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Like everyone’s kids, my boys each come home from trick or treating with a ginormous bag of candy.  Even after the parental candy tax, they still end up with more candy than they could ever possibly eat. Despite all that candy, every year I insist on getting them each a little sweet treat of my own.  I give it to them on Halloween morning and it’s always just been a fun little way to get them excited about trick or treating that night – especially when Halloween falls on a school night. It’s something that my mom always did for my brother, sister and me and we were kids and I have always made sure to carry on the tradition.

These Jack O’Lantern Treat Buckets are inexpensive, really easy to make and make a perfect little treat to give to your kids, neighbors, friends or even send in with your kids to school to give to their classmates.

Jack O’Lantern Treat Buckets

Here’s what you need:

  • 3pk small white metal buckets (Dollar Tree)
  • Green metallic ribbon
  • Black and orange craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper plate


Here’s what you do:
1. Squirt a small amount of your black and orange paint onto your paper plate.
2. Use your paint brush to paint your buckets with two coats of orange paint and let dry.



3. No rinse off your paintbrush and use it to paint Jack-O-Lantern faces onto the front of the orange buckets (be creative, no two buckets have to look the same) and let them dry completely.


4. Now cut an 8 inch piece of ribbon, carefully curl the ribbon with your scissors, and tie one to the side of each bucket.


5. Once your buckets are dry, fill them up with your favorite candy.


Super easy and aren’t they cute?


Who would you give one to?

  68 Responses to “Dollar Store DIY: Jack O’Lantern Treat Buckets”

  1. That’s a cute and festive idea for Halloween party favors.

  2. What a brilliant idea to build own jack-o-lantern treat buckets . Creative, fun to make, builds those family bonds even more and doesn’t cost much. Thanks for sharing Robin!

  3. Those are so great! I love the look and I love how affordable they are to make.

  4. These would be such fun to give as party favors for kids. Talk about happy smiles!

  5. These are adorable! I love them. My boys would have a lot of fun making these and giving them to friends!

  6. These would make great gifts for the teachers. They look so easy to make.

  7. I love creating things with stuff I buy at the Dollar Tree. I’ve saved so much on supplies over the years.

  8. I love this as a school activity! You could use paper too and make a collage!

  9. Soo cute! You could totally just put eyes on a white one and make it to a ghost too! This would be so fun to give to a group of kiddos you are over maybe that are too old for trick or treating!!

  10. These would be so cute to give to the kids at school. The Dollar Tree is my go to school for holiday decor. I had to laugh at the mention of “parental candy tax.” We have that too.

  11. How cute. This would be such a fun and easy Halloween crafts for kids to do.

  12. These are adorable! I wish I could remember to go to the dollar store once in awhile.

  13. I love how cute and simple these are to create! They are perfect Halloween party favors and the best part is that your kids can help you out them together!

  14. Jack O’Lantern Treat Buckets are so cute. I will have to get the supplies I need to make these for Halloween.

  15. I love how cute these are and easy to make. I will have to get the kids to help me make a bunch to give out.

  16. I love finding cute things like this to do with the kids. I already have orange cups we can use. I will have to do it this weekend.

  17. Great idea!! It is so cheap and pretty for this Halloween. Thank you!

  18. What a fun idea for party or classroom favors! I love that you did not have to break the bank to make them either.

  19. We made ghost cups like this last year and they were a big hit. I will have to try these ones for this year.

  20. Dollar Tree rocks! I absolutely love that store!

  21. These look so cute!! What a cute party favor to make up for Halloween!

  22. Oh my goodness! I love the dollar store. Your treat buckets are absolutely adorable and oh so festive!

  23. What a great idea! I need to try this out with my kids.

  24. This really is a great Dollar Store DIY! I’m always looking to be creative but save at the same time!

  25. These are such cute buckets. I should make them for my girls classes for Halloween. I’m sure all the kids would just love them!

  26. These are such a cute idea. My girls will love them, even my 18 year old.

  27. Very cute craft idea! I need to make some for a party I am going to on Halloween.

  28. These turned out so cute! I wish I had thought to make these as favors for my son’s birthday earlier this month. Pinning for later!

