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Anyone who has ever been to my house knows that I almost always have a candle burning. With a house full of boys, sometimes there are not-so-great smells lingering in the air that just need to GO! ย Candles are a quick solution for those yucky boy smells and they work fast, which is why I love them so much. Within a few minutes of lighting them, the smell is usually gone.

Now that the chilly weather has arrived here in New England, I have embraced all things pumpkin and decided that a pumpkin spice candle was just what my house needed. ย Even better, I decided that I spend way too much money on candles and wanted to try my hand at making one myself. ย So I did.

DIY Pumpkin Spice Candle

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 cups soy wax flakes
  • 1 Tablespoon liquid vanilla candle scent
  • 1 Tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
  • Long waxed candle wick
  • 8oz Mason jar
  • Long wooden skewer or pencil
  • Glass measuring cup


Here’s what you do:

1. Place 2 cups of your wax flakes in your glass measuring cup and heat in the microwave for about two minutes or till completely melted (careful this will be very hot).
2. Dip the bottom metal part of your candlewick into the wax and press on into the bottom center of your mason jar and wrap the top of the wick around your wooden skewer and place across the top of the jar.


3. Now use a potholder to carefully remove the hot wax from your microwave.
4. Mix in your vanilla scent and pumpkin spice.

5. Now use a potholder again to carefully pour the hot wax into your mason jar.


6. Use your potholder to transfer your filled Mason jar to the freezer and freeze for about an hour.
7. Trim the top of the wick and light.


I never had any idea how easy it was to make my own candles until I tried it.


Plus, now my whole house smells ah-mazing!

aking your own candles is easier than you think and you only need a few materials to. If you are a candle lover, try this easy DIY Pumpkin Spice Candle.Have you ever made your own candles before?

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  85 Responses to “DIY Pumpkin Spice Candle”

  1. I have always wanted to know how to make a candle. I am actually extremely excited to try this. And pumpkin spice is the perfect candle for the fall!

  2. Awesome!!!!! I bet this is way cheaper too. My husband is addicted to candles! Does it have a strong smell?

  3. Ahh. My favorite time of year. The time of year when everything is pumpkin spice. Thanks to you I can eat everything pumpkin spice AND have a candle with that aroma that I love.

  4. I love pumpkin spice all year round. Also, let the record show I loved it before it was a fad! haha

  5. A pumpkin spice candle sounds amazing. I am excited to try making one this weekend. I love the scent of pumpkin.

  6. I love pumpkin spice everything. I bet this candle will make my house smell amazing. I will have to make one this week.

  7. OMG I can not wait to try making a pumpkin spice candle. I have always wanted to try candle making. My family is going to love it.

  8. I love to use candles to make my house smell good. This is a great project to do with my Daughter this weekend.

  9. I love the pumpkin spice. My home would smell amazing. I will have to try to make this.

  10. I love the smell of pumpkin spice. It’s my favorite scent during this time of year. I have never made my own candle before either. I’ll have to give this a try!

  11. I’ve made them a few times. I find that I don’t burn them enough. I may have to try it again. This looks like it would smell so good!

  12. I actually spend a fortune on candles so it’s probably a great idea if I learn how to make them! And this tutorial looks kinda fun too!

  13. I love the smell of pumpkin spice. Thanks for sharing the craft.

  14. I love the smell of pumpkin pie. And I have no doubt that your clever candle craft would smell just like it.

  15. This is my favorite scent! I’ve never made a candle before so this seems like an easy way to try it out.

  16. That looks like a lot of fun to make. I have to make one. I love the smell of pumpkin!

  17. I’ve never made a candle before and I didn’t realize it was so easy. I’ll have to give it a shot. I imagine it smells awesome.

  18. When I was a teen I was famous for my “ice cream sundae” candles that I made! This candle looks and I bet, smells, amazing!

  19. This looks so easy and would save a ton of money.

  20. I just made my own candles last week! I like that you can make your own scents.

  21. That sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to make this. This is my favorite time of year. It’s all pumpkin, all the time!

  22. Wow i love this! I always want to make my own candles and i just love this season for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! yay!

  23. This is the coolest DIY ever! I have always wanted to make my own candles.

  24. I’ve never tried this before, but you had me at pumpkin spice! I didn’t realize it was this easy.

  25. I’ve never made my own candle, but this sounds like an easy project. It would be so much fun making your own candle.

  26. I’ve never made my own candles at home, but I have thought about it. I’ve become more conscious of the types of candles I use and I think making the product at home would be a smarter way to ensure I know what is in the candle I’m burning in my home.

  27. Nice idea! This might become my first selfmade candle

  28. Sure I will try this! I’m a huge fan of making candles, it is so fun!

  29. I soooo miss New England fall weather – and the colors! Love Cleveland but we are JUST getting to the tip of starting this season. Still 90′ days. I love your candle, as anything pumpkin spice is totally my jam!

  30. I never thought of making something like this on my own but sounds like a very interesting project. I know that the end result would be awesome because I love these autumn scents.

  31. I’ve never made a candle before, much less a pumpkin spice one!! This looks easy enough and I bet it smells amazing!!

  32. This would make an amazing Fall housewarming gift.

  33. That sounds like it would smell amazing! I would love to try and make my own candles.

  34. I’ve always been intimated about making my own candles but this one looks like fun and doesn’t look too hard. I’ve been wanting to buy candles for our new place but this looks like it will do!

  35. You make it look so easy. I tried years and years ago and mine never came out this nice.

  36. This seems easy enough even for me to do. I am not a pumpkin spice fan (I know I am strange, lol) but I would make these for a gift (my friends are pumpkin spice fans.

