Mar 012017
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Okay, so I am new to this whole blogging thing ( BIG thanks to Robin for giving me a chance!!) and recently attended my first blogger event. It was for a chalkboard t-shirt company called Chalk Me Up! I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with the owner, Shelley Henshaw, and she is super nice and has such a great product.

Shelley developed the idea in 2011 when her son came home with a can of chalkboard spray paint and used it on his wall. Shelley thought it would be great if she could get it onto a t-shirt, and over the course of the next year tried every kind out there. In 2012, she finally hit the jackpot and found one that worked, and the rest is history. She is now in her 6th year of business and the t-shirts have been a huge success, particularly in her home market of New York/New Jersey. She wants to expand into New England (and all over, of course!) because she grew up here in Western MA.

These t-shirts are so cool! Each one comes with a free box of chalk (it works best when the chalk has been worn down a bit, though) and you decorate them any way you want. Want to change your picture? A damp cloth will wipe it away easily. They are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer, though the color of the shirt may fade, so air drying is best. They come in several designs: the talk bubble, heart, flower, T=Rex, shark, and a brontosaurus. She can even do custom orders (there may be an extra fee).

These shirts are great for birthday parties; I know my son had a dinosaur birthday for his 4th birthday many years ago and would have LOVED these. They are also great for bachelorette parties, group events, and fundraisers (contact Shelley at for details).

I am not very artistically inclined, but I did a few designs so I could test these out. I sprayed the shirt with water and lightly wiped it…….no chalk! A word to the wise: do not wipe it with paper towels, it will leave a residue.

A big thank you to Shelley for letting me test out her shirt, and another thank you to the sponsors of this event & #craftsbynoelle

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My name is Rachel and I'm the single mom of a 14 year old boy. I am a Registered Nurse nurse caring for our nation's veterans. I'm a amateur photographer and a self-proclaimed "adventurer"; I am always looking for for free and inexpensive ways to enjoy life.

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  1. How cute is that? I love this idea and may consider these for my toddler!

  2. What a cool idea. I a hope to do some of these soon too.

  3. That’s such a cool idea! I love super cute crafty stuff like this.

  4. It’s really great that you can get creative with them!:D I really like the shark!!!:D

  5. Those are so cute! I love super adorable crafty projects like this that spark creativity.

  6. Definitely going to contact Shelley as I think this could be a great fundraiser for my community’s block party! Love this idea!

  7. Chalk Me Up sounds like so much fun! I love chalk crafts. I’ll have to give these guys a closer look.

  8. I love inner cation! Cute shirt. How fun would that be for a reveal??

  9. This is so cool! I have never seen this before! My daughter would absolutely love it!

  10. These shirts look so cool! I think my son would love them!

  11. This is a great idea and a fun concept! I am sure it will do very well. Glad you enjoyed your first blogging event x

  12. These are super cute! What a fun idea for kid’s birthday parties!

  13. What a fun shirt that would be. I think my niece would love to have this. She’s so much into art and she can scribble and draw any of her designs on the shirt. I’m letting my sister know about it so she can get this for my niece.

  14. Now that is a clever idea. These would be cool for groups that go to amusement parks together so they’re all wearing the same thing and identifiable. So many things could be written or drawn on the shirts so each could identify group memebers.

  15. Now that is a clever idea. These would be cool for groups that go to amusement parks together so they’re all wearing the same thing and identifiable. So many things could be written or drawn on the shirts so each could identify group members.

  16. Love this “chalk” idea a lot. It makes me feel good to know more about this. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  17. What a clever idea for a tee shirt! And welcome to the world of blogging! You are doing a fantastic jo. I enjoy your posts!

  18. What a cute shirt. This would be great for those pictures that show the childs age.

  19. That is super cute! I wish this had been around when my girls were younger. They would have loved this.

  20. What a cute idea! And I like the tips that you put on there like working in the chalk to make it right better or don’t use paper towel! I think this will be fun for my son.

  21. Wow. A chalkboard shirt is such a unique and creative idea. I’m sure kids have a blast with this product.

  22. Okay, these are pretty cool. My kids would have had a blast with them when they were little.

  23. what a great idea! kids would love this but so would an adult for a party to change it up a bit.

  24. My son really loves chalk! We considered putting in a chalkboard in his room. This would be an awesome gift for him! He would love to decorate it himself!

  25. This is so cool, I had never heard of chalkboard tees before, I love this concept! Why a great gift idea, too.

  26. What a cute shirt! I love this idea, we are gonna try it!

  27. I have never seen anything like this….what a great idea! I can only imagine how much fun my kids would have with these shirts!

  28. This is too neat. I know a few kids that would enjoy it.

  29. Those shirts are super cute! I would love to get some for my son’s birthday, I bet everyone would have fun drawing their creations!

  30. These are super cute! I love how chalk has moved away from just chalk boards and side walks now!

  31. Love, love, love this concept! Such a great way to get creative and express yourself, plus a totally awesome fundraiser idea.

  32. I wanted to have different colors of this shirt and write out my mood on each design every time I wear it. This was so fun and unique.

  33. What a fun idea. Would be a great birthday gift, we always like to give unique gifts so this perfect!

  34. Oh wow! What a great idea ! Perfect for parties and for kids to express their creativity!

  35. We love to play with chalk. This is such a great idea for this weekend. The kids are going to love it.

  36. These shirts seem really cool. I like the different design options and the reasonable price!

  37. Great cool ideas.i wish I was this creative. Very inspired by you.

  38. What a super cute idea this is! This is something kids would definitely have fun doing :]

  39. Wow this is really neat. I think it would be cool to have a couple of these for the family. My kids would love having them to decorate and write whatever on!

