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Are you all ready for the big game on Sunday? As you probably guessed, we’re BIG Pats fans here in our house, but no matter who you are routing for – game day just isn’t complete without an array of delicious foods. My family is going all out this year because we’re anticipating a big win, so that means we need to have more celebratory snacks on hand than we would if the Patriots weren’t playing. But who am I kidding, when it comes to food, we always go all out.

I will be spending the day cooking and baking in preparation of the game on Sunday, so I have been busy scouring the internet for awesome recipes. There are lots of great recipes to choose from out there and here are some of the ones that caught my eye:

Mozzarella Stick Onion Rings

Football Puppy Chow

Mashed Potato Bacon Bombs

Parmesan Potato Wedges

Chili Cheese dog Bake

BBQ Chicken Pizza Tacos

Loaded Creamy Ranch Dip

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Touch Down Brownies

Muffin Tin Bacon Cheeseburger

Football Whoopie Pies

Cheeseburger Crock Pot Dip

Cookies and Cream Football

Football Helmets

Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs

Cheesy Meatball Cups

Ham and Swiss Sliders

Chicken Enchillada Bites

Pretzel Dogs

Chocolate Beer Pretzel Cupcakes

Football Cupcakes

Football Rice Krispies

Field Goal Cookies

Snack Stadium

Loaded Tater Tot Skewers

While I will most certainly be making quite a few of these on Sunday, I am definitely starting with those cheesy meatball cups. I know that my boys will probably gobble them up log before our guests arrive to watch the game, so I should probably remember to double that recipe.

Which one do you want to try first?

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  104 Responses to “Delicious Game Day Recipes to Try!”

  1. I’m in the process of finalizing my menu for my annual Super Bowl Party. I may have to add some of your yummy looking finds. I’ll be cheering for the Falcons. 🙂

  2. We love to try new recipes to share with friends on Superbowl Sunday. You have so many great ideas here, love it! I am adding a few of these to my list for this weekend!

  3. That’s a great list. It made me hungry for appetizers and finger foods and it isn’t even 7 in the morning!

  4. Yum! All of those look amazing- it’s too bad the Super Bowl is at the beginning of the year when everyone is on a diet

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been looking for some new recipes to make for the Super Bowl. WOOT!

  6. We can’t wait for Game Day. All of these look and sound delicious, but my fave would have to be the mozzarella stick onion rings! Delicious!

  7. This is such an awesome list! I am definitely going to make a couple of these recipes for Super Bowl Sunday. They all look delicious.

  8. Oh my goodness, are you kidding me! I’m swooning with all these goodies, I love the meatball cups!

  9. Gee, which recipe should I start with? They all sound tasty to me. One thing about game day is that I love the foods. It’s the one day that nothing is off limits.

  10. All of these looks so good. I have never been to a game day party as I am not American, but it must be a great experience. I love these ideas and it looks so creative and delicious.

  11. I want the dip and the sliders first and then you can feel free to drop the rest off at my house. My kids want the same thing every year. I am making pulled pork boats topped with cole slaw to jazz it up a bit.

  12. I’m definitely trying some of these recipes for game day this Sunday! They all make my mouth water!

  13. I’m not a football fan, but I can definitely get on board for the food! Football cupcakes sound so cute and yummy!

  14. These look like delicious game day recipes! I’ll have to try the touchdown brownies. They look easy to make and you can never go wrong with Betty Crocker!

  15. These are great recipes for gearing up for the big game. The ham and cheese sliders sound perfect for our next party.

  16. I love these! I’ve been trying to think up some new nom noms for our Super Bowl party. Now i don’t have to!

  17. These are great recipes for game day recipes! I love to tailgate and try out new foods I can’t wait for the game on Sunday!

  18. Tons of great recipes to make for the big game day or for anytime for that matter. Tons to choose from.

  19. These all look great! I love the loaded creamy ranch! Wouldn’t mind trying the meatball cheese cups too 🙂

  20. Everything looks awesome! I am so making many of these things. There will be lots of cheese and delish at my home.

  21. WOW! Now that is a great list of great recipes for what is sure to be a great game! Love the fun twist on the puppy chow!
    I saw several I am going to click on and check out!
    Thanks so much for compiling this awesome list for us!

  22. So we aren’t really football people, but there are so many delicious recipes here maybe I need to change that so we can have a party!

  23. I must make these pretzel dogs. They look so darn good! I haven’t thought about what we’re eating for the game. I totally need to get on that.

