Aug 302017

If you live in Central Massachusetts, mark your calendar for September 23rd because you and your kiddos are invited to Touch A Truck at the Auburn Mall! This is a fun community event that gives families the opportunity to have enjoy themselves while also giving back at the same time. The admission fee of $5 per person OR $20 maximum per family benefits the Auburn Fire Department and Susan G. Komen. Two great causes.

Truck enthusiasts of all ages are invited to Auburn Mall to get a unique and up-close look at a variety of vehicles, since toy trucks just can’t compare to the real thing. This includes:

  • Auburn Police Cruiser
  • Auburn Fire Truck
  • Cranes
  • Dump Truck
  • Landscape Chippers
  • Motorcycles
  • Coca-Cola Delivery Truck
  • And more

More features of this kid-friendly community event will include: a moon-bounce, Animal Adventures shows from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., a McCoy Karate demonstration, face painting by Noelle*, and more! The first 350 children will also receive a complimentary goody bag. Continue reading »

Jul 312017

My family was recently on vacation up in New Hampshire when disaster struck. A big thunderstorm rolled through.  Gasp!  It was a major storm involving torrential downpours and ping-pong ball sized hail, so we were basically trapped inside of our condo (I’m just glad we were already inside when the sky opened up!!). Anyhow, not five minutes into it my boys both started with the “I’m bored” nonsense. Thankfully all of our devices were fully charged and ready to stream some some of their favorite shows on Fios.

Verizon Fios Tween Streaming Guide

Because I have two tween boys, I decided to round up some of their favorite go-to shows. If you have tween boys, check out this Verizon Fios Tween Streaming Guide because who knows – you might find a new show that you love! It’s super exciting that new areas in Boston are getting Fios service all the time and I am thrilled to be partnering with Verizon to bring you some information about their new service in the Boston area! I’ve had Verizon Fios for years and I have never been anything but happy with it!

1. American Ninja Warrior

From schoolteachers to firemen to police officers to social workers, this competition gives everyday men and women the chance to transform into fearless acrobatic competitors at the six regional qualifying competitions held throughout the U.S. 100 finalists will have a shot at a $500,000 cash prize and the chance to win the coveted “American Ninja Warrior” title at the national finals in Las Vegas. Continue reading »

Jun 262017

I have had Verizon Fios for about nine years now. As soon as I heard that it was going to be available in my town, I called to schedule an appointment to have it set up in my house.  I had my Fios within the first week of service in my town and I love it.  You could ask anyone who knows me in real life and they would tell you that I should be a Verizon Fios spokesperson because I speak so highly of it. Over the last nine years, I have not had one single issue with them. Not one.  I think that says A LOT about how great their service is. That is why I am thrilled to be partnering with Verizon to bring you some additional information about their new service in the Boston area.

Verizon Fios isn’t just internet and TV service anymore, though. Did you know you can stream your favorite television shows and movies anywhere with Fios On Demand? Most of the TV shows are available for free for Fios customers. Newly released movies can be rented or purchased, too. Since my family has a couple of road-trips coming up this summer, being able to stream our favorite shows in the car is going to be a lifesaver.

If you are looking for some shows to binge on this summer, look no further.  Here are four great TV shows you can watch on Fios On Demand this summer:

Life in Pieces
Accomplished actors Dianne Wiest and James Brolin star as the heads of a large, happy family, in which each member is approaching different milestones. Their eldest daughter, Heather (Betsy Brandt) and her husband consider having another child as they get closer to an empty nest; middle child Matt (Thomas Sadoski) thinks he has found true love; and the youngest of the three siblings, Greg (Colin Hanks) is overwhelmed after having his first child with his wife. Various perspectives are employed as each family member’s story unfolds.

This is one my my husband’s and my favorite shows. It’s absolutely hilarious and we find ourselves having to pause it all the time because we laugh so hard over some of the things that happen on the show.  If you are looking for something light-hearted and fun this summer, watch Life in Pieces. You’re welcome. Continue reading »

Jun 212017

Did you know that June is Adopt-a-Cat Month?  Consider yourself informed. I actually had no idea myself until I got an email from my friends at Scotties telling me about a wonderful event they sponsored earlier this month.

