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Easy Frozen Dog Treats Recipe

Are the dog days of summer getting you down?  I personally love the heat, but I know that some people feel the exact opposite.  If you are that hot, imagine how your pro dog must feel underneath all that fur.  We keep our dog, Milo, inside in the air conditioning as much as possible, but of course we have to take him outside multiple times a day to do his business. I always feel so bad for him when he comes in from being outside on a super hot day. He comes in panting really bad and instantly runs to the coolest spot in the house to cool off quickly.  On days like that, I like to give him a homemade frozen treat to help him cool off.

These frozen dog treats will not only help them get cool fast on those super hot days, but they will love the combination of chicken and blueberries in them.

Here’s What You Need

  • 1/4 Cup homemade unsalted chicken broth or canned unsalted chicken broth
  • 1/4 Cup water
  • 1/4 Cup blueberries

You Will Also Need:

  • A silicone rectangle ice cube mold
  • Measuring cup

Frozen dog treats3

Here’s What You Do

1. In a small bowl or glass measuring cup, mix together your unsalted chicken stock and water.
2. Wash your blueberries.
3. Add about three blueberries to your silicone molds.

Frozen dog treats4

4. Fill your silicone molds up with your chicken broth/water mix.

Frozen dog treats5

5. Freeze for about 3 hours.
6. Now push up on the bottom of the mold to get your frozen treats out.

Frozen dog treats

Homemade chicken broth:
Don’t throw those chicken bones out from dinner:
1. Place your leftover cooked chicken carcass in a large pot and cover with water
2. Let it simmer for about 90 minutes
3. Now strain out your broth, discarding all bones and meat
4. Let your broth cool

Do you think your dog would like these frozen treats?

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  83 Responses to “Easy Frozen Dog Treats Recipe”

  1. It’s so amazing that you take such good care of you dog. Hey Milo like from the Mask 🙂
    I have never read about homemade dog treats before, this is Brilliant! I’m definitely sharing this with fellow dog owners. You always share the recipes I really want to try.

  2. What a cool idea. These are perfect for those hot summer days and your puppy is looking for a treat that will taste good and be cool..

  3. Love this idea! Usually when I have a Dog it’s always a large breed and keeping them cool in the summer can be quite a challenge when they are super active in the heat!

  4. I have seen lots of frozen dog treats. I wonder if my pups would like them. These look great! I might give them a try 🙂

  5. Those look like great little treats. I live in Georgia, where it’s all heat and humidity all the time. I’m totally making this for my two guys.

  6. Such a great idea! I have two little dogs and when is really hot in here they suffer so much , you can see it in their eyes. I never thought about it. I’m gonna try this!

  7. What a fun treat for dogs. I don’t have a pet (yet), but I have a lot of friends with dogs. I will be sharing this post with them for sure.

  8. What a fabulous idea! If we had dogs, I would try this! Let’s not forget our fur babies and treating them to fun treats!

  9. I love that these treats are frozen! My dig has been getting so hot in this heat and she would absolutely love these. She is a big fan of ice, so I will have to try your recipe!

    • We live in Georgia so it’s always really hot in the summer. Like, unbearably hot. The dogs have been spending lots of time indoors, but this would be great to give them on walks or when they’re outside to potty.

  10. What a cute and healthy idea! I love the idea of making your own dog treats, because you know exactly what you’re feeding your pets. I never thought about giving them blueberries, but that’s a great idea!

  11. Such a good idea. When it is hot in the summer I sometimes take the dog a walk and we sit and enjoy an ice cream in the park. Will be making these for him now!

  12. This is great! I’ll share with my sister! How fun and simple.

  13. What a great way to keep dogs cool in the heat. I know my dogs would love these simple frozen treats.

  14. Now that’s a very good idea! I never thought about doing that so easy to do and the dogs love it especially in the summer.

  15. What a brilliant idea, I never thought of that! I bet he totally appreciates it!

  16. Our summers get so hot! This is a great way to share a treat with your dog and help them cool off a bit!

  17. What a great way to refresh your dog. They seem simple to make too.

  18. Yep I think my dog would love this, always so creatieve treats

  19. I give my puppy ice cubes for his teeth. He’d love these tasty treats.

  20. My dog loves to chew on the occasional ice cube, so he would really love these treats. They are extremely creative and good snacks as well.

  21. How fun is this?! I don’t have a dog anymore, but when mine were still alive we were always buying them frosty paws in the summer to help cool them down.

  22. oh my dogs would go nuts! they are always looking for frozen treats – every time we eat them they are right there! this would be great to try with them!

  23. What a cool idea, I will have to make these for our doggies here. I bet they would love it!

  24. What a great idea for your fur babies during the hot months. I will definitely be giving this a try. I think my dogs will love this.

