Aug 092016

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Chef Boardee

With the back to school season approaching, my family is looking for easy weeknight meal solutions. By spending less time in the kitchen, we can enjoy other after-school activities together. Now through August 29, 2016, each 14.5 to 15 ounce can of Chef Boyardee is on Rollback at Walmart for only $0.80! Purchase five cans for $4 in a variety of flavors that include: Mini Ravioli, Beefaroni, and Spaghetti and Meatballs. You can enjoy a week’s worth of quality meals at an affordable price.

Be sure when you stock up on Chef Boyardee at Walmart to look for the Chef Boyardee cans that feature NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives, and NO artificial colors. With quality ingredients since 1924, Chef Boyardee has been a pantry staple for many families.

While shopping at Walmart, be sure to look for the Rollback signs for Chef Boyardee in the Canned Food aisle!

  57 Responses to “Chef Boyardee is on Rollback at Walmart NOW! #SAVEONCHEF #CBIAS #AD”

  1. These are great for dinners that need to be rushed. Travis has had a lot of art meetings lately. I could use some of these around our house.

  2. I love this! I announced it out loud to everyone in my living room. “5 for $4, 5 for $4!” They all laughed, but it’s so good to stock up on them.

  3. Sounds like a great deal! I’ll have to grab some for after school snacking.

  4. $0.80 is a great deal! My oldest loves these so I try to keep a few cans in the cabinet for those times where he needs something quick and I’m not home.

  5. We love Chef Boyardee in our house. There was a time when this was all my boys would eat for lunch and I must admit I kind of love it too.

  6. Love these rollback prices! What a deal! Perfect no-fuss, easy dish.

  7. Sounds like a great deal! Rollback prices always make me look.

  8. I’ve been enjoying Chef Boyardee products since I was a little girl. With these prices, it’s time to stock up again!

  9. I used to love these meals as a kiddo. Husband still does haha!

  10. I’ve never tried this and I’m looking for quick and easy meals. I checked it out online and it looks like a good option to have in the pantry for those hectic school evenings!

  11. What an awesome price WalMart is giving on Chef Boyardee products. I always try to keep a few extra cans on the shelf for emergency meals (aka I have no ambition to make dinner or lunch). The mini ravioli is my favorite, and the rest of the family enjoys Beefaroni. I’ll pick some up for the local food pantry, as well.

  12. I love this deal and love Chef Boyardee. Whenever possible I stock up on my kids favorite mini ravioli and spaghetti. Just wish there was a closer Walmart in my area.

  13. THanks for this heads-up! We love Chef Boyardee so I will be sure to look for this on my next trip to the store.

  14. Hard to believe in my 42 years on this planet I have never tried chef Boyardee but after reading this post that is about to change! Thanks for sharing!

  15. It’s hard to believe that this has no artificial flavors, preservatives, or artificial colors. Most things do, so I will definitely be buying more of it.

  16. BOOM! Thanks for the heads up. My kids live for this stuff after school.

  17. I’ve never tried this before. Great that there’s a discount and that there are no yucky additives.

  18. Chef Boyardee is always great for a quick and easy meal. I love that you can get five cans for $4 at Walmart!

  19. What a fabulous deal, I remember eating Chef Boyardee as a kid. Love this brand. The savings are great too, because they are already a pretty affordable price.

  20. This is a great deal on Chef Boyardee. I always liked to keep some around for the kids when I was working late and their grandpa was watching them. Way easier than having him try to make something.

  21. My kids love Chef Boyardee. I like to keep it around for an easy lunch for them to have every so often.

  22. I have not had this for A LONG time! I actually forgot about it! I bet my kiddo would love it! LOVE the prices!

  23. What a great price. I am going to have to make a stop at Wal Mart soon. My kids all like these for a change from the typical boring lunch.

  24. I’m not a fan of pasta in a can. It’s a good thing they changed the ingredients though.

  25. I loved these as a kid and I still have to buy them for hubby. I love that Walmart is giving such a great price

  26. Perfect timing for back to school shopping. My girls love Spaghettio’s for lunch as a treat sometimes.

  27. This definitely is great deal! Too bad Chef Boyardee products arenät sold here where I live because I would love to give them a try.

  28. This looks like a great deal and lovely meal, shame we dont have Walmart here. Enjoy the deliscious meal.

  29. Man, I loved eating Chef Boyardee growing up and the meatballs were a big favorite. Looks like I need to take advantage of this sale and stock up!

  30. I remember eating can after can of Chef Boyardee when I was young. I wonder if I’ll still enjoy it now!

  31. I never use to let my daughter eat these but I’ve become a total hypocrite because we both eat them. Great deal.

  32. I love when products we buy are on rollback. Anytime we can save a little helps. It all helps.

  33. I loved chef boyardee when I was little. Haven’t really tried it as an adult.

  34. That is such a great price! We love Chef Boyardee! It is one of my little favorites from my childhood!

  35. What you can get cooked ravioli in cans?? I love that stuff! Must try to find it in our supermarket too

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  36. Oh this is a great deal on ravioli! My kids like to take Chef Boyardee in there thermos for lunch.

  37. What an awesome deal!!!! Who doesn’t love chef Boyardee?!?? Yum!

  38. I ate these all the time as a kid. Its cool to know this is still a great quick meal after all this time!

  39. Talk about a throw back. Growing up Chef Boyardee was a staple in our house.

  40. What a great deal for those who enjoy Chef Boyardee. i certainly did as a child!

  41. Chef Boyardee is awesome, it’s perfect for busy nights when you don’t have time to prepare meals. I think it’s great that you can buy their products for a discounted price!

  42. Oh, I haven’t tried this product but great to know about the rollback. I wish we have Walmart here.

  43. what a great deal they have on I am not kidding my daughter ate NOTHING else but this when she was a toddler 😉

  44. This looks like a nice product but unfortunately this is not available in our country. You are so lucky!

  45. LOVE a rollback deal. Always shopping at Walmart for good deals.

  46. This isn’t typically something that my family eats – but it certainly is a good deal! Thanks for sharing, I imagine it’ll help some people out.

  47. Chef Boyardee is something I use to eat growing up every other Friday night when I would go spend the weekend at my Grandmother’s house. This dish brings back so many memories and I may have to get some.

  48. I love Chef Boyardee in a can. I could eat it every day I believe. I am definitely heading to Walmart to pick me up some of these.

  49. We’re all about easy meals here, this is actually one of my husbands favorites growing up. You can’t beat deals at Walmart either!

  50. I haven’t had this in like a decade and my kids have never had it. We will have to check it out since Walmart is right around the corner.

  51. My daughter likes most any Chef Boyardee product. My son doesn’t like any canned ravioli w/the exception of spaghettios. They’re so different from one another in everything, even canned foods, lol

  52. My son loves Chef Boyardee! this is a great time to stock up before school starts!

  53. I wish we had Walmrt in the UK as this is such a lovely deal and one not to be missed

  54. this is bringing back so many memories, as I used to eat this as a kid! Pretty sure I’m going to have to pick some up again, bc this stuff is GOOD!

  55. I remember eating these in college. they were so good and cheap. i think i need to do some shopping.