Back for their 4th year, Scotties Facial Tissues partnered with animal rescue organization up and down the east coast in an effort to get eligible cats and kittens into loving adoptive homes. Each organization – The Animal Protective Foundation (Albany, NY), Boston MSPCA (Boston, MA), and the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (Tampa, FL) all received $5,000 each to go towards the re-homing of cats. All cats and kittens adopted have been spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and screened for temperament. During the Adoption event, all fees associated with adopting select felines were waived at participating locations thanks to a generous donation from Scotties.

This initiative was first started by Scotties in 2014. It is part of an ongoing effort to increase the number cats and kittens going to good homes. From June 1st through the 7th during “Scotties Adoption Week” they are proud to say that in 2017 alone over 400 cats and kittens have gone into brand new loving forever homes.  I think it’s safe to call the event a huge success! Continue reading »

Jun 202017

Today I would like to introduce you to songwriter and producer Almost Owen, the singing drummer who releases new music in Boston regularly.

**This conversation is sponsored by sponsored by JZ Social Enterprises.

Songwriter/Producer Almost Owen has been quietly grinding it out, waiting for his moment. Since moving back to the US from India where he worked as music teacher from 2013-2014, the 26 year old has played nearly 500 shows. He’s toured massive music festivals in Panama, theaters in China and India, intimate sets at UNESCO in France, and beer soaked clubs in his native Boston, MA. He’s also written and produced songs for other artists, taking time to hone in on his own sound and message. Gearing up to release his own projects, Almost Owen is ready to show everyone exactly who he is. Continue reading »

May 102017

Disclosure: I received compensation from McDonald’s in exchange for writing this review. All opinions expressed here are my own and were not influenced in any way.

When I was a kid, going to eat at McDonald’s was the biggest treat there was. I don’t mean getting take-out, which was always awesome, but I mean eating inside. Whenever my sister, brother or I got a good report card, off to McDonald’s we would go. A lot has changed since then and I, for one, am excited about some awesome new changes at McDonald’s.

I got to experience some of the new changes at McDonald’s recently and I am wicked excited to share them with you here today.

You see, McDonald’s is always looking for new ways to raise the bar on everything they do — from their food, to putting more choice and control in the hands of their customers. They’re taking big steps to improve their customers’ dining experience at McDonald’s, offering new ways to order and pay, table service and premium menu choices.

Signature Crafted Sandwiches
It started with All Day Breakfast and continued with their updated Chicken McNuggets®. Then McDonald’s offered a Mac sandwich for every occasion and now, with inspiration from their customers, McDonald’s is proud to introduce Signature CraftedTM Recipes, made with premium ingredients and full of flavors everyone will love.

Customers can select a freshly prepared quarter-pound 100 percent beef patty, Buttermilk Crispy Chicken or Artisan Grilled Chicken with either a sesame seed bun or toasted Artisan Roll. They use premium ingredients for the Maple Bacon Dijon, Pico Guacamole and Sweet BBQ Bacon sandwiches on their new Signature CraftedTM Recipes menu.

I was invited to go back into the kitchen where they prepare all of their food and guys, it’s fresh. I saw all of the food and can personally attest to the quality of what was back there. I was super impressed. Continue reading »

Apr 182017

Summer is coming up quick (yay) and for me and so many others, summer means heading to the beach. I can practically smell the beach air already……

When I go to the beach I stay for the whole day and what better way to pass the time than to read while I’m there. Often times I can bang out an entire book in one day and I usually start planning my summer reading list around this time every year. My tastes vary, so there are many genres of books on my list each year, but sometimes I just want to immerse myself in book where I can just escape and block out the rest of the world.  When I want that escape, there’s nothing better than a romance novel.

5 Reasons to Read a Romance Novel This Summer

1. They’re Steamy
Get your mind out of the gutter – in romance novels sex is a healthy activity that is enjoyed by two consenting adults who usually end up falling in love by the end of the book. Some of the scenes in the books are quite steamy, so if you’re at the beach and those parts of the books make you blush – people will just think you have a sunburn.  Plus who knows, these types of books can inspire new things in your own sex life….. Continue reading »

Apr 032017

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper, but as always, all opinions are my own!

