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Freezer meals are a quick way to meal plan healthy dishes. The main idea is to freeze some of your meals for use at a later day. You can cook the meals ahead of time, freeze them, and heat it up at dinner time in an oven, on the stove, or even in a slow cooker. It saves you a lot of time and energy throughout the week, and it helps you stay on track with your healthy eating goals.

Here are a few ideas for easy freezer meals for your family. It is important to note that there are two different ways of “freezer meals.” The first is by adding ingredients to a freezer bag and freezing. The second way is preparing the actual meal first (in the oven or on the stove) and freezing it. Both ways have their benefits, but the second way provides a way to slash prep time. You just simple defrost, heat up, and serve.

Easy Freezer Meal Ideas

Baked Macaroni and Cheese. Create a comfort meal for everyone with mac and cheese! It is a classic dish that is much tastier when made from scratch. Skip the powdered cheese and make your own with whole wheat noodles (or even vegetable pasta if you dare!), cheddar and low-fat cottage cheese, some vegetables like spinach and broccoli, and cream. Bake, cool, and freeze the entire container. What a time saver!

Breakfast Sandwiches. Grab a sandwich on the go and skip the gas station with this easy freezer idea. Make a healthier version at home and freeze so all you need to do is heat it up before eating. Bake eggs in a muffin pan (one egg per slot) and season with salt and pepper. When they are cooked and cooled, you can place them between an English muffin along with cheese, peppers, or your favorite vegetables. Wrap them individually and freeze until you are ready to eat.

Chicken Casserole. These are easy for freezer meals since they are hearty and highly customizable. Cook an entire chicken or use a rotisserie chicken from the store to save time. Add a cream soup to a casserole pan along with vegetables and rice. Try brown or wild rice for this recipe for increased flavor. Bake, freeze, and defrost before enjoying when you’re ready!

Vegetable Lasagna Rolls. If you’re a big fan of pasta, lasagna rolls are a fun way to mix it up. Instead of a big pan of lasagna, you take each lasagna noodle and roll it up with ingredients inside. Skip the heavy meat sauce and cheese and use more vegetables for a healthier option. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can swap lasagna noodles for zucchini as well! Try ground turkey instead of beef and add spinach for an extra pack of nutrition.

Dump Chicken. “Dump” chicken is the idea that you add all of your ingredients into a freezer bag. My favorite way to do this is with chicken breasts, garlic, cilantro, and lemon zest. It’s a simple dish that you can cook in the oven after freezing!

These freezer meal ideas should inspire you in the kitchen to cut meal prep times and serve delicious dishes without a lot of fuss. Enjoy!

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  82 Responses to “Easy Freezer Meals For Your Family”

  1. Freezer meals are the best! They make life so much easier when all you have to do is just heat up dinner!

  2. I’m going to just live by this post, I think. Making up meals like this is going to make my life soooo much easier. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  3. These are some good choices. We’re often busy so it’s nice to have some extra meals ready in the freezer.

  4. Now these are my type of easy meals! They would be a lifesaver for those busy weeknights filled with sports practices and extra curricular clubs.

  5. I love freezer meals. My favorite kind is the premade ones you just need to heat.

  6. These are definitely helpful. I am off to college in September and these will definitely come in handy especially the breakfast sandwich

  7. I love to have freezer meals. It makes those nights or days when you don’t have time so easy. Whenever I cook I try to make extra and freeze it. I always have sauce, soup, and french toast ready.

  8. Thanks for sharing you recipes I love premodern freezer meals they are so handy fir weeknights.

  9. What a smart idea to pre make your own freezer meals. This is especially great for busy families who do not have time to cook all the time.

  10. I need to try these out. I hate cooking and if I had something already ready, I might be less stressed about it.

  11. This all sounds like stuff my daughter would actually eat especially the Mac and cheese! I’m all about saving time!!

  12. I didn’t realize that baked mac and cheese would make for a good freezer meal! Dump Chicken sounds delicious and totally something I could make!

  13. Those are great ideas. I’m a big fan of dump chicken, but I haven’t made it in forever. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to get some ready for the freezer and some ready to eat!

  14. Having this kind of meals makes my life more easier. They are my bestfriends whenever I am too busy to cook for myself.

  15. When we did home renovations, we lived off of freezer meals. It makes life so much more easier because you can just plan ahead, cook large batches, and forget it! I really recommend it to any family that is busy and on the go all the time. And it saves so much money too! You’re not always forking out money for take out!