  37. This is great. I love having a candle lit in the living room or in my office as well because it’s really relaxing. I’ve tried making my own candles before but got tired of it. I think this is great, there’s nothing like the scent of pumpkin spice in the air this season!

  38. That looks easy enough. It’s one of my favorite scents and flavors. I might be tempted to take a bite though!

  39. I thought making a candle would have been a little harder. I love anything pumpkin spice, so I am going to have to give this one a try.

  40. I just put up my Fall decorations and lit my first pumpkin spice candle of the season–so yummy! I would love to make my own candles–such a fun craft!

  41. I bet it smells Ah-mazing! I love to fill my home with baked good scents, so this would be a great way to do it without consuming the extra calories ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. Pumpkin spice, it says fall more than anything else! I can now have that scent any time I want if I make some candles! Thanks

  43. Oh my goodness, this looks and sounds like so much fun! I love that real pumpkin spice was used. I can’t wait to start making my own candles with various scents, I’m thinking these will make great gifts too!

  44. I have never tried making my own candles before. I am not really that good with DIY crafts. I am assuming that this pumpkin spice candle would make any house smell so nice! I am sharing this post with my sister. She is good with crafting and baking!

  45. Love the candle scent! I cannot get enough pumpkin. going to use your DIY to make my own

  46. This looks so easy and I bet it smells great. I made my own candles once, a long time ago, and it was fun.

  47. I love the smell of pumpkin spice. I used to make candles before and I really enjoyed doing it. I would love to do this again.

  48. This is a great idea to make your own pumpkin spice candles. I will have to try this recipe for sure because I love making my own soy candles. The soy candles burn cleaner to me and the soy wax is much easy to work with than regular wax. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  49. Making candles are really fun. Students in school are thought on how to do it. What you had is something nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. I remember making candles with my parents when I was very young. It is something I haven’t done in years. I need to try this!

  51. You’re right, making your own candle is surprisingly easy! It’s also perfect if you’re have no idea what to give friends and family during the holidays! Thanks for the instructions, there’s nothing like a home smelling like pumpkin spice.

  52. Love this! I’ve always wanted to make my own candles, so this is perfect. I will be doing this…. pumpkin would be a great scent!

  53. This means I could have pumpkin spice candles all year long instead of only when they are available in the stores…and that makes my life better!

  54. I love candles and I want to make one for myself. This is perfect for Halloween.

  55. This is lovely. I can imagine the aroma it can bring. This is so suitable for fall!

  56. My sister in law used to make some scented candles. I will share this post with her, I hope she makes some again.

  57. Pumpkin is definitely one of my favorite flavors and scents. This is a great idea for a gift so I think I will make one for me and one for my mom! So cool!

  58. I want some candles in my dining room. We dine in a resto where they served scented candles and I super love the aroma and the ambiance.

  59. Always wanted to make my own candle, but never tried it. I can already smell this one burning! ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. I love making candles. You are right about boys and their smells! I have three boys, I totally understand!

  61. I never knew it was that easy to make candles either! The pumpkin spice one you made probably smells so good!!

  62. I need to try to make one of these! If it comes out smelling as good as I think it would I don’t think I’d buy another candle!

  63. I seriously live for the Fall! I’m always looking for fall scented candles, but they add up. I love the idea of making my own. It seems pretty easy too!

  64. What a cute candle! Perfect for fall since it’s the time of year when everything is pumpkin

  65. This is such a fun idea! I love scented candles and it would be a blast to actually MAKE some!

  66. I never thought about making my own pumpkin spice candle before. Now, I’ll have to give it a try.

  67. I love the smell of pumpkin spice. I would have never ever thought of making my own candle before. Super neat!

  68. That’s it?! That is so simple! I can see a candle making weekend ahead.

  69. First, I am loving anything pumpkin right now. And second, I never thought to make my own candle but you are totally inspiring me!

  70. This sounds like it would smell so good! This is my favorite scent!

  71. It’s been such a long time since I’ve made my own candles. Now would be the perfect time to try yours with fall in the air.

  72. My daughter made me a candle before. I think the pumpkin spice would smell so good!

  73. You can buy wax flakes?? That’s so cool. I’ve been sitting here just shaking out my pumpkin spice jar over a melting candle to get the scent! LOL It does work – but it doesn’t linger for very long this way.

  74. I love everything pumpkin spice, there is no such thing as to much either! I think I am going to have to make myself one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. This looks easy and i bet smells great! Ill have to try one sometimme soon. Thanks for the recipe.

  76. This is such a cool idea. How fun it must be to make your own pumpkin candle!

  77. Pumpkin Spice is one of my absolute favorites! This candle probably smells great!

  78. I never knew making candles was so easy! I might have to try this out over the weekend and add the candle to my collection of other fall scents!

  79. Mmmm…I just love the smell of pumpkin candles in the fall! And apple too…Do you have a recipe for that one? ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. My daughter in law’s favorite thing in the world is Pumpkin Spice so she will be over the moon with joy when I show her this DIY candle! Thank you for sharing such an awesome, yet simple, project idea for fall! ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. You’ve got some pumpkin goodness going on there for Fall, I may try to convert my fave perfume into a candle! ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. I’ve made my own candles before but nothing like this. It certainly fits the season theme and I like it.

  83. This is so impressive, I’ve never seen how candles were made before. You make it look so simple.

  84. I used to make a lot of candles using all kinds of fancy molds. Haven’t done it in years but this makes me want to get back into it.