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all day breakfast

I don’t know about you, but my mornings are hectic.  Between getting the kids off to school (two different schools with two different start times), running off to the gym and a million other things I need to accomplish before lunch time, it can sometimes be hard to make it to McDonald’s before 10:30 for a delicious, affordable and wholesome breakfast.  And I do love my Egg McMuffins and McCafe coffee from McDonald’s. Imagine being able to grab your favorite breakfast foods from McDonald’s all day long?   Now you can. McDonald’s has decided to make a variety of their breakfast classics (like the Egg McMuffin and Hash Browns) available beyond the A.M. hours so customers can enjoy them at any time of the day.

**Disclosure:  This conversation is sponsored by McDonald’s of Eastern New England, but as always all opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

On October 6th, McDonald’s restaurants across Eastern New England started serving breakfast all day and so far it’s been a huge hit.

  • All Day Breakfast is the No. 1 request from customers. In fact, more than 120,000 people tweeted McDonald’s asking for breakfast throughout the day in the past year alone.
  • The All Day Breakfast Menu is part of McDonald’s effort to offer customers the option to enjoy breakfast anytime they want while providing a great variety of quality ingredients and menu items.
  • After 10:30 a.m., the following menu items can be enjoyed along with McDonald’s World Famous Fries and other iconic favorites, such as the Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish:

McMuffin Sandwiches:

  • Egg McMuffin
  • Sausage McMuffin with Egg
  • Sausage McMuffin
  • (Does not include Egg White Delight)


  • Hotcakes with Sausage
  • Hotcakes

Sausage Burrito


  • Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait
  • Fruit & Maple Oatmeal
  • Hash Browns * (*available breakfast items vary by location)

We are big fans of brinner (breakfast for dinner) in our house, but sometimes we are so busy on weeknights running around from one activity to the next, I don’t have time to cook. It’s nice to know that I can swing by McDonald’s after karate class or soccer practice and get my family a great breakfast for dinner.

We picked up some breakfast foods for dinner just yesterday as a matter of fact and we all gobbled everything right up.Egg McMuffins are a family favorite, as well as the hotcakes and of course, hash browns.


If you live in the Boston area, there is something fun happening in town on Friday.  You can join McDonald’s of Eastern New England on October 16th for an All Day Breakfast Pajama Party! Don your best pajamas and head to City Hall Plaza for FREE McDonald’s breakfast for lunch from 11am to 2pm. They’ll be serving up fresh Egg McMuffins and Coffee – don’t miss it! Can’t go in your PJs? Stop by anyway for fun freebies and samples.

Keep track of the day’s festivities on Twitter and Instagram! Follow @McDEasternNE today! And head on over to my Facebook page today so that you can enter to win a $20 Arch Card so you can get some tasty breakfast food from McDonald’s anytime, too.

  140 Responses to “Celebrate McDonald’s New All Day Breakfasts With an All Day Breakfast Pajama Party #McDPJParty”

  1. My son has asked me for breakfast so many times right after the cutoff. He will be thrilled to hear this!

  2. Awesome news and seriously I love brinner for dinner, too. So will have to try soon now 😉

  3. This is awesome, my boys (and I of course) are going to love this! 🙂

  4. Your All Day Breakfast looks delicious! My kids love those Hotcakes. 🙂

  5. Oh, my treat! I’ll check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love that they have select things served all day. Who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner? I do.

  7. I love to hit McDonald’s breakfast when I am on the road. Everything sure looks good.

  8. My guilty pleasure is a McDics Saugsage and Egg McMuffin. Shhhh….don’t tell anyone 😉

  9. So that’s the whole funny thing about mickey D’s tweeting commercial. Makes more sense now. Wow 120,000 tweets about breakfast ha.

  10. ‘Bout time! Egg McMuffins all day? Sign me up!

  11. My kids are addicted to the hotcakes and hashbrowns. I used to buy a few orders of the hot cakes and they would eat them during the day. Now I don’t have too!! Yeah!!

  12. I’ve been waiting 30 years for this!!!! I cannot wait to get hashbrowns!

  13. I have not seen my husband as excited as he was about McDonald’s all-day breakfasts in a very long time LOL

  14. Sounds awesome to me. So sad though, they aren’t doing all day breakfast here in Canada. BOO. I love McD’s breakfast even though I can’t eat it too often (gallbladder) I do really enjoy it when I can! YUM

  15. I’m a fan of brinner as well. I love that they’ve started serving breakfast all day! That PJ party will be fun!

  16. You do not know how excited I am that they have all day breakfast now. The burrito is my favorite!

  17. I am so excited about this! I could eat Egg McMuffins all day long!

  18. I am so glad that McDonalds finally has an all day breakfast menu. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted one of their breakfast sandwiches only to look at the time and realize I was too late. Won’t be an issue anymore!!

