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Using only a few supplies from the craft store, you too can make this adorable DIY Snowman Ornament. It's the perfect addition to any Christmas tree.

I spend a fair amount of time in craft stores. Sometimes as I am walking through the store, something catches my eye and it gets my wheels turning.  I was at Michael’s recently and saw these clear glass light bulb ornaments and I knew I could make something cool out of one of them. After spending a few minutes on Pinterest (ok, it was more like a few hours…). I came up with the idea to make a DIY Snowman Ornament out of my light bulb ornament. The best part is that you only need a few supplies from the craft store to make your snowman ornament.

DIY Snowman Ornament

Here’s what you need:

  • Glass or plastic light bulb ornament (you can get these at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s)
  • White Pom-pom balls
  • Puffy paint: black, orange, and brown
  • Any color yarn for hanging
  • Tweezers

Here’s what you do:
1. Carefully take the top off your light bulb ornament!
2. Using your tweezers, start placing your white pom-poms inside the light bulb ornament.
3. Once your light bulb is filled all the way up to the top with pom-poms, place the top back on by pinching the prongs together and placing them inside the glass. Very carefully push the top back on into place.


4. Next tie a piece of yarn in the top metal piece (this will be your hanger).


5. Using your orange puffy, paint on a triangle shape in the middle of the light bulb for the nose.


6. Using the black puffy paint paint two dots for the eyes and several dots in the shape of a smiley face for the mouth.


7. The last step is to paint long lines on the sides of the light bulb to look like stick arms, with 3 finger like paint strokes at the ends.

snowman ornament materials

Let the dry for at least 4 hours, but it could be more depending on how thick your paint is. Once the paint is completely dry, your ornament is ready to be hung.

Snowman Ornament Final

I am super happy with the way my DIY Snowman Ornament came out.  It looks perfect on my Christmas tree!

Using only a few supplies from the craft store, you too can make this adorable DIY Snowman Ornament. It's the perfect addition to any Christmas tree.

Have you ever made your own ornaments before? Maybe you would like to make a DIY Snowman ornament, too?

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  36 Responses to “Easy DIY Snowman Ornament”

  1. This is such a cute ornament! And easy for the little ones to make too.

  2. This is so cute. I was on the hunt for an ornament to make with my grandkids this year. This will be perfect!

  3. This is soooo cute! We love making homemade ornaments! They’re fun on our tree and they make great gifts!

  4. That is so cute! You always have such fun ideas I love seeing what you have in your blog each day. I can do this one without much work so that my kiddo can put it together. I love it.

  5. He’s adorable! I have a few ornaments around for making my own. Definitely have to try this out!

  6. I love this ornament I wish I had a tree to decorate. You have such away of taking simple things like a lightbulb and making them so cute, kudos.

  7. That is so adorable! I love making homemade ornaments. We hav a tree full of them!

  8. I think homemade ornaments are the best ones on the tree! Your little snowman is really cute and I think I would enjoy making a few of these for our tree.

  9. I love handmade ornaments and these snowmen are super cute and really easy to do. I’ll be adding this to our future craft list.

  10. Oh my goodness this is such a cute and simple DIY!! I love it. Wish I would’ve seen this post earlier, tonight we’re ornament painting with the kids. I believe this DIY snowman would’ve been a hit with the kids. I’ll have to remember this for next year.

  11. So cute! My kids made something similar when they were young and I love seeing them every year when we dig out the ornaments.

  12. OMG these are super cute! Love this idea. Would be a fun project with kids (supervised), as they can make Olaf!

  13. This is such a cute idea! Definitely great activity to do with kids during the holidays. Thank you so much for sharing!

  14. We make a new ornament every year. This is such a cute idea. I think I will have to make it for this years ornament.

  15. This is such an adorable ornament idea! My kids would love to make this!

  16. This is such a cute ornament idea. I loved making ornaments with my kids when they were little.

  17. This is so adorable. I love to make ornaments like these. My girls made snowmen ones a couple of years ago with their grandparents. They loved it.

  18. Ok this is over the top super cute! Such a simple idea yet so fun. I don’t even have kids and I want to make one 🙂

  19. My daughter and I were just looking for easy crafts to make when winter break starts. This would be perfect!

  20. These are great and would make great gifts. I am sure I would totally mangle the face though. Poor snowman will only have one eye.

  21. These are so cute! I love how easy they are, and not to costly. Perfect craft!

  22. This is seriously the cutest DIY ornament ever. I love all things snowman so this just brings a smile to my face. It would be fun to figure out a way for it to light up.

  23. I love this idea! It is really cute!! I’ll definitely try this with my kids!

  24. That’s such an adorable ornament! I love making DIY ornaments especially since they’re a nice activity for the kids too. Those puffy paints are a must have!

  25. Your idea is very lovely. My husband also made decorative items for Christmas tree. This seems like a new idea, I will share this with my husband.

  26. Oh my word. These are delightful. I have some lightbulbs right now somewhere. Gotta try this!

  27. I love how cute and simple this easy. What a great idea! I often get overwhelmed by crafts projects, but this one seems totally doable.

  28. This is the cutest DIY ever. My kids love making homemade ornaments for our tree, I’ll have to try this with them!

  29. OH wow, what a great idea! We make a lot of homemade ornaments for our tree, as my kids finds that to be so much fun!

  30. I have to try this. I’m sure my four year old will love this.

  31. This looks super fun and easy! I may need to make this our first Holiday craft project for the Kiddies. It’s the perfect way to fight winter break boredom!

  32. This might just be one of the cutest Christmas decorations ever! I love how simple it is to make but how lovely it looks 🙂

  33. This looks super cute and so easy to make! I have to admit I am also addicted to craft stores. When you see something and it clicks it’s so hard to walk away!

  34. Wow these are too cute! I would love to make these with my kids for grandparent gifts this year!

  35. What a creative use of light bulbs! These are so cute and would make a great craft for the kiddos.

  36. This is fun! Isaak’s my crafty kid. I’m sure he’d love this!