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Delicious Watermelon Martini Recipe

I just love summer don’t you? It is all about having fun, sitting outside and relaxing. Oh and enjoying a cool mixed drink or two. If you are looking for a new flavor drink to try this summer, I have one for you. I have come up with a delicious mixed drink recipe for a Watermelon Martini that I think you will LOVE! It is not only good with the taste of summer, it is super easy to make!


Salt (optional)

Granulated Sugar (optional)

Watermelon Wedge (optional)

4 oz Minute Maid Watermelon Flavored Fruit Drink

1/2 oz Lemon Juice

1 oz Real Watermelon Juice

2 1/2 oz Vodka



In large glass or drink shaker, mix vodka, lemon juice and watermelon juice. Drop in ice cubes and shake until blended and chilled.

Mix equal parts sugar and salt on a plate. Dip the rim of the martini glass in water then dip it into the sugar salt mixture. Now pour the drink mixture (not the ice) into the dipped martini glass.

Top of with a ball of watermelon on the end of a double ended toothpick. On the other end add a small wedge of watermelon and place in the drink as a garnish.


Delicious Watermelon Martini Recipe #recipe

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  1. This tastes as delicious as it looks. My favorite part would be letting the piece of watermelon soak in the glass.

  2. That’s sounds SOOO good! I am going to have to make me one of those.

  3. Watermelon and martini – two of my favorite things. Thanks for sharing and will totally have to try now 😉

  4. I’ve made a cocktail with watermelon, but not necessarily a martini. I could get behind this!

  5. So simple and yet I’m sure so yummy! This would be a tasty beach drink I’ll have to try.

  6. Now that is a Martini! YUM. I love watermelon flavors.

  7. YUM!!! I am not much of a vodka fan anymore so I would throw some rum in there. Even Malibu with pineapple would be awesome with the watermelon!

  8. What a fantastic recipe! I’m going to make this for date night with my husband this weekend.

  9. That does sound delicious. We are growing watermelon this year in our summer garden. I’ll have to try this.

  10. I’ve never had a watermelon martini, but it sounds delicious. Watermelon is so refreshing. I’m sure this is a winner. I guess I’ll just have to try it.

  11. I got a big watermelon for Mica’s party. I had 1/2 of it left over. I actually made a watermelon smoothie. It had mint leaves in it. It wasn’t to bad. Your drink looks better though.

  12. Oh yum and refreshing! I had a Martini yesterday (at lunchtime) for my bday hahaha.

  13. This sounds delicious. I love martinis and I love watermelon. Win, win!

  14. Now that sounds great!! I am going to have to try it.

  15. Oh yum, too bad I can’t drink for the next nine months. 😉 all for a worthy cause.

  16. Yum, yum, yum, my mouth is watering here. I love fruity mixed drinks, especially those with a watermelon flavor. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I’ve never actually had a martini before. This however, sounds rather tasty.

  18. This recipe sounds and looks delicious! I’ll have to try making this some time.

  19. I love a good martini – not a “real” martini though… yuck. I like the fruity and chocolate ones. This looks great and totally something I would sip. Thanks!

  20. I didn’t know Minute Maid had a watermelon drink. I must make this drink RIGHT NOW. It looks fantastic!

  21. This sounds like a good one to be sipping on over the Labor Day weekend!

  22. thats sounds delicious. I think adding rum would be good too

  23. Looks yummy. I would have to make a virgin option for myself, so my kids could enjoy it as well.

  24. This sounds fantastic. I can not wait to try adding my own twist to this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  25. This sounds delicious and perfect for summer! Thank you!

  26. I’m not a drinker, but I bet that this would taste just as delicious virgin style! Love the presentation!

  27. What a great summer drink! …I will have to wait just a few more weeks to try it, but I cannot wait! I LOVE watermelon!

  28. Looks delicious. I would love to try one of those!! 🙂

  29. Super fresh! And I love the colour too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  30. Oh that looks simply amazing!!! I love watermelon and will have to try this one out!!

  31. I could go for a martini right about now. Too bad I can’t find the martini glasses and I can’t stand salt.

  32. I love anything with watermelon!

  33. Wow, I had no idea Minute Maid made a watermelon flavor drink. I would choose the sugar for my cup rim.

  34. Oh wow, can I take 4 please?! That looks delish, I need to pick up some Minute Maid Watermelon!

  35. yaaaay… it! perfect companion for summer days..

  36. This looks and sounds soooo good! I’ve been all about watermelon this summer.

  37. This is for sure a drink I need to try. I love watermelon and alcohol together! Might be something I have to pull together this weekend!

  38. That sounds and looks so good! I might have to make this soon. 🙂

  39. YUMMY! I love watermelon. If I come visit will you make me one?

  40. This looks refreshing! I’m a big fan of watermelon too.

  41. I am a huge martini fan so this sounds delicious to me. I have a girls night in coming up and this would be perfect

  42. That is a very refreshing drink. I have made it before. It is a quick and easy drink great for summertime.

  43. Great one! Even though summer is winding down for us this recipe could be a great send off

  44. Mmmmm that looks so delicious. It even sounds delicious. It reminds me of summer,sunshine and warm weather.

  45. Mmmm, I’ve really been loving watermelon drinks lately. This looks tasty!

  46. This looks insanely delicious! I’ve gotta try this out and soon!

  47. This looks delicious! I want one right now!

  48. Sounds like such a refreshing summer drink and better yet, I think it would be lovely without alcohol (not a drinker) 😉

  49. I don’t drink alcohol very often, but I bet this would be a yummy recipe even without it. Thanks for sharing!

  50. I love it! I’ve been making watermelon margaritas all summer. Cannot wait to try these!

  51. I could use one of these right about now….it’s morning! Guess I’ll wait and try it out this weekend.

  52. I so want to try a watermelon drink. I love watermelon. 🙂 This looks really pretty!

  53. What a perfect end of summer drink! Who doesn’t love Watermelon right!? Thanks for sharing!

  54. I love watermelon cocktails. Usually for a martini I use 100% natural juice from the watermelon. I wish they bottled it!

