Jan 062011

I love living with four males (1 husband and 3 sons), I really do.  I’m more than enough girl for the entire house, trust me on this.  Before I had kids, I knew that I was destined to have two boys, which is exactly what I got.  I’m not sure how I knew, I just knew.  And I am very happy with the two I’ve got.  Then I got divorced, met Chris and got re-married and along with him came a bonus son, who really is a great kid.

I grew up in a house with my parents, a sister & a brother.   The two males in the house were extremely neat & tidy and it was actually my sister &  mother  who were the pack-rats and made most of the messes (they’re “artists”), so when I landed these four guys in my house, I wasn’t expecting them ALL to be so messy.

I mean, if you take the last poptart out of the box, throw the box away!  Don’t just leave the empty box in the cabinet for me to find the next time I am looking for a poptart & have to find out the hard way that there aren’t any left.  If you use the last of the toilet paper, get a new roll so there is some for the next person.  If you spill chocolate milk on the counter, wipe it up.  If you drag in dirt on your shoes from being outside, grab the dustpan & broom and sweep it up!  I know you saw it.  I kid you not, I couldn’t even narrow it down to just one of them if I tried because I’ve caught all of them doing it at one point or another.

You catch my drift.

I’m not the type to just do it myself & carry on.  I make them all clean up after themselves in hopes that they will eventually “get it”, but it’s not sinking in yet.  I’m not sure it will, either.  I don’t care if they are doing something else or have a friend over….I make them stop what they’re doing and correct whatever they did.

BUT….I do have them all trained to put the toilet seat down, so that’s something, right?

  12 Responses to “Clean Up After Yourselves, Will Ya?”

  1. Hye count the toilet seat as a HUGE victory. I also live with 4 males and my house is in constant disarray. Like you I don’t think it is ever going to change and pity the woman who marries my boys. They will have respect for her and know how to treat her, but that is about it.

  2. LOL I have 4 girls and 1 grandson and boy it sure is different with a boy in the house.

    I am a new follower from the Winter Friend Blog Hop. 🙂

  3. I have 3 girls from a previous marriage (who are 26,25,23) and now 2 steps kids, 1 girl and 1 boy ages 7 and 9…uggghhh….they( step kids) are the messiest kids I have ever seen…at our house they HAVE to pick up after themselves..we don’t do it…at their mom’s house it is a free for all..so it is a little harder…;-)…I am hoping it gets easier.. I am your newest follower..via a blog hop..



  4. I think it’s in their core programming that it’ll never sink in. *sigh*

    PS. Got your badge up now 🙂


  5. Is this what I have to look forward too??? I already see it in the 5 year old ..maybe I should start working with the baby now 🙂

  6. 3 boys and a husband here, too…I should take a pic of the current state of my living room. It’s ridiculous. But, I’m refusing to clean up messes that I didnt’ make.

    Unfortunately, they do NOT care.

  7. Did you come and live in my house for awhile when I wasn’t looking? I mean, really, that paragraph where you started talking about the Pop Tarts box…you could have been talking about my house. I live with my husband and two sons (8 and 9) and I have a stepson (19) who already has 3 kids himself (!!). But, hey, at least you have the toilet seat victory…mine still don’t do that. I’m just thankful that now we have a house where the kids can have their own bathroom upstairs and I can banish them from the one I use downstairs.

    I found you through a blog hop, BTW–I’m now following you on Twitter, Facebook, and GFCs.

    🙂 Michelle

  8. New follower from Think of Me Thursday! My husband is HORRIBLE about the “if you take the last thing out of the box, throw the box away” I will sometimes get a taste for something, go to the cupboard, grab the box, and discover it’s empty. And it makes me crazy! He also constantly forgets to close cabinets when he’s done with them. I look forward to following!

  9. It certainly is. Not much is worse than sitting down to pee in a dimly lit bathroom and having your hiney hit the water. EWWWW. ::shudder:: Boys are icky.

  10. The toilet seat is down? You’ve won the war!

  11. Great blog! I have a husband, son and daughter and NONE of them tidy up after themselves!! It drives me mad but when the house is tidy I am always a little dismayed- I like the ‘lived-in-played-in’ look these days!

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