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Easter Bunny Peeps Pops

Peeps.  You either love ’em or hate ’em.  I happen to fall into the former category and could eat them every single day (if they had no calories).  While I think Peeps are just perfect on their own, it’s fun to get a little creative with them every now and then.  These Easter Bunny Peeps Pops are simple to make and even more fun to eat.

Here’s what you need to make your Easter Bunny Peeps Pops:

  • Yellow bunny Peeps
  • 1 Cup Wilton pink melting chocolates
  • Pastel sprinkles
  • Blue lollipop sticks

You will also need:

  • Parchment paper
  • Microwaveable bowl

Easter Bunny Peeps Pops1

Here’s what you do:

1. Microwave one cup of pink melting chocolates in a microwave safe bowl for 3 to 4 minutes on 50% power, stirring every 30 seconds until melted.

Easter Bunny Peeps Pops2

2. Pull apart your marshmallow peep bunnies.
3. Hold your bunnies ears and dip the lower half into your pink chocolate.

Easter Bunny Peeps Pops3

4. Set them on your piece of parchment paper and top them off with sprinkles.
5. While your chocolate is still melted, stick a blue lollipop stick into the bottom half of your chocolate covered bunny.

Easter Bunny Peeps Pops4

6. Set them in the fridge for about 15 minutes or until the chocolate is completely hardened.

Easter Bunny Peeps Pops6

7. Serve your Easter Bunny Peeps Pops and enjoy!

Easter Bunny Peeps Pops5

I remember back in the day, Peeps only came in yellow and pink. These days Peeps come in every color of the rainbow, so you can go with any color combination of Peeps, chocolate and lollipop sticks that you like.  If you are feeling extra creative, mix and match the colors.

These Easter Bunny Peeps Pops make a super fun treat and if you have Peeps lovers in your family, these will go over big.  I am hosting Easter dinner this year and these will definitley be on my menu.

Do you love Peeps or hate them?

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  1. These are cute and actually made them on my site a few years back, too.

  2. super cuteee indeeed :) daughter will definitely love this

  3. I love these! I shared them on my Facebook page. 🙂

  4. So fun and cute! These would look great as a centerpiece in a glass filled with jellybeans!

  5. If Easter was so huge here, I could do that. Unfortunately it really isn’t but I’m sure my son would still enjoy this. 🙂

  6. My father loves peeps, I wonder if he would appreciate me making him some of these. Or, more likely, he will tell me how silly they are and that I made them and then eat them in private.

  7. My sister will love this idea. She LOVES peeps.

  8. So cute, I’ll have to make these with my nieces! I’m pretty sure they’ll enjoy the sugar rush. Lol

  9. Love peeps! These are so creative and cute! I definitely should make them for my family! Thanks for the recipe!

  10. These look so cute! They would be great for my Easter treat for my nieces and nephews.

  11. These are cute and the girls will love them, for sure. I want to try making these pretty Easter treats.

  12. I am NOT Peep fan! However, I bet everyone can agree these guys look adorable!

  13. I love this idea. Peeps are part and parcel with Easter, but they’re usually just thrown into the basket. These are so creative and so cute!

  14. I love Peeps – and not just for decoration. They get a bad wrap, but I think they’re delicious. I’ll be incorporating these into the kids’ baskets for sure.

  15. These Peeps Pops are so cute. They are very nice treats….

  16. Stop it with this Peeps cuteness! I LOVE these and totally want to try them out! I am all about Peeps (gotta be a little stale) and these look yummy and fun!
    Karen |

  17. These are the cutest dessert!!! I absolutely LOVE this idea 🙂

  18. Aw, how cute are these? I love Peeps at Easter time, and these are just adorable pops.

  19. These are adorable! I like peeps best a tad bit stale 🙂

  20. These are so cute! I need to make these with my boys.

  21. Oh so cute and yummy! I love your DIY…it only requires a microwave too! I think I’ll do this project with my younger nieces!

  22. Oh, these are just the cutest little bunnies! And perfect for spring!

  23. Although I am not a Peep fan, these are adorable! They are so easy and creative. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Peeps are my favorite Easter candy! I love the idea of making them into pops for Easter!

  25. These are so cute, and easy! My kids are going to love making these.

  26. We are not peeps fans but these are too cute.

  27. These look so fun and they are so easy to make! I’ll have to make some for the family!!!

  28. Nice! Love this idea and they look delicious.

  29. These peep pops are adorable! I tried cake pops for the first time the other week and I fell in love.

  30. No one in my family likes peeps, not even my 4 kids!!! I think peeps are so cute though, I love to use them for decorating throughout my home!

