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Ants on a Log

I don’t know about your kids, but both of my boys come off the bus from school starving.  Most days, the first thing they say to me as they’re walking off of the bus is “Mom, what do we have to eat”.

Knowing they are both ravenous when they get off the bus, I always have a snack ready for them when they come home from school. Because they are growing boys and basically eat me out of house and home, I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Save-A-Lot.  There they offer discount groceries every day, so you can bring home fresh foods at great prices. Seriously, by shopping there, I save up to 40% compared to conventional grocery stores.

Since I save time and money by shopping at Save-A-Lot, I can really stock up on after school snacks for the boys.  One of their favorite after school snacks are Ants on a Log.  My mom made them for me when I was a kid and now that I’m the mom, I love making this fun snack for my two.

When I was at Save-A-Lot recently, I grabbed some celery, raisins and peanut butter to make my Ants on a Log.

Ants on a Log 1

They are literally one of the easiest snacks to make, and they are so fun aren’t they?

Ants on a Log 2

Ants on a Log only take a few minutes to put together and my two are always excited when they walk in the house from school and see them sitting on the table waiting for them.

Ants on a Log 3

I love this snack because you can make as much or as little as you think you will need to fill up those hungry bellies.

Ants on a Log 4

Another snack you can whip up in no time flat Peanut Butter & Banana Bites.  They only take a few minutes to make & they are always a hit with my two.


As easy and fun as Ants on a Log and the Peanut Butter & Banana Bites are, sometimes I need a snack that we can grab and go.  Since my oldest is training for his black belt, I need to make sure he gets to multiple classes per week and some of them are right after school.  Those nights, I need to bring the snack with me so that the boys can eat them in the car.  When I was at Save-A-Lot in Taunton, MA, I stocked up on some on-the-go after school snacks, too.

save a lot

As you can see, I bought all kinds of great snacks (and drinks) while I was there.


Some other Save-A-Lot Brands to look out for while you’re there:

  • Tipton Grove™ variety fruit cups
  • Coburn Farms® String Cheese & Yogurts
  • Bramley’s® Jelly & Spreads
  • Panner® Peanut Butter and Hazel Nutter
  • J. Higgs® Crackers, Chips, and snacks
  • Kiggins™ Cereal
  • Morning Delight® Toaster Pastries

I love shopping at Save-A-Lot because of the time and money I save.

Guess what? The folks over at Save-A-Lot sent me a $25 Save-a-Lot gift card to giveaway to 1 (one) of my lucky readers.  All you have to do is leave me a comment with a few of the things you give your kids as afternoon snacks when they get home from school.  Winner will be chosen at random via and the winner will be notified via email.  This contest will close at 8 pm on 10/03/15.

What do you fill your kids hungry bellies with after school?

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  119 Responses to “Easy After School Snack Idea: Ants on a Log #SaveALotInsiders”

  1. This is so cute and what a clever after school snack!! 😉

  2. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Yes! This is definitely a cute snack that kids are sure to love. My boys really love Cliff bars lately.

  4. My boys love peanut butter. Now to get them to eat celery

  5. I love ants on a log and so do my kids. I used to make them when I was a kid too. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Have a great week.

  6. Ants on a log have been around since I was a kid. I still eat them to this day.

  7. This used to be one of my very favorite snack ideas. I’ll have to introduce the boys to this.

  8. Allison loves to make ants on a log after school. Anything with Jif is always a hit in our house. We love to make pb smoothies and peanut butter crackers for after school also!

  9. I love that snack. We love Jif Peanut Butter in this house.

  10. Oh I love ants on a log. The first thing I had my granddaughter ever prepare.

  11. Don’t have small children in my household..single but these ideas are appealing.

  12. I looooooove ants on a log! We do a lot of those here too 🙂

  13. The ants on a log looks so yummy! My kids don’t like celery. I hope I can get them to eat it with this.

  14. They even look like an adult friendly snack!

  15. How creative! I never thought of putting peanut butter on a celery stick.

  16. We shop at Save-a-lot as well. I have found some great deals there.

  17. Those are some great snack ideas. I wish we had a Save-a-lot near us, sounds like a store I would really like.

  18. This is going to be my trick to get my kids to eat celery. The ant logs look so delicious!

  19. These are so cute. I actually love to eat bananas with a bit of peanut butter on them, they give me energy!

  20. I wish my son loved peanut butter- it’s such a great way to get protein in a kids snack! I need to start planning some snacks!

  21. This was one of my favorite snacks as a child. I still love pb and celery. 🙂 Not one of my kids is favorable of pb so I get it all to myself.. 🙂

  22. I’m so hungry after school too! Just like I used to be.
    Banana bites with peanut butter is a real favorite of mine. Apples too.
    And ants on a log is a forever classic!

