Jun 052017

When there is a holiday coming up, I like to decorate my house.  Especially when it comes to July 4th.  We have a big cookout and I like it when my house looks the part. I’ve been known to go all out when it comes to holiday decorations (and that goes for any holiday), but since people are coming over for the 4th, I like it when my house looks especially festive. I was at the dollar store recently and picked up the supplies I needed to make this Patriotic Wall Plaque.  It is wicked easy to make and I am really happy with the way it came out.

Dollar Store DIY: Patriotic Wall Plaque

Here’s what you need:

  • Wood hanging plaque
  • Red, white, and blue craft paint
  • Q-tip
  • Paint brush

Here’s what you do:
1. Begin by applying two layers of white paint over the entire plaque. Be sure to allow the paint to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.
2. Once your white paint is dry, you can start adding your red stripes. Use the paint brush to make the red paint stripes horizontally along the plaque.

3. At the top left hand corner, create a blue box as shown. Again, be sure to allow the blue paint to dry thoroughly.

4. Now add your stars. Dip the q-tip into white paint and make small dots all over the blue box.

5. Allow your paint to dry, then your patriotic wall plaque craft is ready to be displayed.

If you are looking for some inexpensive decorations for July 4th – or any holiday, try making your own with supplies from your local dollar store. I only spent a few dollars to make my Patriotic Wall Craft and I love how it came out.

Have you ever made your own decorations using supplies you picked up at the dollar store?

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  1. I make crafts with dollar store supplies all the time. Your patriotic crafts are totally cute and easy!

  2. That is really cute! I love to get my crafty stuff at Dollar Store whenever possible. You can’t beat their prices.

  3. That’s a great little craft. The best crafts are always the simplest. I love it.

  4. Cheap, easy & super cute! I need to hit up my local dollar store soon!

  5. Very nice and easy DIY to educate the children regarding history and this important date. Celebrating those that have sacrificed their lives on our behalf is a noble cause and a must do.

  6. Very nice and easy DIY to educate the children regarding history and this important date. Celebrating those that have sacrificed their lives on our behalf is a noble cause and a must do.

  7. We have something called ‘poundland’ here in the UK and you can always find some great bits, especially for food but even for crafts too. Loving your patriotic wall plaque x

  8. That would be a cool craft that my husband can do with the scouts. I would love to hang this on my door.

  9. Oh my goodness how cute is that, it is the perfect way to share your patriotic side and your artistic prowess.

  10. I heart the dollar store. They always have different things in there, and most importantly they don’t rip you off. A fun craft!

  11. Omg how cute! I love the dollar store and all the crafty stuff you can find there!

  12. I love this. So cute for kids to help make!

  13. I love DIY projects. I love your idea most of all because it seems so nice and easy to make.

  14. This is mega cute and perfect for my kiddos! They love to craft and paint little things like this plaque.

  15. That is a really good idea, I would use that myself (but a UK flag sorry lol) I’m not sure our dollar-store equivalent shops here sell little plaques though 🙁 will have to look out for some !

  16. How cute! I need to make one of these. I love when things are cheap to make.

  17. I’m not the creative type but I think I need to start being one now that I’m a mom. I love your idea; not only it is fun to make, it is also affordable!

  18. I love this! Affordable and easy DIY? Yes please! I think this would be a lovely thing to make especially if you have kids in the house. They’re going to enjoy making a couple of these!

  19. Wow so cute! You can alo make a small one in brooch size. It reminds me i would like to make one too, as we will also celebrate our Independence Day here in the Philippines this 12th of June.

  20. That’ll be fun to make with the kids this summer. And with inexpensive materials, they can make some for their grandparents.

  21. What an awesome idea for the kids to do with you especially before the 4th of July. I think it’s so much fun and its’ adorable too!

  22. I would love to try and make this when the family comes over, the kids will be really excited to do some painting like this! It’s so much fun!

  23. That would be so fun for the boys to make and have at a BBQ

  24. This looks so much fun.The color combination is quite bright..

  25. Nice decors. Advance happy independence day to USA. Philippine Independence day is on June 12.

  26. This must be fun to make with the family! DIY can be such a good way to spend quality time together.

  27. Hi Robin, thank you for this creative idea. I am always intimidated to draw the stars on the us flag 🙂 these ones are easy and look nice!!

  28. Great idea and one to get the children involved. Doesnt have to be American flag, any flag can be done 🙂 🙂 (I am from the UK, can you guess…lol)

  29. What a cute DIY project and perfect for this time of year. I’ve made a few things from dollar store finds and I can’t wait to try this idea. My plaque would look cute at my front door.

  30. That came out super cute! I love Dollar Store crafts. I made a 4th of july wreath the other day and it surprisingly came out pretty good lol

  31. I love easy crafts for the kids, thanks for sharing! This is perfect for the little ones who haven’t learned how to tackle the harder projects yet.

  32. This is such a creative project for the kids.
    I think it is also healthy for the kids to appreciate our country.

  33. I love this idea. I even have a couple of kiddos who would love to help me make a few!

  34. The Q-Tips are a perfect way to get a nice look for the stars. This turned out great. I love the Dollar Store for decorating.

  35. That is a great craft idea for the 4th of July. It seems pretty simple but also very creative. I love ideas like this for decorating.

  36. The dollar store is the perfect spot for craft supplies! We are lucky to live so close to one!

  37. You are inspiring me to break out the crafts in my house today. It is rainy so a perfect day to break out the paints.

  38. I love this! I am starting to plan for our 4th of July party. This would be something that would be good for the kids at the party to make!