  40. This is so cute! Do they make a ladies’ large? πŸ˜‰

  41. That’s cool! A chalkboard that you can wear, essentially. That would be great for when I change my mood. I can erase the happy quote and put a dire warning on there for anyone within a 10 foot radius!

  42. These are awesome!!! I am going to get some shirts for my daughter!

  43. These shirts are SO cool. I’m sure my son would have fun planning what to write on his every day.

  44. What a cute idea! Very creative and my daughter would LOVE this! She’s is so into scribbling and coloring so this will be up to her alley.

  45. Awe thats a cute idea! Thanks for sharing it with us, would be great for a kiddo treat/activity!

  46. That’s too cute! It’s really creative and unique idea! I’m going to try it.

  47. My daughter will surely love this chalk me up! It’s really fun and unique!

  48. My daughter will surely love this chalk me up! It’s really fun and unique!

  49. This is so cool! I need to get a few of these t-shirts! What a fun and creative concept.

  50. My grandkids would love these shirts! They enjoy using chalk on the driveway, so I know they’ll love drawing on their shirts. These would make cute gifts too.

  51. How fun are these?!? I think my son would absolutely love this! He’s always asking for his chalk!

    • What is it about kids and chalk? They all seem to be obsessed with sidewalk chalk and chalkboards. So fun!

  52. Welcome to the blogging world Rachel and the chalk event looks fun for adults and kids. Like the t-shirts x

  53. What! This is such a cool shirt! I love that it’s versatile and it will definitely get your creative juices flowing. It would be nice to get shirts for the whole family.

  54. Very cute idea and sure it is a big hit with the kids. How does it hold up to washing overtime and the wear and tear on the t-shirt?

  55. I have never heard of this but it sounds so fun. Great idea for birthday parties. My grandchildren love playing with chalk, especially in the summer. They would love this.

  56. This is super cute. I was actually at that event. It was so fun. We actually did the t rex tee.

  57. Wow, this is a very creative idea!
    These T-shirts look cool and allow for the individual to show his or her creativity as well.

  58. I love playing with chalk with my kids because the creativity is limitless…the only thing I hate is the mess. I wonder if it is any cleaner when on a shirt.

  59. I love this idea for a shirt! You can change it up with sports teams, holidays, etc. Such a fun idea!

  60. I like the idea! This is a pretty fun shirt and it’s definitely something that I wouldn’t mind getting for myself and for friends. I like that you can write whatever it is you’re feeling for that day.

  61. What a great idea! My kids would love this.

  62. WHat a totally cute idea. A great gift idea for my little god daughter.

  63. What a fun and cute idea. Thanks for this, you gave me an awesome idea to do soon! Love it!

  64. I think this is a cute idea! Especially for summer! My daughter would love this.

  65. That is such a cute idea there is so much chalk projects that can be done I never seen clothing though that’s great.

  66. I love the concept of this shirt. I bet it would be so fun to wear to events to represent my site.

  67. Looks like a fun event! I love playing with chalk, but never thought about using it on clothes. It came out cute!

  68. These shirts would be great for any race like a 5K. You could write your team name for one race, then change it again for the next race.

  69. My daughter is always looking for fun birthday party ideas. I will have to share this one with her.

  70. These shirts are absolutely adorable. What a great item to have at a birthday party for the kids instead of a “goodie” bag. Love it.

  71. These shirts are absolutely adorable. What a great item to have at a birthday party for the kids instead of a “goodie” bag. Love it.

  72. Omg I love this! So cute and such a great idea

  73. Omg I love this! So cute and such a great idea!

  74. What a super fun idea! So, if I’m understanding right, you can wipe off old messages and add new ones without having to get new shirts each time you have a new message or word you want to write on it? That seriously is so cool.

  75. I never heard of this brand before. It looks like a cute idea!

  76. What an adorable idea. Love it. Thanks for sharing!!

  77. What a fun idea! We love to have fun with chalk at our house! My daughter would love this!

  78. This looks like so much fun. It would be a great idea for a birthday party or sports team building. Love it!

  79. I’ve never seen clothing where you could write on it with chalk before. This is a very creative idea and someone could get a lot of use out of a shirt.

  80. This is so cute! I love simple crafts like this, they are fun to do.

  81. This is such a brilliant idea – I’ve been looking into printing on tops lately because I want to create a few DIY posts around it and this is by miles the most clever one I’ve seen! x

  82. This is so creative!! I actually prefer chalk over markers when it comes to something like this.
    The great thing about it is anyone, any age can enjoy this.

  83. This is so creative!! I actually prefer chalk over markers when it comes to something like this.
    The great thing about it is anyone, any age can enjoy this.

  84. That’s so cute! It’s really a nice idea and you can also use it for activities.

  85. This is such a fun idea. My kids love doing activities with chalk. I think they would really enjoy this craft and activity.

  86. That would be such a fun project for my kids’ school. We have a Jog-a-thon coming up and having shirts you can add a personal touch to would be a hit with the kids.

  87. How cute is that! Drawing your own designs must be so fun for a kid.

  88. What a fun idea!! My girls would love to have one of these t shirts!

  89. My eight year old daughter would LOVE this! I’m sure she would pick the heart design.

  90. Wow these are so cute! I love the idea that you can change up what it says each time. I’m sure my kids would have to help too!

  91. Hahaha, love this! Would even wear one myself! That’s such a cool idea πŸ™‚

  92. What a cute concept. I love crafty stuff like this
    Katja xxx

  93. These shirts look amazing! What a great idea for kids, I know my daughter would love them!

  94. I have seen this a couple places! It looks like a lot of fun – I think my kids would love something like this as a project or little outing!

  95. This is so fun! You could even write in holidays like, “St. Patty’s Day”.

    It’s great it came with chalk.

  96. This sounds like a fun activity. It is something that is fun all year long for anyone no matter waht their age.