Feb 262014

He’s with me almost every day.  He helps me navigate from point A to point B almost effortlessly. Ok, maybe not effortlessly – there was that one time he told me to drive off a bridge……

He’s my GPS and his name is Lance.


Most GPS units come pre-loaded with a few different accents and you can set most of them to speak to you in a male or a female voice. When I need to get somewhere, I really can’t get much better than getting my directions from a man with an Australian accent (swoon).  So, you guessed it, Lance is Australian.  I honestly don’t really have a reason as to why I chose Lance as his name.  I don’t know any Australians with the name Lance – and now that I think about it, I don’t actually know anyone named Lance.  It just seemed fitting at the time and it stuck.

So tell me, does your GPS have a name?  If so, what do you call it?

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  1. I have a Garmin, and his name is Mark. Mark Garmin, get it?

  2. I don’t have a GPS anymore and use my phone directions app for that, but love that yours is Australian 🙂

  3. We have to use the girl on our TomTom because Tom doesn’t give as through of instructions (as noted in the instructions). Seems like Tom should give the better instructions since the device is named after him, right? I didn’t give the girl a name. 🙂

  4. i have one but it’s so old! i just use waze on my phone. but my car has a name, of course.

  5. I’m lame. I just call my Tom Tom, Tom. I know, not very creative, right?

  6. I want to download a celebrity voice to mine like Morgan freeman or Britney spears

    • Lol, Chris… I know, if I picked Morgan Freeman’s voice, I’d fall asleep listening to his directions. That man has a voice that could soothe a colicky baby!!

  7. We didn’t name our GPS. And now with the Sienna we are driving it has a built in GPS… Maybe I should name her! I think Sally. I wish she had an Australian accent though.

  8. I haven’t changed my GPS voice yet from the same boring woman who doesn’t really speak good English. She constantly mispronounces names wrong and gives me bad advice. I yell at her, clearly we don’t get along so well sometimes. 😛 I can’t help it. Leatherwood should not be pronounced Lee-ther-wood and Cloverdale is not claahver dell. I think that last one was a secret hint that she wants to claahver me.

  9. I use the navigation on my iPhone. The Siri voice that reads the direction is british and male, I like to call him Hugh LOL.

  10. Nope. We are boring and actually turn the voice off. But, now that you mentioned it…..I think I will turn the volume on again. It might help to keep my eyes more on the road! lol

  11. I have a Magellan and I could NOT be without it. I am the absolute worst with directions. I could get lost walking to the mailbox lol I need to name mine though. I am surprised after all these years I haven’t.

  12. Hahah that’s awesome. Mine doesn’t have a name and is on the default voice, but basically I call him Guardian Angel, as he has got me from really lost and wanting to cry, to safely to my destination on time!

  13. Lance probably works better than mine. I use Siri on my phone and since we moved, she is a bit confused, lol. My husband uses Google and we have been testing the two and well I am not trusting Siri yet after the results – I would have a better chance finding things on my own I thing. Maybe a straight GPS unit would be better for me.

  14. I won’t even tell you what my Hubs calls our GPS, especially when it is leading him the wrong way. He did throw one of them out the window one day.

  15. My husband’s car has a built-in navigation system, and it doesn’t offer names or accents – just a male or female voice. My mom’s Tom Tom, on the other hand, lets you change up the voice and it has names. I think they use Richard to get where they need to go!

  16. My GPS’s name is Bubbles. She is British and speaks in a very upbeat manner. She gets annoying on long trips but I’ve never attempted to change her voice because I rather like her accent most times.

  17. I don’t even have a GPS, I just use my phone lol.

  18. hahahahaha, I don’t have a GPS. But my camera is named Buddy and my mannequin or ‘dress form’ is named Emmy {like the mannequin in the movie “Mannequin”}. Buddy is always with me, so like a Buddy. hahahahahaha. I do use google maps to get around but in Utah everything is spread out so the map app works just fine. But have I told you I have superior navigation skills and I LOVE MAPS??? …it is so true. Thanks for the snaps on the 99¢ ‘brand new’ items! YES!!!

    Also, on my comments next to yours is a gal “Tamar SB”. She lives in Boston and she just commented that there are now 2 Savers in her area! Cool, so check it, yes?

  19. If you’re going to have to take directions, an Australian named Lance sounds like the way to go!

  20. I have a GPS and I use to try drive every where. I did not think of giving it a name but maybe I should.

  21. We just use Siri on our phones for navigation. We just call her Siri, but when she takes us way out of our way or in a wrong direction, she has more colorful name choices.

  22. I don’t have a GPS but if I did his name would be Walter and he would have a Scottish accent.

  23. I use my phone – google maps for audio instructions. Darleen never had me almost drive off a cliff like Lance did for you. I count on Darleen for all my driving needs. Now if she could only do the food shopping I would be golden! 🙂

  24. LOL love it!!! No GPS in our car, but I did name my car 🙂

  25. I had a GPS when they first came out – I used to call her Phoebe. Now I use an app on my phone…with Siri’s voice. I wish I could change her name!

