May 222017
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When I was growing up, lacrosse was an almost unheard of sport. Over the last 20-ish years, it’s really picked up steam and now there are nine professional teams that play for a Major League Lacrosse here in the US. One of those nine teams are based right here in Boston! The Boston Cannons have been a part of Major League Lacrosse since 2001 and play right at Harvard Stadium in Boston.

I had the chance to go to a Boston Cannons game with my family recently and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  In fact, my oldest son, who is 12, is considering joining a team after seeing a live game. The thing is, it was more than just a lacrosse game – it was an experience. Here are some of the things that made going to the game more than just a game.

Boston Cannons Fan Zone

Get there early and experience the Boston Cannons Fan Zone. The Fan Zone is open at every Cannons home game two hours prior to the start of the game and remains open through the first quarter. At the Fan Zone you will find things like music, ping-pong tables, RCN Ice Cream Truck, FlingGolf, the Bud Light Build-A-Bar, and more! It has something for fans of all ages.

The Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st Fastbreak Family Lounge

The Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st Fastbreak Family Lounge is a field-level area where families can get a field level view of the game, enjoy games and other kid-friendly activities, and check out products from Max-Cosi and Safety 1st. There are also special giveaways and promotions in the lounge. Any family with a young Cannons fan under the age of 10 will be welcome to visit the Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st Fastbreak Family Lounge.

For the 2017 season ,the Cannons announced their partnership with Dorel Juvenile. As the world’s leading juvenile products company, Dorel Juvenile’s mission is “to Care for Precious Life.” As part of the partnership, the Dorel Juvenile brands, Safety 1 st and Maxi-Cosi, will be highlighted in the Fan Zone prior to Cannons home games, where fans will have the opportunity to test child safety and transportation products.

Cannons midfielder Kevin Buchanan is a Player Ambassador of Dorel Juvenile. He, along with his wife and two little ones can be seen often interacting with fans in the Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st Fastbreak Family Lounge.

Why a Boston Cannons game is fun

1. The players spend lots of time interacting with their fans. When the team members were announced before the game, they each ran onto the field with a member of a youth lacrosse team from the area.

The team members also stay out after the game to meet the fan, take photos and sign autographs.

2. It’s a high action game. If you have never seen a lacrosse game, you are missing out.  It’s non-stop action.

3. The Fans!  The fans at a Boston Cannons game are super energetic.  From lining up as the players are introduced before the game starts to the loud cheers when they get a goal -it’s super fun!

Interested in going to a game? You can get your tickets right on the Cannons website here. Harvard stadium is in Boston, but it’s really easy to get to and they have free parking!

Follow along with the Boston Cannons on social:


My family and I enjoyed going to our first major league lacrosse game and hope to go to a lot more in the near future!

Have you ever seen a major league lacrosse game?

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  105 Responses to “Did You Know That Boston Has a Major League Lacrosse Team?”

  1. Oh wow. I had no idea that Boston had a professional lacrosse team. To be honest, I didn’t know there was a professional lacrosse team anywhere in the states.

  2. Great article. I knew lacrosse was a college sport but that’s a great that they have a pro team.

  3. I didn’t even know that there were professional lacrosse teams. It looks like an interesting game although I don’t know anything about it. I definitely need to watch one just to see what it’s all about.

  4. My 10 year old was just saying he wanted to play this game. He hopes that it is offered in middle school.

  5. I am totally not a sports person so I had no idea. I did learn recently that lacrosse, not hockey, is the national sport of Canada.

  6. I don’t follow sports very often, but lacrosse has always been super interesting. I didn’t know Boston had a *professional* lacrosse team. Super cool. Thanks for this info.