  16. I have always been a mac and cheese fan, but my wife is not. I would love to have it once in a while.

  17. We don’t eat out and I only go the the grocery store once everything 3 months. I do a bunch of freezer meals and cooking from scratch or homemade is always going on in my kitchen.

  18. I think I’d like to try the chicken casserole. This way I’m not eating excess pasta that I don’t need in my life! The mac and cheese looks good though.

  19. I absolutely love to cook, but only get the chance on my days off or on the weekends. Freezer meals sounds like a perfect idea, especially for my husband, who wants to come home, right after work, and start cooking. I’m lucky, I guess, but this would definitely save him some time.

  20. I think this is amazing! It’s nice to have ready meals in the freezer in case you don’t have time to cook for the rest of the week. Lovely ideas!

  21. I used to spend one Sunday a month making freezer meals, it made like so much easier during the week. I need to get back to it. Not sure why i stopped.

  22. This is awesome ! I love something quick and ready to go! I saved this for reference ❤

  23. I really need to start making freezer meals. I love all of these ideas. I hate trying to come up with dinner ideas on busy nights in our house.

  24. What a great idea, I’m sure preparing ahead helps cut down time spent in the kitchen. It would also be a great idea to be able to give to a friend to help make their life easier too.

  25. I love freezer meals, they’re so quick and easy! I never thought to freeze breakfast sandwiches though, that’s a great idea!

  26. Awesome ideas for frozen meals. I usually make a batch or two of different recipes each week in case I’m going to have a busy day. I’d love to take note of these.

  27. Some great ideas for quick meals – would be good to know how to defrost/reheat especially the breakfast sandwiches…do they go in the oven?? Bolognese is a favourite of mine to freeze as you can put so many veggies in it as well as the usual mince and bolognese sauce.

  28. This is actually one of my favorite meal planning strategies – when I make meals that I know will freeze well, I will purposely make way more than I need. Then, once the leftovers are cooled, I’ll freeze single-serving containers of whatever’s there; it means I have easy but still healthy lunches for during the week when I’m home alone.

  29. This will not only save you cooking time but it will save you from beig stressed out about thinking of what to cook as well. Great ideas!

  30. Freezer meals are the best. They’re so convenient to make in a batch and then have on hand for quick, easy meals. Thanks for all these recipes.

  31. Freezer meals are a great idea! So useful when we’re in a hurry or too busy!

  32. I love freezer meals since I have two little ones around. Thanks for the ideas!

  33. I have recently started prepping my meals for the week on Sundays. Many of the foods are freezer friendly.

  34. I love freezer meals and I have been trying to come up with a few so when I have the baby I’m not stuck trying to figure out meals. Plus it be just easier on my oldest who is 10 who can use the oven (she still learning the stove) and throw in meals to warm up and help feed her siblings.

  35. Great ideas for the freezer. I love how easy it is to make and reheat mac n cheese. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  36. Great meal ideas. I love anything that makes my life easier.

  37. Lots of great ideas! Freezer meals are so helpful when you have young kids!

  38. I really need to get organized and do this! It would be so helpful on those days where I am just so crazed that it’s almost dinner time and I have no idea what I am going to make!

  39. All these recipes sound fantastic. I really need to make some freezer meals. I have made lasagna rolls before and my kids love them and they are way less messy.

  40. These sound like some amazing meal ideas! I should definitely try making freezer meals sometime!

  41. These are all fantastic ideas for easy freezer meals. I gotta try the dump chicken you suggested. Sounds yummy and easy enough to prep!

  42. We tried doing breakfast sandwiches and fell in love with them. The kids are spoiled for every breakfast haha

  43. Dump chicken is the best! No lies, one of our favorite meals.

  44. It is smart to make the meals ahead of time. I think the lasagna rolls would be a good one to make too, I haven’t had those yet.

  45. This is perfect! I have been looking for some easy meals to make for my family! Thanks for sharing.

  46. I love your freezer meals. I love to fry up 5 lbs of burger and divide it into 1 pound sections. I flavor some like tacos, some with spaghetti sauce, some like sloppy joes, some with beef gravy and the last I leave plain. I freeze them and pull out one of the bags for dinner. It is at least one small step done!

  47. These all sound super yummy! I would love to try vegetable lasagna roll!!

  48. Yeah, these all sound good. I just need to get my husband on board with it. He doesn’t like freezing meals.

  49. Now that I am working at an office all week (as opposed to working from home) I have been trying to make meals during the weekend so I can freeze them, these are all such great ideas!

