Mar 272014

Earlier this year, I told you how my husband, Chris, decided that he wanted to run for the Finance Committee in our little town.  The Finance Committee takes care of all matters involving the finances and financial procedures in town & since Chris is an accountant, he thought the Finance Committee would be a good way for him to get started in town politics.

If you missed it, you can read about his first step in the process here.  Last week, he took his second step in the process of running for the position – he participated in a public forum in which he got the opportunity to introduce himself to the voters and state why he’d be a good candidate for the job. The forum was open to all candidates running for positions in the April town election (selectmen positions, school committee, finance committee, etc).

The thing is, my husband is very quiet and shy, so even though he didn’t admit it, I know he was nervous to get up and speak in front of a crowd. Especially since we really had no idea how many other candidates were going to show up and how big the audience would be.


Chris actually was the first person to give his speech.  After all the candidates gave their speeches, the audience was was given a chance to ask the candidates questions.   Chris got three questions from the audience.

Here is his speech and the answers to the questions he got.

I am very proud of him and I think he totally nailed it.  What do you think?

The town election is on Saturday April 5th, so stay tuned for the results!

  107 Responses to “Chris Comes Out of His Shell”

  1. I was totally nervous and scared but it was only a couple of minutes and it will be easier next time

  2. Way to go, Chris! You did a great job. You’re a natural at public speaking. Next stop, the White House!!!

  3. He totally nailed it and wishing him the best of luck. Fingers crossed that he wins now!! 🙂

  4. That is awesome! This type of action is good for the soul, to get out and participate in life 100%! Good-luck!

  5. Chris, I can not get up in front of an audience at all–I applaud you for actually doing it and being able to talk intelligently (I generally lose my power of coherent speech!). Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you get elected!!

  6. Good for him! I get very nervous when I have to be out in front of people, so I know how he must have felt and how proud you are of him for getting up there!

  7. Way to go Chris! I love seeing “younger” people with families taking an active role in town government. It seems like it’s often a lot of older folks who may not be quite as in touch with “real life” situations and stuff

    Good luck!

  8. Kudos to Chris! I guess when you want something bad enough, you over come your fears!

  9. If Chris was nervous, it didn’t show at all! Great job!

  10. You cannot tell he is nervous at all. I agree, he nailed it!! Woot and a big high five to him!!

  11. He did great! That book I got to review would help him if he was nervous. It’s called: Speaking in Front of the Microphone. My husband gets way more nervous than Chris. He literally stops, and turns beat red. I used to, but I have to talk in front of people all the time. It does get easier, but when you’re in front of a different type of audience the nervousness comes back. I get intimidated every graduation ceremony because all the students parents and grandparents are there. I can talk to 60 students and not be nervous at all.

    I’d vote for Chris. He has a lot of experience, background, and education. I don’t know what the other people running are like though.

  12. I cannot get up in front of people at all so kudos to him. He doesn’t look nervous at all. Great job!

  13. Wow, that’s fantastic! Good for him for getting involved. I hope he wins!

  14. I think Chris did a great job and he sounds like the perfect candidate for the position! I’m looking forward to hearing the result of the election!!

  15. Good luck on the rest of the election!

  16. How cool!! I hope your husband wins. Very exciting moment for you and your husband

  17. I agree, I think he nailed it! Love the comment about the grey hair and the teenage son! Good luck to him and the election!

  18. Yes, he did nail it. I loved how he was polite and acknowledged each Q and a “good question”. He should win. He is very qualified and interested to do the job. That’s half the battle, huh?

    I’d vote for him if I were your neighbor.

    Thanks Robin for your nice compliments on my thrift experiences. I am feeling better and it doesn’t take much effort to type, so my posts have been more wordy than usual. I think, and I hope to have a new outfit post up on Monday, eeeek, I hope. Thanks for your thoughts and well-wishes. ♥

  19. He certainly gets my vote. Well, if I lived in your county he would! Fingers crossed he wins! Can’t wait to hear the results! Good Luck Chris!

  20. Good for him and good luck!! I’m very shy and can’t speak publically to save my life!! What a great challenge to overcome!

