Jan 122016
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Direct Energy Plans allow residents of Massachusetts and other states to save more money on their electricity bills. I love that, because like I said in an earlier post, this is the Year of the Ruehrweins. And the year of the Ruehrweins doesn’t involve paying more on electricity than we have to!

Saving Money Lets Us Live Like We Want

We’ve got plans this year. Big plans. Huge plans. Those plans require money. One of the best ways to help get that money is to save wherever possible, and one of our biggest problems is electricity costs. I’d much rather put our cash towards a trip or a short jaunt than our utility bill. Therefore, I’ve put together some ways that the family can save on our utilities.

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Turn Out the Lights

I don’t know how it is in your house, but in my house, the lights always seem to be on. My husband blames the kids, and my kids blame my husband. I think it’s a little of both. Either way, we’re just burning 75 watts of cash. From now on, we’re turning off the lights when we’re not in the room.


Unplug Wall Worts

If you don’t know what a Wall Wort is, let me fill you in. A Wall Wort is any sort electrical plug that is boxy. Those boxy plugs draw little bits of power even when you’re not using your device. No more of that!

Turn Up the Fridge

The colder the refrigerator, the more energy it draws. We’re going to be turning up our fridge a couple of degrees to try to save a little extra money.


No More Pausing the Video Games

I get that sometimes the kids are in the middle of a level when they need to leave the room for a few minutes, but there will be no more 30 minute pause sessions. If they love their game that much, they should be able to enjoy replaying that first half of the level. LOL

Get a Direct Energy Plan

Direct Energy Plans can save residents of Massachusetts a significant amount of money. In fact, you can save up to 30%* over National Grid MA’s electricity rate, and up to 8%* over Eversource’s electricity rate. Direct Energy also offers a fixed-rate energy plan, so your electricity rate won’t fluctuate throughout your contract term, and Direct Energy is the only energy provider toe be a part of Plenti. You can earn rewards every month on Plenti purchases, so I like that.

*All savings refers to the current difference between Direct Energy’s fixed rate offer and the Utility’s current Fixed Rate for Basic Service as of January 8, 2016, and does not include any other component of the electricity bill. Utility rates are subject to change and there may be no savings following the respective official utility rate change date. Direct Energy’s fixed rates include electricity supply charges only and excludes delivery/transmission charges, taxes, and all other utility-related charges. Offer is limited and valid for new residential customers only.

Direct Energy Plans Help Us Save Money

I’m all about the savings, because I’m all about the big plans we’ve got this year. The Year of the Ruehrweins is going to be epic, and all that epicness is going to require some green. With our new energy saving plan and our Direct Energy Plan, we’ll be saving up some of that green in no time.

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  1. Definitely very interesting and will have to keep your tips in mind now. Thanks Robin for sharing with us!

  2. Bwhahaha on the pause. I can hear the anger of my nephew when we tell him no long pauses. He’s the worst at doing this, so we should just start turning the game off 😉

  3. It’s weird to walk through the house at night and see all the flickering lights from the cable box, phone chargers, computers, etc.

  4. Great tips! My kids and husband all seem to have amnesia when it comes to turning off a light switch! Lol

  5. If my s/o’s boys leave their game on for more than fifteen minutes, I turn it off. I tell them to save before hand but come on now. That costs me money and unless they want to kick in for the energy bill, my rules, lol.

  6. what a great energy plan. We need something like this in the UK especially since we all use heating quite a lot.

  7. I am constantly walking behind my kids turning off lights, games etc. These are great ways to cut back and save

  8. I unplug anything that is not in use whenever I can. We also upgraded our windows a few years ago, which help considerably with heat loss.

  9. Those are great saving tips. I wish I could drill in Mica and Travis’ heads to turn out the lights that they are not using!

  10. Turning off the lights is a great way to save power and money. We stay really on top of it at my house 🙂

  11. You’ve got some really great ideas here. I definitely need to implement some to cut down on our electric bill. Some months its just ridiculous!

  12. My kids are awful at this! They are constantly leaving lights on when they leave the room and do not turn them off!

  13. We just put solar panels on our house for just this reason! I am excited to save more!

  14. These are great tips to save money on electricity. You are right. I would rather spend my money on vacation than spend it on huge utility bills.