  7. This is really neat! I don’t have much to do with sports, but my in laws sure love lacrosse.

  8. No I did not..but then again I have never been to Boston…LOL! If I ever get there, I want to see a game for sure.

  9. Oh wow how cool is this, I had no idea there were major league lacrosse teams, learn something new everyday!

  10. I DID know! My son is obsessed with Lacrosse, so I end up knowing all the Lacrosse things.

  11. I have to say the only version of lacrosse I have ever seen was in Wild Child but I have never seen a live match of it before. I like that the Boston players interact with their fans x

  12. I did not know that! My husband likes lacrosse! I bet this would be fun to watch!

  13. I had no idea that there was a lacrosse team like this for Boston. It is such an interesting sport!

  14. How funny! I was busy talking yesterday to a cousin and they were telling me all about lacrosse. I’ve never been to a major league lacrosse game…sounds pretty cool!

  15. I had no idea that lacrosse had any major league teams! It is a fun game to watch though.

  16. I do not know much about Lacrosse myself. I do know that it is gaining momentum now. I had no idea Boston had their own major league team.

  17. The Fan Zone sounds like a fun way to experience a lacrosse game, even for someone new to the sport. I wouldn’t mind seeing a game!

  18. Lacrosse is not something I’m familiar with. It’s interesting to see behind the scenes look into a sport I’ve never witnessed in person.

  19. Lacrosse is so fun to watch. I had no idea Boston had a major league team. I will have to check them out.

  20. I honestly didn’t even know this. I think Lacrosse is a lot of fun to watch. I honestly wouldn’t mind playing sometime either.

  21. I had no Idea they had a Lacrosse team. I am not into sports at all but I do know who the other Boston Pro-teams are. Many visited Boston Children’s Hospital when my daughter was there. Boston is such a nice place with amazing people/athletes.

  22. Heck, I didn’t even know that there was a professional lacrosse league! I had heard of lacrosse here in nc, but not professionally. That’s pretty cool!

  23. How cool! My son would love to go watch a lacrosse game. I didn’t even realize Boston was getting a pro team.

  24. That is good to know! We don’t play Lacrosse here in the Philippines. The game looks so cool and interesting.

  25. This is so cool! We’ve never been to a lacrosse game but I bet my kids would really enjoy it!

  26. Wow this was really exciting to read, especially all the great photos! You really took me there into your experience 😀

  27. I’ve watched college games before but never pro games. I bet it would be a lot of fun for a family trip though!

  28. I did not have a clue they have a lacrosse team how fun. Boston is great city they are super fans of sports so deos not surprise me they have a lacrosse team =)

  29. I haven’t watched a live lacrosse game. I guess my family is more of the traditional, big name sports – baseball, football, and basketball. I am happy that Boston has a professional playing team. It can give kids other opportunities to engage in sports other that the traditional professional sporting leagues.

  30. How cool it would be to see a lacrosse game in person! I’ve only been to Boston once, and it was just a drive through.

  31. This is so cool! Glad that your family enjoyed the experience! I’m pretty sure my kids will love to try this too!

  32. the article is amazing, the sport spirit is always wonderful. Delight to see some new sport, as , In india there are no lacrosse games and team. Informative and new for me!

  33. Wow! I havent seen anyone playing lacrosse games in Asia. Looks interesting and would love to watch and play.

  34. I never knew Boston had a lacrosse team. We had lacrosse at my high school but it was obviously on a much smaller level.

  35. How cool! My nephew played lacrosse in high school and college. It is a rough sport but he loved it!

  36. I’ve never actually been to a lacrosse game before! It seems like so much fun! We have a team at the university I’m at. Maybe I should check them out.

  37. I didn’t know this. I don’t think I even know how to play lacrosse. I’d watch it though, just to see what it’s all about.

  38. Ni I had no ideas they had a lacrosse team. I have never been to a lacrosse game and really don’t know the rules or how it is played. Well I know the basics sort of. Would be fun to attend and watch.

  39. I have never been to a lacrosse game before. It does look like it would be very exciting! I may have to check out some local games.

