Dec 122013
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About a month before my family was scheduled to go to Disney World recently, I got an email from Disney with this as the subject line:

“You’re invited to participate in a special test during your upcoming trip!”

It was a Sunday and I was at the playground with Chris and the boys when I got it.  I was giddy when I saw the email that day because I knew exactly what it was in reference to thanks to a friend of mine who had gone to Disney a few weeks prior.

It was an offer to test out their new MagicBands.


MagicBands are wristbands that are an all-in-one device and they effortlessly connect you to all the vacation choices you made.

Once I got that email, I signed up for our Magic Bands on  I was already registered on the site because that’s how I booked my dining reservations, but if you’re not registered – you will need to do so before you go any further.  I was able to customize all of our bands, which basically meant that we could pick our colors and have our names printed on the inside of the bands.  If I didn’t customize them, they would have just given us grey ones when we checked in.  Plus, while I was on the site, I linked our reservation and all our plans to the MagicBand, so it was all loaded on to the band for me.

You can use the MagicBand to:

• Enter your Disney Resort hotel room with just a touch.
• Enter the Walt Disney World Parks (valid Park admission required).
• Access the FastPass+ attractions and shows you’ve selected.
• Purchase food and merchandise at select locations*.

Now, I bet you want to know what FastPass+ service is! FastPass+ allows you  to reserve access to select attractions and shows before you even leave home. If you have ever been to Disney in the past, you already know that the FASTPASS® Service has always been a great way to enjoy Walt Disney World attractions with little or no wait.  With the new Disney FastPass+ service,  you can sit and book your fast passes before you even leave for your vacation.  As of right now, we were allowed to book three per day, but I am not sure if that is the number they are sticking with.

Being able to book fast passes in advance really saved us a lot of time when we were at the parks.  We were able to cut many long lines and that afforded us more time to do other things.

Let me say that having the MagicBands made the entire trip more smooth.  In the past, upon check in we were all given a Key to the World Card, which was our room key, dining plan and park pass.  The MagicBands replace that, plus they hold your fast passes AND you can link them to your credit/debit card so you can just scan your band to make purchases in the gift shops or for food. There was literally no need to bring my debit card with me.  And before you ask, you set a pin for the adult’s MagicBands when you check in at the resort, so you will be the only one that can use them to charge purchases.

They have this Mickey’s at each restaurant, store, fast pass line, and hotel room.  To use your MagicBand, just touch your Mickey to the Mickey on the scanner and boom – you’re in.  It’s quick and easy.  MagicBands fit like a watch, so they’re adjustable…..and they have “bling” available for purchase at all the resort gift shops.  They sell things like covers and little icons that you can stick onto your bands.  I saw people with “bling” on their MagicBands all week long, but didn’t find out where they got it from until the end of the week – so I bought some “bling” for us to sport on our MagicBands next year.

Did I mention that they are waterproof, too, so you can jump right into the pool with them on!  For us, whenever we went to the pool I always worried about stashing our Key To the World Cards in my beach bag.  I was always paranoid that someone would take them, but the MagicBands completely eliminate that.  It was awesome.

Right now MagicBands are currently being tested by a limited number of pre-selected Disney guests, but they are eventually going to be rolling them out to everyone.    I was VERY happy with our MagicBands!

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  47 Responses to “Disney’s New MagicBands”

  1. The wave of the future makes things so much easier.

  2. That is awesome that you were allowed to test them out and sounds like it does truly save those visiting the parks and such a lot of time waiting around to go on the rides and attractions. So seriously awesome that you were able to test them and not have to even pay for them!! 🙂

  3. Leave it to disney to come up with an amazing way to streamline things with something like this.

  4. I saw a post on instagram the other day – so cool! Do they contact bloggers only or is it an offer anyone can get after booking a stay?

  5. Oh my god, these bands are awesome! I hope that when I do eventually get to take my family to Disney that we get the chance to try these out- but if they are rolling them out to everyone next year I may not have to worry about getting the chance 🙂

  6. I love this idea! Now, I just need to get to Disney!

  7. Those do make it sound like everything would be easier. I love that you can customize them. I’ll keep this in mind when we do get to Disney!

  8. That’s cool they contacted you! It’s a big company to. Way to go! How fun!

  9. These sound pretty darn cool!

  10. We are going back in October, so I will have to tell my hubs about these! They do sound very convenient!

  11. These do sound awesome. We had something similar at a water resort we went to this summer. Hubby nixed the credit card for convenience shopping. No idea why…hehehehehehe I’m glad Disney’s doing this too!