  26. I use Siri on my iphone and I call him Mi Lord and he’s British. But my husbands GPS is a woman …..and I am very suspicious of her. 🙂

  27. Haha, I love it! I think it’s fun all the different voices you can have on a GPS. I don’t have one, but I think I’d like a woman with a British accent if I did have a GPS. Maybe I’d call her Queen Elizabeth 😉

  28. My GPS is Siri in my iPhone LOL. The other day she told me to “follow the route”, as I cut through a parking lot. I turned her off. LOL

  29. I don’t have one but I know my sister and her husband named their GPS Sasha. She has an accent of some kind as well.

  30. Lol. great question. I haven’t named mine but my car has a name. It’s Big Bertha. It is an enormous (often dirty) GMC Yukon. Lol

  31. When I had a Garmin, it was named Garmina (creative, I know). Now, Siri is my guide.

  32. We call ours “The Nag” – because she’s always nagging us to turn left, go right, stay to the left!

  33. We actually don’t have a GPS to name, however, your bringing up naming your GPS reminded me of a Doctor Who episode. There is an episode during Matt Smith’s reign as the Doctor where they run into a little boy named Thomas Thomas who directs them how to get somewhere…..

  34. We went on a trip last weekend and sadfully our rental car did not have GPS, although it was spose to have it. We ended up lost because we had to use my hubs smart phone GPS and it kept losing connection. We almost ended up on the Golden Gate Bridge! Luckily, we noticed and got off at the exit right before the bridge!

  35. I think that I am the only person who still doesn’t have a GPS! LOL! I only use the maps GPS built into my phone!

  36. Our GPS is named Jennifer. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to kill us.

  37. I hated our GPS but my husband loved her. I started to refer to her as Katy Perry, because my husband loves her and I do not.

  38. My husband refuses to have GPS 🙂 I think it’s because we both had to use a GPS unit as geography majors and now he uses one for work. I love that you have named yours!

  39. LOL! Love it! No, I do not have a GPS, though I REALLLLY should! I get lost sooo often that I frighten not only myself, but my kids too :/ Gah! I did not know your GPS could have an accent 😉 Ohhhh…. Must get me a GPS!

  40. Okay, how awesome that Lance is Australian! I don’t have a GPS but my PC’s name is Penny. I should name my phone!

  41. My husband changed the voice on his to a British accent. We’ve both been known to say “shut up, you British bitch” when she’s recalculating all the time. LOL

  42. Haha. That’s funny-I didnt know they came with options to change accents. My car came with gps but I dont know if you can change mine.

  43. Mine doesn’t have a name but I did change the voice of Siri from female to male. I use to use a regular GPS until I got my phone.

  44. I’ve got the OnStar GPS. I never named her but I love her.

  45. Oh yes! My hubby named his ROBERTO! So when ROBERTO takes him to the wrong place, you can just imagine the scolding that ROBERTO gets!

  46. Yes, mine is named Lucy. Maybe Lance and Lucy can meet up some day and go out for coffee or a drink. Hopefully they won’t get lost on their way to their destination. 😉

  47. I didn’t name mine but I DID switch it from the woman’s voice to the mans voice. I found hers too shrill~ but my dad liked it so… I want to be able to download different voice apps to them… Like maybe Benedict Cumberbatch???? 😉

  48. I don’t even own a GPS, so no. But I’ve always found Australian accents attractive.

  49. My friend has one she calls him Simon. Yep, he is English!

  50. I have not named my GPS. I think it is a fun thing to do though. As I read and answer this, I am thinking of what I could name a few of my electronic devices.

  51. Haha! We have a name too and we call her Stephanie despite the fact that she sort of sounds like a man. We have called her Stephanie for years now and she never guided us wrong!

  52. The only GPS that I have is the app on my phone. We live in such a small area, that I never need it. The only time we use GPS is if we’re traveling which isn’t very often. Now, my brother in law on the other hand, is a semi-truck owner/operator and he travels all over so he uses a GPS. To be honest, I don’t think he’s ever given it a name. I think he just cusses at it on a daily basis! 😀

  53. Lol – I’d never thought of that before, though we always make fun of the silly accent the english lady has when she pronounces some of our streets!

  54. That’s awesome. I don’t have a GPS so therefore, no my GPS doesn’t have a name 😉 But if it did, maybe I would name it George just to make the kids laugh.

  55. Lance! I love that! And an Australian accent? I wonder if I can set mine like that. It would be a much more enjoyable drive!

  56. We do have a GPS – complete with back up camera – but sadly, no name. 🙂

  57. I love it! Lance is a sexy, manly name to me.. I think its perfect!

  58. LOL! My husband calls mines Yolanda Jr. because she is so bossy. I say “You should call her that because she is always RIGHT!”

  59. Our gps does not have a name, but I do love the accent 🙂

  60. Mine doesn’t have a name, but I have played around with the various accents. My husband just got a new phone and his GPS lady sounds super sexy – not sure I’m ok with that!!