I am so happy that spring has finally sprung up here in Boston.  In all honesty, winter wasn’t too bad this year (coming from a girl who is still traumatized from the 4 feet of snow we had on the ground at once a few winters ago). I am so happy we made it through this winter with only a blizzard or two and I am ready for spring like you would not believe.

With the change in seasons, I like to not only spring clean my house, but spring clean my menu, too. I have a picky eater in the house and we all definitely have our favorites around here, but change can be good – and  with the nice weather, I was inspired to try something new. Especially with the great deals going on at Shaw’s! Starting 4/24 you can save $10 instantly when you spend $30 on participating Unilever products like Hellmann’s, Knorr and Lipton.


Online they have tons of delicious sounding recipes, and it has been so warm this week, the four of us decided to have dinner outside on the deck. But what’s dinner outside without an amazing beverage to wash it down. I ran over to Shaw’s the other day and picked up the ingredients I needed to make this amazing recipe for Lipton Mega Mint Iced Tea that I found. Continue reading »

Dec 212016

I don’t know about you, but it’s not even Christmas and I’m exhausted. All of my out of town in-laws were back home for two weeks and there were many family get-togethers over those weeks, so when it came time for me to host a get-together the last thing I wanted to do was a lot of cooking for it. Then I heard about Qdoba’s catering bar, which features a hot buffet-style lineup of bold flavors that makes hosting holiday parties super easy.

Qdoba offers fresh, delicious Mexican food and perfect for business or personal occasions. You can serve as few as ten people or more than a hundred with their Hot Bars or boxed lunches. Set up is a snap and each Hot Bar comes with everything you’ll need – napkins, utensils, and chafing dishes that keep the hot stuff hot.

When you order catering from Qdoba you can choose from a Hot Taco Bar, Naked Burrito Bar, Nacho Bar, Boxed Lunches or Breakfast Burritos. As you can imagine, I was torn about what to get.  I mean tacos are awesome, nachos are awesome and burritos are – you guessed it -awesome. Continue reading »

Dec 192016

We all have one of those people who is impossible to buy Christmas gifts for. For me, it’s my dad. He already owns everything ever made (I wish I was exaggerating) and if he sees something he wants and doesn’t already have – he just goes out and buys it for himself. Sure, I can always get him gift cards and sometimes I do, but for Christmas I like to get actual gifts, especially for the super important people in my life like my dad.

Then it hit me. Verizon! Verizon has tons of great gift ideas, especially for people who love gadgets and tech. Who doesn’t love gadgets and tech?  Here are some gift ideas for those hard to buy for people that you can get right at Verizon:

Need a new phone?  How about the Moto Z Force Droid:

This phone is seriously awesome. It is Android N + Google Daydream ready. All you have to do is upgrade your Moto Z Force Droid to Android N OS, and then it’s ready for Google Daydream! Plus the Moto Z Force Droid has a next generation Moto ShatterShield™ display, 5.5 Quad HD display, guaranteed not to crack or shatter and a 21 MP camera that helps you capture clearer pics with laser autofocus and optical image stabilization! Continue reading »

Dec 142016

The holidays are in full swing and whether we want to admit it or not, Christmas will be here SOON. The holidays bring all kinds of family gatherings and I like to be prepared for all of them. My husband is one of seven and all of the out of town siblings (and their families) came back home recently, so that equated to many get-togethers while everyone was in town. It’s been a few years since everyone was in one place, so it was pretty special. There were quite a few parties/gatherings over the time they were all home plus a few on my side (and two more coming up before Christmas) and of course there is no way that I could show up empty handed to any of them. It’s been a busy December for us to say the least so I headed over to Stop & Shop because I knew they would have everything I needed.

The first thing I did when I got to Stop & Shop was to grab all the ingredients I needed to make a couple of green bean casseroles. If I show up to any family event without one, I think it’s safe to say that they won’t even let me in the door. Luckily they are super easy to make and the recipe is right on the back of the French’s French fried onions.

If you don’t have the recipe, here is it: Continue reading »

Nov 302016



Have you guys ever eaten at the Bonefish Grill?  If you’ve been around here for a while you know that the Bonefish Grill is one of my husband’s and mine favorite restaurants. The food at Bonefish Grill is delicious, the prices are very reasonable and I think that the Bonefish Grill is a great restaurant to stop into for a casual meal or a special night out.