  21. I think your husband did a very good job. I’m such a nervous public speaker and I try to avoid it but I know they’ll be a time in my profession that I will have to.

  22. Aww, I love how proud of him you are!! I think he did a fantastic job! I’d vote for him. 🙂

  23. Good for him! I hope he wins but I’m glad he saw a need to get involved and stepped up. Please let us know how things go.

  24. Great job. What a prestige position! I’m sure you’re very proud of him.

  25. Sounds like he did an awesome job! Hope he wins!

  26. He did great!! He sounds very confident!

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  27. You did awesome Chris! I agree with your wifey – you definitely nailed it. Public speaking will always have you a bit nervous, but it gets easier and easier with time. Good luck!

  28. He did an amazing job! He seemed personable, friendly and knowledgeable! I hope he gets the position!

  29. He did great! My husband is very outgoing but he hates public speaking.

  30. Awesome job Chris! Great lesson to just go for something even if you are nervous!

  31. Good for him! I think he did a great job. I tend to hate public speaking so I would have been sweating up there!

  32. He seemed VERY comfortable actually and so THAT’S how you pronounce your last name lol

  33. I think he did an awesome job. His nervousness didn’t show through at all.

    If I lived in your area, I would totally vote for him!!

  34. wow he did amazing he is a better person then me I get terrible stage fright.

  35. Yay he did a great job! I hope he wins!

  36. He did perfect! Good for him for doing this. I always hate getting out of my comfort zone, but then when I do, I feel SO good!!! Here is to hoping he wins!!!

  37. He did great! I’m sure that if he does this sort of thing enough times to get past the nerves, he’ll realize that he’s a natural at it.

  38. Good for him! That is awesome. I get all red faced and nervous and just cannot speak in front of a crowd. Even a small crowd. I hope he feels good about his speech (kim)

  39. I’m the exact same way, when it comes to public speaking. He did a great job, and I’m sure he’d get more comfortable after a couple of times. Good luck!!

  40. Yes he did a great job! Good luck with the election! I can’t wait to hear the results.

  41. He did a great job. I can’t wait to hear about the results.

  42. Best of luck Chris. He did great!

  43. He looks so professional and smart!

  44. Oh so cool! Good for him for going after what he wants! He did totally nail it! I would have never guessed he wasn’t a regular public speaker! Wishing him the best of luck!

  45. I didn’t know that it he had to give a speech for the position! What and when is the next step??

  46. That is fantastic. Can’t wait to hear the outcome

  47. He did a great job with his speech and taking questions. He certainly has the experience and education for the committee.

  48. I couldn’t tell he was nervous! I would be too. 🙁 He sounds very knowledgeable and personable. Good luck, Chris!

  49. Good for him! It’s so great when we can push past our fears and step outside our shells! Congratulations, Chris for getting through the first step!

  50. He did great! I would never have the courage to do something like this, props to him. He looked calm and not nervous at all.

  51. that sounds like fun. I can’t wait until my SO join the 50’s club…haha, since that will mean he will be close to retirement.

  52. Great job Christ. I was a bundle of nerves for him.

  53. Awesome Chris! I would have been so proud too!

  54. Way to go Chris!!! You did not seem nervous at all! Very well spoken. Direct response to questions. A little personal details to show who you are, but not too much. Well done. And good luck!

  55. Oh wow way to go :). Best of luck to him, hope everything goes well.

  56. He definitely nailed it! Can’t wait to see how the elections go. I would totally vote for him if I lived there!

  57. Awh! He did such a good job. I wouldn’t even think he’s shy.

  58. Lots of luck— he knows a lot, and that definitely showed in this segment.

  59. Good for him for taking such a big step. It’s definitely not easy getting up in front of people especially when you aren’t used to it.

  60. There are two good times to give a public speech. In the beginning and in the end. He got a good spot.

  61. Wow! Serving in your town and serving others is a noble cause. I admire you Chris for thinking of others. I believe that as long as your motive is pure and you have the right heart of a servant, you will really do a GREAT job. 🙂

  62. Good for Chris! Making the decision and giving the first speech is probably half of the battle. Good luck.

  63. Wow good for him! My spouse is the VP of the HOA…not me. I don’t like all that responsibility lol

  64. that’s great, he did a great job! You should be proud of him!

