Apr 182016
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Easy DIY Resuable Swiffer Pads

If you are anything like me, your Swiffer is your best friend. I use mine every single day of my life.  Between the dust that my forced hot air heat blows out in the winter, the dog and the messes my boys track in – I would be completely lost without my Swiffer.  Ok, maybe not lost, but my house would be in a constant state of messiness.  Since I use my Swiffer daily, the disposable pads that are needed to clean with them were adding up fast. Even when I bought in bulk, I was spending tons on the disposable pads and since my house gets so dirty, there was no way I could use them more than once.

But I recently came up with the solution for that problem.  I made my own reusable pads to use and love all the money I am saving not buying the disposable pads.  The reusable pads are really easy to make and you can use any cute fabric you like to make them.

Here’s what you need to make your reusable Swiffer pads:

  • Any flannel fabric
  • Any cotton fabric
  • Sewing pins (optional)
  • Sewing scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine

DIY Resuable Swiffer Pads5

Here’s what you do:

1. Wash, dry, and iron your fabric to prevent any shrinkage (this is a must, you don’t want your Swiffer pads to go to waste)!
2. Measure and cut a 8 1/2″ X 11″ piece of fabric from your flannel.

DIY Resuable Swiffer Pads4

3. Repeat step two with your cotton fabric.

DIY Resuable Swiffer Pads3

4. Place the backs of each fabrics together, lining them up evenly.
5. (Optional step) if your not the best at sewing and you want to ensure your edges get lined up evenly, pin around all four sides with sewing pins.

DIY Resuable Swiffer Pads2

6. Sew along all four sides, making sure to do a back stitch at all corners and ends.

DIY Resuable Swiffer Pads1

7. Trim off any loose threads.

DIY Resuable Swiffer Pads6

To Use:

DIY Resuable Swiffer Pads

Set your Swiffer on top of the cotton piece of fabric (you will be using the flannel side to clean) and tuck the four corners into your Swiffer.

DIY Resuable Swiffer Pads8

Use can spray a wood flood cleaner directly onto the floor to use as a wet pad, or with out to use as a dry pad. When your finished, toss in the washer.

DIY Resuable Swiffer Padss

If you don’t do laundry every day, make a few and that way you will always have one handy. Especially if you use your Swiffer at least once a day like I do.

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  96 Responses to “Easy DIY Reusable Swiffer Pads”

  1. My Swiffer has sat in a corner for a year because I am too cheap to buy more pads. This is a fabulous idea and I just might have to do it!

  2. This is an awesome idea and most definitely going to try here. Thanks Robin!!

  3. This is a great idea! I know I spend a lot each year buying refill pads, this would save me so much, and it seems so easy to do.

  4. This is a great idea and would be the perfect opportunity to actually use my brand new sewing machine that I’ve never used. I keep saying I’m going to learn how to sew.

  5. I’m all for saving money like that for sure. I know what you mean about not being able to reuse the ones you buy to go with the Swiffer itself! They DO get dirty!

  6. Now this is a game changer. I love my swiffer but I hate the pads it comes with. I may have order some of these from you (hint, hint).

  7. This is such a neat idea! I always try to stretch the pads you get at the store but it never works out. They just end up leaving my floors feeling gross.

  8. That is so great! A: It’s hella cute. B: Reusable pads will save a TON of money.

  9. Such a smart idea. My oldest son is a Swiffer nut. He wants to be a Swiffer spokesperson so badly, lol 🙂

  10. These turned out so pretty! I normally use a microfiber rags for my Swiffer. Definitely is a great way to save money and to be green!

  11. This is genius! I have been known to put a washcloth or two on mine. Great ideas!

  12. My daughter made reusable swiffer pads for all of us. We love them, just toss them in the wash and keep reusing them!

  13. This is such a great idea! I love my Swiffer, but those pads can get very expensive! Great idea!

  14. What a cleaver idea! I found that the cloths were quite expensive so we quit using them but this is the perfect solution!

  15. This is wonderful!! I hate paying Swiffer for all of the pads and I’ve been looking for a way to do this!! Thanks so much!!

