Jul 042014
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DIY Patriotic Star Bunting Banner

Are you having a cookout today for the 4th and in need of a few last minute decorations.  This quick craft is super easy, inexpensive and will liven up any 4th of July party!

Patriotic Star Bunting/Banner Craft Materials:

*1 24 ct. package of Patriotic cupcake liners. I found mine at Dollar Tree for only $1.00 each.

*1 roll of twine

*single paper punch


DIY Patriotic Star Bunting Banner Materials


#1. Measure out the desired length of your banner and cut the twine using the scissors.

#2. Using the hole punch – make two holes about 2” a part on each cupcake liner. This is a great fine motor activity for the little ones to help with.

#3. Next, string your piece of twine through the cupcake liners spacing each liner about 1­2” a part.

I started on the front hole so the first cupcake liner so the twine was looped through the back of the cupcake liner. You could also do it the opposite way and have the twine showing in the front. Either way works. This is another fine motor activity for the kids to help with!

Once your cupcake liners are all strung hang you banner in the desired location. I love this craft as it’s quick, cute and super easy!

DIY Patriotic Star Bunting Banner

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  95 Responses to “DIY Patriotic Star Banner”

  1. Totally pinning and definitely an easy enough craft for even myself who is craft challenged! Happy 4th of July 😉

  2. The boys will love doing this and putting them up everywhere

  3. This is such a cute idea! I was just at the Dollar Store yesterday, I would have grabbed those cupcake liners in a heartbeat. My son is having his hurricane party today….opps, I mean 4th of July party! Oy!

  4. That came out so cute! What a fun, creative idea!

  5. I love this, it’s so easy and quick and my kids could totally do this!

  6. I love this idea! It’s quick and super easy to get the kids involved in!

  7. I would love to hang that on my door! Let’s hope the rain isn’t too bad today for us in the Northeast!
    Happy July 4th! Mitch

  8. Now that is a seriously cute & clever idea! Totally loving it! I adore simple holiday decor!

    • I agree Dawn – this idea could be used for all holidays! Cute & Easy!

      • i think we may need to put this up in my office for holidays! give the patients and families something fun to look at!

        • I am already planning to do something like this for Halloween with orange and black cupcake wrappers… or maybe the cupcake wrappers with bats?

  9. Really cute idea,Great way to use the cupcake case too.

  10. Very cute. I think I can do a take on this for my Halloween decoration. Maybe get some cupcake liners in all black or with some sort of Halloween motif.

  11. What a super cute 4th of July craft idea. Great idea.

  12. What a cute idea-and so easy to make! Even I could make this!! Hope you and yours have a safe and happy Independence Day.

  13. This is so creative. It turned out great and looks pretty easy to do!

  14. What a super cute and inexpensive idea! There are always cupcake wrappers for every holiday!

  15. I love this. It is such my style. I love simple things 🙂

  16. Oh you just gave me the best idea. I have some super cute cupcake liners and I often find them on clearance for pennies. I could use these to add some cute decor to my bland office! Especially since husband has moved out to the barn to his man cave.

  17. Those are cute! Stay safe today, I hope the storm passes w/no event!

  18. That is so cute and I love how easy it is!

  19. Cute, fun and easy-peasy. Plus you can use this on other occasions as this craft is fun and simple, but FESTIVE!!! Great idea.

  20. Very creative! Better then my patriotic manicure

  21. LOVE this – how clever! Perfect for a last minute decoration too!

  22. That is sooo cool and so easy too. I just need to find some cupcake liners and get creative. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Such a cute and easy idea! This will be perfect at our picnic this weekend!

  24. This is cute – and you could do it for birthdays or other holidays. I have all of these items (and so much twine!)

  25. That is adorable! Never would have thought to use those for a banner, awesome job!

  26. What a fun and easy craft! Cute for all holidays.

  27. Very very cute and so easy. Perfect idea for many holidays…pinned

  28. That’s a cute idea – and extremely easy. Love projects that are inexpensive, easy and cute.

  29. This is so cute!! I have so many leftover cupcake liners! Such a great idea!

  30. This is a super fun idea for decorating indoors and out. You can really change it up too!

  31. This is such a cute and easy craft! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Awesome! Looks so cool! I think the twine really makes it…will have to look out for some of that!