    • I feel the same. I am so jealous of the USA for this. I’ve waited in line so many times only to be told, oh sorry! I seriously wanted to cry!

  19. I’m excited about being able to get hash browns any time! Now if they would just serve fries before lunch. 😉

  20. Our local McDs started it last week and boy was it crazy the first two days. I haven’t been back by it. I love breakfast for dinner and may have to try one day….probably once it is not so packed. I love the sandwiches best.

  21. I saw a commercial about this other day. I was like whoa! I think it’s a great idea.

  22. I heard about this and am so excited. love McD’s

  23. Our McDonald’s just put up a sign that it is now serving breakfast all day. It is rather exciting, because i am never out of the house by the time they stop serving breakfast in our town. So now i can get their breakfast after I get the kids off to school and they will still be serving it! I’m excited!

  24. I’m excited that I’ll be able to get McDonald’s breakfast anytime I want. I think this is so neat!

  25. We totally had “brinner” tonight. I forgot to take out the meat so it was frozen – simple solution breakfast for dinner! I don’t go to McD’s but it is a nice option for those that love their breakfast meals.

  26. I so wish I could have made this event on Friday! But I won’t be able to, working at the office all day. Glad you shared this information!

  27. This is great news. I love their Sausage McMuffin and I’m really glad I can get it any tome of the day.

  28. My daughter was SO excited about this. Then she found out they weren’t offering McGriddles – not the best day to be in the car with my teen lol!

  29. My 3 year old will be so excited. He loves the pancakes.

  30. That’s awesome! I hope that start this in Singapore soon. I love breakfast dishes anytime of the day 😉

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  31. I love McDonald’s breakfast way too much. Now I have to avoid the area or I’m going to turn into a Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel. So good. So so good.

  32. I heard about this on the radio. Since I never been to McDonald’s for breakfast, I liked getting to see your photo.

  33. I love the fruit & yogurt parfait and hash browns. Those are always my go-to items to purchase at McDonalds so I’m excited to be able to purchase them any time of the day.

  34. Oh my college freshman is going to be so excited about this!!!

  35. Makes it nice to have all day breakfast. Now if you’re craving McDonald’s breakfast at 11am you can still get it. Love it!

  36. My kids were so excited to see that breakfast was all day like this! We plan to hit them up for pancakes for dinner this weekend.

  37. Egg or Sausage McMuffin all days sounds good. I love their breakfast and I’m glad that you can now get them any time of the day.

  38. All I can say is IT IS ABOUT TIME!! I think McDonald’s was the only one who cut off breakfast at an early hour. Not everyone is on the mood for hamburgers or whatever-now at least they have a choice.

  39. Cool! I’ve been working the night shift for as long as I remember and brinner is my everyday feel-good moment. Way to go, McDonald’s!

  40. They needed to do this a long time ago! Go Mc’D!

  41. That’s Sounds perfect for me! I hope that mine starts this soon.

  42. I have so many childhood memories of eating McDonalds breakfast while on vacation. My sn will be excited to try it out!

  43. I have good memories of McDonald’s breakfast. I’d always get the egg mcmuffin as a kid.

  44. All I can say is finally! It’s about time. Breakfast is really one of the only reasons we go to McDonalds. I particularly enjoy going there and ordering breakfast then working on my blog for a couple of hours. Did that last week and it was great. Love the McDs ambiance and breakfast options!

  45. I can totally relate. I have 2 boys that are in 2 different schools with different start times as well so having breakfast at anytime can be a lifesaver.

  46. A breakfast party is a great idea. I am glad they made this change breakfast is about the only thing I eat at McDonalds.

  47. My son requested pancakes yesterday at 2pm and guess where we found them!? McDs! HAHA I love it!

  48. Jammies and McDonald’s breakfast whenever I feel like it sounds like a perfect day to me! I love their breakfasts.

  49. This is great for people like me that LOVE breakfast!

  50. I am LOVING that I can get McDonald’s breakfast any time I want. There are weeks where I live off of the big breakfast platter.

  51. ThIs is exactly how I want to spend a day! All day in my pj’s, eating breakfast food.

  52. I forgor that Mcd’s was doing all day breakfast! This will be awesome breakfast for dinner on nights I don’t want to cook.

  53. Why did it take so long to do this?! College would have been much better if I could have gotten McD’s breakfast anytime of day!