  15. My hubby is so bad at turning off the lights after leaving the room or toilet and I get so irritated just telling him all the time!! Maybe we need to monitor in those lights with motion sensors haha..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  16. Great tips. I make it a habit to always turn the lights off when I’m not going to be in a room, or to turn the TV off if I’m not coming back for awhile. I also try to unplug appliances after I’m done using them.

  17. gggrrrrr the pausing of the games!!!! I am sure that is our biggest energy suck. I once walked into our rec room to find the TV paused on an Xbox game, the computer paused on Netflix and the other TV upstairs was paused on Wii Sports! Where was everyone? Watching a YouTube video on son’s iPod! Are you kidding me? It’s a wonder our town wasn’t thrown into a blackout, honestly. But I didn’t know about unplugging those box things – definitely going to do that from now on.

  18. Getting my family to turn the lights off when they are not in the room has been a challenge. It’s amazing how much you can save by just turning the lights off.

  19. I always remind my kids to turn off the lights when not in use or they are not in the room. We also unplug the appliances that are not in use.

  20. We have huge plans to save money this year. We hope to move and get married, plus have kids so big works means big funds. We got all our tip money going in a jar and each month it goes straight into a bank account.

  21. Oh wow! Great tips! I really promise to save on energy this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Do you mean turning down the fridge? I am definitely a light switcher flicker, lol. Now the game thing, I am not touching that with a 10 foot pool.

    How much money do you think this will save you over time?

  23. Great suggestions Robin. I think we can all save a lot on our energy bills if we follow these tips.

  24. It’s unbelievable how much energy we use when we’re not even around. When you really think about it, we just throw money out the window.

  25. I can get behind any plan that involves saving money because that means more money for TRAVEL!!! 🙂 I wonder if my state has something like this. I would love to cut my energy costs.

  26. I’ve never heard of a wall wort before. I open curtains during the day to let sun in during the winter, and close them during the day during the summer to keep sun out – those two things help with heating and a/c.

  27. Great tips! My kids gets to enjoy playing their games on weekends. NO gadgets fgor them during the weekdays lol.

  28. Love these tips for saving energy. It is so important to go with the best deal, and conserve.

  29. They don’t offer that here, but my dad says he uses it where he lives and LOVES it.

  30. We have been really trying to turn out the lights more. I have always been someone who needs LOTS of light and our natural light is seriously lacking!

  31. Wonderful tips–My Hubby is BIG on the lights too even at night time he wants NO MORE then one on in a room–our TV is on and gives out enough light….OH I hate the game pausing too-if the kids are not back to it within 10 minutes I turn it all off.

  32. Great post! I used to leave my computer on all day and was amazing at the difference it made in our power bill when I turned it off when I was not using it:)

  33. Absolutely great tips! I probably from now on try to turn up the fridge and do other tips you share here.

  34. Great ways to save. Mine is turn off the TV, my husband tends to have it on for noise.

  35. I haven’t heard of wall worts, but we have a few here. I need to get in the habit of removing them when not in use.

  36. Great tips you shared! I never even thought about it when the games are on pause and you’re right, if you they loved it that much they should play the level again, LOL!!

  37. These are all great tips. I am all about saving as much money as I can. My son is always pausing his video games. I will have to talk to him about doing that.

  38. My mate is wayyyy more into saving energy than I am. I don’t like seeing a rogue light on but other than that I am a-okay. These are great tips you’ve shared. He always makes the kids turn off the game versus pausing it.

  39. I am all about saving energy money! These are great tips to keep costs down.

  40. These are all great tips – I’m all about saving money on my electric and gas bills! We purchased a programmable thermostat a year or so ago, to help cut costs. (And thankfully this winter has been warmer for us, so our bills have been lower overall.)

  41. Oh my gosh even thought it’s just John and I drives me up the wall when lights are left on. What a great way to save money on electricity.

  42. These are great tips! I’ll have to put them to use.

  43. We were lucky enough to get on a budget plan last year. We pay the same amount every month regardless of the amount of energy we use. That said we do still try hard to conserve energy where we can.

  44. We’ve been doing a little better with our energy costs and have really committed to conserving more power. My kids accuse me of being a vampire because I’m always harping on turning off the lights! lol Here’s to an absolutely epic year for the Ruehrwein family! 🙂

  45. I am with you on the saving money part. These are little things that we can do so that we can stop throwing away what we work so hard for

  46. Turning up the fridge is an easy tip we can all utilize. Glad you can save some extra money on energy bills.

  47. I just put an auto off switch in my kids bathrooms. They can never seem to turn it off. It helps a lot and saves money!