  31. I personally think they are adorable but I can only usually eat one or two and then I have to walk away. Too sweet!

  32. I don’t mind them. I think they are cute. I know people that absolutely hate them though.

  33. This is a great idea. We are not big Peeps fans, but I do love this. I’ll eat them sometimes, I just can’t eat more than one at a time.

  34. Oh my goodness, this is such a cute idea! I love how colorful this post is 🙂

  35. They are so cute, I am sure all kids will love them. The yellow color looks so happy

  36. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these! They’re so cute! 😀

  37. What a cute little Easter treat…the kids would love making and eating these for sure.

  38. Oh my goodness! These are so cute and so easy! They would be perfect for our preschool party. I think I’ll be whipping some up!

  39. What a cute fun way to keep up a classic easter candy and tradition. I can’t get home for easter this year but I think I’ll do these in my kitchen to remind me of home. Thanks for sharing.

  40. My kids would love these pops! They are almost too cute to eat though!

  41. I’m impressed! They’re adorable. My mom and daughter LOVE PEEPS. This would be a good party treat.

  42. These are so fun. Peeps are always perfect for Easter treats like these. Those rabbits are adorable.

  43. What a fun Easter treat!! Those would be adorable as a bouquet to give for Easter or table top decoration.

  44. These are adorable and look easy to make. Can’t wait to try them with the kids!

    • I think Peeps are the cutest and they come out with even cuter versions ever year. However, I can’t and won’t eat them. I’ve just never really cared for them. Ok, I’ll tell the truth. I hate them.

  45. I’m a big fan of Peeps and this just looks almost too good to eat. The kids would love it however.

  46. I’m not a big fan of the taste of Peeps, but these are some adorable pops. A great idea for a centerpiece for our Easter table.

  47. Oh my gosh, these are adorable. My nephew loves cake pops, or pop cakes as he calls them. One of these days I need to make them with him.

  48. I don’t like peeps, but majority of my family does. Those peep pops are super cute.

  49. Those are darling! Personally Peeps make me gag, but the kids like them.

  50. Those are so amazingly cute! These are going to be fun to make for Easter with my kiddos.

  51. Those are super cute, it looks like they have skirts on.

  52. Those are so cute and look super simple to make. I bet my kids would have fun eating those!

  53. These turned out cute. I like to see the way everyone decorate their Peeps this time of year.

  54. Love peeps, what a cute idea. I bet they taste great too!

  55. I’m not a big peep fan, but these look super cute and fun! I bet out stepson would love these!

  56. Great idea. Very cute and I am quite sure that kids will love them all!

  57. I really like how easy that is to make, it’s just going to take you a few minutes to make a batch of these! How awesome is that! And it’s adorable as well! Can’t wait for Easter!

  58. Your images and colors are so bright, I am smiling right now!

  59. This is a great treat to make for the kids. Peeps are so cute and delicious. I will have to make some of these this weekend.

  60. These peep pops are so great!!! They are almost too cute to eat.

  61. These are adorable! I’m not a big fan of peeps but my kids are, I know they’d love these!! I love the idea of having them on sticks too- a lot less sticky!

  62. These are a cute idea for Peeps. My girls would love these.

  63. Never thought of that =), maybe next time my little cousins throw a party ill make some,

  64. Those are really cute and they look super easy to make! It’s definitely a different way to serve Peeps!

  65. These bunnies are so cute!! And they look delicious. I might try to recreate this with my nieces!

  66. Oh my word. What a darling way to dress up peeps. My girls would love to do this!

  67. We love Peeps here! I can’t wait to make these fun pops with my girls!

  68. This is the best Easter treat yet fun and easy I love it !!!

  69. Well I know what I am making for our Easter treats this year! Adorable

  70. I love peeps! These pops are absolutely adorable!

  71. So cute and they look really easy to make. I’ll be making these very soon!

  72. Those are so cute and are easy. I have been trying to make candy for years and keep failing – I think I can handle this. I have everything except I have the white Wilton candies – a little food color will fix that and I can do other spring colors.

  73. Squee – I love Peeps! Guess where I just visited? The Peeps store in Bethlehem, PA – it was peeptastic. These are so cute.

  74. Such a cute idea! I may be the only person in the world that has never eaten a Peep.

  75. i’ve never had peeps but I definitely want to now!! these look delicious and so cute, perfect for my little toddler too!