  23. My mom used to make us pb banana stacks all the time. I can’t get behind the stringy ness of celery – it’s never been a thing for me!

  24. Awesome idea. Pretty easy to make too! love this!

  25. I wish I could get my son to eat celery! I loved this treat as a kid.

  26. Ants on a log, cute! Peanut butter is a regular friend in our house, too. The kids love dipping apple slices in peanut butter as an after school snack!

  27. My mom used to make me ants on a log! I like to give my kids air popped popcorn or cheese and crackers.

  28. We used to do ants on a log when we were little. I love peanut butter on bananas.

  29. Nothing more yummy than peanut butter and veggies, the perfect snack!

  30. These are both great snack ideas. My son likes to have lunch meat, cheese and fruit for his snack.

  31. Those are great ideas. Anytime you add peanut butter to something it’s going to be delicious and have a nice punch of energy. w

  32. I wish my kiddo would eat peanut butter. I always loved ants on a log when I was a kid. I might just have to make this for myself!

  33. I’ve shopped there several times and am always shocked at how much I save. It’s a great place to save money.

  34. Ants on a log is a great classic snack. I used to love that when I was a kid. Great idea.

  35. There’s a reason ants on a log is a classic. It’s delicious and it’s a power food.

  36. Nice healthy snacking ideas. My kids like ants on a log. Haven’t made the banana ones yet.

  37. I don’t have a Save-a-lot where I live but, I do love JIF creamy peanut butter especially, with ants on top 🙂

  38. Those are great ideas. I like to do something a little similar, except I mix a bit of fluff in there. Yum.

  39. Shhhh, I’ve got a secret. I LOVE ants on a log and I’m a long way from school days. It’s a really great snack.

  40. When my kids were little, ants on a log was the only way to get them to eat celery! Sometimes we would use cream cheese instead of peanut butter to switch it up.

  41. We tend to have a lot of peanut based snacks when the kids come home from school simply because they aren’t allowed peanut products at school. My youngest is in for a shock when she learns she can’t take a nutella sandwich for lunch!

  42. Ants on a log were my fave as a kid. MY kids would love the banana slices most . Such great snack ideas

  43. I buy Jiff in bulk at Costco. My kids love to dip apple slices in it!

  44. This is always such a fun and easy snack for kids. They are so cute too!

  45. This is one of our favorite snacks and it’s healthy too!

  46. What a neat idea, I wouldn’t have thought of doing such a snack myself. x

  47. Such an easy and cute idea! I keep forgetting to make these for my son!

  48. My Mom used to make these for me all the time! I loved them! SHe would also make a variation using apple slices and cream cheese.

  49. These are so cute and healthy. I think my Hubs would eat these before my kids had the chance. Love the bananas!

  50. Those are both great ideas! I wouldn’t have though of that. Is the ant on the log really that good? My daughter would love that banana and peanut butter combo! Healthy snack!

  51. My husband LOVES to make these with my kids! Perfect for after school.

  52. A great healthy snack. I think that looks fun.

  53. This is a fun / cute idea! Our kids get a popsicle when they get home from school usually.

  54. I have not had Ants on a Log in years! I totally need to make these for my kids.

  55. Ants on a log are so tasty! The peanut butter and celery are the perfect combo!

  56. I love peanut butter particularly with bananas. Not so much on celery.

  57. Ants on a log is a great snack idea and really brings back fantastic memories from my own childhood. I know my kids would be all for this tasty treat.

  58. Ants on a Log were the best Girl Scout snack! I don’t make them enough for my kids.

  59. I love Ants on a Log and your little PB/Banana bites too! There is a reason those snacks have the staying power they do!

  60. Ants on the log is a classic and so tasty!

  61. I’ve seen the ants on a log before and I love the idea. Now if I can just get my son to actually them. He’s way too picky and I know he’d look at me like I was crazy if I tried to give him this snack, haha. Hopefully one day he’ll come around.

  62. I used to love ants on a log as a snack. I can’t get my kids to eat raisins yet, but I’m going to try again.

  63. I remember having ants on a log all the time as a child. I’ll have to make some of these and see what my kids think of them. They can both be a bit picky with foods, so lets hope they like these ideas. I also love shopping at Save-A-Lot. One of my favorite stores and I love that it’s in my town.

  64. my kids are big fans of the banana and peanut butter too. especially since they cannot take peanut anything to school. they also love fruit yogurt smoothies. still cannot get them to eat celery though, and I LOVE the ants on a log snack. they do love green beans though. can’t keep enough of them in the house. easiest snack ever! 🙂

  65. Ants on a log was one of my favorite snacks as a kid. 🙂

  66. I love Ants on a log but fruit in a cup waiting for me in the fridge sounds really good right now! I would have to fight my dogs for the peanut butter and bananas.