  55. Um, delicious! I swear, I will eat or drink most anything that has a watermelon flavor 😉

  56. This looks awesome! I pinned it!

  57. That is a great drink. Looks so tasty and I love watermelon.

  58. I didn’t even know they sold real watermelon juice! This drink sounds refreshing!

  59. I’m not typically a big watermelon fan, but I think I would enjoy this. It sounds super light and refreshing.

  60. I still haven’t tried a watermelon flavored drink. It looks tasty.

  61. This sounds really good. I will make some for our end of summer party.

  62. This sounds soooo good! I’m always looking for a good mixed drink recipe 🙂

  63. I’ve never been a fan of watermelon anything, but my hubby is!

  64. Back-to-school time means, mommy needs a cocktail at the end of the day! lol This looks like a very refreshing martini, I’ve never had watermelon flavor before.

  65. Watermelon and summer go together like drinks and ice. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe share, my husband is a big martini fan.

  66. I love summer too! And watermelon, this looks so refreshing and good!

  67. I don’t drink myself, but I can imagine surprising my friends by serving it up for them! x

  68. Hooray for cocktails! I give my stamp of approval. 😉

  69. This looks so yummy . I can’t wait until I am off these stupid pain pills to try it out.

  70. Who says summer has to be over? Looks so good!

  71. Oh yum! now this sounds delightful for summer!!

  72. Cheers to summer! What a great use for watermelon. That sound do delish and refreshing!

  73. Lunchtime’s not too early to start drinking, right? Plus, it’s fruit!

  74. This looks really good! I wasn’t a fan of martinis until I had a flavored one not too long ago. Now I’d like to try this one!

  75. I’ve never had a watermelon martini before, I’d like to give it a try though.

  76. I want to try that! It looks so yummy. I love watermelon margaritas.

  77. I could really go for one of these right about now. It really looks refreshing and tasty!

  78. I’ve never had a watermelon martini. Actually, I’ve never had watermelon any other way but fresh!

  79. Yum! My mom would love this. It look so pretty with the watermelon wedge.

  80. I love drinks that utilize fresh fruit, and watermelon tastes and smells great while adding such a pretty pink color. I would make this a mocktail so the whole family could enjoy it, too!

  81. Yum! Fresh and sassy just what i like. This recipe sounds perfect!

  82. I have never had a watermelon martini but this looks amazing.

  83. This looks like it would be so fun to serve. We still have a lot of summer left where I live and a lot of summer partying to do. This will be a great addition.

  84. You are a girl after my heart! I love watermelon and I love martini’s!!!

  85. I may have to make this tonight. This looks great.

  86. This looks really good Robin! I don’t like eating watermelon because of the texture, but I love the flavor of it in drinks. It sounds delicious

  87. First – this looks fantastic! Yummy! Second, I’m obviously behind the times. I didn’t even know about Minute Maid Watermelon Flavored Fruit Drink! I’ve got to get some!

  88. How refreshing, I sure could go for one of those right now!

  89. This sounds really refreshing, especially on a hot day. I love watermelon!

  90. This just screams summer! Might be a good drink to whip up on a snowy day just to bring you back (mentally, at least!) to warmer weather.

  91. This looks delicious! It’s been really hot around here, I am going to need one of these to cool me off!

  92. That sounds so good right now! Perfect summer drink 🙂

  93. I’m not a big fan of watermelon drinks but I think I may try the salt/sugar combo on a future margarita.

  94. I’m never going to look at a watermelon the same again!

  95. Watermelon is in abundance over here…this looks like a great end of summer drink to have with my fellow teachers. 🙂

  96. oh my….
    yeah, I can’t ever drink this. done. I’d be raging alcoholic by sun up…. because it seriously looks way too good.

  97. This sounds delicious! It’s a perfect summer drink!

  98. Ahhh, I knew I should’ve gotten that massive watermelon the other day! And I didn’t make it to the store yet either since we’re all out of the Minute Maid watermelon (love that stuff!). But tomorrow…is it wrong to drink on a Sunday night? LOL

  99. This looks absolutely refreshing and delicious! Watermelon is one of my favorite summer treats.

  100. I make a recipe similar to this, but only use fresh watermelon juice. I am going to try this version too because it is looks very tempting.

  101. What a great way to savor summer a little while longer!

  102. I don’t drink, but I love the idea of watermelon!

  103. First off check out all those comments, just a small bit of jealousy … lol.

    LOL you had me at hello here 🙂

  104. I happen to have an abundance of watermelon right now so thank you for the delicious idea of how to use some of it in a cocktail! Yum!

  105. This looks so refreshing! I would love to make this cocktail. I love watermelon!

  106. I’ve only tried a martini once and didn’t like it, but this recipe sounds like I should give the martini another go!

  107. I may have to make this for the night before the kids go back to school next week. A celebration drink!