At Bonefish Grill, they focus on every little detail of your experience, anticipate your needs, and provide personalized service that allows you to enjoy a delicious meal in a comfortable, vibrant atmosphere. Their menu is the envy of the seafood world and has taken the mystery out of fish. Full of fresh and innovative dishes, their menu specializes in seasonal fresh fish, and indulgent appetizers like our guest favorite, Bang Bang Shrimp. Dinner, Lunch, or Brunch, you know when you walk into Bonefish Grill you’ll find that they do it right, every single time.


Continue reading »

Nov 012016


This is a sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own.

A couple months ago my 10 year old niece started saying that she hated school and didn’t want to go anymore. I was shocked because this kid has loved her classmates, her teachers and everything about school since the first day when she started Pre-K. I knew something was going on and I took some time to speak to her alone in her room. My niece is beautiful, inside and out. She is pretty enough to be a model but more importantly, her personality and her heart is even prettier. She is a sweetheart – always wanting to help someone, defending someone who is being bullied – she loves just about everyone she meets.

In her room that day, she told me that a boy in her class called her ugly and told her she was too skinny and looked like a skeleton. What she confided in me not only broke my heart, but it gave me flashbacks to when I was her age. You see, I was the fat kid back then. I was teased when I was her age and my reaction was the same as hers; I didn’t want to go to school anymore. A place I loved became a place I dreaded going to and it hurt me to even think that the same thing could be happening to my niece. Continue reading »

Oct 262016

The tradition of “Booing your Neighbor” has been around for several years now and it has really grown in popularity as a fun, safe, family-oriented activity. It’s also known as “Ghosting” or “Boo-gramming” and each year, this new tradition is building in popularity. The person doing the “booing” would put together a home decorated bag of treats including a note with instructions on how to “boo” and a poem and deliver it anonymously to their neighbor, friend or relative. The recipient would then have 48 hours to do it to their next door neighbor or friend which creates a chain throughout the neighborhood.



It’s an easy and fun way to brighten someone’s day & here’s how you do it:

1. Choose your “boo” bucket.
2. Fill your “boo” bucket. Continue reading »

Oct 252016



Have you noticed an increase of teal colored pumpkins on people’s doorsteps in your neighborhood over the past few years and have been wondering why?  It’s because of a relatively new nationwide initiative dedicated to making Halloween safe and fun for all kids and it’s called the Teal Pumpkin Project.

Every child should be able to experience the joy of going out trick-or-treating on Halloween night, but often times kids with food allergies are left out of the fun since most candy is off limits to them. The Teal Pumpkin Project helps make sure that all kids will be able come home on Halloween night with something they can enjoy.

The Teal Pumpkin Project™ was launched by the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) in 2014. It’s a great way to let people know that you are offering non-food treats to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. This way, kids with food allergies and other medical issues such as diabetes can still have a fun & safe Halloween.

Instead of candy a few of the parents I know in town are beginning to offer things like bubbles, glow sticks, spider rings and little bouncy balls for the trick-or-treaters that come to their home.  Oriental Trading Post has lots of safe, non-food Halloween goodies for you to offer to your trick-or-treaters this year if you are planning on participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project.  This way no one has to miss out on the Halloween fun. Continue reading »

Oct 072016

Did you see the premier of Timeless last Monday on NBC?  Over the summer when I first heard about this show, I added it to my list of new fall shows to check out and it definitely did not disappoint.  My husband and I were instantly hooked and  I can’t wait to see more. One thing that really drew me in was the heroine Lucy, portrayed by Abigail Spencer.  She is a talented actress, writer and producer on both the big and small screen, and she is quickly making a name for herself in Hollywood.

