Apr 032017

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper, but as always, all opinions are my own!

I am so happy that spring has finally sprung up here in Boston.  In all honesty, winter wasn’t too bad this year (coming from a girl who is still traumatized from the 4 feet of snow we had on the ground at once a few winters ago). I am so happy we made it through this winter with only a blizzard or two and I am ready for spring like you would not believe.

With the change in seasons, I like to not only spring clean my house, but spring clean my menu, too. I have a picky eater in the house and we all definitely have our favorites around here, but change can be good – and  with the nice weather, I was inspired to try something new. Especially with the great deals going on at Shaw’s! Starting 4/24 you can save $10 instantly when you spend $30 on participating Unilever products like Hellmann’s, Knorr and Lipton.


Online they have tons of delicious sounding recipes, and it has been so warm this week, the four of us decided to have dinner outside on the deck. But what’s dinner outside without an amazing beverage to wash it down. I ran over to Shaw’s the other day and picked up the ingredients I needed to make this amazing recipe for Lipton Mega Mint Iced Tea that I found.

Here’s what you need:

  • 4 of cups water (to be boiled)
  • 2 Lipton® Iced Tea Brew Family Size Tea Bags
  • 1 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves
  • 2 cups of ice water

Here’s what you do:
1. Start by pouring 4 cups of boiling water over your 2 Lipton® Iced Tea Brew Family Size Tea Bags and mint.
2. Let it steep for about 5 minutes.
3. Remove Tea Bags and mint.
4. Stir in two cups of ice water and chill until you are ready to serve.
5. Serve in ice-filled glasses and sweeten as desired.

That’s it, guys. Making this delicious Mega Mint Iced Tea could not be easier and it definitely could not be any more delicious.

Head over to Shaw’s to save on products for your spring menu ideas! And be sure to check out the website to let me know which recipes you are looking forward to making this spring.

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  1. That’s mega AWESOME! I’m a Georgia girl, so I’m totally on board with the mint tea. Yummo!

  2. Well, I DO deCLARE! That looks so good. I love tea, especially in the summer, and this is really awakening my inner southern bell, y’all.

  3. I love the idea of putting mint in the iced tea. This would be so refreshing on a hot afternoon here in Florida.

  4. I love the opportunity to save on Unilever products! That is awesome! And the iced Lipton tea with mint would be a refreshing drink to enjoy this spring and summer.

  5. The Mega Mint Iced tea looks so refreshing! It would be great to enjoy on a nice, warm day, sitting on my favorite chair with a good book in hand!

  6. I am not a fan of mint tea. However, I can appreciate a simple recipe and I am looking forward to iced tea and spring sunshine.

  7. I love warmer weather for ice tea. Soon it will be warm here.

  8. We are regular Lipton tea drinkers in this house. I would love to try it with the mint, that sounds super refreshing on these warmer days that have lingered around lately!

  9. This is great, I can see me making it in the hot summer months for sure when I am entertaining guests. Thanks for this idea!

  10. Oh we’re definitely going to have to try this on a hot day. I’m seriously curious about those flavors! I love a good iced tea!

  11. I have so much mint in my yard. I could make a lot of this refreshing mint iced tea.

  12. This looks delicious! I love iced tea, especially now that it’s getting hot outside.

  13. We made some iced tea today, but I love the idea of adding mint to it. I’ll have t do that next time! Today was *perfect* sit on the deck and enjoy a glass of iced tea weather here in Virginia 😉

  14. I drink at least a cup of tea each day. I love the addition of mint, especially when the warmer weather starts to set in.

  15. This recipe seems lovely. Tried it with loose leaf tea? Maybe a lovely loose leaf Ceylon tea or a loose leaf Green Vanilla tea. I bet you will love it even further.

  16. I love all things mint, so this tea is right up my alley. It sounds refreshing and perfect to welcome spring.

  17. it is ALWAYS warm here in Singapore hahahah.. I need to make this refreshing drink!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  18. This looks delicious and refreshing, perfect for Spring. I really like the taste of mint. Will have to make this at home.

  19. Here in the south, I drink iced tea year round and I’d love to add this refreshing mint tea to change things up a bit. Looks so refreshing!

  20. Oh gosh this heat is killing me hey. and i can’t use the fan much coz I have a new kitty in my life lol. This came at just the right time, sounds so cooling and thirst quenching. I gotta try it

  21. I will have to give this a try. I am a fan of lightly-flavored water drinks.
    I get the feeling I would like this tea drink.

  22. This iced tea sounds delicious. I love your step by step explanation.

  23. I will be making this. I LOVE tea and I love mint, so I know I’d enjoy this combination.

  24. I love iced tea especially in the summer. This mint tea looks really refreshing and yummy!

  25. I will need to give it a try! sounds tasty! I ussually drink green ta but not this one

  26. I love mint tea! I’ve never tried to make it myself I usually buy it, but this looks really delicious so I may have to try it.

  27. Mint Iced Tea does sound refreshing. I think I’ve only had it hot. I too am so ready to ditch the winter blues, it’s not funny! I want to bask in warmthness!

  28. Now that the warmer weather is finally here, I am ready for refreshing drinks on the patio. This mint iced tea sounds perfect.

  29. I love Mint in my tea. It makes it so refreshing !

  30. This sounds so good, but I’ve gotta add sugar to that tea! 😉 Being from the south, I’ve never been a fan of unsweet tea, and I know that my family would enjoy this with some sugar.

  31. This looks really nice! We don’t nave much iced tea over here but I think it’s catching on!

  32. I love tea – and I REALLY love mint tea! I’ll have to make this to go along with some of our summer dinners.

  33. This does sound great! There’s different kind of mint you can grow too! My co-worker brought me in chocolate mint, spearmint, and another kind of mint that she grew. I’d love to try different mint teas. Nom Nom!