  50. I’m a firm believer in freezer meals, cook once, eat twice! I love doing breakfast burrito’s and egg/omelet muffins too

  51. I love the dump chicken idea! Sounds really good and I can make different ziploc batches thanks for the idea!

  52. I love freezer meals. I usually prepare 2 weeks of meals and freeze them in 4 hours on the weekends and it saves so much time during the week.

  53. All of these ideas sound great except the Casserole. I am not sure why I do not like them very much, but I just don’t. I know why they get such good use though because really it’s a big leftover dish that you can reheat whenever you need it. I just have never liked them much.

  54. I personally don’t like freezer meals dunno y. I guess just because I love to eat fresh food which is Healthier

  55. I absolutely love freezer meals! I don’t make them every day but sometimes you just need a quick dump meal for a busy day!

  56. We are properly on the frozen food mission right now – we’ve been really frivolous with out food lately and it only hit us once we checked our bank balance haha oops! No more pizza deliver for us for a few weeks! x

  57. Me and my wife freeze all the time. We both work a lot and this is super quick way to have good food on your table every day.


  58. These are all great ideas. My mum always freeze her casserole. xx

  59. I always say I’m going to freeze meals and then I forget about them. I started labeling items I put in the freezer so I would also remember what I put in the container or bag. It seems to help me actually use the items since I know what I’ve made.

  60. Freezer meals surely are the way to go. Especially when we do not have time to make fresh food everyday.

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  61. As a busy mom with two young boys, I’m all about the easy, make-ahead meals. I love the idea of having freezer breakfasts prepared so we can just grab and go.

  62. That looks creamy and delicious! I have never tried freezing meals yet but that’s a great idea.

  63. I do this a lot when either my husband or I go out of town and there’s only one of us in the house-hold. Mainly because I find it’s difficult to cook for one, and I love having prepped meals to easily grab out of the freezer, and re-heat.

  64. Mac & Cheese is our every Friday dinner. Even though I cook a lot, but on Fridays, we watch movies and eat frozen Mac & Cheese from trader Joe’s.

  65. I really like the idea of pre-cooking a meal first, getting it prepared, then freezing it.
    This makes the task less daunting when it comes to the crunch time of preparing dinner.

  66. These are some great ideas! I admit I like the idea of preparing ahead as often I’m late getting home and it would be so much easier to take something out midday to defrost and just reheat!

  67. Yeah! Lifesaver meals. Vegetable Lasagna Roll sounds good to me. Whenever I have time (like long period of time), I usually plan to cook for my husband and I. But whenever I don’t have time, yeap, freezer meals will save us.

  68. I don’t think I could keep it all together if I didn’t prep my freezer meals in advance! Bonus if it’s a crock pot freezer meal!

  69. These are some really great freezer meal ideas. I love that mac and cheese idea, yum!

  70. Thank you for your awesome suggestions. I will try the chicken casserole and dump chicken freezer meals. My family loves their chicken and I am sure these meals would help save me some time in preparing dinner.

  71. Love freezer meals! I usually stick to soups/stews instead of casseroles and such. But frozen pizza and breakfast sandwiches are some of my favorites to make and freeze myself!

  72. Love these ideas! I want to try the dump chicken especially when I’m not at my best health to cook. My family could still have a hot meal at home.

  73. I love these easy freezer meal ideas! I love fixing Baked Macaroni and Cheese. It’s a family favorite!

  74. I love these easy freezer meal ideas! I love fixing Baked Macaroni and Cheese. It's a family favorite!.

  75. These are quick ideas. I know when I purchase steak I will add the stuff I want to marinate it into a freezer bag with it. That way all I have to do is thaw it out and cook it.

  76. This is perfect for my lifestyle coz am always on the go, and have no time to prepare foods like everyday.
    Baked macaroni and cheese ia good!

  77. I need to put a few of these freezer meals together. The dump chicken sounds pretty good. Since I have started my new job (I have to get up at 4;30 AM and do not get home until 5PM) dinners have been a struggle.

  78. I need to get some of these for when it’s time for me to have surgery. I’m sure I won’t feel super into cooking anything.

  79. Mac and Cheese as well as Dump Chicken are my fave! I usually make it big batch but since the kids love it, it won’t last more than 2 – 3 servings 🙂

  80. Freezer meals are a godsend! I love how you can just pull them out whenever you need a dinner. Loved all these recipes!

  81. Freezer meals are a godsend! I love how you can just pull them out whenever you need a dinner. Loved all these recipes !