  25. These are really cute treats for dogs, I am betting my dog would love them!

  26. What a neat idea. It would be easy to make a bunch of these and the pups would love them.

  27. Perfect for the dog days of summer. See what I did there? These look great, worth a try for sure!

  28. This is such a creative way to cool off a pooch on a hot day! I love the idea of using homemade chicken broth, too. It’s very resourceful to use up all that you can of a chicken. 🙂

  29. I love these! I love new little pet treats – something different and something fun for the pups. These look super easy and with temps rising daily here I think my fur-kids will love them!

  30. Our pets need to stay hydrated during the summer and what I love about frozen treats is that it gives the dogs something refreshing to munch on while it’s also easy to make! You can make different recipe of frozen treats and they will love it for sure.

  31. My doggie would just love these treats. I don’t know how he feels about blueberries, but he loves carrots so I could always shred carrots and put them in the molds.

  32. What a great idea! My yorkie Lilu would love that treat! Chicken is her fav flavor so I believe she’ll enjoy this treat. Thanks for sharing!

  33. I know my dogs would love these frozen treats. I may have to surprise them with their own yummy summertime pops!

  34. This is easy to follow recipe. I’m sure the dogs would really love this treats.

  35. This is a fantastic way to help keep your fur babies cool. I will have to share this with my Sister for her dogs.

  36. Aww! Dogs deserve sweet, fun treats too! ; ) These look easy and fun to make and I bet all the pups will love these! Great idea for summer!

  37. This is such a good idea! We have three little dogs at our house this summer and they are just dying in the heat!

  38. This is genius! We have an English Bulldog who loves ice and I have this mold. Definitely making these.

  39. Bentley has a lot of fur and I’m really concerned about him during the days when the heat is unbearable! I really think this is a great idea and easy too! What’s awesome is you can use different molds and broth to make it more tasty for him.

  40. These are indeed awesome treats for dogs. I know my dog will love these summer treats. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  41. I’ll definitely have to make some of these for my dog, Helen. I’m fairly certain she’d like them.

  42. I’ll do this for my fur baby but will change chicken to beef,perhaps. She’s allergic to chicken.

  43. You are so smart to come up with these for your doggies. Love this idea.

  44. This idea is so brilliant. Very suitable to the weather. I am so sure that every dog will love to have a treat like this.

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  46. I find this cool! I bet the little would love those treats!

  47. I do something like this for our chickens. They get overheated in the Summer and ice with some protein helps!

  48. What a great idea to keep your dog cool during these hot summer months. I’m sure he gets excited to know these are waiting when he gets back home.

  49. These are such a great idea to keep your dogs hydrated and happy! We’re experiencing quite the heat wave this week so keeping the pups where its cool and safe is so important!

  50. This is absolutely a great treats for the dogs, and a good refreshing to them

  51. I think my dog will love these treats. She gets so hot during the summer – just like us. A frozen treat will make her feel good!

  52. What a cool idea! My dogs would love to eat this outside under their tree where they take all of their special treats!

  53. Ny doggies would love this! I ned to make some.

  54. Those are some neat dog treats. I don’t have any dogs, but some family and friends have some. These would be great for their dogs. I’m sure they’d love them.

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  56. Ooooo these dog treats sound great!!!! I’m going to have to send this to my mom so she can make some for her pup!

  57. This is a lovely idea. I’m sure our dogs would like this! They have not had blueberries before.

  58. This would be so perfect for the Florida heat!

  59. What an awesome idea! Perfect for those crazy hot days, I bet my dogs will love these!

  60. I bet my dog would love these treats! It’s always hot here in Miami and he needs a way to stay cool.

  61. What a great idea! I don’t personally have a doggie but this is going to be great for those that do.

  62. I think my dogs would love these! We make similar treats with watermelon, apples and carrots! They love them!

  63. This is great! My dog will surely love this treat, especially this summer.

  64. What a great dog treat! I love that it’s frozen and healthy. Definitely a nice way to cool off during the hottest days.

  65. This is so inventive! I never knew that you could make dog treats!

  66. I remember when my dog was alive a few yeas ago I did some frozen treat for him. He didn’t like it and wouldn’t touch it. It was so funny! xx

  67. Wow Home made Dog Ice lollies Now thats a cool fur-mama. Your MIlo is one lucky dog Robin!

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  70. I love this idea. An inexpensive way to make healthy treats for your dog.Great idea for summer time.,

  71. I would love to see what our pup would do with these treats. I don’t think we’ve introduced her to ice yet. What an easy treat to make!

  72. this is awesome as I have been looking for some new treats to make my dog. He would love these for sure as he loves ice

  73. I like this idea. I’ll keep this mind when I finally have a dog.

  74. I have a dog. And he loves to try different treats. Since it is summer here, I will try to make this for my dog. Thanks for the recipe!

  75. That could be fun for the dogs during the hot summer. I don’t have a dog but if I did, I’d for sure give frozen treats in the summer.

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  79. My little girl loves watching the Reading Rainbow, they have an episode on dogs’ birthday cakes. Your post reminded me of it!

  80. I can’t wait to have pets again ..not allowed to have it here in m=our rented house :(. It looks delish I guess

  81. What a perfect treat for our beloved fur babies this Summer!! I am sure they will love it.