  54. Oh, this is so exciting!!! My daughter just adores the hot cakes, but doesn’t always want to eat first thing in the morning, so this is perfect!

  55. ohhh all day breakfast, that should be great. Now they need to come out with all day lunch!

  56. I’m definitely down for a Sausage & Egg McMuffin with cheese! LOVE THOSE and I’m super excited that they are serving them all day now! Thanks for letting us know!

  57. My son in law was so excited about all day breakfast! He went the first day that McDonald’s had it in our area.

  58. Very exciting news!! I have certainly gone to the drive-thru at 11:00am, only to be turned away.

  59. Free breakfast?? I’d totally go out in PJs for that, lol! We love McD’s breakfast menu, and I can’t wait till we get all-day breakfast here too!

  60. Wish everyplace had breakfast all the time. Maybe with MacDonald’s on board everyone else will follow. For now I will enjoy my McDonald’s oatmeal more often:)

  61. McDonalds is <3 I'm craving Pancakes, Hashbrowns ha-ha I will definitely visit 'em tomorrow morning. I wish we have all day breakfast pjs party too 🙂

  62. I haven’t had the opportunity to try the breakfast menu during lunch or dinner hours yet. As my boyfriend recently had gallbladder surgery. Doctors said no fast food. I really want to have an English Muffin now.

  63. I dont do McDonalds very often. Nice to know that I can get breakfast all day.

  64. The Breakfast Pajama party sounds like a fun event, not a great fan of Mcdonalds Breakfast but I do have it sometimes.

  65. This is awesome for those who work strange shifts like my husband!

  66. I love breakfast for dinner so this is huge for me! Even when the kiddos want a Happy Meal I’ll be able to get a McMuffin! Love it!

  67. This is awesome news. I love the yogurt and the pancakes!

  68. I like being able to order breakfast any time of the day! Sometimes you just want an egg sandwich instead of a burger!

  69. Well they serve breakfast all day now except for my favorite Egg, bacon and cheese biscuit. They don’t consider Florida as the south and that is one item they won’t serve all day.

  70. This makes me so happy. I adore McDonalds breakfast!

  71. What a fun idea–to head to McD’s for a pajama party! I absolutely love their sausage biscuits but have been watching what I eat so I will have to look into their healthier options.

  72. It’s about time. I have always liked their breakfasts best and it always seemed like I would just miss their cutoff time. I’ll be having breakfast for dinner at our local McD’s soon.

  73. What a fun idea. We love breakfast all day and am so happy to hear that McDonald’s is offering it now.

  74. You had me at the intro. I used to work at McD and always wondered why they didn’t serve it all day. I could take an egg mcmuffin any time.

  75. McDonalds is awesome! I’ve never been in a breakfast all day pajama party, It looks fun and I know foods are yummy.

  76. Oh yes! I’m going to McDonald’s tomorrow and ordering breakfast for dinner just because I can now!

  77. This is great to know! Who says breakfast is just for the morning! Love their biscuits!

  78. I’m so glad they serve breakfast all day now! I have been getting their chicken biscuits.

  79. I’m so glad they now have breakfast all day. Unfortunately the one right in our town is very limited, so they have nothing I like for breakfast..but there are others that are not to far away that have breakfast items I do like.

  80. I love breakfast food. So this is awesome for me. I hope they make it a weekly thing. Lol.

  81. My fiance is so excited that McDonalds is serving all day breakfast now! It is his favorite!

  82. My kids are in love with the Breakfast all day! Great that it happened

  83. When I saw this at McDonald’s, it was like a dream come true. I just wish they served the entire breakfast menu all day long.

  84. Yes! All day breakfast is the best idea ever. I think it would be great if they could add all of the items.

  85. My family love McDonald’s breakfast. I hope they start the all day breakfast in Canada as well.

  86. I can’t count the times I’ve gotten there late!

  87. A McDonald’s pyjama party would be fun – wish they had them in our town! but still…. yay for all day breaky 😉

  88. I love McDonald’s breakfast- but I always stick to the classic egg mcmuffin!

  89. It’s happened to me, ordered and realised that it was passed the time and I wasn’t getting my breaky at 11:01..bummer…that’s great news!! Thanksfully they serve coffee all day because I love their blend.

  90. Totally random McDonald’s story. They used to have birthday parties there! My parents won a party at an auction. My sister ended up having her birthday there. All I can remember is a game stacking the hamburger boxes.

  91. Good to know McDonald’s is doing this it’s always breakfast time for someone somewhere. People have irregular life and work schedules and why shouldn’t they be able to get breakfast any time of day?

