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Homemade Sponge Bombs are a great way to cool off on a hot summer day!

I am so thankful that my boys prefer playing outside than sitting around inside the house on their electronics all day. Maybe it’s because our summers are so short and they want to make the most of it. Or maybe they know I will yell at them to go outside and play. Either way, you will get no complaints from this mama about it. We have tons of yard toys (balls, Frisbees, etc), a wooden swing set and they each have bikes and scooters. There is enough out there for them to do to keep them busy for hours at a time. But sometimes it gets super hot out and even on those days, they don’t want to come in. That’s when I make them things like these DIY Sponge Bombs.

DIY Sponge Bombs are a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Plus, they are wicked easy to make. Score. Try them this summer and your kids will be very happy that you did.

DIY Sponge Bombs

Here’s what you need:

  • 6-8 Sponges, multi-color
  • Cotton String
  • Scissors

Here’s what you do:
1. Cut each sponge lengthwise into 4 pieces.

2. Take 4 sponge pieces and lay them side by side and then stack four more directly on top of them.
3. Take a piece of string and tie it around all of the sponge pieces. Make sure to pull the string really tight and make sure you knot it. Cut off the excess string.

4. Dip them in buckets of water and have an awesome water fight with your brother. Or friends. Whoever.

5. Have fun!

The only thing is that these DIY Sponge Bombs seem to get pretty dirty after a few uses, so I have to make more. Luckily, I can get sponges at the dollar store, so it’s cheap entertainment for the kiddos.

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  55 Responses to “DIY Sponge Bombs”

  1. These look like so much fun. I am all about something fun for Summer than won’t break the bank.

  2. Woohoo! I can’t wait to make these. Sponge bombs are the best thing ever at a pool party. Thanks!

  3. I love making sponge bombs. We always take them out to the pool when we go. It’s a ton of fun to just whip soggy sponge bombs at each other in the food.

  4. These look like a fun thing to do on a hot day! And I love that my kid and his friends are old enough that I can make creating the bombs as part of their activity.

  5. I would never have thought to make something like this but what a great idea!!! Looks like so much fun and a whole lot less mess than water balloons!

  6. These are so much better than water balloons. No having to clean up tiny balloon bits in your yard.

  7. My kids love anything involving water, but I am often too busy to take them to the pool. These sponge bombs would be a great way for them to have some water fun right here at home!

  8. So easy, so colorful and SO FUN! You ARE lucky to have boys that appreciate being outside!

  9. Oh these look like so much fun! I bet you can use them for so many different outdoor games when it’s hot out!

  10. I will have to pick up some sponges this week so I can make these for the kids. I think it is a great idea and I am sure they will have a ton of fun with them.

  11. My kids love having water balloon fights all throughout the summer, but cleaning up the balloon remnants is always a chore. Making these fun sponge bombs would take the water balloon fight to an all new level and less mess!

  12. These look fun. My daughter would want to make them. Plus I love the bright colors!

  13. Ok – this is the most FUN outdoor activity I can imagine. Is it OK if adults do it too? haha! Love how easy it is to DIY, and how its so perfect for cooling off in the summer!

  14. I don’t know why but these are crazy cute. so simple but i didn’t think of it, lol. love the DIY

  15. Those look like so much fun! I can’t wait to make them for my kids and surprise them when its hot outside!

  16. These are cute. My daughter’s school did this right before Summer break and it was a huge hit with the kids. We may have to try this at home.

  17. These sponge bombs are super cute!! I need to make these for my nieces and nephews!!

  18. Those are just way prettier than my sponges that I currently have. Love the idea and I know the kids will too

  19. What a cute, inexpensive craft! My son and his friends would probably love making these for sure!

  20. This is so fun and easy! Just like water balloons, this will be a sure hit with the kiddos.

  21. These are sooo cute! I love the different colors and I want to make some. I’m sure my kids will love making these with me

  22. Sponge bombs! Kids will love it! And for sure it’s easy to make!

  23. We made these a few years ago. They were so easy to make and the kids had a blast playing with them!

  24. These are too cute! They look perfect for cooling down in the summer! I will have to try this out with my daughter, she would have a blast.