TIMELESS -- Season: Pilot -- Pictured: Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston

TIMELESS — Season: Pilot — Pictured: Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston

Spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t seen the first episode which aired last week, I found that she was a really relatable character and I was totally shocked when she went back in time and ended up altering her future.  I am dying to see what happens next for her. I am also curious about a potential relationship between Lucy and Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter’s character). Continue reading »

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Sep 232016

Notorious premiered last night (Thursday) at 9|8c on ABC – did you see it?  If you missed it, you might want to go back and watch it because it was really, really good.  I feel like I have this bad habit of missing out on shows until they are a few seasons in.  Then I am stuck having to binge watch for a week straight to catch up. This time I caught myself, though, and I am happy that I started Notorious from episode one.  Now I won’t have any regrets about not watching it.


Wondering what Notorious is all about:

Notorious duo Jake and Julia are always in charge. She’s a top rated investigative news producer and he’s a high powered lawyer. Together, they mix law and media in a sexy interplay of scandal, drama, and the twisty exploration of what it means to make the news. Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata star in Notorious, Thursday at 9|8c on ABC.


There were lots of plot twists and the cast was awesome. I have been a fan of Daniel Sunjata since Rescue Me and he was fantastic in Notorious.  Piper Perabo was phenomenal as well. I can’t wait to tune in next week.

**Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer’s Network.

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Aug 222016

Last week I headed up to the Merrimack Premium Outlets to spend the day shopping so that I could stock up on all the back-to-school essentials that my kids will need this fall!

Merrimack Premium Outlets is an outdoor shopping center located 35 miles northwest of Boston and easily accessible off Exit 10 of Everett Turnpike (RT 3 from Boston). They have over 100 stores and in New Hampshire, you can enjoy tax free shopping at stores like Banana Republic, Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store, Coach, Elie Tahari, J.Crew, Michael Kors, Nautica, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Tommy Hilfiger and more all at saving of 25%-65% everyday.

My 12 year old will only wear Under Armour clothing these days so I was happy to see that they had an Under Armour outlet there. My little guy is into Nike, so I was wicked happy that I could get lots of great clothing for my boys for back to school at discounted prices.


For the 2016 back to school season, Simon is encouraging shoppers to ‘find your style’ while reflecting on your past first days of school and the outfits that were the height of fashion in the 80’s and 90’s. Continue reading »

Jul 272016

Small Disclosure

Back when I was a kid, there was no such thing as a “tween”.  You were a kid or you were a teenager.  That was it.  Somewhere along the line the “tween” thing happened and guys, it’s legit.  Kids between the ages of 10 and 12 fall into the “tween” category because they are too old to be considered a kid, but too young to be considered a teen. My oldest son is going to be 12 next week (wait, WHAT??) and this mama is struggling to come up with awesome birthday gift ideas.


You might be thinking that a kid who’s not really a kid or a teenager should be fairly easy to buy for, but trust me on this – it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a while. He’s too old for toys and too young for “teen” gifts.  I am thinking teens only get gift cards, but hey, I could be wrong.  I am not the mother of a teenager – yet, so I have never had to buy gifts for one. Continue reading »

Jul 192016

the little gym logo

As you know I am the mom of two very active little boys.  Well actually they are not so little anymore. They are going to be 9 & 12 next month and I honestly don’t know where the time went. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was changing diapers and doing midnight feedings, but alas my boys are definitely not babies anymore.

I want to take a second to emphasize something I said before, though.  I said that my boys were active, and on most days that would be an understatement. I strongly believe that a big part of why they are so active today is largely due in to the multiple mommy & me classes that I did with each of them at the Little Gym. I had originally heard about the Little Gym when my oldest son was about five months old and after doing a little research, I found out that they offered classes for children as young as 4 months old.

I called my local Little Gym (which at the time was in Raynham, MA) and set up a free introductory class.  The class was a combination of singing, open gym play, circle time and a basic gymnastic skill (which for the littles were things as simple as rolling over). My little guy had such a fun time in class, I signed him up for the whole 20 week “Bugs” class.

lil gym1

Each week the classes were structured the same way.  We always started the class by sitting in a circle while the instructor sang a welcome song, always naming each child in the song. Then we would learn a new skill for the week (rolling, forward rolls, etc) and then it was time for free play. Each class ended back on the padded mat in a circle with a goodbye song. Miss Lisa was the teacher for all the classes that my boys took at the Little Gym (spanning about six years time) and I was always impressed that she knew every child’s name and always made it a point to compliment each child on their specific achievements during class as they left. Continue reading »