  92. Free or not, McDonalds always has yummy breakfast fare that is filling! When I have to leave the house in a rush in the mornings, it is a McDonald’s drive through that I’d be looking for!

  93. My family is super happy that breakfast is all day now! An all day pajama party sounds like fun!

  94. I wish our McDonalds will do this! I’d totally dress up for a PJ Party. Actually the commercial (at least aired here) features one of my friends so it’s that’s even more fun!

  95. I love McDonald egg muffins, oatmeal and coffee! Very affordable and quick breakfast! Delicious !

  96. I am glad to hear that McDonald’s is making changes.

  97. Me and my kids would love this. I’m so glad that McDonald’s was serving for breakfast. We can eat there before my kids go to school.

  98. I agree, my mornings are so hectic as well like many other moms go through. The All day breakfast sounds like a good idea so you can enjoy some of those special foods during any time of the day. Egg McMuffin & Hotcakes with Sausage would be an ideal choice for my breakfast.

  99. Pretty soon Taco Bell and Burger will join the all day breakfast revolution.

  100. I am a fan of all day breakfast. This sounds like a good idea from McDonalds.

  101. I can’t tell you how many times we JUST missed the breakfast mark at MCD. So excited for all day breakfast

  102. I may be the odd one out, but I have never like MCD breakfast. LOL My husband says I’m strange, but I’m down for a pj party at MCD! LOL

  103. I love the breakfast all day idea. I really like the bagel with just a slice of cheese added, and a cup of coffee. mm hmm

  104. Their bacon egg and cheese bagles are my favorite. I really cant get enough of them, especially while pregnant.

  105. We’re same my mornings are so hectic, my kids loves to eat Egg McMuffin. I’m gonna try to have an All Day Breakfast.

  106. All day breakfast is my favorite!!! Terrible for my waistline though since I could totally eat breakfast all day!

  107. I can eat breakfast at just about anytime of the day so this is awesome news!

  108. I just got the flyer in the mail for this! I kept the coupons and fully intend on using them 🙂

  109. I love that I can have a sausage mcmuffin any time I feel like it. Even I have a bit of bread now and then!

  110. It’s about time they do this. I love their Sausage McMuffin and it’ great news that I can now have it any time of the day.

  111. This better be happening up here in Canada too!!!

  112. My husband is an all day breakfast guy so this will thrill him! I foresee a much happier response from him when the kids as for McD’s from now on!

  113. We only go to McDonalds when their seasonal McRib is being offered. I like the idea of all-day breakfast though.

  114. Egg McMuffins are delicious especially when the cheese is all goeey and fresh.

  115. The all day breakfast pajama party sounds like fun. And with free breakfast? That’s awesome! I wonder if our McDonald’s here will also host a party like that.

  116. I was excited about it until I realized there were no biscuit sandwiches. But my kids just love getting pancakes in the middle of the day.

  117. I think they are doing here too. I think it was a cool idea they started doing this.

  118. I didn’t realize McDonalds was offering breakfast all day. I’m sure that will come in handy. I love their coffee!

  119. I love breakfast for dinner!! I don’t think this has reached Canada yet..?? But it would be a great alternative to pizza night!

  120. I had no idea that they had all day breakfast now, this is awesome! I’ll have to check and see if we have this in Ontario!

  121. All day breakfast… because an Egg McMuffin is a great snack at 3:00pm? For some, I guess so!

  122. I hate to miss breakfast, I’m a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.

  123. I actually just treated my kids to breakfast from McDonald’s for dinner the other day! We were a little disappointed there are no McGriddles, but they were happy anyway! Hash browns FTW!

  124. Omg! Hash Browns ALL Day!!! I’m totally there!

  125. This is such a tease! We don’t get that here in Canada. I LOVE McD’s breakfast!!

  126. My boys love McD’s hotcakes. This will make them so happy!

  127. They are just rolling it out in my area. Lots of folks are happy to get those McMuffins in the afternoon now.

  128. I am so excited about this!!!! I always hated that breakfast ended so early! No longer have to worry about that cutoff now! About time mc Donald’s 😉

  129. It’s about time they did this! Whenever I have gone out of state to visit my daughter and her family, I have tried to get the the McD’s at the halfway point before 10:30 so I could have breakfast! Now I won’t have to worry about it.

  130. My favorite item that they are offering is the Hotcakes with Sausage. I haven’t enjoyed it yet…it’s funny how you want something so bad when it’s not available and then when it’s here, you don’t have an immediate need for it.

  131. What a great idea. Any excuse to eat breakfast all day