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disney on ice

**Disclosure:  My family received a 4 pack of tickets at no charge in order to write about our experience at the show.  All opinions are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

Experience a magical Disney fantasy live on ice! Rev up for non-stop fun with four of your favorite Disney stories at Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy Presented by YoKids Organic Yogurt. Thrill to high-speed stunts as Lightning McQueen and Mater race across the ice like you’ve never seen before! Dive into The Little Mermaid’s enchanting undersea kingdom and enter the mystical world of Pixie Hollow with Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies! Join the Toy Story gang who are back in town to take on their most daring adventure ever! From wheels to waves, playtime to pixie dust, your family’s favorite Disney moments come to life at Disney On Ice!

Last Friday night, my family and I headed into Boston to see Disney On Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy at The Agganis Arena at Boston University.  It’s been a few years since we had been to a Disney on Ice production, so we were excited to see the show.

Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy Boys

During the show, we had a chance to go through four “worlds” and we got to see the high speed version of four classic Disney stories.

I have to apologize for the photo quality in advance.  The arena wasn’t well lit because of the show.

First up were some of the characters from the Cars Movie including these guys:

Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy Boys Lightening McQueen Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy Boys Mater

There were five cars in all and they acted out a race scene.  My boys loved it.

Next up was the Little Mermaid followed by Tinkerbell and her fairy friends.  Because I am a boy mom, I wasn’t familiar with either story, but in true Disney style, all of the skaters costumes were top notch.

Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy Boys Tinkerbell

After the intermission, it was time for Toy Story.  We are big Toy Story fans in our house, so we were excited to see all of our favorite characters out on the ice.

It started out with the army guys, who did a great choreographed dance to a cadence.  It was my favorite part of the show.

Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy Boys Army Guys

The characters acted out an abbreviated version of Toy Story 3 including the fashion show that Ken put on for Barbie.  It was hilarious.

Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy Boys Toy Story

Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy Boys TS characters

After the Toy Story portion of the show was finished, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy came out to close the show, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this:

Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy Boys Zamboni

The Zamboni that came out to clean the ice at the intermission may or may not have been one of the highlights of the show for my boys.

We loved the show.  It’s a great family night out, so if you are looking for something to do while the kids are on vacation next week, check it out.

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy playing the Agganis Arena from December 29th!  Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster, so hurry and get your tickets before they’re all gone!

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  99 Responses to “Disney On Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy Was So Much Fun!”

  1. Oh wow totally awesome… I wish we have something like this here. My boys would definitely love it (I would love it too as I am fan of Toy Story haha..)

  2. We loved Frozen on Ice. So, I agree that Disney does put on a great show. And by the way, I know what you mean about the photos, but still think yours came out great considering the lighting.

    • I agree that your photos came out far better than any I’ve taken at an indoor show like this. I’d love to see this show in person!

  3. Wow, that looks really fun! What a great show for girls and boys, and well the entire family!

  4. I love Disney, and Disney on Ice shows, but the past few in my area have been mostly about the princesses. My son was definitely not impressed with those. I am glad to see that they included some great boy characters, and action during the show that your family attended.

  5. I love that the Army men got out there too!! We’ve seen one Disney on Ice show and they really are awesome. 🙂

  6. This looks like so much fun! We’ve seen Disney Princesses on ice and loved it!

  7. How fun. My kids have never been to anything like this. I bet they’d like it though.

  8. How fun! It’s been ages since we’ve been to a Disney on Ice show, will have to see if they are coming to our neighborhood this holiday season. This would be a great show to see!

  9. I’ve got to take the kids to see this. They’d love it. They’re all about Disney.

  10. What a fun show to take the kids to see. My kids love Cars, so they would enjoy seeing this as well.

  11. My daughter loves anything Disney. I would definitely take her to see this.

  12. Fun fun! Kiddo has been to a few Disney and Dreamworks on Ice presentations. I still haven’t been.

  13. I have never been to a Disney on Ice show and actually would love to see one. Can you imagine how good those skaters are that they can act on in costume on skates!

  14. Looks like loads of fun! We went to see an “on ice” show last year and loved it too!

  15. I absolutely love Disney on Ice….we’ve been a couple times and it’s so fun for the entire family!

  16. This looks like so much fun! The kids would have such a good time, i cant wait to take them

  17. I remember being a little girl growing up to see Sesame Street on Ice…I would love to take my boys to see Disney on Ice! I’m glad you and your family had a great time – it looks like it was amazing! 😀

  18. Aw, Iove all those Disney on Ice shows. Too bad my daughter is now older and no longer cares to go watch them 🙁

  19. Any kind of ice shows are my favorite. I would love to see the Worlds of Fantasy show, Toy Story and Cars characters are so much fun!