  40. I’ve never been to a Lacrosse game before but it looks like it would be fun and interesting to go.

  41. I didn’t know this! Lacrosse is so cool to me! I would love to watch a game in person!

  42. What a cool thing to discover. I don’t really follow sports but at least it’s starting to get known.

  43. I didn’t know This! Lacrosse is such a fun and popular sport.

  44. My friend lost her four front teeth playing lacrosse, so I’ve been wary of it since! However done professional there’s mask and protective gear, so that’s a big improvement!

  45. I don’t follow sports very much so I haven’t been to any Lacrosse games before. It sounds like a fun game that seems to gain its popularity.

  46. My cousins play lacrosse! I had always thought it was a “yuppie” sport until I started seeing it all over Washington! I didn’t realize there were professional teams! Very cool! It’s a fun sport to watch!

  47. The history behind it seems surreal. Nice legacy definitely.

  48. I did not know that Boston had a major lacrosse league, but then again I didn’t know there is a major lacrosse league anywhere! I do love the sport though!

  49. Wow!!! I had never had the chance I bet it will be so fun enjoy one with my kiddos!

  50. I haven’t been to a major league lacrosse game, but it looks like a lot of fun 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t think we have one anywhere close to us.

  51. It’s been a long time since I watch a live tournament. I hope I can watch again personally. It’s a very interactive game.

  52. I am not too familiar with lacrosse, but it really does look like a fun sport. I didn’t know of the major league teams

  53. I have never seen lacrosse before, but what bores me about football is all the breaks and pauses. Lacrosse sounds more exciting.

  54. They sound like an awesome team. I think it’s great that they stay to meet the fans after the game.

  55. I think that lacrosse is such a fun sport to watch. I had no idea that Boston had a major league team, though. I bet those games are awesome and full of action!

  56. I know lacrosse is a big high school sport at my daughter’s school but I never knew there was a pro league. I would definitely go to a game if they have a New York team.

  57. My children had a lot of friends that played LaCrosse. It is a great sport. That is great they have a professional team in Boston

  58. I didn’t know this. Lacrosse looks like it is a super fun sport to play!

  59. I would love to visit Boston sometime. My cousin lives there and I have heard great stuff about Boston.

  60. The US always love their sports and its awesome. There is a soccer final in England and the hype is not as much for Lacrosse. I would love to try it!

  61. I did not know that! We have a lacrosse team here in Buffalo too but I have never been to a game. I will have to take my girls!

  62. My niece just played a season of lacrosse. I think it’s definitely growing in popularity!

  63. Some of our friends’ kids love to play lacrosse. It’s such a fun sport for kids and adults. It’s great that Boston has a team for this.

  64. I have never seen a lacrosse game. This was a very big sport at my high school though. Thats very cool that there is a team near you!

  65. I’m gonna admit, I’ve never even seen a lacrosse game. It’s pretty big here, though! I think it sounds/looks like an awesome sport!

  66. My boys would love to see a game. I love that so many other sports are now having professional leagues. Our city is adding a professional womens soccer team which is exciting.

  67. I did not know this but I have always been fascinated by lacrosse. It’s a sport that I don’t know that much about but more and more schools are organizing lacrosse teams.

  68. This is so cool. My son really wants to play lacrosse. We are going to start lessons soon.

  69. It looks like it was a fun event. And it probably was a good crowd around. I can imagine it would be fun.

  70. Lacrosse games are popular here in Canada, although not as popular as hockey. But going to a lacrosse game is a lot of fun! I love how they play music the entire time – unlike other sports where it stops when they are playing.

  71. Not much of a fan of the sport. I’m in to basketball, and I’m sorry to all the Celtic fans because the Cavs are beating them as of the momment. Not a Cavs fan also, but the Cavs have a better chance of beating the GSW. 76ers fan btw. I just want the NBA championship to be from the East.

  72. I didn’t know Boston has a Lacrosse team! I moved to Michigan about two years ago and found out there are Lacrosse teams at the high school and college level. I’ve never attended a Lacrosse game, but I’ve been wanting to learn more about it. This is really cool!

