Nov 022016

Hello!!  As some of you may remember my daughter is on the dance competition team this year.  Yay!!!!   One of the things that makes life easier is a dance duffel bag with a clothes rack, so this dance mom started shopping.  And then had a heart attack at the prices!!!  There is basically one main company that makes these and this momma is not paying $150 or more for a bag!!!

So what’s a momma to do when buying does not work?  I make my own with the help of my dad 🙂


This is the almost finished project.  I still need to paint the pvc pipe.  Notice our cat Sassy checking it out lol.

So the first thing I did was order a rolling duffel bag.  I ordered a 26 inch duffel bag.


Next we started the frame work for the bag.


This is the base in the bottom of the bag.  This folds into itself for easy storage and then you place your costumes and such in the bag for travel.


The 2 middle “legs” fold up.


Next piece added.




And finally the top bar.


Here it is all folded up into the bag.  There is a black liner that zips over the top of all the pieces.   I am looking forward to using this for competitions and recitals.  Later I may look at adding a changing cloth to it.  I have seen where people have done that before as well 😉

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  1. $150 for a dance bag? That’s too much. I love how your DIY turned out. The bag is pretty cute.

  2. Wow, that is definitely a crazy price. I would have done the same thing too! Great DIY. 🙂

  3. This is a great idea! Some of the smallest things you wouldn’t think of make your life so much easier. Great post!

  4. Oh wow that is absolutely amazing , I was just thinking of the places it could be used. I might have to treat myself. x

  5. You always have such great ideas! This is a genius! This is not something I would, but could really use. And it’s so easy to make. I love how you store it! it’s awesome.

  6. This is so dope. One of my friends was a dance Mom and she talked about needing to be prepared for competitions and the price tag that came with it.

    Great job.

  7. that is insane but so great you did it yourself! What a great idea! I would cry a little if my daughter wanted to do dance because i know how expensive it is!

  8. What a smart idea!!

  9. What an awesome idea! I can’t believe how expensive those bags are!

  10. That is so great! It certainly saves a ton of space, and it seems like it was really simple to make.

  11. What a clever idea. This would be great for people to use.

  12. Check you out with your money saving diy skills!! That’s awesome! I love when I can find a cheaper and do it yourself way. 🙂 Kudos!

  13. What a great, budget friendly DIY project! I couldn’t shell out that much for a bag either! I will need this in a few years!

  14. I love this idea! I have no clue why doing this did not occur to me sooner. You never have enough space in hotels, or cruise ships, this is genius!

  15. I didn’t realize dress bags cost so much money, yay for having boys (but sports stuff isn’t uch cheaper). Very cool DIY!

  16. Wow, that’s amazing. You did a great job. So creative of you.

  17. I love this dance bag. And what a clever idea for the clothing rack. My daughter will be starting ballet in a few days. We can’t wait!

  18. This is so creative. You did a fabulous job. Wow. Also good job to dad for helping out 😉

  19. That’s very clever! I’ll definitely have to remember that for our next show!

  20. this is so clever. and i love that it all pops out of a portable bag. you’ve got me thinking… i could do a pvc pipe set up and drape sheets over it for photography backdrops!

  21. Very creative and affordable solution. Spending a $150 on a bag seems a bit extreme. I could see this working for others as well.

  22. What a great idea!! I had no idea that they made bags like this, what a cost saver too!

  23. I could have used something like this back in majorette days, especially at competitions. It’s a great idea.

  24. What a cool DIY idea and a great way to save money. I can also see a bag like this coming in handy during a weekend getaway or while at the gym.

  25. What a clever design! This works perfectly for your needs! Bravo!

  26. Holy cow. I could not imagine paying that much for a bag! I love that you DIY’d it! Great job.

  27. This would be awesome for filming on location as well. Such a great DIY.

  28. Wow!! This is great! Not having a dance daughter I would not have thought of it but how convenient is that?! Great ingenuity.

  29. This is such a great and cool idea! How fun that she’s on dance team? That’s awesome!

  30. What a cool idea. I love how it fold down so compactly into the bag! That’s so portable.

  31. Wow, you did such a great job. I wouldn’t want to pay $150 either.

  32. That is awesome! It such a great DIY Dance bag with clothin rock.

  33. How simple is that? That is a really neat way to get your clothes rack to the gym. I am just not getting over the simplicity of it.

