Dec 102016

Cirque Dreams Holidaze is playing at the Citi Shubert Theatre in Boston through December 11!  There are only six performances of Holidaze in Boston before they move on to their next destination and this is not a show you want to miss if you’re in town. I saw their first Boston performance last night and was completely blown away.

Cirque Dreams Holidaze is a cirque show, Broadway musical, holiday spectacular and family show all in one.

Broadway director Neil Goldberg re-imagines the holiday season with over 300 costumes, 20 acts and 30 performers from 12 countries showcasing an endless variety of imaginative, heart-pounding and gravity- defying feats you have to see to believe. There were gingerbread men flipping in the air, toy soldiers marching on thin wires along with snowmen, icemen and penguins, balancing, jumping and spinning in disbelief. The show celebrates the most wonderful time of the year with singers, choreography and exciting production numbers. Performers and costumed ornament characters twirl, bounce and soar thru the air to original music and seasonal favorites brought to life within a stage setting of gigantic gifts, colossal candy canes and 30-foot towering trees & soldiers creating a larger than life wonderland of amazement.

For me, the visuals were just stunning.  The costumes were fantastic and the props were even better. There was clearly a lot of thought put into the show and it shows. The performers are true athletes and we were thoroughly entertained for the whole two hour show (minus the 15 minute intermission of course). I have seen several cirque shows over the years and this one was my favorite by far. I am so thankful that I got to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze.  If you have a chance to see Holidaze before it moves on, I highly suggest it.  Since they came to town yesterday, one show is down, so you only have five more chances to see it in Boston.

Tickets for Cirque Dreams Holidaze are available at the Citi Performing Arts Center Box Office,, or by calling (866) 348-9738.

Disclosure:  I was given complimentary tickets to see the show on opening night with my family.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

  72 Responses to “Don’t Miss Cirque Dreams Holidaze in Boston Through Tomorrow!”

  1. This would be great to see but I will have to enjoy your photos. As close as I am going to get.

  2. How dreamy! I would love to see this show!

  3. The show looks amazing! I would love to see it! I think I would really enjoy looking at those cool costumes and gorgeous colors.

  4. The show looks amazing, we’ve got to bring the boys before it’s too late. They’d love it!

  5. This is definitely something I would take my family to. It looks amazing! I am so grateful for all the entertainment shows like this that don’t use animals!

  6. Robin,
    I’ve seen Cirque de Soliel at Downtown Disney a few years back. The show you’ve seen recently sounds great!

  7. Wow, this looks like so much fun. I really need to see one of these shows.

  8. ooh, i love the costumes. it looks like a lot of fun.

  9. OMGosh! Looks fun! I don’t get to as many plays as I’d like to unfortunately. This would be one I’d definitely choose 🙂

  10. Oh I love shows like this! I haven’t seen a theatrical performance in about a year, this one looks so cute! I love the gingerbread men.

  11. Wow, I can’t even imagine how incredible that show would be. I know that stunning is definitely the right word for it!

  12. I love going to Cirque du soleil shows. They really put on the best shows in the worlds. Thank you for sharing this one, I will try to catch it when I am in Boston.

  13. What a fun show to bring the kids to! I love the Holidays and this would be a great way to kick it off.

  14. That looks like so much fun! I love the unique twist that Cirque puts on every single thing they do.

  15. I would love to see this with the family. Christmas anything is a huge hit with us, and Cirque always does something completely unexpected.

  16. It sounds like this would be a great show to see. I have never heard of the Cirque Dreams Holidaze but would love to see it some day. Thanks for sharing this amazing show and it really does look like a lot of thought was put into the details.

  17. Wow – Holidaze looks like a really incredible performance! Those visuals really do grab ones attention and are so vibrant! Such a fab holiday event!

  18. I love all of the props and outfits!

  19. I would love to see that show in Boston, looks magnificent. Thanks for sharing, going to share with my New England friends!

  20. omg how cute. it looks like such a fun event.

  21. I wish I lived in Boston. I have always wanted to see a Cirque performance.

  22. I would love to see this! I wish I lived in Boston! Anything from this company I love! They are so creative and they are so fun to watch.

  23. What a cool show! I’d love to see this one day but i have to admit your pictures make me feel like I was there!! Such awesome shots!

  24. I have never seen any Cirque shows, but a Christmas one would be a great way to start. How wonderful for your family to have been able to experience this show together. It could be a great holiday tradition.

  25. Oh wow! What an amazing show! I would love to take the family to see this for the holidays.

  26. Looks fun and I love those costumes! I have never been to a cirque show but would love to go!

  27. Wow the show looks so cool. I’ve never been to a cirque show but I’ve always wanted to. This one sounds awesome since it’s family friendly.