  73. I’m not familiar with the game as well. I should really read more about it.

  74. Well.. frankly specking i learned about a new Sport today. Lacrosse looks interesting although not sure if it’s played in all parts of the globe..

  75. I have never been to one of these games. It must be really exciting to be there.

  76. I am not much of a sports buff so I didn;t even know there was major league lacrosse but that is so cool!

  77. I always see lacrosse in American movies but we don’t have it over here in the UK. It looks really interesting though x

  78. That sounds awesome. It would be nice to watch a game live and just interact with the fans and the players as well. They seem very nice.

  79. I had no idea! Loved reading all about it! Thank you for sharing it!!

  80. It sound like a lot of fun especially since there are so many fans to share the action with. I like watching games live it’s always so exciting!

  81. This is an interesting sport! Never seen a match in person, but would really love to!

  82. I can honestly say I did not know Boston had a major league lacrosse team – I didn’t even know major league lacrosse teams existed… We may have to check it out someday – we are always looking for something to do.

  83. Sure this will be a lot of fun watching a league personally. Full of cheers from the audience.

  84. Oh, how I wish I am near to watch this! It is so interesting and exciting. I love reading all about it.

  85. I didn’t know there was a professional lacrosse league in the US. I know it’s a popular sport in the Northeast but I’ve never actually seen a game.

  86. Having grown up in FL, I don’t know too much about Lacrosse. I did go out with a guy once who played but he didn’t really tell me too much about it. I looks like an intense sport and fun event to take the kids to watch.

  87. This sounds like a great family day out. What an experience. I have not attendant a lacrosse game. And this sounds interesting.

  88. Sound like a nice day out, have not been to Boston, or ever even seen a Lacrosse game, LOL.

  89. I had no idea, but I think it is cool. Just yesterday I was talking about putting my son in Lacrosse. I think he would love it. I need to find out if we have a secret major league here in my area.

  90. I haven’t seen a Lacrosse game, like never. Not a sports fan of any kind here, but this looks like an interesting sports.

  91. This sounds like something we’d all enjoy watching. I’ve never seen a Lacrosse game so it would be extra special to watch.

  92. I have yet to witness a game of Lacrosse. I’ll look into the Boston team when we visit family out there.

  93. My cousins really enjoyed watching this kinds of leagues. I would definitely want to watch it live as well.

  94. This is super awesome, I would love to see a game. I played Rugby in college but I know nothing about Lacrosse.

  95. I have never been to a Lacrosse game before and have always been interested in seeing one! It looked like a beautiful afternoon to watch your game!

  96. I have never been to a live lacrosse game, this does sound quite adventurous though. I would have loved playing ping pong at the fan zone.

  97. That sounds fun! I always liked sports that are a bit different than the main stream ones.

  98. I had no idea that there was a Major League Lacrosse division in the US! I just recently found out that Major League Soccer is a growing sport, lol

  99. I have never been to Boston (sad, right?!), but now when I do get to go, I will be visiting the lacrosse team there. Thanks for sharing!

  100. Awesome! We haven’t been to Boston in years but my husband’s best friend went to college there so he spent a lot of time visiting the city.

  101. That is so cool. Something I know my children would definitely enjoy. Don’t judge me, but I never knew Lacrosse was a major league sport!

  102. I didn’t know this! How cool, lacrosse is so fun and such a great sport honestly for all ages! Major league sports are awesome!

  103. Babushka had never really thought of Lacrosse before, but now that you mention it it’ll be fun to see if FSU or someone else has a team here in Tallahassee. Gracias for the inspiration! BB2U

  104. How Cool is this?? Fist off I didn’t know LaCrosse even had a league! Our oldest played lacrosse in high school and loved it. I just didn’t seem to get it – lol I think it’s great that Boston has it’s own team! What fun!

  105. I am not aware of this game but it sounds fun like the other popular ball games nowadays.