  34. I’m funny about my teas, but this looks good. I never through to make mint iced tea.

  35. This is really awesome. It’s nice to have some tea especially during the warmer days of the year! This mint tea sounds really refreshing!

  36. I love making ice tea, especially with Lipton bags! I usually infuse with lemon or cucumber, but mint it one I hadn’t thought of!

  37. That;s a great idea.. I love mint flavored tea as it helps reducing the weight . I will try making this with Lipton bags.

  38. I love my iced tea and mint iced tea is even better! This recipe is nice and easy to make and it sounds so delicious and refreshing.

  39. We don’t buy tea we grow our own herb garden and making fresh herbal tea is so simple and such a fresh taste. For those who can’t grow or get fresh herbs this would be a good solution.

  40. Best way to Chill out this summer with these three heart healthy thirst-quenchers that are easy on the sugar and calories.


  42. I love iced tea especially sweet tea. Adding mint would really make it feel different and special. I can’t wait to try it.

  43. I have been turning into a big ice tea gal lately. will definitely give this one a try and pin it for later this summer!

  44. I love iced tea, it is always so refreshing in summer! I have never made it with mint before, this sounds really good!

  45. We grow so much mint. I am so glad to find another way to use it. Thanks, this looks quite refreshing!

  46. Yum, I love mint iced tea! Hoping to grow my own this year so I can make fresh mint tea this summer.

  47. I love tea and drink quite a bit of it all day long! The addition of mint sounds especially yummy! You’ve got me ready for summer now!

  48. During the spring and summer, I drink iced tea all day long. Mint tea is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to try your recipe.

  49. I’ve just been on the lookout for different tea recipes. I need to get away from so much coffee all day, that this might help!

  50. We are in the south, so iced tea is huge here. I love to add some mint to mine. Refreshing.

  51. I love iced tea and a mega mint version would be so refreshing right now. Plus it would be refreshing for summer especially x

  52. Yum! I love that iced tea – and drink it all summer long! I will have to add some mint the next time I brew it. I am hoping the nice weather in Mass brings its way up to Maine soon…it is freezing up here!

  53. I absolutely love that you included fresh mint in this. It is just the perfect touch to take this the extra mile!

  54. My parents have had a pitcher of tea steeping almost every day for I don’t even know how many years. I’m sure my Mom would enjoy this.

  55. Love using mint in my teas (and alcohols, lol). Also happy spring is starting to spring everywhere. I love the cherry blossoms here in South Korea because they’ve made it to the teacup too.

  56. I’ve been hearing of mint flavours evrywhere, mint ice cream, mint tea, mint this and mint that. I’m a scaredy cat for flavors and I’m too scared to try. Maybe I should.

  57. We are in for a pretty big rain storm this weekend! We have had a very wet and very much needed rainy winter. But you better believe that I will be making some Mega Mint tea when it does warm up here! Looks refreshing and simple!

  58. The mint tea here looks awesome and refreshing. I definitely could have used a cup of this today.

  59. It’s nice to spend some time outside, even in your backyard just to enjoy the weather especially this Spring. A cold glass of iced tea is definitely going to help you feel refreshed especially if it’s mint or peppermint!

  60. This looks really yummy. I’m a big iced tea fan.

  61. When I was younger I use drink minted iced tea but now my taste have changed. I should really try to drink this again. x

  62. This looks so tasty! I love sweet tea on a hot spring or summer day.

  63. Mint is perfect for combination in any drink, even coffee. It adds a kick especially on cold drinks.

  64. I love mint tea and trying them out different ways. This is perfect for the change of weather and oh so refreshing!

    Sheri –

  65. We love Lipton tea in the South! This look so refreshing and perfect for Spring. I would need it too after 4 feet of snow!

  66. I love mint in my ice tea! This looks so refreshing and delicious, perfect for a spring day.

  67. So happy that you are finally done with all your Boston snow! And this tea looks really easy to make and super yummy to drink!

  68. It looks like something simple to make. I bet it’s super refreshing on hot days.

  69. You can’t go wrong with Lipton, our favorite tea here in Georgia. I love mint in mine but since I moved, I’ve got to plant more mint.

  70. This does sound like it would be nice and refreshing on a hot day. I also LOVE the bottle you used for the tea! It looks so “down home”-y!

  71. I’m not usually a mint person, but I always try everything once! I bet it’s super refreshing on a hot day

  72. I love the mint addition! Tea is so good for you and has many health benefits. I’ll be making this one!

  73. Lipton homemade Iced Tea is simply the best! Your mint iced tea sounds amazing too. I can’t wait to try it out.

  74. Iced tea is super refreshing, especially when you add some mint to it. I also like using mint when I make fruit waters.

  75. This looks so delicious and easy! I love adding mint to my tea and lemonade, this recipe is perfect for summer!

  76. This sounds interesting. I would have never thought to add mint to my iced tea.

  77. Minty drinks always taste delicious! I usually like putting cucumbers in mine.

  78. Thnaks for sharing this new Lipton drink recipe. Perfect for a summer plunge 🙂

  79. This looks great and would be very refreshing as our weather is quickly warming up in Arizona.

  80. That sounds really refreshing. I love tea. I like making sun tea during season.

  81. It’s Summer here and this Mega Mint Iced Tea just looks so refershing. I might have to pick up ingredients and make some myself.

  82. Oh how refreshing for spring and summer! I love having a big pitcher in my frig of good old ice tea. yum!

  83. Even though I grew up in the South, tea is not something I drink. I’m sure many would love this though!

  84. It’s getting warmer here in NYC now..it will great to try this mega mint ice tea