  67. My mom used to make us Ants on a Log, too. Yummy and filling for hungry kids just home from school. The peanut butter & banana bits are new to me, but will become a quick hit around the house soon.

  68. I remember eating this when I was a kid. I don’t know why I have never made it for my daughter. She would love it.

  69. A classic snack has made it’s return! I love ants on a log for my kids’ snacks

  70. My kids used to love Ants on a log. I have not made it in years. I will have to make some up tomorrow for a snack. My kids love to snack on fresh fruits and smoothies.

  71. My kids love peanut butter on bananas. it is a great snack. They are great with Nutella on them as well.

  72. Peanut Butter on bananas sounds sooo good! I’ve got to try it 🙂

  73. Ants on a log! What a fun and classic treat. My brothers used to love making and eating these when we were children.

  74. I am not a celery fan but I so remember this from being a kid – nice to see it’s still around

  75. Those are great after school snacks! Maybe this would get my children to eat celery!

  76. I loved ants on a log as a kid. Well minus the “ants” since I wasn’t a big raisin fan back then 😛

  77. Ants on a log are such a great, traditional snack! I wonder who was the first to come up with that strange combination of three ingredients and how it became so widespread?

  78. this is the first time hearing of ants on a log. how cute. and i am sure they are very tasty.

  79. Oh wow, what a very brilliant idea! I need to try this for my boys and for me! lol It looks really tasty.

  80. Now this takes me back. I remember eating these in Girl Scouts. I put peanut butter and raisins on apple slices and my kids love them. It’s the perfect after school snack.

  81. Such a great idea! My kids would love it. I used to make this years ago for my oldest, but haven’t made it in so long! Peanut butter just makes everything so much better.

  82. What a very delicious recipe and I bet the kids will love to munch those healthy snacks. Unfortunately, my summer babe has severe peanut allergy so we cannot have any peanuts at home 🙁

  83. Great fun snack! I need to make these for my boys! THey love it when I do. 🙂

  84. Always a classic!! I need to get some fun and healthy ideas rolling over here!

  85. This is really a cute snack, i would make this for the two boys

  86. This is such a great healthy snack idea and so fun! My son always walks in the door starving, too!

  87. what a great and cute snack, i love the ideas, my kids would loves to try this

  88. I have always liked making ant on a log. It is such an easy to make snack. Children always find it to be enjoyable as well. It is tasty, fun and quite filling.

  89. I wish my son isn’t allergic to peanuts, this could be a great snack when they get out from school.

  90. Our son is just like your boys. He always asks for a snack as soon as he enters the door. He is ALWAYS hungry. He is picky when it comes to vegetables so I don’t think he would eat celery. But I bet he’s going to love those banana bites.

  91. Sav-a-lot is my happy place. They have everything I need and I don’t have to worry about extras being thrown in the cart because they stick to the basics.

  92. What a fun idea!! I’m sure my kids would love this ants on a log this is really cute and yummy.

  93. Peanutbutter on celery was always a favorite after school treat.

  94. Ants on a log is such a great classic snack! I still love them even.

  95. I don’t have kids yet. I like the idea of the banana bites. I also think fruit cups are a good idea. I enjoy them a lot and have seen them at my local Save-A-Lot

  96. I love the “ants on a log” idea! I’ve always enjoyed celery and peanut butter, but with the raisins I bet my son might actually try it. Thanks!

  97. I LOVED Ants on a Log as a kid but my kiddies are totally anti-celery. I may need to try the banana combo thought I think they would love that!

  98. oh m goodness. I LOVE Ants on a Log! My mom used to make them for me all the time! I don’t have any kids but whenever my niece and nephew come over I always have to make sure I have goldfish around! LOL

  99. These are so yummy. I know my kids would love the raisins and the peanut butter. They’d forget about the celery.

  100. I’ll have to try these. I think they’d love the banana bites.

  101. I wish we had a save-a-lot here, I have been to a few in other states and they are great

  102. We’ve done these for our kids and they are quick, easy and tasty. Good Call.

  103. Ants on a log are a classic and so easy to make. I like the banana slices and peanut butter, too.

  104. This is such a fun, classic snack! My daughter loves ants on a log.

  105. My kids love turkey and cheese wraps after school. It’s a quick snack that is high in protein from the turkey and calcium from the cheese. I like that it takes minutes to get them ready before the kids get home.

  106. Such a classic snack! Love the banana sandwiches!

  107. that’s a great idea..I have apple and banana ready as well but they eat them as is 🙂

  108. I need to try the peanut butter and banana bites! Yum! Awesome idea!

  109. We do peanut butter an apples, it’s one of our favs.

  110. These are great healthy snack ideas… I will try that banana peanut butter and thanks for sharing.

  111. This is one of my favs!!! My kids love these.

  112. I’m not sure if I could get my kids to eat that since they’re so picky. However, that is certainly cute! 🙂