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Can you believe that Easter is right around the corner. This year is flying by, and soon we will be coloring Easter eggs and having scavenger hunts. I thought it could be fun to share some really inexpensive Easter inspired crafts that are from the Dollar Store. You don’t have to be super crafty to do these! Plus if you have children, they could really enjoy helping make some of these.

Below you will find a list of different Dollar Store Easter Crafts for you to create this year. You could give these as gifts to friends and loved ones, or use to decorate your home with. Either way they are fun to create and adorable to look at!

Dollar Store Easter Inspired Decor For The Home

DIY Spring Wreath (The Happy Housie): In five minutes you can create this simple, yet adorable spring wreath. Everyone will be asking where you bought this beautiful piece.

Easter Mason Jars (Mason Jar Crafts): These are beyond adorable, and would be great to display on your kitchen table or on a shelf! If you can’t find a mason jar at your store, just buy a neat jar! Anything will work!

Easter Nest Hurricane Glass (Salt and Pepper Moms): This is a stunning piece and would look gorgeous to display in your home for Easter.

Candy Jars on Pedestal (Living Well Spending Less): These are so pretty and look like it would cost a lot to make, but really it is very affordable! Fill with your favorite Easter treats.

Twine Eggs (The Country Chic Cottage): Wrap eggs with twine for a whole new look. Great to put in a bowl and set on a table or counter.

Burlap Bunny (Four Marrs & One Venus): This is such a simple piece to create but looks like it would be expensive to buy!

Jellybean Topiary (My Garden of Eden): These are so fun, I love the idea of it being jellybeans. They look great on display like pictured!

Peeps Easter Arrangement (The Autocrat): I love when you have a vase that has candies on display like this. I have seen where you use lemon peels and such, but never Peeps! Super creative.

If you Can’t Find the exact items that were used in the crafts, just try and get creative and find something that will work in it’s place. Also if you don’t live near a dollar type store, also think of the dollar bins at Target. Plus I know Walmart and other retailers have sections from time to time that have affordable holiday goodies.

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  86 Responses to “8 Dollar Store Easter Crafts for Decorating Your Home”

  1. These are all wonderful ideas. Thank you for the Easter decorating tips.

  2. Great ideas to use at our Easter brunch at church. These are so pretty too.

  3. You are definitely speaking my language when you talk about saving money and Easter stuff. I did not realize how expensive Easter would be until I had a child of my own! I know right need to go shopping.

  4. There are so many great finds at the dollar store. I really like the Easter Nest Hurricane Glass. This is something I will have to do for my house.

  5. I can’t believe Easter is almost here. I haven’t had a chance to do any decorating. I like all of these ideas.

  6. I LOVE that wreath! I need a few more Spring items here- I am going to check them out tomorrow!!

  7. I LOVE it! I like to keep it festive for the holidays, but I don’t like to pay an arm and a leg for it.

  8. I love me some Dollar Store! There stuff is so affordable and it’s not junky stuff. I love shopping there.

  9. Very cool mason jars. I love all of the crafts that you have here. I know my daughter loves doing crafts, so hopefully between being crazy and going places this week, we will try out some of these.

  10. Some great tips here for Easter! We are looking to possibly do our first year of dyeing eggs this year as I think our kiddos will be old enough and will enjoy it enough! They are almost 5 and 3! I try to get them involved in as many crafts as possible too!

  11. I love the dollar sections at stores and Dollar Tree. I find so many goodies to craft with and trinkets for my kiddos.

  12. I love Dollar Tree finds, especially with 3 kids to decorate with for Easter. These are all beautiful craft ideas that are made more appealing by the prices.

  13. I need a Spring wreath for my door. I will have to go to the Dollar Store to get the supplies I need. These are all great ideas.

  14. I don’t know if it was the dollar stores I had in PA, but I hope the dollar stores here in Maryland allow for me to come up with great DIY craft ideas to do with the kids. I’m always on a budget and this is a great way to decorate the house for the holidays.