  24. Mmm, all of those look so incredibly good. I like the football dip.

  25. That was a delectable set of recipes and very easy to make, even kids can try this. Are we really excited about the game or is it the food? lol

  26. We can’t wait for the Super Bowl, we’re not huge football fans but we really like watching the ads, lol! These all look like great options to enjoy on game day.

  27. I love your list here! The ultimate recipes for game day!

  28. These sound super good! I need to take a look and try them whenever I have some free time

  29. Ooh these are some amazing options! I haven’t planned out our menu yet so I’m liking these ideas!

  30. Thanks for all the fantastic recipes. I will have to give a few a try this week. I am always looking for new recipes to try.

  31. I can not wait to try Mozzarella Stick Onion Rings. These will be great recipes for game day.

  32. That is an awesome collection! I’ve been using the same played out recipes for the last 5 Super Bowls. I needed this!

  33. Oh my these pretzel dogs look so delicious. I am sure they will be a big hit for game day. My Son is having a few friends over and I am sure they will love them.

  34. This is a great list of recipes. I’m excited for the game day. Mainly because of all the food and the commercials though!

    • Same here! The best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials, followed closely by the great party food..

  35. All these recipes look fantastic! I love that I don’t need to look any further, scouring the internet for the perfect menu. Thanks for compiling the best in one place!

  36. Such great recipes to try! I love the variety. I think the mozzarella stick onion rings are a must try.

  37. I think i need to eat all of these…right now in one sitting lol. It is never good to read these types of posts hungry in the middle of the night haha

  38. Looks like you are going to be busy. But it will be a great treat to have so many delectable dishes! Go, Patriots! My husband is from Vermont and I went to school at UMass Amherst!

  39. All of the recipes sound so yummy and perfect for the big game on Sunday! Can’t wait to see my Pats take it home–and watch Tom get his 5th ring! WOOHOO!

  40. I’ve decided on nachos and tacos for our main meal. With this list I clearly need to add more to my menu.

  41. Oh wow! So many good ones here! I want to try all of them, especially the touchdown brownies.

  42. These are awesome! I will surely use some of your recipe for the coming Super Bowl!

  43. Yay! Thanks for sharing this. Awesome list of recipes! I will try some of them..

  44. Superbowl is one of my favorite days purely because of all of the food. It’s better than Thanksgiving! This cookies and cream football sounds amazing. Added to my list for Sunday!

  45. Yumm, can’t wait for Sunday! I’ll try to make some of these recipes in the next days 🙂 Hope I can!!

  46. OMG, you work hard! That is a lot of recipes, I would love to join you for the football buffet you are serving! Thanks for this!

  47. These recipes are a creating of fun, easy, and delicious! I think my kids would like the tater tot skewers, but I’d really love to try the cheese stick onion rings

  48. Mm, yes. I do love to eat. But football bores me to tears so I won’t be watching Sunday. But I will be eating at least. I’d want one of each.

  49. Game Day! Woo Wo! It is an exciting time. so many people looking forward and preparing for it. cant wait.

  50. Oh my gosh, so much drool-worthy food! The ones with potatoes have got to be my favorite!

  51. oooh my God..all look delicious! That football helmet is super cute..

  52. This looks like a good variety of game day snacks or meals. I personally love puppy chow, but we call it Muddy Buddies here. It would be fun to add color to it though.

  53. I’ve already started my preparations for Sunday’s big game. I may have to expand my menu after seeing all of these delicious recipes/

  54. All of this food looks so good. We’re not hosting a party this weekend but I’ll have to make something to bring along with me to the party we are attending.

  55. We are getting ready and I’m excited! And now, thanks to your post, I’m really hungry, too LOL. Some great options here, thanks!

  56. I’m digging the game day football shaped cookies and cream dip. I love that stuff and shaping it like a football is so cute. I’d could eat these all up.

  57. OMG!! So many amazing treats- not sure which ones I should make- going to share this list with my kids and let them decide- thanks for all the inspiration!

  58. If they are all on the menu at your house I’ll be there! Just tell me what time to arrive. You have certainly provided a great list to get any Game Day buffet going

  59. I have book marked this for sure. My husband loves a variety of snacks so he can sit and munch all day long. You have selected some great game day foods here

  60. This is such an awesome list and i don’t know which ones I WONT make! The football puppy chow sounds super yum!

  61. I kinda want to watch a game right now so I can munch on this delicious grub! Plus it looks super easy to make as well!