  28. This show looks amazing! I love all the bright and festive props and outfits. And the stunts these people can do are captivating too!

  29. I have always wanted to go to one of the Cirque shows. This one looks so festive.

  30. This looks like such a cute show. We have seen a couple different Cirque shows and we have never been disappointed.

  31. I love Cirque shows! I didn’t know they did a holiday one, looks like so much fun!

  32. What an incredible show I do love Cirque shows but it has been a while since I have been to one. I can’t wait to go to another one soon.

  33. What an amazing way to celebrate the season! I have seen a few Cirque shows here in Las Vegas and loved them all.

  34. The Cirque performances are always so amazing. I would love to see this holiday themed production!

  35. I have heard about this and thought it would be really interesting to attend. It’s also a bit different. It’s a change of pace from your run-of-the-mill holiday performances.

  36. This looks like a show I would thoroughly enjoy. The costumes are so creative!!

  37. I was contemplating on going to this show but I could not get childcare. It looks like it was such an amazing site to see.

  38. That looks like an awesome show. I wish I lived closer so I could see. it. I love how everyone is dressed up!

  39. This looks like such a fun show! I know that I would definitely love to go! The costumes are so bright and colorful!

  40. That show looks like so much fun! I would love to bring my family to see it.

  41. Cirque always puts on a spectacular show! I haven’t seen this one yet, but it’s high on my list of catching it as soon as I can!

  42. What a fun show – – I love things like this, it really makes it feel like Christmas!

  43. I would love to take my family to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze. It would really put you in the Christmas spirit.

  44. Cirque Dreams Holidaze looks like an amazing Holiday show. I know my family would love to go see it.

  45. I wish I lived closer to Boston so I could see this. I love to take the kids to see shows like this.

  46. The show looks so pretty! I would love to see it! Love those cool costumes and gorgeous colors.

  47. This looks like you guys had a lot of fun, it had to have been a blast. My son would love to go to something like this with me, especially with them flipping around.

  48. That looks like such a great, fast-paced show. Especially the dancing gingerbread men, what a fun way to celebrate the holidays.

  49. This looks so much fun! Such an amazing activity to watch with the kids during holidays!

  50. The Cirque Dreams Holidaze looks like an amazing show! The costumes and props are so fun and colorful. I’m sure my family would enjoy the show too!

  51. This is such an amazing show! If this is near me, I’ll surely watch it!

  52. We saw these guys perform in Las Vegas.
    Wow, it is quite a performance!

  53. Oh my …. your pictures are FANTASTIC! I’ve only seen on Cirque show (La Nouba at Walt Disney World), but this one looks amazing. I didn’t even know they did a holiday show!

  54. I’m sure you had a fun experience in that show! I’ve never been in any show like this it’s really amazing.

  55. I really love all your amazing pictures! It looks really fun, this is my kind of show that I love to watch.

  56. I love Cirque!! I’ve seen a few of their shows around the world and all were amazing. I bet the holiday one is so fun and festive. What a cool activity for you and the family!

  57. What a fun show! We saw the Cirque De Soliel (or however you spell it) several years ago when they were nearby. It was a fantastic show, something I never thought that I would have liked.

  58. What a festive show! I would love to see this I know it would put me in the spirit of the holidays!

  59. Wow looks like a show to see! I love anything cirque! So much fun. Would love to experience this show at some point!

  60. My stepdaughter has been wanting to see a Cirque Show. I think she’d like this one (admittedly, I had not heard of it yet)!

  61. Their shows never disappoint. I’m delighted to hear they’re bringing such joy around the holidays.

  62. Wow, this looks like an incredible show. I’d love to see it myself!

  63. I absolutely love everything Cirque. We saw these performance a couple years ago and it was as amazing as expected. They sure know how to entertain.

  64. Omg I saw Holidaze a few years ago and loved it!!!! I need to take my daughter to go see it! I bet she would love it

  65. I have never been to one before. They look so cool.

  66. Just the perfect thing to go and see this time of the year! I like the Cirque shows.

  67. This looks like a lot of fun! I’m not far off from it, maybe I’ll catch a bus or train up there.

  68. I love Cirque De Solei!!! I want to go again SO badly. They are crazy amazing and so much fun to go to!

  69. Oh! I’m jealous! To see them perform is in my bucket list! It looks like an amazing experience judging by your photos!

  70. Sounds like a great show… I love Cirque attractions, always fun

  71. This looks like so much fun! Boston is only a stop over from NY but I think I’ll end up missing it. If they do visit NY, it looks perfect for a family night.