  15. Dollarstore crafts are not only fun but save you so much money. It’s fun to spend time together to create these kind of things and you save money at the same time. Bonus!

  16. I love visiting our local Dollar Store. Walking down every aisle, I am hit with tons of inspiration!

  17. These are adorable. I especially love the topiaries. So pretty.

  18. These are great suggestions! I wish I could try all these!! They all look amazing!

  19. Never overlook the Dollar Store when hunting for decorations for any occasion. Amazing what you can find there and at a great price.

  20. Very cute ideas for Easter. I like the candy one with the glass cute to put at the tables with like 4 of them or so or have them as gifts/dessert at the end if you want to really make a candy decoration like that. (:

  21. Easter is truly going to be interesting this year. There’s so much to do to get ready.

  22. Great tips for Easter decorations. I loved all these ideas.

  23. A lot great finds and crafting ideas. These are great!

  24. OHHHH the dollar store, how I love thee soo! I don’t decorate for holidays though, so that’s not why I go there 😉

  25. What a great ideas! Truly love it. I feel that easter is very near. And it will truly enjoy.

  26. I love the dollar store. I am not real crafty but they have really cute ideas and sometimes you find things you’d spend $2 on. lol

  27. Very cool ideas! Who knew you could do so much with dollar store products?!?!

  28. I want to make the Candy Jars on Pedestal. They look fancy and pretty. I am sure my guests would love them too.

  29. Inexpensive, yet beautiful crafts are the best kind! I love the floral wreath so much!

    • Wow these are all cute and inexpensive. And could be use over and over 🙂 Thanks for these tips!

  30. dollar store easter crafts!! What a great [email protected] Can’t wait to do some of these and surprise my kids with homemade decorations!

  31. Love the dollar store! It’s such a great place for almost everything! I love that easter wreath, it’s so pretty

  32. I always shop at the dollar store. I am sometimes amazed at what I get.

  33. I need to try out some of these! I’m at the Dollar Store often.

  34. I like finding Easter crafts from dollar store. They certainly have a lot of cute and awesome things happening at their craft section. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Those jellybean topiaries are so cute! The post had me laughing out loud too – she’s funny!

  36. My mother-in-law loves Dollar General. She finds the most amazing craft supplies. I will have to show her some of the crafts other people have came up with.

  37. I love when dollar store crafts turn out great. These are fun ideas for Easter.

  38. These are funny and cute ideas to decorate home! I love DIY and colorful decorations!

  39. Dollar Store crafts are the best. I love how you can buy so much and decorate for only a few dollars.

  40. I love the dollar store. I’m always finding great supplies for craft and DIY projects. I love your list of Easter projects.

  41. Dollar store crafts are well worth doing. They certainly make things look amazing.

  42. Great ideas. I love the burlap bunny. It looks much more costly.

  43. These look really nice. So many people I know shop at the dollar store and have luck putting decorations together. I go in, and walk around in circles. This does give me some ideas though.

  44. I love the Spring Wreath. Not only does it work for Easter, but can displayed for months.

  45. I am in love with the Easter Nest Hurricane Glass! You could use those glasses for so many things after Easter to! Great ideas, one day I’ll have storage that will let me decorate for all the holidays.

  46. I love the dollar store for crafts – I made a wreath a few years ago and got my supplies from there. Loving these ideas.

  47. This would be perfect for those who are on a budget as well. It is amazing what crafts you can make using dollar bins x

  48. Great crafts! I need to get my crafting going for Easter ASAP


  49. I love the burlap bunny idea. It really saves some money to shop supplies at your local dollar store. I love mine!

  50. These are great crafts! I love the homemade Easter stuff! Being able to do crafts with the kids is always better than buying them.

  51. I was just contemplating my easter and spring decorations today so the timing is perfect. I love the hurricane glass idea!