  16. What great idea! I never thought of doing this. Saves money and you can make your own cute design! love!!

  17. What an amazing idea! Thanks for this great and helpful idea and easy to follow tutorial!

  18. Great idea! I made reusable cleaning wipes for just this reason too. Saves SO much money!

  19. Purchasing those Swiffer pads can get so expensive. I love the idea of making my own that are reusable. Thanks for sharing this.

  20. We have mostly wood floors, so this is great for my house. You totally save a lot by creating things your self.

  21. I don’t think the swiffer folks would like this it of DIY,,lol. But who cares, as long as the consumer wins in the end.

  22. Oh my goodness! These are perfect 🙂 I have a brand new sewing machine I need to put to use and I think I will start with these. Thanks!

  23. This is such a great idea, I think I have one of these somewhere around here…

  24. This is a great way to not only save money but to reduce waste as well. I love my Swiffer so I should make some of these.

  25. Such pretty pads. These would make cleaning so much better.

  26. How smart are you?! I’ve never bought a swiffer because I’m never wanted to buy all the replacements to go with it. Totally going to do this.

  27. Great trick! Would save me some money around the house and it can protect the environment I think

  28. This can save a lot of time.
    We have a mop with a washable pad that I love.

  29. My husband does the cleaning…how lucky am I???? He has a swifter and loves it. My Mom is always trying to figure out what to buy him. I’m going to send her this – she loves to sew and this is the perfect gift.

  30. This is absolutely genius! I use my Swiffer all of the time…at least once a day…most days multiple times a day so this would be really handy!

  31. So as I’m looking at this I’m thinking, wow when did Swiffer pads become so pretty? LOL. Love it! Anything to help with making cleaning more fun!

  32. This is such a great idea!!!! I HAVE to try this!

  33. What a brilliant idea! I must confess I find excuses not to use mine as I don’t want to use the pads up! Makes me wonder what the point of buying it was.

  34. perfect! Isn’t it amazing the things we can save money on? It’s crazy how advertising and consumerism makes up over-see basic things we can do ourselves

  35. Add me to the list of those who leaves their Swiffer sitting in the closet because I don’t have any pads for it. This is just a great idea. I love it!

  36. What a great money saver and so eco friendly as well! Swiffer was my go to sweeper when we had wood floors, so convenient and even the kids could easily use it!

  37. This is such a genius idea. It is cost effective and great for the environment. Will absolutely be trying this out.

  38. That is a great idea and it even looks prettier than the blah ones that you get. Plus you’re helping with the environment as well.

  39. I tossed out my swiffer a long time ago, but I have an electric mop that uses a reuseable head. I am going to modify your suggestion here to make some of these for mine! What a brilliant idea.

  40. Awesome idea! I love anything that is reusable these days. I love that you used bright colors! I love Norwex, so I might think of how I could use their cloths this way.

  41. Your swiffer pad looks better than the average swiffer. I love the retro floral print so cute xx

  42. I will certainly have to make a few of those reusable swiffer pad, would be so handy to have, Love the Pink!

  43. Bravo what a creative idea! I use our Swiffer all the time.

  44. i love my swiffer but it can get annoying when I have to spend so much on the refills. This is awesome, and I WILL be making these!

  45. That’s very helpful, and an easy DIY as well. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea, I never would have thought of doing this.

  46. Good idea posted here.
    I am always on the hunt for more ways to get the cleaning done!

  47. Haha what a cool looking pad, I didn’t know i could make those pads, great post, thanks for sharing!

  48. I love this! I use Swiffer in my home and sometimes go through a lot of cleaning pads. Thank you so much for sharing!

  49. Awesome. If I could sew, I would do this! Lol. I love Swiffers. I remember asking for my first one for my 21st birthday!

  50. This is a really great idea! Those pads can really add up, especially in our house where we have almost all hard flooring. We have a lot of ground to cover, which becomes quite costly each time we mop.

  51. Such a great idea! I quite using my Swiffer because I was going through so many cleaning pags that it was no longer cost effective. I definitely need to try this.