  29. I love creating things for Halloween! I’ve saved so much on supplies over the years.Loved your idea!

  30. This is SUCH a great and simple DIY idea! I love this! Perfect for the kids classroom parties too – what a great idea!

  31. Those are amazing giveaways for kids especially if your kid’s school is having their own Halloween party. No kid wouldn’t want to miss out on something this good. I love how easy it is to make, you don’t even need to be good at painting or arts and crafts.

  32. Clever and easy! A great DIY for the kiddies this Halloween!

  33. This one’s going on top of my list of DIYs! It’s really easy and it’s fun, you can even personalize the buckets for your kids if you want! I love the idea!

  34. This seems like such a cheap and fun idea!

  35. I love this idea…SO cute! My kids will love this for sure!

  36. That is SUCH an adorable idea and so affordable. I think it would be perfect to do with little kids, too! Seems easy enough without too much mess. 🙂

  37. So simple and cute – those are always best! Ithink we’ll be making something like these! And of course – names on them to keep the fighting at bay!

  38. This is definitely a cute and awesome idea. we used to buy pumpkin bags for trick or treat. why havent i thought of just recycling a pail or small container and painting it with some spooky characters. Thanks for the idea.

  39. Such cute buckets. I would love to try these for my kids.

  40. What an adorable idea for a classroom. Or even the neighbors! Love it

  41. What a cute buckets! Your so creative. I am so excited for Halloween.

  42. I think I’d hand these out on Halloween night with crafty, non-candy treats.
    We are a food allergy family.

  43. Cute. My daughter would love to paint these. She is very into Halloween this year and says she loved scary stuff. 🙂

  44. These are perfect treat buckets! You did a great job!

  45. The Dollar Store is a great place to find affordable items for DIY. I love the personal touch of these. They make the Halloween candy even more festive.

  46. I love all of this came from the dollar store!! They turned out cute, I know my kids would have a blast making these!

  47. I can’t believe that all of these supplies came from the dollar store! This is so cute and creative 🙂

  48. I’m loving this cute DIY! It is such a cute treat bag for kids 🙂

  49. These are so cute! Not to mention easy and cheap! This would be perfect for a school Halloween party!

  50. These are so cute, and I love how it’s a homemade craft. Little treats/gifts are always better when there is a personal touch. I hope your kids enjoy them!

  51. Creativity at its best. You have painted these buckets so neatly.

  52. This is an awesome craft that I think my kids would love. My dollar store had all the supplies! Thanks for the craft idea!

  53. The Dollar Store has such great items that can be used to create amazing gifts like you showed here. It is a great resource.

  54. What a great idea! I would use these for the kids’ classmates treats!

  55. What a great crafting idea!! These are adorable and so quick and easy to do!! ^^

  56. wow, nice idea for the Halloween. The preparation would even allow more fun and time for bonding )

  57. It’s adorable. Great for maybe a student giving a teacher a treat because it could get expensive as well for a lot of kids. I would do the teachers with this it’s such a thoughtful gift.

  58. What a great idea! This is definitely something my children would be into! I love crafting during Halloween time!

  59. Aw these are so cute! It would be great to have a kids halloween party and let one of the activities be painting the faces on these

  60. Such a cute idea! And so simple to make. Even the less crafty types could pull this one off.

  61. Those are so so cute! And so easy and fun to make. Love these!!!

  62. Being able to make these treat buckets is a great way to save some money. Every year I spend tons of money on new costumes and treat buckets that they end up losing by the end of the night.

  63. They are very cute, and a much better idea because they are small so we can regulate the amount of candy (or sweets, as we say in the UK) that the children receive 😉

    I might even have a couple of those little buckets in a cupboard somewhere… and I have the paint… excellent!


  64. Loved this so much! I have a dollar store around my area, definitely checking tomorrow to see if I find some so I can decorate with my daughter and she can give them to her cousins 🙂

  65. I love this idea! Super cute and easy. My
    Boys would love them 🙂

  66. Omg how cute are these buckets!?!? They would be perfect for my daughters party at school

  67. I’ve tried this one and my kid loves it! It’s cute and not that typhical time consuming thing! Thanks for this I love it

  68. admire your creativity, Robin. It must be fun to prepare it with the kids as well