  48. We’ve gotten used to unplugging appliances. It is a great idea.

  49. We need to cut our electric bill. I see several suggestions that could help add some energy savings. Not only are my kids guilty of pausing their gaming devices, I’m horrible at pausing the TV and computer screen.

  50. You know, every penny counts and I am always looking to save, so this is just great. I had no idea about direct energy. Thanks for sharing.

  51. I think you have some great energy saving ideas. We’re trying to get better about that this year too.

  52. We are huge fans of turning out the lights. We also only plug in the devices we use as to not have any wasted electricity.

  53. It sounds like you have a great energy saving plan in place. I had no idea about the BOTS. Good to know.

  54. I have a husband who is the thermostat and light switch police. That’s our energy plan. Ha!

  55. Hey Robin

    did you by any chance borrow my kids? lol They leave lights on and blame dad. They leave their gadgets plugged in so they can start the game for a few moments in the morning before sch. Suffice to say they dont get to play coz sleep gets sweeter and they drag themselves out of bed with seconds to spare …

    What we do is we use energy saver LED lights that we have had for 5 years now…Seriously I oly replaced two today and I was like what… 5 yrs of lighting hallelujah! So I feel you about this direct energy plans for the year coz Its great to spend your cash on more fun stuff. I dont begrudge paying for my utilities after all I enjoy the services. I like to pay for what I use though! Let abundance abound for you too 🙂

  56. I believe we have used direct energy several times! It was much cheaper than our regular energy company.

  57. This sounds like a great way to save money to me–whether they have it in NY I will have to check out. I already keep all the lights out when I am not in the room and use a fan instead of my A/C in the summer–that saved a LOT!! Of course now that my cat has figured out how to turn on my desk lamp when she wants me to wake up——-

  58. These are great tips and a fantastic way to make good things happen. We’re nipping costs as we run across honest suggestions, so the ones that apply in your post will go into effect immediately for our residence. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  59. These are all really great ways to save money!

  60. Great tips. Our electrical bill is pretty high. We installed a solar panel but didn’t help 🙁

  61. These are all great tips. One of my pet peeves is when someone leaves a light on when they are not in the room.

  62. There is always a way for us to save energy. It just needs discipline and consistency. Thanks for the tips.

  63. I need to do some energy saving in our house! Thank you for the great tips!

  64. I like all the tips. We need some help with our energy losses. 🙂

  65. Great tips for sure, I’m all about saving money on my utilities where I can.

  66. I think lights on is a kids universal thing somehow. Thanks for the tips.

  67. Our energy bill sky rockets during the winter mostly because the lights are on more. We are always trying to find ways to cut back. I never thought about turning the fridge up. Great tip!

  68. I have been doing some serious budget re-evaluation and this would definitely fit into the new year. Now if we can just get the option out here in Western NY.

  69. I have never heard of Direct Energy Plans. I will have to check this out. We could definitely cut back on the energy we use.

  70. I would love to save money on our electric bill. I wonder if California has anything like this.

  71. My ids are really bad at shutting off the lights. This sounds like a great plan!

  72. I think energy plans are so important, not only to save money but to be more conscious of energy conservation and the environment! I definitely need to work on unplugging my space heater more, I could save a lot of money!

  73. We try to be conscious about our energy usage and unplug things.

  74. This is great information. I need to do all of these to make sure we are saving as much as possible.

  75. I always wait until non peak times to do my laundry. These are great ways to save on your electricity bill.

  76. My kids are always leaving the lights on. I bought motion sensors for the bedroom lights. Now i do not have to worry about the lights being left on. Making sure the kids do not pause games is a great tip.

  77. I really had not thought about some of these things Robin. Thanks for the tap on the shoulder to step up our energy saving plan.

  78. This looks interesting. I need to see if there is something like this offered in my area.

  79. It’s bedtime & I can see lights on in four rooms from where I’m sitting. Turn them off or pay up, kiddos!

  80. My kids can be awful at remembering to turn off the lights!! I love finding ways to save on our utilities this sounds great!