  34. I love this DIY!! I will try it for sure.

  35. I need to share this with my dance mom friends!

  36. How awesome this DIY bag, very useful. REally works for your needs. Great job!

  37. Way to save money – I love it when I can do something on the cheep! It’s a great sense of accomplishment!

  38. I love clever ideas like this, especially when they’re cute AND purple! I’ve never needed a dance bag, but I think I may need a gym bag…sometime down the road 😉 xx Adaleta Avdic

  39. What a brilliant idea! I do really love how it works and how expensive it is. Awesome!

  40. What a brilliant idea! I do really love how it works and how expensive it is. Awesome!

  41. What a genius way to create your own dance bag and I’m sure other parents are jealous when they see this!

  42. That is so great, I love DIY project and so creatve

  43. You’re a genius! I love how it turned out! Looks awesome and much cheaper than $150!

  44. Its always a great feeling when you can avoid buying something expensive and make it yourself.

  45. That’s awesome for all of the dance competitions. I was never a competition dancer, but a true bun head instead. The Moms could use this!

  46. This looks like a terrific project for my dad.
    He is on the hunt for pvc projects to do with his granddaughter.

  47. Wow, that is so beautiful and very functional! I love it, would be a perfect gift this holiday!

  48. Wow, that is so beautiful and very functional! I love it, would be a perfect gift this holiday!

  49. Clever idea, and creative at the same time. This can be used for any other occasion. The bag looks awesome!

  50. Super crafty of you!! I love that your cat wanted to be included in the process too! LOL

  51. You did an amazing job on this. I will have to share this with my friends.I love it when I can save money doing it myself.

  52. Wow, so nice! You are so brilliant, I want to make one too!

  53. This is so good! Love to have this kind of bag too!

  54. Whoa $150 for a bag!!! And you got a custom one for way cheaper, plus it’s one of a kind!!! Way to solve a problem, DIY and save $!

  55. I can’t believe you couldn’t find anything to meet what you needed, but great idea nonetheless! I kinda of want to do something like this the next time my husband and I stay with my family.

  56. That is a really cool way to make a dance ag and clothing rach. I totally would have never thought about that!

  57. I was a dancer until I was 16 and I remember seeing these everywhere. We just could not afford one. This is fantastic!

  58. Okay now, I have seen it all! Never once did I think that I would live to see the day that a clothing rack would be in a bag! I don’t know what I would do with this but its interesting.

  59. My daughter was a skater and this would have been so awesome! I’m going to share it with my current skate moms. Great product!

  60. Wow, you are so brilliant. I love this hack, looks so useful for me.

  61. That is very practical and smart! I love that I came across this today!

  62. That’s a really creative DIY! Great way to save those insane expenses.

    — DT | Here I Scribble

  63. Your so creative!! What a fun DIY!!

  64. Love your ingenuity. I love doing a DIY myself. Saves me a lot of money.

  65. Wow! It’s crazy how compact it is! You could carry that around with you so easily!

  66. This is a great idea for kids who dance! Very unique and it so so simple. It must make it so easy.

  67. I like this project for dancing girls. Great job!

  68. What a cool idea! My sister took dance growing up and she always had so many different costumes stuffed into her bag she could have used one of these!

  69. Brilliant idea, no doubt about that! I think it’s awesome that you decided to just make your own. Why spend a fortune when you can save a lot! This is why I love DIY!

  70. This is why I always just look for DIY solutions because they are more affordable. Love the idea and it’s also perfect for people who travel often especially for business.

  71. Wow, what a cool project!! You did such a great job DIYing it! Why spend $150 when you can just get a little creative?

  72. I have seen these at dance competitions! Things have sure changed since I competed! LOL

  73. I am seriously loving this. I can’t wait until it’s time for my daughter to have one. I won’t hesitate to make it.

  74. That is such an incredible idea. It makes me wish that I was still dancing!!!! I danced for 15 years. I should have thought of this! LOL

  75. I wish they had this when I was in ballet. It would’ve made quick-change a lot easier.

  76. What a great idea. I wish I could dance lol. This would save a ot of money!

  77. Omg such a cleaver idea!!!! I will have to keep this in mind!!!

  78. what a brilliant idea…I never have one but I guess I can start making one now..

  79. Handy! I like that it all comes apart to fit into the bag. Now if you go on a trip it can go with you.

  80. 10 years of dancing!!! This is genius- we had to drag our bags and rack with us

  81. This is such an awesome project! I can not believe that these run for $150 if you wouldn’t have made it yourself.

  82. This is amazing! I wish I’d thought of doing something like this when my eldest used to dance 🙂


  83. Creative! That might come in handy for me at some point since my nieces are all going to have a showdown at their school. I have some extra duffel bags of my own, very convenient.

  84. This bag is awesome.. Can put the clothes or costume with less hassle.. Great idea.