Apr 202014
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As you may already know, I am currently in San Diego, so my family will be celebrating Easter west coast style.  We are actually off to LegoLand today with my in-laws who live out here.  We celebrated with our family back at home last week, so this is technically our second Easter.

Anyhow, I saw some of these funnies floating around on Facebook over the past week or so & wanted to share them with you:





And my favorite:

zombie peeps

I hope you have a very Happy Easter!

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  60 Responses to “Easter Funnies”

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family 🙂

  2. Happy Easter to you. I know you are on vacation and will be having a GREAT day.

  3. I could do Easter Dinner BBQ style. 🙂 I’m here to wish you a Happy Easter. 🙂

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family! Have fun at legoland today! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Happy Easter Robin! Hope you guys Re enjoying the sunny coast 🙂

  6. Ha – Happy Easter Walking Dead style! awesome.
    I love the chocolate bunnies one.
    Happy Easter and I hope you are enjoying your vacation.
    Can’t wait to see Legoland pics!

  7. Love it! I’ve been enjoying your pictures on Instagram. It looks like you guys are having an awesome time!

  8. Passover the peeps. I LOVE IT! hahahaha!

  9. Ohh Peep fun!! I remember years ago possibly blowing one up with firecrackers in the name of science.

  10. Oh my! The Peeps graveyard is a new one. Never saw that one before!

  11. Funny! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  12. These are great!! I have always loved that chocolate bunny cartoon with the butt and ears eaten! The zombie one made me laugh because when we got to my mom’s today my nephew mom and sister were all hiding and when we walked in the came out walking like zombies and said they were the Easter zombies.

  13. Aha! These are hilarious! I LOVE that zombie Peeps one.. I shall call it Zombie A-PEEP-calypse! Hope you’re having an awesome time out there! Send up some warm weather back home please 😉

  14. Hahaha zombies and peeps! Hilarious!!!

  15. Zombie peep attack!! LOL!! And by the way, Peep S’mores are delicious. I used to have bonfires with my friends and roast peeps to make S’mores.

  16. Very funny! I love the one with the chocolate bunnies!

  17. Oh that last one is creepy! Hahahaha! I hope you had fun at Legoland!

  18. Oh gosh hilarious thanks for the laughs and happy Easter!

  19. All of these are so cute! I love the graveyard! Too cute. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  20. lol Thanks for the chuckle. Did you see the zombie peep one floating around yesterday… the peeps were all painted/decorated to look like they were the zombies.

  21. Those are adorable – Zombies were my favorite too. But the “Where do the eggs come out?” made me laugh because my siblings are much younger, so they took great joy in telling my daughter the easter bunny pooped the eggs all over the yard. O.o

  22. The zombie Peeps scene is AMAZING! I’ve seen most of these share on FB but the zombie one I’ve never viewed. My husband will get a kick out of it!

  23. LOL these area awesome! One year with a high school club we made peep scenes. I thought they would all make cute scenes, but two of them went with the morbid grave sites and zombies. HA

  24. Hope you had a great Easter! Some of these made me chuckle.

  25. LOL! Some of those I hadn’t seen. I definitely like the zombie one – that’s awesome!

  26. LOL this is cute and funny! Happy Easter!

  27. Ha, ha, ha… thank you so much for sharing these, I definitely needed a laugh.

  28. Nice! The Peeps and zombies can be used re-purposed for a Halloween party too!

  29. I love the first one! “Where does the candy come from?”

  30. Those Peeps Zombies scare me lol!! I hope you have a great time!

  31. OMGosh those are too funny!!

  32. I like the zombie peeps display.

  33. Happy Easter — and welcome to San DIego! Hope you’re having a great time!

  34. LOL I’ve seen many of these as well. Hope you had a nice Easter:)

  35. Nothing like a butt hurt bunny. These are so cute and funny – love them!

  36. I hope your day was really special too. Enjoy the vacay!

  37. Ha ha! I love the image of the two chocolate bunnies 🙂 Thanks for the laugh, and happy easter!

  38. I just love these. There have been some funny ones this year.

  39. Those are funny. I love the zombies.

  40. cute comic funnies! We love Peeps and have a bunch we got before and after Easter!

  41. Oh my gosh! I wish I’d seen this before Easter! The funniest stuff ever! lol!

  42. Too cute. I love the zombie peeps! Glad you had a nice Easter.

  43. Your Peep photos were absolutely adorable. You made everything look quite fun.

  44. I love the one with the chocolate bunnies with bites out of them LOL

  45. Those are funny! I hadn’t seen the “Passover the Peeps” nor the Zombie one before, those were interesting! Hope you had a nice Easter with family and are enjoying San Diego, I hear it’s beautiful there.

  46. Happy Late Easter!~ Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

  47. sounds like an adventure, Im sure your creating a loving memory for your family

  48. My brother used to be stationed in San Diego. My Mom loves going out there. Hope you had a Happy Easter!

  49. Lol that last one is fantastic – I’ve not seen it before, I do love the bunny with the missing butt and ears on as well. x

  50. The zombie bunny peeps is so cool; I love it!

  51. Love all these so funny and I had the best Easter

  52. Hilarious! I used to think that “peeps” was slang for “people” and was like…hmmm why would anyone want to “eat people” lol It wasn’t until recently I saw a recipe online that asked for “marshmallow peeps” and I Google it and was like Oooohhhh!! lol

  53. Very cute! We had an amazing Easter. It’s so much better with a little one!

  54. These are really cute. I hope you had a happy Easter on the West Coast. We went to Lego land for Easter with our boys this year.

  55. HA! These are rather funny! I hope your family had a great time in Cali!

  56. Those are all so cute. I love someecards. So funny.

  57. The zombified Peeps are too funny! I also love the first picture.