner. While washi isn’t my thing, fun stickers are! Continue reading »