  20. Disney on Ice doesn’t come to our region (not even our area!!) until next JUNE. I want to take my son so much. It looks like a fabulous show!

  21. It sounds like Disney on Ice is a fun show. I love seeing your photos and all the great costumes.

  22. That looks like SO much fun! I really want to take my daughters to see this!

  23. This looks SO fun! I can’t wait until Lydia is old enough to go to Disney on Ice!

  24. This looks like such a blast! I am excited to take my kids to the next Disney on Ice in our area. I think they are both old enough to enjoy it now.

  25. I would just love to go to Disney on Ice some day! They have them in Chicago, but it’s always during times I just can’t make it. Someday….

  26. This would be a treat for my entire family. My oldest son and I would like to see Toy Story and my youngest would be excited to see Mickey.

  27. You did a great review, I remember seeing all the excitement and fun on your social media accounts your kids and you looked like you had a great time.

  28. We saw a Disney on Ice show a few years back. They really do a great job. Looks like the Toy Story portion of the show was very entertaining. Great costumes too. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!! 🙂

  29. I have heard so many great things about Disney on Ice, but have never seen a show myself before. It looks like such a fun family time.

  30. We used to take our girls to Disney on Ice each year. It was so much fun to see the different stories on ice!

  31. Oh man! I wanted to take my kids to this but I think we missed it in our area. I wasn’t sure if my 7 year old boy would like it but clearly your little ones had a blast!

  32. I would love to take my kids to this, sounds like a blast! Disney on Ice has changed so much since I was a kid.

  33. We love all things Disney but haven’t been to a Disney on Ice show. This would be amazing for my kids! They like to go see live performances.

  34. This is awesome! We went to see Disney on Ice last year and we all loved it.

  35. That looks like a TON of fun! We have not been to Disney on Ice – looks like it’s a must!

  36. Looks like a wonderful show, I like how Toy Story is in it – one of my favorite Disney movies!

  37. Wow! That looks like it was sooo fun! I love Toy Story movies. I think I’d really like to go see that.

  38. This looks like it was so much fun. My son will be taking his first trip to Disney on Ice next year sometime.

  39. Looks like you guys had a blast! I have never had a chance to take in a Disney on ice show but I would love to… and of course because I’m Canadian I would be cheering on the zamboni 🙂

  40. What a fun time you guys had!! I love it!

  41. This looks like so much fun! And, I always love a zamboni! The costumes are fantastic!

  42. That is an awesome one! My son often gets bored during the shows because they are all girl-oriented. He would like this though.

  43. OMG I love Disney. I would be in heaven seeing this show.

  44. This looks like fun! I love ice skating shows, and a Disney one would be extra good.

  45. Oh how fun. Looks like a great show. My gris love ice skating. I am sure they would have loved this as well.

  46. The army men look awesome out there! I haven’t been to an on-ice since I was a kid!

  47. I am going to have to take my daughter to one of these shows. We haven’t been to any shows in awhile… over a year now.

  48. Oh how fun. My grandson would love the soldiers. Do neat.

  49. This is a show we really want to see! I hope they will be in my town.

  50. I so wanted to bring the kids to see this but we had another event the day we were able to get tickets for. First Disney on ice show we have missed.

  51. You are so lucky! I have been wanting to go see Disney on ice for some time now!

  52. That is so lucky, I always wanted to go and see Disney on ice!

  53. Disney really does know how to do it right. My kids always loved going to Disney on ice shows during vacation week from school.

  54. This looks like such a fun experience. I just showed my boys and they thought it looked great. Now off to find tickets if there will be a show near us!

  55. Disney offers great entertainment so i imagined this would be awesome too. It is.

  56. We say this one a couple of months ago. We loved it and it was lots of fun to watch.

  57. This looks like so much fun. I’ve always wanted to take my son to a Disney on Ice. We are going to Disney World in March so that should be just as fun!

  58. I love Disney on Ice! i can’t wait until my youngest is a little older so i can take her. i have taken my oldest a few times and it’s so much fun.