  76. I’m not a huge fan of Peeps but I love cute treats like these. I think I’ll make these for my daughters and their friends.

  77. So cute and attractive! Really perfect for Easter. My kids will love this!

  78. So fun and cute! These would look amazing as an Easter centerpiece!

  79. oh my god these have to be the cutest things ever. I love that you can change the colours around too.

  80. So cute! I love fun Easter treats like this! And peeps are one of my favorite Easter candies!

  81. omg how cute are these! would totally make this for my daughter super easy! plus the colours is love!

  82. These are ADORABLE! I’ll admit though I do not like Peeps so I generally don’t buy them. I think my kids would LOVE these though so I think we may give it a try!

  83. Genius!! I’m still a little kid when it comes to Peeps. I love them in all their sugary goodness, this makes them even more exciting. – Katy

  84. Super cute and easy Easter treat. My kids might think these are too cute to eat 🙂

  85. So cute and they look like a fun treat indeed. Every kid would love those for sure.

  86. I bet kids would go nuts for these pops at Easter time! What a fun treat to put into their baskets

  87. oh, how pretty clever! I would like to try this with my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  88. nomnomnom – I love me some Peeps & these are just too cute. My daughter would love these too

  89. So cute! This is a great way to get my kids excited about Easter!

  90. These would be the perfect addition to any Easter party or brunch! I actually didn’t know they had bunny-shaped peeps I thought they were all chicks!

  91. These are super adorable. Would love to make these with my young cousins as I know they’ll love them, they look pink bunnies! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  92. These are super cute. I love the bright colors.

    Southern Soul

  93. I need some of these for a recipe I’m doing. I’ve not used them before.
    But seriously, these are too cute!

  94. I love peeps. This is a really good idea!

  95. Omg these are just wayyy to cute!!!! My daughter would love to make these!!!

  96. I’m sure my niece and kids would also love this fun idea.

  97. I absolutely LOVE peeps. They are my favorite easter candy – most people go for the big chocolate bunny, I am all about the peeps!

  98. Oh my gosh, the pink and sprinkles make these so cute!

  99. Omgosh! These are tooooo cute, Robin!!!! I am making these soon!

  100. This is soo cute! Kids would love it !

  101. My daughter loves Peeps. She would love to make these! Great idea!

  102. These are so pretty and cute for Easter. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  103. I am making these for my son’t preschool class next week.:)

  104. My mother loves Peeps. This would be a great treat to add to her adult Easter basket this year for Easter.

  105. This Easter bunny Peeps pops is so cute! Honestly I Can only have one lol But I know people that totally love Peeps hehe

  106. My goodness, these are some cute looking pops that look so beautiful with a wonderful color combination & that Yellow bunny Peeps adds more cuteness to it. I would love to try this one with my kids & they are going to be super excited.

  107. Love the way you dressed up the peeps! Plus you covered the sticky sides where you pull the peeps apart. Perfect for a party. I’m making these for Easter for sure!

  108. Those are peepin’ adorable :). I love being able to do something extra to my niece’s favorite easter candy. They are going to love these.

  109. What a cute and delicious idea! My husband would love these cause he’s a huge fan of peeps!

  110. I find Peeps to be too sweet. However, it is not Easter without them so I buy them anyway. I love your idea of decorating them. I will be doing this with my little one, so adorable!

  111. Peeps fans are going to love these! They are adorable for Easter.

  112. Yummy that looks so good, I want to try and make that for my sister, she would love them so much.

  113. These are seriously adorable! I’ve always loved Peeps, but never thought about making Peeps’ Pops. 🙂 – HilLesa

  114. For some reason my kids doesn’t like peeps. However, I like munching on it lol. This is a great idea.

  115. This look so cute and easy to make. Can’t believe that Easter is around the corner. Hectic rain on my side for the holidays.

  116. Well aren’t those adorable! I have actually NEVER used Peeps in any Easter themed desserts. I bet this one is easy enough even for me!

  117. I would love to do this with my kids this weekend. It would be a fun treat!

  118. What a great way to have some fun during Easter! My kids and I love peeps! We’re so making this! Thanks!

  119. Love this idea! We are big fans of peeps in our house and my kids would love this!

  120. My daughter loves peeps. This is something she and I can do for Easter!

  121. So cute and easy! I bet it’s a party crowd pleaser.

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  122. I am doing something like this tonight with some Peeps. Because what is better than a chocolate dipped Peep am I right? 😉