  25. Oh my! That is such a great idea! I am absolutely going to make some. I am sure my kids are going to love this; makes bath time more fun!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  26. This is a great idea. My kids love having backyard fun where they can cool down too, but the slip and slide is a big set up and it isn’t good for the lawn, and water balloons take forever and make a huge mess!

  27. I want to do this for the kids in my neighborhood before school is out! What a fun idea! So much better than water balloons but every bit as fun!

  28. This looks super fun to make and use! Can’t wait to try this!

  29. Love your use of dollar store sponges. That is a great way to cool off and keep busy outside.

  30. These look so easy to make and such a lot of fun, especially if you want to have a water fight as you can reuse them x

  31. Sounds like a pretty cool summer activity for the kids! They can make it and play with it if they want! I like that’s it’s colorful!

  32. This so cool and very creative a fun way to enjoy the bath. It will keep your kids busy for awhile. Perfect for summer as well.

  33. Those do look super easy to make. No doubt all four of my kids would like these (and my ‘kids’ are not all kids). 😉 🙂

  34. OH! This is pretty cool and I like how easy it is to assemble. The kids can do it on their own. I think it’s awesome to make this summer! It’s going to be so much fun for them!

  35. This is a great idea. My girls would have so much fun with this. I love how easy they are to make too!

  36. I love fun and easy projects (and affordable!) like this. What a great idea for summer. I will have to make some of these with my little one. He would love to play with these.

  37. This looks like so much fun and more environmentally friendly version of water balloons. Can’t wait to try this craft out soon. Who doesn’t need a water fight in the hot summer sun.

  38. Wow what a simple but funfilled idea! Keeps the mess to a minimum and keeps the kids cool (and busy!). Great idea!

  39. Aww this is so cute! Creative! Perfect craft to do with my boys! <3 Can't wait to try it!

  40. This looks like such a fun activity, especially with the hot weather during the summer. I bet my kids would love to try making these!

  41. We love making these! They’re so much fun and SO much cheaper than water balloons!

  42. These look like so much fun! Perfect for summer. Thats great that your boys prefer to be outside!

  43. These look like they would be a fun way to cool down. I know the kids in South Carolina can use them with the heat we have here.

  44. These are so cute. I think my boys would love them. Also a great way to cool down it has been so hot here.

  45. This is totally fun! My daughter and I love DIY and this is just another one to add to our list! I think it’s also awesome that you can play with it afterwards. Perfect for beating the summer heat!

  46. These sponge bombs would be better than water balloons! I will have to copy this idea and make some for my grandchildren to play with. Thanks for the idea!

  47. I love this idea! Even the little ones can have a great time with these sponge bombs. They are so colorful too! I will make this on the weekend and we’ll have some water fight family fun!

  48. what a fun idea to create! my kids and I love DIY projects and crafting! I’ll have them try this one out and keep them happy and busy ; )

  49. This is good affordable summer fun. It has been really hot here with heat advisories. My kids have water day every Friday and craft day on Thursday at camp. This would be a great craft for them to make and then play with the next day.

  50. Oh my goodness! These are so cute and so much fun! I would love to do these with my kids, we love making stuff and this would be fun!

  51. OOOH! My kids would love these so much! They are always looking for fun things to do with the water! This would be perfect for them!

  52. This is such a fun summer project that my daughter and I can make together!

  53. Those are really cute and fun! My kids would like to play with them in the water and probably use them more as toys. LOL

  54. This is such an amazing idea. I hope I can steal the idea for the Indian festival of Holi. These would be truly awesome. And they are reusable (at least a few times) rather than the current practice of water balloons which are one use only. 🙂

  55. I think this a fun and colorful DIY project for kids. I bet kids would really have fun with this.