  59. This looks like so much fun! I will have to look and see if they have any show near here I can take my boys to!

  60. Looks amazing! I haven’t seen this particular show, but I’ve never passed up an opportunity to see Disney on Ice!

  61. Buzz Lightyear is like the real thing! This looks like it was such a fun trip. My son isn’t into Disney right now. I wonder if we will do something like PBS Kids show on ice or something in the future. 🙂

  62. Disney always comes up with great performances and they have endearing characters that we can relate too. This would really be something great to watch.

  63. now that is simply cool – I just love how disney always have these events/performances to enjoy.

  64. This sounds like an awesome event. My boys would love to attend, I am sure.

  65. What fun! Everything Disney does is first class. Great family night out!

  66. I’ve always wanted to go to a Disney on Ice show! I’ve heard great things about it. I be your whole family had lots of fun and enjoyed it!

  67. I wanted to attend this event last year, but didn’t have a chance. Hopefully, my family and I’ll be able to go next year!


  68. We still have not been to a Disney On Ice yet. My girls have been wanting to go every time we hear they are coming to town. This looks like so much fun I am going to have to get tickets next time they are here.

  69. We havent gone to Disney on Ice yet. Thinking we will wait until Frozen comes to Denver

  70. We’re such a Disney lovin’ fam. I know my kiddos would be all over this!

  71. Disney just does it the best. I’m not surprised it was such a great show!

  72. I have really want to go to Disney on Ice. I went when I was very little and I only remember a tiny bit. I know my kids would just love it.

  73. That has to be a little kids dream… Disney + ice skating. I’m so amused that they had those minions from Toy Story. I loved them.

  74. We recently were able to go to this show. It is really great! Disney on Ice has so many amazing shows. I love taking our kids.

  75. Disney on Ice is always so much fun! Hilarious to me that your boys thought the zamboni was one of the highlights- looks like you need to bring them to more hockey games!

  76. I am so excited to be attending this show in NH when it comes to Verizon Wireless Arena. I am glad you shared some photos, as I was curious what the show would be like!

  77. Wow this looks like so much fun! It’s times like this that I wish I lived outside of New Mexico! This would be so much to do when my kids get older 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  78. My little guy just loves Cars! What an awesome experience this must have been!

  79. It sounds (and looks) like a wonderful show. I can’t wait to take my grandsons when they are a little older. I took my daughters to the Ice Capades when they were little, but I’ve never seen a Disney on Ice show.

  80. My son has never been to an ice show and I ice skated for 7 years on team when younger. I need to take him-

  81. This seems like it was an incredible show! I would like to take my children to see this in person.

  82. The Toy Story part seems like it would have been so much fun! And leave it to little boys to appreciate the Zamboni even more than the show itself!

  83. We’ve never done Disney on Ice, but I think my son would really like it. I would like to get him to a show this year.

  84. This looks like so much fun! I will have to see if they are coming to my neck of the woods soon!

  85. Omg toy story characters!!! Now that’s a Disney show my princess would totally love!!!! I even wanna see it myself now hehe 😉

  86. Aww. that was awesome. My 18 yr old loves Toy Story he even sleeps with the blanket. I love Disney On Ice. Cool

  87. OMG this is ridiculously fun and incredible! I love the cars race part! Your family must’ve loved it.

  88. If Disney on ice will visit our place I will be the first one to buy the ticket for my kids. Amazing place to be with your family.

  89. disney on ice is such an amazing show, this is hugely recommended for families; it’s beautiful!

  90. I love that it isn’t just princesses. I will have to look and see if they are coming to our town, my youngest two would love to go to this.

  91. We would have loved to see the Cars on the ice! That is so funny. I like the Toy Story soldiers too. Very cool.

  92. That is the kind of show that the whole family would really enjoy. I think they performed here in the city last year or two years ago. The tickets weren’t cheap though. Good for you for getting them for free. 🙂

  93. These Disney events are a great way to build beautiful memories… What an awesome outing into the world of fantasy… Wish I were there. 🙂

  94. I need to take my kids to this show. I think they would have a blast seeing all of the characters they know on the ice!

  95. omg that is just so cool – I bet my niece would have so much fun if she were to see this haha!

  96. We saw a Disney on Ice show years ago and loved it. My youngest would love to see this show!

  97. I love the photos! You captured the great scenes. I’m sure your kiddos loved every minute of it.