  61. I don’t have a GPS. If I did I think I’d name it Myrtle Apel. It was the joke name I was going to name my boys. Anyone that asked, I told them I was naming the child Myrtle Apel.

  62. Mine is on my phone – I wish I could change the voice! Australian would be neat!

  63. Lance is a great name, reminds me of a knight who is protecting you and guiding your path! I use GPS on my phone.

  64. My GPS lady died and has not been replaced. I REALLY need another one, I just wished that they would come with a “sassy” mode when giving me directions. LOL Lance is a good name!

  65. I don’t have GPS. I would name mine if I had one though, just because I will be talking to it frequently.

  66. Oh I would love to get directions from a man in an australian accent. Sigh.

  67. My GPS is that heifer Siri. I hate her, always getting me lost, always giving wrong directions. But I can’t quit her. Our relationship is quite dysfunctional.

  68. I just recently got a GPS. It has a female voice. Haven’t thought about naming it. Maybe Martha?

  69. I have one, but she’s kind of… not a very bright GPS. I’ve named her Phoebe. (Like on Friends.)

  70. We now use our iPhone GPS..our other one wanted us to cut through rivers, oceans, and oceans…recalculating route.

  71. I have a GPS but honestly I don’t ever use her. I am not sure what her name would be if I did…we have however named the lady who talks on our home security system. She is Vivian 🙂

  72. Don’t laugh, but I must be one of five people who don’t use one. I just can’t stand the repetitive voice and occasional confusion

  73. I don’t have GPS because they don’t work in Ecuador. There are no maps online. Even the road maps they sell at stores are really old and inaccurate. It’s an adventure to travel here, lol

  74. I don’t use a GPS system other than my phone. I wish I had OnStar for emergencies.

  75. Mine has a name. It’s called Bing maps, lol! I don’t have a GPS unit, I don’t really go anywhere enough to need one.

  76. I am so naming mine now!!!

  77. Hello again! About that GPS, I was going to mention that once I had a client from a well known German car company and his GPS kept giving the wrong info; it was funny.

  78. Don’t have a GPS, I still use the old fashioned maps. I have problems with GPS, for me maps and knowing the area is better.

  79. Hehe An Australian accent would be perfect for a GPS! I had a Garmin but kept leaving it in my car. It got ruined. Now my GPS is called “Andre” – my husband 😉

  80. We barely use our GPS anymore and we never named it. We mostly use our iPhones since the maps always seem up to date on there.

  81. That cracked me up. Who names their GPS? Mine doesn’t have a name but now I feel like I need to come up with one! Maybe Herbert…

  82. LOL! I Like It Lance I Guess I Should Name mine Too!!

  83. I don’t have a name for my GPS but I definitely have a name for my car and the whole family calls it by its name.

  84. I get lost with my GPS, so now I use my phone! I can talk to it and not have to hear: recalculating, recalculating 🙂

  85. I don’t have a GPS. I just use my phone 🙂

  86. I stopped using my GPS about a year ago because it was frustrating me and not giving me correct directions, I use my phone or use Yahoo maps.

  87. We use my father’s Samsung S4 as our main gps, and we’ve lovingly called her Cordapya. The origin, we know not where. It just stuck.

  88. I cannot tell you the name of mine as it isn’t very nice 😉 When I first got the witch, she was forever telling me to make u-turns in the middle of the street and also would take me 4 miles out of the way into the middle of nowhere just to get back onto a road i could have easily turned onto. Yeah, she is something else.

  89. Hubby has one. Do men really name their things like women do? Thanks for sharing!

  90. LOL – that’s awesome! I use my phone and tried to have Siri use an Australian accent but she couldn’t find anything. So I had to go back to English.

  91. LOL yes, mine has a name but it depends on who’s using it. My hubby likes the British sounding woman and I just use an American sounding woman but I don’t remember what their name’s are. He probably knows though haha.

  92. I only use GPS on my phone & rarely, so it’s nameless.

  93. I think that’s hilarious! I completely agree..if any man is going to tell me where to drive, an Australian accent would be nice. haha!

  94. Too funny! Ours is built in to our truck so I don’t think there are any changes to the accent we could make. I’ve heard there’s an Arnold Schwarzeneggar sounding one though – that’d crack me up!

  95. Our GPS is Jill. My last GPS was Jack and I really liked him. But for some reason I can’t load Jack onto our now GPS so we put up with her. Last year driving to Gord’s sister’s place (she lives in the country), I switched it over to a Spanish chick and it was hilarious!

  96. If mine had a name, it would be Moron. More often than not, he gets me lost. I seriously need to get a new GPS. 😀

  97. When i use my phone GPS that is Gladys, but when we use our Garmin her name is Estacia, she likes to get us lost, take us on country road or take us miles out of the way and past the turn that we need… I was using ‘stacia one day and it took me on this old road down into the heart of town instead of on the highway that took me around the town instead….