  52. Good suggestions here! I love the candy jars on a pedestal, they really do give you elegance at an affordable price.

  53. Oh my word, that jelly bean topiary is just about the cutest thing ever.! I am going to grab all the supplies to make it with my kiddos!

  54. All these crafts are beautiful and would make any home so ready for Easter! I only wish I had some more craftiness in me. I like the Easter Nest Hurricane glass the best.

  55. I like the Easter jars.It seems like a really easy way to decorate the dining table or any other corner of the home.Other ideas are great too!

  56. There’s really no limit as to what you can do with arts and crafts, I love going to the dollar store for some DIY decorations instead of buying the ready made ones at the mall. It’s really going to help you save!

  57. Yeah I really should do some Easter craft with my niece. I love the Easter tree and jar idea. xx

  58. Oooo such cute ideas and can’t believe you can make them so cheaply too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  59. These are some really cute suggestions on how to decorate our houses for Easter for cheap. I live in England so there is no dollarstore here but we do have poundland, which is similar. I should pay a visit soon, before Easter comes.

  60. Love these ideas! It’s better to make your own decoration each year especially since you’re just going to use it once a year. I think the dollar store has everything we need!

  61. Who doesn’t love dollar store??I love everything they sell for festivals

  62. Indeed a perfect idea to check out on! Will share this to my friends to so they can choose whatever they want to do. Thank you for this post!

  63. I never thought to go to a dollar store for Easter decor. What a great idea!

    I have some decorations, and I need to put them out.

  64. I’m bookmarking this because I am going to be away from home on Easter. These are all super cute and it makes my day that they are from the Dollar Store.

  65. Okay, as far as I’m concerned, you can’t beat a good Dollar Store craft! These are all fantastic ideas! I can’t believe we’re already talking about Easter, though…

  66. I just love dollar store ideas for decorating. It’s so affordable! These are so great!

  67. How cute! I always feel like there is a ton of craft and simple decorating ideas for Easter. I love that these are so low cost!

  68. I never really shopped at the Dollar Store until I became a blogger. I had no idea how many great things you could find there to create fun and affordable DIYs. It is a great resource.

  69. These are great ideas. I love making wreaths with Dollar Store supplies!

  70. These are such perfect ideas for Easter, I can’t believe it’s only a few days away (10?)

  71. Wow i cant belive how cheap these are to make! Im going to go and have a look in our pound shop for some ideas like these to do with the kids over easter!

  72. So many awesome ideas! I absolutely love the Dollar Store! It is great for decorations!

  73. Such an easy (and cheap) way to decorate your home for the Easter season. I love the wreath, it’s so pretty and the colours are so springlike!!

  74. I love easter deco and more if it has a great price. I’ll start decorating this weekend.

  75. These are great suggestions. I love the hurricane decorations.

  76. I buy all my easter eggs from the dollar tree. They have a lot of great decorating items for a very good price.

  77. Great ideas! Decoration for any holiday can be SO expensive, so it’s good to save a few bucks whenever you can – I will definitely check out the Dollar Store!

  78. The dollar store is awesome for great items. Super cute crafts.

  79. Omg so many cute crafting ideas!!!! I love crafting with peeps. So fun

  80. These ideas are all brilliant. I’m all for saving money while still making decor look cute. I love the easter nest under the hurricane glass. I do something similar each year, and it looks expensive! I love that jellybean topiary. How creative and festive 🙂

  81. I need to start going to the dollar store for crafting! I see so many cute ideas coming through!

  82. I am seeing so many great Easter craft ideas, this is awesome. I wish I was a crafty person but may give it a try soon.

  83. I absolutely love these Craft ideas! You don’t have to spend a lot to get creative. It’s so lovely!

  84. Great ideas! I will definitely use some of them at my house

  85. Its really fantastic ideas and these are great suggestions! I wish I could try all these!! They all look amazing!