  39. Cute craft! Also, this seems easy to make. I really like to do all these stuff, thanks for the idea.

  40. What a great craft! My girls are all about painting and arts and crafts this summer!

  41. What a fun and easy DYI I bet my kids would love to do this with me! Thanks for sharing.

  42. That’s a cute plaque! I like getting supplies from dollar store for any DIY ideas. They’ve decent quality supplies that’s great for arts and crafts. My son loves doing crafts.

  43. How cute, I didn’t know dollar store had paints and wooden plaques. Love this simple and patriotic craft.

  44. I love the dollar store but you have it down perfectly. That is a great patriotic decoration, kids will love to make it and display it for the 4th.

  45. You painted it so nicely. My painting skills aren’t so well. However, it is really a nice idea for patriotic decoration. I will keep this in mind.

  46. Super cute! What a fun idea. I would display something like this for the 4th or even do up one for Canada day!

  47. This is so cute! I will have to look into making one of these when I get a spurt of craftiness.

  48. This is such a cute project to do this weekend. I love to go to the dollar store to get all my craft needs.

  49. This is such a cute and simple DIY! It would be perfect to keep the kids entertained during fourth of July.

  50. What a great and inexpensive idea….I absolutely love it.

  51. Great ideas for the kids for the 4th! We’ve got a bunch of cousins coming up for the holiday, it’s the perfect time to create!

  52. Very creative and a great work of art. The Dollar store has so much that can be used.

  53. This wall plaque is perfect for the Fourth of July. It is easy to make and very patriotic.

  54. I love this idea. Perfect craft for kids of all ages this 4th of July

  55. What a lovely craft for the kids and I. I love making different crafts with my daughter whenever we’re going to celebrate a holiday! I think this is perfect for the 4th of July!

  56. I haven’t seen a dollar store in my area with these plaques. This is a creative idea, and very affordable.

  57. I have never made my own decorations because that is not something I am good at. I do love things that other people make though 😉

  58. That’s really cute. I love affordable DIY project! This is an amazing idea.

  59. This is perfect for kids. I love DIY project! Cause they are creative ideas, and I love creativity.

  60. It’s great to decorate your house during holidays. I’m sure that DIY project is a great addition.

  61. Dollar stores are now also available here, although there is a similar store too where I normally buy my items. I love DIY’s definitely cheaper than buying from stores and at the same time you can do what you want. Customized designed.

  62. This one is simply adorable. So creative. I would love to try this out for my room.

  63. What a cute idea! This would be a fun group craft to do during a 4th of July bbq.

  64. These Dollar Store DIY patriotic wall plaques are a great craft idea. I will have to make these with my niece’s kids who would have a blast making them. It is always nice to have projects like this for the kids to do in the summer to keep them busy. Thanks for sharing the craft.

  65. love this! A very quick and easy craft that anyone can do, even on a budget that will help make the house a bit more patriotic!

  66. How fun is this! Perfect for a summer craft to do with the kids for 4th of July! I love dollar store crafts!

  67. This looks like something the kids can make this 4th of July. I will see if we can drop by the Dollar Store in our area this weekend to gather some supplies for crafting projects.

  68. We have a post on our front porch, and it’s the perfect place for a decoration. I frequently love to change them up for the different holidays. This would be so great for 4th of July.

  69. I’m not the most crafty of persons so trying out DIY using items from the Dollar Store is perfect for me. It’s amazing what you can find just by browsing the aisles.

  70. The Dollar Store is my go-to for simple affordable crafts. It really allows me to create seasonal and holiday-related goodies without spending too much.

  71. I love all the great things we can find in dollar stores. It’s always an adventure with fab finds to take home. Great DIY design.

  72. I find the cutest things at the dollar store and their crafts section is pretty amazing too!

  73. I love this DIY idea! I’ll have to share it with my mom, she loves everything patriotic!

  74. These are great DIY projects for 4th of july! I like the little flag plaque so festive!

  75. This is so cute! I love how simple it was to make! I am all about crafting and making small decor but I do not have a lot of 4th of July things. I need to make some!

  76. That is such a cute idea for the summer! I bet our kids would be all over this project!

  77. Cute craft that the little ones can enjoy making themselves. I will get some supplies at the dollar store and let my grandkids make their own patriotic wall plaque. Once they are done, I will proudly display them on the 4th.

  78. This is such a fun craft. I can’t wait until my kids painting skills are a little better so we can do more fun projects!

  79. We don’t have dollar stores here in the Philippines. What we do have our Japanese supplies stores. I haven’t tried any DIY projects yet though. I am not as creative as you! Hahaha

  80. The plaque looks great painted as a flag. Great items you always can find in the dollar store.

  81. This is such a fun project for 4th of July coming up! I am totally into DIY and crafts so will have to give this a try 🙂 Thanks for sharing love! xo, sharon


  82. This is super cute! What a lovely idea for a DIY to make your house looks festive.

  83. Omg how cute are these plaques?!?! Perfect craft for the forth of July

  84. So cute! I love making our house festive for the 4th of July! Red, white, and blue everything!

  85. Yeah, I have one before. And I enjoyed it a lot, I kinda liked my work too. Yours is also one of a kind and I like it. The dollar store is my friend!

  86. This is such a cute craft! I am going to have to make this when the kiddos come.

  87. Dont you just love the Dollar store! I love how cute the flag plaque came out. Will definitely be trying it for 4th of july.

  88. This is a cool diy! Less cost and very crafty. I should make some for soldiers were I volunteer 🙂

  89. What an adorable idea! I think that my daughter would love making these with me!

  90. What a cute way to celebrate the Fourth! Even better that it is a dollar store craft!

  91. Awwe you are passionate about festive hahah I like your creativity I may do that for my country flag.

  92. It looks fairy easy to create! What a fun craft to get in the patriotic spirit.