  65. That’s the thing about public speaking. It’s so scary, but then once you conquer it, you just want to do it more! Great job!

  66. That’s so great that Chris went ahead and did his speech even though he’s a shy person! I wish him all the best!

  67. He did an amazing good! I always get nervous when I have to talk in front of large crowds but he sounded so confident in everything he was saying!

  68. This is awesome! I would never get up there in front of all those people! Well done!

  69. Wonderful job by your hubby. I’m sure you’re so proud of him! I don’t think I could do it, standing up there in front of all those people..

  70. Good for him and the fact that he wants to serve your town. He definitely did great! Congratulations

  71. Hopefully he gets elected. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him!

  72. Good for him! I am keeping my fingers crossed that he gets elected.

  73. He presented himself very well, he should be proud – and i can tell you are! 🙂

  74. He did awesome! Way to go, Chris! He would be a perfect fit for the job!

  75. He did a great job…..good luck to him!!!

  76. Good job! Public service is such a thankless position, good for him for going for it!

  77. This is just so amazing! Chris should be so very proud of himself. I’m proud of him and he isn’t even my husband, lol.

  78. How Cool Robin… and Chris. I am wishing you both lots of luck. For a quiet shy guy…. he is really coming out BIG!

  79. SO awesome and takes so much bravery! GOOD LUCK!

  80. Great Job Chris! I hope you are voted in. I’d vote you in in my town. 🙂

  81. Nice job! It will definitely get easier each time!

  82. Way to go! Honestly, I can agree with most. He does sound like a natural. I hope he gets all the votes he needs! 🙂

  83. Fingers crossed that he gets the positions! I think he’d be great for it!

  84. He did a fantastic job! Excited to see what happens!

  85. It’s great to see your significant other step out of their comfort zone and do something new. Bravo!

  86. Great job. He didn’t seem nervous to me and all. Very well qualified and I would certainly vote for him.

  87. Best of luck to him! That is a very awesome thing to do!

  88. Chris did great! Didn’t seem nervous at all. And it will definitely get easier, each time! Good Luck! Can’t wait to hear the reults!

  89. I think he did great and you could not tell he was nervous. I can not wait to find out how he does in the election, I will keep my fingers crossed for him.

  90. Yay for him coming out of his shell. I think he did a great job!!

  91. Way to go Chris! He did a great job.

  92. That’s so awesome that he’s running and that he made that big jump to come out of his shell. That’s always a hard thing to do! Good luck to him!

  93. It’s so cool that he’s going for this. Great job, Chris!!! I can tell you’re super proud of him. 🙂

  94. Wow! he did a great job! He’s pretty lucky to have great support too 🙂 But he did great! It can be really nerve racking!

  95. I always feared public speaking, kudos to him! He did an amazing job. Wishing Chris the best of luck.

  96. he did a great job! He may have been nervous, but you couldn’t tell, and he answered the questions with such ease! Way to go Chris!

  97. Public speaking is so not my thing, I get very choked up. He did such a great job though!!

  98. Great job Chris it is clear you are great at public speaking!

  99. He did great! Very impressed. Chris, you have my vote. (even if you are an auditor! lol) Seriously – best of luck!!

  100. Way to go! Man I couldn’t do that at all, it would take me forever to get the guts up to speak infront of people

  101. That’s totally great – that took a lot of courage for that. 😀

  102. He looked very comfortable, at least in the video he does not appear nervous at all. Goodluck to him and you for the up coming elections. Looking forward to the results.

  103. Good for him!! I seriously doubt I’d ever have the gumption to run for public office!

  104. He did wonderful, especially for someone who is shy and quiet! I don’t think I could do something like that (I’m very quiet and shy, too).

  105. I can’t wait to hear how the elections went tonight! Fingers crossed for Chris!

  106. I think they would be very hard pressed to anyone more qualified… if they even exist.