  52. Okay, I must admit I do a lot of crafting, but I never thought of making swiffer pads. I don’t ‘swiff’ but my sister does – will make her some. She always says I have too much time on my hands :))

  53. What a great idea. I definitely have to try this soon!

  54. I never thought of that….this is a very good idea. I doubt I will ever do anything like this though…LOL

  55. It’s about dang time someone took the time to figure this out. I am so glad it was you. I love your blog and this is a fantastic idea. Well done!

  56. What a great hack! I go through so many of these with two dogs, so I’m definitely going to look into making some 🙂

  57. love this! thanks for sharing! totally doing this soon as I badly need one

  58. This one looks really cute. Looks like so much fun making and doing it. I like DIY crafts.

  59. I havent used swiffer pads in forever and I am too lazy to dust anything lol, nice DIY

  60. Have you used these with the wet swifer? That’s the one I use the most because of muddy dog feet. Just wondering before I ask my MIL to make some for me.

  61. This is definitely a money saver! Also how cute is this love the designs and color!

  62. Swiffers are such a wonderful invention. Money saving tips to use such awesome products are always appreciated.

  63. This is amazing!! I need to make a few of these. I’m pinning this!

  64. I need this because Swifter pads are too expensive! Thanks!

  65. That is so awesome and creative idea! I need this. Thanks!

  66. I am amazed right now and totally gonna try this. Thanks!

  67. wow, how cool is that. I avoided swiffer because the cost was just silly. Now I can make my own AND their reusable, brilliant.

  68. This is a great idea. I will have to get the supplies i need to make some for my Swiffer.

  69. What a brilliant idea! I have a swiffer that I never use because the pads you buy work for like one minute! I will have to break out my sewing machine!

  70. This is brilliant! I gave up using my Swiffer b/c it wasn’t so eco-friendly! And it was getting pricey to restock those wipes. I love this!

  71. Oh my goodness, these would be handy. They can get so expensive when you buy them at the store!

  72. Why didn’t I thought of this before?! It will save so much money in the long run and these reusable swiffer pads look so bright and colourful. Perfect for keeping the spring cleaning fun!

  73. Wow! Love this idea! So creative. I’d so buy one or two!

  74. What a clever money saver for the home! And I love the bright and cheery fabrics you chose

  75. yup. I do this too. cute fabric designs!!

  76. A DIY that saves you money and looks super cute. For the win!

  77. With Earth Day coming up, what a great idea to minimize what we have to throw away. Reuseable is the way to go for planet Earth!

  78. I don’t have a Swiffer, but if I had one I would definitely make my own pads. I always go for homemade stuff when I can. I love the pretty fabrics that you selected for your pads!

  79. I love how chick the colors are and I would love to have time to do another diy project for home.

  80. This is a great idea and I will definitely going to try it! Love it!

  81. Omg you just turned a swiffer pad fabulous!!!! I’m going to have to glam up my swiffer now after seeing this lol

  82. This is a cute looking DIY reusable swiffer. Perfect for spring cleaning, so colorful

  83. I’m totally going to try this out, I live for my swiffer. I never thought to change things up a bit.

  84. What a great idea! I tend to use microfiber clothes on mine. But I do love the Swiffer.

  85. This is great DIY project. This is something I can actually use. I will have to try this one.

  86. How have I never thought to do this?! Such a genius idea!

  87. This is such a great way to save money on Swiffer pads. They can get expensive when you are trying to replace them in the grocery store.

  88. This is so cool! I hate buying new swifter pads all the time.

  89. What a neat idea. I have a Swiffer and this would be a neat way to add my personal style to it. Who knew that you could be stylish while cleaning!

  90. We love Swiffers at our house. This would save a lot of money for sure!

  91. This is absolutely a great idea. I can’t wait to try this

  92. This is such an awesome idea – I totally need to try and give it a whirl myself! x

  93. I absolutely love this idea! So creative & practical!

  94. This is so much better than the old rag I was using on mine lol. Going to make a few of these so the kids can help. They love using the Swiffer – going to take advantage of that while I can! 🙂