  62. So many great ideas! And such a variety for even the pickiest of eaters!

  63. Those meatball cups look fun. But that football cake looks so good! So cool there are so many options for football related food

  64. These look amazing. Can’t wait till game day and all the yummy foods.

  65. Now THAT is an incredible list of food. More than I can handle in one day, but seriously, awesome article!

  66. Wow, what a awesome list of yummy recipes! I can’t wait to make some of these this weekend.

  67. Oh, my goodness! I love super bowl foods. I always have meatballs and wings serve during the game day. Thanks for sharing!

  68. I am a Falcons fan but your spread for the Super Bowl looks awesome. I want to try the muffin tin bacon cheeseburger.

  69. I have never really been a big fan of sports, but my family loves football. They’re looking so forward to game day! They’d love these recipes.

  70. What an awesome round up of delicious football eats! I am rooting for the Falcons, but either way it doesn’t matter to me who wins as long as there’s good food like this to snack on throughout the game!

  71. I am all over those chocolate peanut butter footballs. I am a total peanut butter addict and with chocolate and foot ball. I’d be in heaven. Wow thanks also for this great collection of lots of yummy treats.

  72. These all look so delicious! My favorite part of the big day is the delicious food! I can’t wait!

  73. Oh my goodness! Can’t wait to make a delicious recipes for game day! I’ll try one of this list.

  74. Yum!!! I’ll bookmark this page and would try making them all!!! Can’t wait for superbowl this weekend!

  75. Yum!!! I’ll bookmark this page and would try making them all!!! Can’t wait for superbowl this weekend!

  76. Everything sure looks good! I wouldn’t mind serving any of these for game day, they’re going to be a huge hit with the family!

  77. I wish I could try all of these! They all look amazing!

  78. I am loving all these great game day recipes. I will pin it all for the big game this Sunday.

  79. These recipes are not only good for game day but for any party! All of them are worth trying and I am sure my guests would be wowed. Thank you for sharing.

  80. Wow these all look so yummy! I’d love to try the chili cheese dog bake – I’ve never eaten anything like that before 🙂

  81. Ugh, I want to eat everything on this menu- especially those mashed potato bacon bombs. But trying to eat healthy or at least make healthier food choices.

  82. So many of these recipes sound super delicious. Mashed potato bacon bombs?! Yes please!

  83. I can’t believe the big game day snuck up so Quincy! These treats all sound so good, I want to try that puppy chow!

  84. I’m not into the big game, but I am into all the foods!! I can’t wait to cook a delicious spread.

  85. I want one of each of these! All the food is what I treasure most about the big game. Yum!

  86. We are looking forward to the big game in our household.
    This is a great reference list of munchies, thanks!

  87. The snacks are probably my favorite part of the Super Bowl. I especially love the pretzel ideas you have listed here.

  88. These look so much fun! It’s such a shame we don’t have anything like a game day here in the UK – I feel you guys over there have so many more fun occasions to get together! x

  89. I really like Football Puppy Chow. Everything sounds good to me. It’s dinner time here. Nom Nom!

  90. Mmmm what a tasty roundup of game day recipes! Football whoopie pies are right up this girl’s alley! Yum!

  91. Mmmmm these are all some awesome ideas to serve for Super Bowl Sunday! I am really drooling over the cake.

  92. I always think appetizers for Game Day but one look at the Cookies and Cream Football and I want to make dessert this year for the festivities!! I bet it is delicious!

  93. I think the snack platter is very useful, especially as you watch the game, or wait for halftime to have dinner.

  94. Awesome list! So many choices and options. I want the healthy and easy to make ones.

  95. I think I’d try the football cookie helmet first. Definitely would be a hit with the kids!

  96. Those pretzel dogs look SO good! And football puppy chow? Yes, please!! Thank you for all these great recipes, Robin!

  97. Game days are always so much fun as I try out different snack options every time. These are some great ideas as well where the Mozzarella Stick Onion Rings, BBQ Chicken Pizza Tacos & Football Cupcakes would be so much favorite at home!

  98. This was such a great list of game day food. Thanks for sharing all the yumminess!

  99. Thanks for this list! Those hotdogs look scrumptious! I mostly get excited for Superbowl parties because of the food anyway 🙂

  100. This is an awesome roundup! I made several of these dishes yesterday and they were a big hit!

  101. Fantastic recipes! We don’t have game day but these would irk really well for party food! Thx

  102. Yeah!! The Parriots won! Good feast for the Super Bowl party! Thanks for sharing.