  81. I really love this tips. We need to turn the lights off so we can save energy and also for the bill

  82. These are great tips. I wish I could get the kids better at turning out lights.

  83. We keep our thermostat set low. Sweatshirts and sweaters are the norm in our home during the winter.

  84. I am always looking for ways to save money on electric bills. I’ll have to check if Direct Energy Plan is offered in our area.

  85. I think I own a few wall worts…never knew thats what they were called! Also my mom didnt play about turning off lights in our home so I know even now to turn off lights when u arent in it!

  86. Those tips are definitely helpful! I don’t mind saving on energy as well, it’s better to spend money elsewhere.

  87. You’ve got lots of good tips. We just visited a good friend’s house who had time lights put in the rooms people don’t frequent often (like the laundry room). I thought that was a good idea. 🙂

  88. What great tips! It’s so important to save money and help the environment!

  89. definitely very Helpful! Unplug and safety security all about electricity is must to save energy.!

  90. These are great ways to save on energy. I have never heard of the box cords called wall worts. I do unplug them because they do draw energy even when not being used.

  91. Thank you so much for these tips! I will be moving soon and will need a new plan, so will see about Direct Energy.

  92. I like your post and find it always useful to find ways to save money.
    I am not sure about your refrigerator comment though; seems you would want to turn it down a little bit to save money/draw less energy.
    Great points here though!

  93. A few years ago the ex and I had the county come in and winterize our home. They changed out light bulbs, sealed up windows, but some more insulation in between the walls and some other minor things. We unplug electronics when not in use, kept the thermostat in check. Amazing how those things really add up.

  94. I’m pretty good about turning lights off in my house. I also put a bunch of energy efficient lightbulbs to help with the lights I leave on for my dog!

  95. I love to save where I can to spend where I want. This sounds like a good way to do so.

  96. i used to leave lights on all the time before moving out and having to pay the bill myself. lol. this is really awesome. EEL are great. i will look into them. thanks for sharing.

  97. I have this thing with lights. I always get annoyed if they are left on for a few seconds to long.I’m always asking what people are doing with the lights lol

  98. Those are some great savings! I like having all the lights in my home off but my Fiance has an issue with that and he ALWAYS leaves the kitchen light on overnight. Drives me nuts! haha

  99. I definitely need to unplug wall worts. Great tips! I’m all about the savings. I need to look into direct energy plans!

  100. I am sure everyone needs to follow these energy and money saving tips. My girls love to keep their room lights on. Have to keep reminding them to switch them off.

  101. I’m all about saving money wherever I can! I’m going to look into our bill and see if our state offers a similar savings plan.

  102. We pretty much unplug everything. I don’t want to pay for phatom electricity being used when things are plugged in.

  103. I totally never thought about the pausing of games thing. Happens all the time in our house. Haha!

  104. These are great ways to save some extra money. I’m always walking around different rooms to shut the lights off as well.

  105. These are great tips! I love how little fixes can make such a difference.

  106. Thanks for all the effective easy to follow tips!! Small changes totally make big ones happen

  107. I had no idea about the fridge! I will have to check that one too. Great tips!

  108. In Texas had the choice to choose the best company prices. In Georgia we only had one choice. It helps to have a choice and save money.

  109. I know what you mean about high electric bills. We experienced it until we changed a few things at home especially our stove. Gas is so much easier.

  110. We could definitely use these tips in our home!

  111. These are some really good tips. I had no idea about the fridge part.

  112. These are some great tips, my grandmother always told me to unplug anything we aren’t using since it most likely is sucking out energy.

  113. These are good tips. I do use to many lights. Also there are several things that I could unplug.

  114. Pausing the video games is a huge thing in our household. It drives me nuts! Keep us updated on how well that works out for you! 🙂

  115. With heating and cooling costs on the rise, you bet I’m looking for more ways to save on our bills. Excellent ideas for year of savings

  116. These are great money saving tips. Household costs can be so expensive if you are not careful.

  117. My husband and I were just talking about this today. We need to take steps to cut down on the energy we are using. Thanks for the tips.

  118. Do you have windows with blinds and shades? My husband and I actually only keep the lights on after 6 PM because when we move the shades from our windows we have so much light to work with. It’s really helped keep our bill down.

  119. Thanks for the tips! We are trying to save up on electricity too and I am now like the light police at home.!

  120. I love that you threw in to not pause the video games. That is a really bad habit in our house!