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**My husband, Chris, and I received a complimentary paint lesson at The Paint Bar in order to facilitate this post.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

I had been telling my husband for ages that I wanted to go to The Paint Bar and since he didn’t seem to be getting the hint, I took matters into my own hands and booked us a lesson at the Newtonville location.


You see, I come from a family of artists, but somehow that artistic gene seemed to have skipped me.  Both my mother and sister graduated from the Mass College of Art and here I am barely able to draw a stick figure that even remotely resembles a human being.  That is why The Paint Bar intrigued me.  At The Paint Bar, the instructor helps everyone in the class create a masterpiece by teaching the class how to recreate one specific painting step by step – and I knew that would be perfect for a “beginner” me.

At The Paint Bar, you can call or make reservations online and because space is limited, reservations are suggested.  I made our reservations online and when you book online, you can see which paintings are going to be featured on which night, so can you choose based on that if you’re looking for something specific to paint – which is what I did.

Chris had no idea what we were going to be painting, but as soon as we walked in, they had the painting that the class was going to be working on displayed.  It is called “Moonlit Boston”.


The stations were all set up when we arrived complete with a 16′ x 20′ pre-stretched canvas, brushes, and an easel.  Aprons and paint were also supplied, but we got those ourselves after we were seated.

The Paint Bar set up

before we got our paint and aprons, we made a quick stop at the bar.   Beer, wine and snacks are available for purchase. They are not a bar, but offer an assortment of popular wine (purchased by the glass) and bottled beer for your enjoyment while painting.  You can also bring in food if you like, but you can not BYOB and if you do, you’re breaking the law.  So just buy it there.  Besides, they sell Shipyard Pumpkin – what else could you need?


Anyhow, after we got our drinks, it was time to go get our paint.

There was a chart on the wall that specified exactly what colors we were using and how much of each we needed.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.


We each got a paper plate to put our paints on and all we had to do was pump what we needed onto them.

Getting our paint

After we bought our drinks, grabbed aprons and got our paints, we were ready and very excited to get started.


Our instructor for the night was Breanna and she was awesome.  As you can see, she wore a microphone so that everyone was able to hear her instructions. She was so funny & just really had a great personality.  She really made the whole experience fun and totally stress free.


She started out with a blank canvas like everyone else and painted right along with us so that she could show us exactly what to do.  She also drew it onto a pad on the wall for the people in the back so that everyone could see.

After she gave us a step, we had plenty of time to complete it and she walked around the studio to make sure we were all doing ok and help if anyone needed it.


At one point during the night we had to take a “dry break” to allow some of the paint to dry before we painted over it.  The break was only about 15 minutes, which gave everyone time to grab another drink or snack and/or use the restroom.  The entire process took a little over two hours.

Painting in Process

I kid you not, the instructions were so easy to follow and Chris and I had a blast painting that night.  For two people that don’t consider themselves to be “artsy” people, I think we did alright:


Evening session arrival is at 6:30 pm and painting begins promptly at 7 pm. Afternoon arrival is at 1:30 pm and painting begins promptly at 2:00 pm. The pre-painting half hour gives you time to register, find a seat, get your paint and/or a drink and relax a little before the painting begins.

The Paint Bar has two locations:

1. 823 Washington Street in Newtonville

2. 248 Newbury Street in Boston

The price ranges from $25 to $45 depending on the time and day of the week.  If you’re interested in booking a class, you can check the calendars for both locations at and see what’s coming up.

And be sure to keep up with The Paint Bar on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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