  12. These sound like a great thing for all family members. I always worry about losing the room key, so it works for me! Whenever we go somewhere like an amusement part that requires an arm band, the kids love to wear them for days, even weeks – so I KNOW they wouldn’t lose these. This is another great idea from Disney World….and these are obviously convenient for families.

  13. No way!!! I so wish they had those when we went!!

    So freaking Cool!!!

  14. I’ve been seeing these Magicbands around and I love how Disney is getting more modern. It just makes sense to have them too plus it’s a great souvenir

  15. They look so awesome! The last time I went to Disneyland they just had paper slips for everything. It was very hard to keep track of anything!

  16. sounds like a great idea. I remember having to scan the card or something and your fingerprint to get in the parks, my son hardly ever got in without a hassle. This sounds so much easier! Very cool 🙂

  17. Disney is pretty amazing!

  18. Lets hope when we go back we’ll be able to use them. I remember forgetting the world card in our hotel room and having to go to the front desk to let us back in. I’m loving that they’re waterproof with your name imprinted as well.

  19. What a great idea for them to come up with. I do have to admit that I hate wearing anything on my wrists though so hopefully they come up with other methods for wearing these.

  20. I watch people with their magic bands with envy. Being a local AP I am not able to get one yet, so I can’t schedule fast passes in advance. It is pretty disappointing to get to a park and realize fast passes are gone for the day by 10am because of all the magic band people. They were supposed to make them available for passholders in January, but it is getting delayed. Thankfully for Epcot, they are limiting advanced fast passes to 1 popular attraction then 2 less popular ones. Hopefully they roll that out to all the other parks soon.I am going to Epcot on Christmas Day so I hope to be able to ride a couple rides. I am going to the MK on New Years Eve and have it already in my mind that I won’t get to ride any rides. I will be pin trading and playing sorcerers of the MK instead. I love the Disney experience app. 🙂 I keep looking at my Be Our Guest ressie on my birthday and get giddy every time I see it.

  21. That is pretty darn cool! Way better than having to dig out your pass every day and worry about losing it. Hopefully they will also have them in California as I am closest to that.

  22. Sweet! They sound really cool!

  23. These are great. I love how you can use them to gain entry into the park and that they are different colors and waterproof.

  24. How cool! Another way Disney makes it easy to take your money. I STILL want to be YOUR kid in my next life.

  25. very cool. I will have to remember this…..if I ever get a chance to actually go. 🙂

  26. The last time I went to Disney it was in 2003 for Grad night. really need to plan a family vacation there soon!

  27. It sounds like a great way to save time and effort! I’d love to try it when my family goes there one day!

  28. Wow, what will Disney think of next. The girls and I will definitely have to check out the magic bands when we go to Disney in April. This will make a great time saver. Thanks for the tipl

  29. That sounds like an amazing idea! It makes going to a park easier!

  30. I love this! Disney has done it again! I love that they work with anything to get you in your room and other attractions!

  31. Ooooh these are brilliant! I have a question. If your child gets lost with one on, does it help identify them and provide contact info for you?

    • That’s a really good question, and although I am not 100% on this – I would assume so. All of our personal information (name, age, etc) is loaded on to the bands, so I am sure it would help identify the child if that ever happened.

  32. Oh how neat! These are a great idea, I bet they come in handy!

  33. Wow, the MagicBands sounds great! Definitely a lot of perks!

  34. What will they think of next?! It’s brilliant!

  35. This is SOOO cool and I bet will save a lot of time and hassle.. such a cool idea.. thanks for sharing, this is the first time I’ve heard of these but can’t wait to check them out soon

  36. Such a cool thing. I hate the lines while at amusement parks but this would make for a great trip.

  37. That is pretty awesome! 🙂

  38. What an awesome idea. I am always worried about losing hotel keys when we are on vacation.

  39. This sounds pretty amazing. Great idea!

  40. I love this – such a genius idea!

  41. Do you have to be staying at disney to use these? We are staying close by but not on property

  42. Wow, that seems very handy. I would need these, since I now the place would overwhelm the heck out of me.

  43. The Magic Bands seem like such a convenient way to make sure people can enjoy their stay at Disney! I love that you don’t have to carry around separate keys or cards!

  44. What a neat idea it sounds a little like something we found when we were on holiday this year at the swimming pool you could link it to your card so you pay at the pool side bars and open your locker (of course the disney one sounds like it has a lot more uses) x