  33. What a cute and simple way to decorate! And this is perfect for other celebrations, too!

  34. What a cute idea! Looks really easy too 🙂

  35. What a fun craft! It turned out really cute! 🙂

  36. You could so do these throughout the year with different loners. Clever!

  37. Such a fun and cute idea! A great craft to do with young kids.

  38. i love this! and so easy to do for any holiday

  39. What an adorable banner – such a clever idea!

  40. Looks cute. Maybe next year or for another holiday.


  41. That’d be great for a party! Love how cute and colorful it is!

  42. Such a fun and festive decoration! These would be so easy to do for any kind of party.

  43. Love this! What a great, and super cute idea!!

  44. Cute – and loving that it’s super simple!

  45. It’s so simple. And the kids would love to help make this.

  46. I like that this is easy enough for the kids to do. They love making crafts like this.

  47. How cute is this?? I love that you took a cheap product and classed it up for the holiday. My kids could even help!

  48. Oh, this is good! I’ve made a banner with cupcake liners before, but I folded them in half. I like it this way, too! (And this way is less work LOL)

  49. This looks like such a fun craft! I bet our kids would love to make one of these next year for 4th of July! Thanks for sharing.

  50. So easy and you could you this for all of the different holidays. Really great idea!

  51. That is so cute and simple! Something the kids could whip up when they start complaining about summer boredom.

  52. It just dawned on me that if you didn’t have twine you could use ribbon too!

  53. Well that’s a simple and fun way to make a banner. I bet you could do that with other types of line and cupcake holders for the other holidays.

  54. That is pretty fun! I like how it looks. Sounds pretty easy to make.

  55. This is such an awesome idea! It’s one of those that makes you go “duh!” We have so many designs of cupcake liners!

  56. That is absolutely adorable. It’s very cute and festive!

  57. Easy enough for the kids and it came out super cute!

  58. that was super easy. I didn’t decorate at all this weekend

  59. What a easy quick idea. So clever. You could do this for so many different holidays and birthdays.

  60. These are great and our kids will love this one! Thanks for sharing!

  61. Cupcake holders and string!! It doesn’t get easier than that!!

  62. Clever and simple way to add some festive patriotic decor!

  63. Oh I love this! WHat an easy and fun craft for kids to help with!

  64. How cute and I really like how easy it is to make!

  65. What a cute idea! Hunter and Landon could even help me make them. I’ll have to remember this for next year!

  66. what a great way to think ahead for next year buy the paper cups after the holiday half off.

  67. Those are so super cute. I will have to make them with my daughter.

  68. Cute and simple- too things that I like the most!

  69. What a cute and simple idea! I bet I could do this with any kind of cupcake liners!

  70. What a cute idea, wish I had known this before the fourth of July.

  71. Very cute! I think my toddler would love to help me with this. We’re in the middle of a move, and will be staying with his cousins for a bit. Maybe this is something we can all do together!

  72. So creative… I never would have thought to do this, and it looks so cute!

  73. Nice and a fun idea.. thanks for showing us the way!

  74. What a cute idea, simple too! Can do this for any celebration!

  75. cute and so simpple I guess I can borrow your ideal for some banners in pink or blue for m baby shower!

  76. I love this! It’s so easy that I can even do it!

  77. This is such a CUTE idea!! I love how easy it is–thanks for sharing!

  78. You can’t go wrong when it’s as simple and inexpensive as this! Really cute idea, Robin!

  79. really cute! And easy to make. I think I’ll make one with my niece once she’s older.

  80. I didn’t do anything for the 4th, but what a cute, crafty idea!

  81. That is super cute and easy to make! Love it!

  82. Thats too cute and it doesnt get much easier than that either!

  83. This is too cute! Since I’m not very crafty, this is perfect for me!

  84. This is super cute and super easy DIY star banner for patriotic day. thanks for sharing!

  85. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this!

  86. Super cute! And I like that it’s easy enough to make. Will have to try my hand at it next 4th of July.